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In September 2009 Muammar Gaddafi, as Leader of Libya and Chairman of the African Union, made a speech to the United Nations General Assembly at UN headquarters in New York City, New York.


For ninety minutes Gaddafi blasted the UN for its warmongering track record, saying 65 illegal UN wars -- by big nations on small nations -- have taken place in the 65 years since the UN was founded in 1945.

Also, in that UN speech, Gaddafi spoke out powerfully against the assassinations of JFK and Patrice Lumumba, two issues close to my heart on ORWELL TODAY. See JFK CRIED FOR CONGO & CONGO IS LUMUMBA LAND & GOMA CONGO LUMUMBA VOLCANO

Now, a year and a half after Gaddafi's speech to the UN decrying the assassinations of JFK and Lumumba, the UN is admittedly attempting to assassinate Gaddafi.

If the UNITED NATIONS (what Orwell named BIG BROTHER in "1984") succeeds in assassinating Gaddafi, it will be another evil crime against humanity like the assassinations of JFK and Lumumba. ~ Jackie Jura

Gaddafi calls for investigation into Lumumba & JFK assassinations
(speech to UN General Assembly, September 23, 2009)

...Why should we keep silent about these things. Those who keep silent regarding what is right is like a silent devil. We won't be silent devils. It is our right because we are keen on world peace. We are keen on the destiny of the world. We do not want to undermine humanity in this manner.... The general assembly has to launch investigations of the assassinations. You have to launch an investigation once again on the assassination of Patrice Lumumba. We want this recorded in our African history -- how an African leader, an African liberator was assassinated. We want to establish who killed him and to record that for history so that our sons will learn history and they will know why Patrice Lumumba -- the hero of African-Congolese liberation -- was killed. Even after 50 years that act has to be denounced and those responsible have to be held accountable. This file has to be opened and we have to go back to the old documents.

Then we would like to know who killed the UN Secretary General Hamashold. Who bombed his aircraft in 1961, the same year in which Lumumba was killed. We want to know who bombed the plane of the UN Secretary General. We want to know who bombed it and who had an interest in that.

Then we come to Kennedy's assassination in 1963. The UN General Assembly has to open the file of Kennedy's assassination. We want to know why he was killed. He was killed by someone called Lee Harvey and someone called Jack Ruby killed Lee Harvey, the assasin of Kennedy. We want to know why this Jack Ruby, the Israeli, killed the assassin of Kennedy. And Jack Ruby himself, the killer of Kennedy's killer also died in vague circumstances before his trial. We have to return to these files and we have to know.

What I know and what the world knows and what we studied in history is that Kennedy decided to inspect the Israeli Dimona reactor to see whether it has nuclear bombs. That is the reason he was got rid of. As long as the case is international in this manner -- and it concerns world peace -- and weapons of mass destruction -- we have to open investigations into the reasons why Kennedy was killed.

You should also open the file of Martin Luther King. This vicar who was a black activist and human rights campaigner and his assassination was a conspiracy. This file has to opened to establish who killed him and prosecute him. And furthermore who killed Khalil Al Wazir, the Palestinian Abu Jihad? He was attacked in a sovereign country, a member of this assembly. That is Tunisia where he stayed in its captial. But there was an attack by four warships, two submarines and two helicopters. The independence of that state was not respected as is clear from the assassination of Khalil Al Wazir. How could we keep silent about such matters. If we keep silent there could be submarines coming to our countries and we could see warships coming to our coasts and pick up anyone they like without being held accountable. Then we have the death of Abu Ayad. He was killed in very ambiguous circumstances. Then we have operations such as Al Fardan Operation and the Youth Spring Operation where Kamal Nasser was killed and where Kamal Udwan and Abu Yousif Al Najar were killed. These three Palestinians were killed in Lebanon which is a sovereign state and member of the UN General Assembly. We have to establish who killed them. We have to prosecute them so that such havoc is not repeated. You would like to know as well why Maurice Bishop, the head of Grenada was killed. We have tackled how Grenada was attacked, with how many war ships and troops. We said they launched an attack on Grenada with 7,000 soldiers, 15 war ships and scores of fighter planes. The president of this member state of the general assembly, Maurice Bishop, was killed. We can't keep silent about these crimes. Otherwise we will all become victims and sacrifices and every year it would be the turn of someone. We are not animals and we are not sacrifices. We are defending our existence, we are defending ourselves, our sons and our grandsons. We are not afraid. We have the right to live. This globe is not only for the super powers. God created it for all of us. We should never live in humiliation....

UN targeting Gaddafi for assassination
by Toby Harnden, Telegraph, April 24, 2011

Senior western leaders called for NATO to adopt an assassination policy against Col Muammar Gaddafi to salvage the bombing campaign in Libya from a descent into stalemate. The calls came as Col Gaddafi was reported to have strengthened his grip on power by repatriating billions of dollars in overseas assets that should have been frozen by UN sanctions. On Sunday, there was growing pressure on UN-Coalition forces to directly target Col Gaddafi with military strikes. [USA] Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican member of the Senate Armed Services committee, said that the quickest way to end the emerging stalemate was to "cut the head of the snake off". He said: "The people around Gaddafi need to wake up every day wondering, 'Will this be my last?'...

William Hague, the [UK] Foreign Secretary, also on Sunday refused to rule out using remote-controlled American drones to assassinate Col Gaddafi. Mr Hague said "who and what is a legitimate target depends on their behaviour." However, he denied that there was a stalemate in Libya and ruled out proposals to partition the country....

watch Gaddafi calls for investigation into JFK assassination (in speech to UN September 2009), YouTube

watch Gaddafi Speech to United Nations in full, Sept 23, 2009, YouTube

Gaddafi says JFK was assassinated by Israel, Al Jazeera TV (Qatar), June 11, 2008, YouTube (...Obama said he would turn Jerusalem into the eternal capital of the Israelis. This indicates that our brother Obama is ignorant of international politics, and is not familiar with the Middle East conflict. We thought he would say: "I have decided that if I win, I will monitor the Dimona nuclear plant, in order to find out about the nuclear bombs, and other WMDs in Israel's possession." We expected him to make such a decision. He undoubtedly had in mind, when he talked about Iran and its nuclear program, he undoubtedly had Dimona in mind. But when he was thinking about Dimona he undoubtedly had the fate of former president Kennedy on his mind as well. Kennedy decided to monitor the Dimona nuclear plant. He insisted on doing so, in order to determine whether or not it had nuclear weapons. The Israelis refused, but he insisted. This crisis was resolved with the resignation of Ben-Gurion. He resigned so he would not have to agree to the monitoring of the Dimona plant, and he gave the green light for the killing of Kennedy. Kennedy was killed because he insisted on the monitoring of the Dimona plant....)























"...The thing that I saw in your face
No power can disinherit:
No bomb that ever burst
Shatters the crystal spirit
~ George Orwell

GaddafiHomeCity GaddafiHeadBoot GaddafiKilledNews UN superpowers began war on Libya one year ago (CHINA/USSR/USA/UK/EU voted for sanctions/bombing) "humanity betrayed/plundered/profaned/disinherited" (JFK on Middle East when Israel was granted statehood) & UN-backed Libya gov't torturing Gaddafi loyalists to death (raped/beaten/electroshocked/fingernails pulled off). Evening Standard, Feb 17, 2012. Go to 42.Big Brother Tells Why & 34.Ministry of Love (Torture) (imagine a boot stamping on a human face - for ever) & 39.Interrogation & 40.Electric Shock Brainwashing


(UN Security Council is UN Terrorist Council)
(learn facts about high standard of living in Libya)
watch GADDAFI EYE OF TIGER APRIL 2011 listen
(Western World brainwashed about Gaddafi)
Gaddafi CarShake GaddafiLibrary
(says double standard on who has nuclear weapons)
(executed by psychopathic Big Brother bankers)
Libya Before & After UN Barbaric Bombardment
LibyaBeforeAfter LibyaBeforeAfterPic
(UN Mission: just bomb the hell out of the country until a
bloody carcass vaguely resembling the leader turns up
then claim humanitarian intervention a great success)
Patrick Timpone, OneRadioNetwork, Oct 24, 2011
42.Big Brother Tells Why

(a candle burning for Gaddafi)
Tears as Uganda Muslims pay respect to Colonel Gaddafi
(accuse UN of killing Gaddafi for Libyan oil)
GaddafiMosqueUganda GaddafiMosqueUganda GaddafiMosqueInside
watch Gaddafi mourned at magnificent mosque he funded
(a benefactor/special friend/guardian to Uganda)
Malta ex-PM feels deep sorrow/repugnance at Gaddafi death
(protected Libyans/resisted UN attacks/didn't surrender)
listen Gaddafi radio-speech Green Square Tripoli July 1, 2011
(thousands Libyans shout NO to UN aggression)
watch Gaddafi waving to people from open car thru Tripoli
(not afraid during UN bombardment of Libya)
watch Gaddafi 60 Minutes interview in Libyan desert in 2001
(a simple man, not a terrorist)
News, Oct 21-22, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011

"We came, we saw, he died" laughed Hellary Clinton
(jokingly takes credit for death of Gaddafi)
ClintonRatChinaCover ClintonRatChinaBack HillBill Clintons ObamaPodiumPres HillaryObamaFace
Hellary Clinton hopes Gaddafi is killed or captured soon
(wife of disgraced ex-president now USA Sec'y State)
watch Clintons go gaga over Lady Gaga dirty dancing
(striptease spoof of Clinton oral sex in Oval Office)
Gaddafi-loyalist Libya PM hospitalized after hunger strike
(said UN is deliberately killing Libyan civilians)
Libya PM Baghadi oversaw Great Man-Made River Project
(saved $100-billion oil revenue for future Libyans)
Tripoli/CBC/Wiki/YouTube, Oct 18, 2011
& 4.Old World Destruction & 12.MiniPeace (War)

("I gave people houses/hospitals/schools/money/democracy...
made Libya into farmland from the desert")
watch Gaddafi explain UN Security Council illegal/undemocratic
(65 wars in 65 years since UNITED NATIONS was created)
Gaddafi wanted dead or alive - $2-million bounty
GaddafiCompoundPlane GaddafiFistStatue GaddafiFistFall GaddafiTentFire
(amnesty/reward to anyone capturing or killing Gaddafi)
(Orwell 1984: "If you want a picture of the future,
imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever
Lumumba Bk GaddafiUNwaveJFK Congo Cry
watch Gaddafi tell UN investigate Lumumba/JFK assassination
("we want to know who killed JFK & Lumumba")
UN warplanes continue bombing pro-Gaddafi-gov't people
(dropped 7,500 bombs on Libya in 20,000 flights so far)
UN Bombs Libya
watch Bunker-buster bombs in action
(explode deep underground after penetrating surface)
watch Raw video of Gaddafi son Saif/cheering supporters
(this is our country/the people are with us/we will win)
watch Gaddafi son Saif is safe in Tripoli, not captured
(press conference/victory sign/father safe)
UN-backed anti-Gaddafi al-Qaeda terrorist rebels storm Tripoli
RebelsTruck GaddafiDefaced RebelsGreenSq
(hooligan 'rebels' deface Gaddafi portrait/capture 3 sons)
NATO bombers backing UN-backed anti-Libya al-Qaeda rebels
UN Tripoli War
(air assaults drop 5,000-pound bunker-buster bombs)
Anti-Gaddafi rebels are nothing without UN bombs
(only under cover of UN do cowards have courage)
UN answers criticism over civilian deaths in Libya
(Q: Does bombing civilians overstep your UN mandate?)
(UN: "All bombs we drop on Libya protect civilians")
News, Aug 20-24, 2011
Doublethink & MiniPax & Destruction & BB Tells Why

"Escape to Hell & Other Stories" by Muammar Qaddafi
(1998 introduction by JFK Press Secretary Pierre Salinger)
GaddafiEscapeIn GaddafiEscapeCvr GaddafiEscapeIn
(totally opposed to communism & Islamic fundamentalism)
Jul 9, 2011

USA funds Communist China's 90-year propaganda movie
(soundtrack song "Striking Down the Western Powers")
ChinaKissinger ChinaPropagandaUSA
Kissinger: 21st Century will belong to China, not to the West
(behind USA building China's economic/military might)
National Post, Canada/China Day, July 1st, 2011
7.Systems & 35.BB Brotherhood & 5.BB Pyramidal NWO

ANALYSIS: Gaddafi's exit could still be months away
by Peter Apps, Political Risk Correspondent, Reuters Africa, Jun 1, 2011
LONDON - Western leaders are going out of their way to appear confident of success in Libya's conflict, repeating again and again that Muammar Gaddafi's days are numbered. But while the conflict is unquestionably tilting against the Libyan leader, without a "lucky strike" that kills or incapacitates him -- or an internal coup or assassination -- there may be little immediate prospect of forcing him from power. Facing war crimes charges and defections, Gaddafi and his immediate followers appear increasingly isolated, with Russia the latest major power to call for him to go as Western leaders talked tough at the Deauville Group of Eight meeting. But the lack of any apparent exit strategy is likely to further entrench both Gaddafi and the forces ranged against him. The coalition and rebels make it clear nothing less than his departure will bring a ceasefire, while the Libyan leader made it clear to visiting peace envoy South African President Jacob Zuma that he was not prepared to leave Libya. "All sides have really nailed their colours to the mast and there doesn't seem any mood for compromise," said Alan Fraser, Middle East analyst for London-based risk consultancy AKE. "The conflict is moving against Gaddafi, but it's not going to be enough to make him go. We could be looking at six months at least, maybe much longer."...

Watch video of Gaddafi chairing meeting in Tripoli hotel allegedly held on Wednesday, May 11, 2011, YouTube

Gaddafi Tapestry Gaddafi TVnot Chair Note Gaddafi's clothes and background are very similar in the bonafide April 30th and alleged May 11th appearances (implying the May 11th video could have been filmed on April 30th). ~ jj

Gaddafi Unreal Gaddafi Unreal Libyan TV shows Gaddafi meeting tribal leaders, Reuters, May 12, 2011
Tripoli - Libyan state television showed footage of Muammar Gaddafi meeting and talking with what it said were tribal leaders in a Tripoli hotel and a presenter said the meeting took place on Wednesday. Gaddafi has not appeared in public since April 30, when a NATO air strike on a house in the capital killed his youngest son and three of his grandchildren. "We tell the world: 'those are the representatives of the Libyan tribes,'" Gaddafi said as he pointed to his visitors and then named a few of them. He was wearing a brown robe with a hat and sunglasses and sat in an armchair near a small round table. An old man then told him: "You will be victorious." A projection screen behind Gaddafi showed a morning chat show on state al-Jamahirya TV. A zoom-in on the screen showed Wednesday's date displayed in the corner. There was no date stamp on the footage itself, and no independent confirmation that the meeting took place on Wednesday.

Gaddafi TVnotShake Early Morning Strikes Hit Al Qathafi Compound Hours After Quashing Rumours About His Health, Tripoli Post, May 12, 2011
Early Thursday morning UN-NATO once again conducted a barrage of airstrikes on the Libyan capital, Tripoli, with Libyan government officials said targeted the Libyan leader Muammar Al Qathafi’s compound in the Bab al-Azziziyah area. The strikes also shook the windows of a hotel where journalists are staying in the capital. There have been unconfirmed reports of casualties, including somebody close to the Al Qathafi family. However, this could not be verified, not even by personnel at the nearby Khadra Hospital, where medics were witnessed wheeling in two men they said were killed in the shelling. As plumes of white smoke resulting from the blasts filled the skies above the compound and large parts of the capital, emergency vehicle sirens wailed and sporadic gunfire rang out. Five airstrikes were heard in Tripoli between 5:00 and 6:00 am local time as planes continuously flew overhead. Four more air attacks were heard an hour later in a ten-minute span.

The latest strikes came after Libyan state TV Wednesday night showed footage of Muammar Al Qathafi meeting with tribal leaders at the same hotel that is currently being used to accommodate the international journalists in Tripoli. The first video of the Libyan leader aired in nearly two weeks appeared to kill speculations created by most foreign journalists about his well-being. There had been plenty of rumours that he might have been been injured, or worse, in the UN-NATO attack. It was his first appearance on Libyan state television since the April 30 airstrikes that killed his son Seif al-Arab and three grandchildren, and the regime termed "an attempt on his life".

The TV station showed footage of an unharmed Al Qathafi meeting and talking to what were said to have been tribal leaders who were apparently expressing their grief and giving their condolences to the leader’s family that has lost four members of the family in a NATO airstrike. State TV said the meeting took place Wednesday, and to prove the authenticity of the footage, the cameraman zoomed in on a screen in the background bearing the Wednesday May 11 date. A Libyan official told journalists the video was shot around 19.30 local time, Wednesday. Al Qathafi was wearing sunglasses and dressed in a black robe and hat with a brown sash, greeting the leaders and then holding talks with them seated in a half circle around him. Sitting in an armchair near a small round table, and pointing to his visitors, while calling some of them by name, Muammar Al Qathafi said: "We tell the world: 'Those are the representatives of the Libyan tribes.'" One of the visitors, and elderly man assured him: "You will be victorious."

Watch What has become of Colonel Gaddafi? (6 weeks after NATO took control of UN military operations in Libya, Colonel Gaddafi's whereabouts are unknown....Gov't official Khaled Khaim says he is in too much danger to appear in public after being a target four times in assassination attempts), BBC, May 11, 2011

Supporters worry about Gaddafi after bombing (not seen since son & grandchildren killed). SMH, May 11, 2011

GaddafiSonFuneral Watch Funeral held for Gaddafi's youngest son Aruba (visible emotion on face of elder brother Saif), BBC, May 2, 2011

UN bombs kill Gaddafi son & 3 grandchildren (Libyan leader & wife in house but unharmed), BBC, Apr 30, 2011

Gaddafi TapestryGaddafi on TV calls for UN ceasefire/negotiations (UN bombs struck compound while Gaddafi talked), Guardian, Apr 30, 2011


From Gaddafi daughter a glimpse inside the bunker (tells children bedtime stories about afterlife), NewYorkTimes, Apr 27, 2011


UN bombing blitz blatant bid to take out Gaddafi, UK Sun, Apr 26, 2011
Two UN-NATO laser-guided missiles flattened part of Mad Dog Gaddafi's Tripoli compound today. The airstrike hit a library and VIP reception room, killing three members of staff and leaving 45 people wounded - but the whereabouts of the hated tyrant were unknown. The Libyan government called it a blatant bid on Gaddafi's life. Spokesman Mussa Ibrahim asked journalists: "How is this act of terrorism protecting civilians in Libya? This is a cowardly attempt to pursue one person." He said Gaddafi was safe, and insisted: "He is in high spirits." Gaddafi tried to give an impression of calm, with Libyan TV showing him sipping drinks just hours after the attack on his Bab al-Aziziyah base. His son Saif al-Islam said: "The bombing will only scare children. "It's impossible that it will make us afraid or give up." A fortnight ago, Gaddafi received an African Union delegation in the VIP building, which is now rubble. It was unclear which country's planes fired the missiles but Britain, the US and France say they will not stop their air campaign until Gaddafi leaves power....


Gaddafi safe, morale high, Africa News 24, Apr 25, 2011
Tripoli - Muammar Gaddafi is in a safe place and his morale is high, a regime spokesperson said on Monday after an overnight UN-NATO air strike on the Libyan leader's compound wrecked his office. "The leader is working from Tripoli. The leader is well, is very healthy, is leading the battle for peace and democracy in Libya," Mussa Ibrahim told reporters outside the destroyed building at Gaddafi's Bab al-Aziziya residence. "The leader is in a safe place. He is leading a battle... he works every day. He led the battle to provide people with services, with food, medicine, fuel," Ibrahim told a news conference in the presence of several ambassadors. He called the UN-NATO raid "an attempt to assassinate the leader and other political leaders of this country" and "an act of terrorism". Ibrahim said three people were killed and 45 wounded - 15 seriously - in the air strike. He also accused the UN-NATO alliance and the Libyan rebels battling his regime of being afraid of peace. "The rebels [non-Libyan Islamic-extremist al Qaeda terrorists] are scared of peace, UN-NATO is scared of peace. They know that in peace they will be kicked out of this country," Ibrahim said. "Why don't you come in on the ground and test our honesty, our transparency? We said yes to elections, yes to a referendum, yes to a transitional period, yes to negotiations." An international coalition intervened on March 19, launching air raids and missile strikes under a UN mandate aimed at protecting civilians from Gaddafi’s forces fighting the rebellion that erupted in mid-February. UN-NATO took command of air campaign on March 31....

NATO Again Strikes at Al Qathafi Compound, Tripoli Post, Apr 25, 2011
Early on Monday morning, NATO forces attacked a building inside Muammar Al Qathafi's compound at Bab al-Aziziyah and reduced it to rubble. At the same time, government officials said this attack was an attempt on the Libyan leader's life as the alliance steps up pace of missions over Tripoli...The Libyan leader’s second son, son Seif al-Islam said the Libyan government would not be cowed by such attacks. He was quoted telling Libyan news agency JANA: "The bombing which targeted Muammar Al Qathafi's office today... will only scare children. It's impossible that it will make us afraid or give up or raise the white flag.” He added: "You, UN-NATO, are waging a losing battle because you are backed by traitors and spies. History has proved that no state can rely on them to win."...Al Qathafi's compound has been struck at least two more times before Monday’s attack, but NATO forces appear to be stepping up the pace of strikes in Tripoli in recent days and hitting the Al Qathafi compound means that it is trying to hit him where it hurts most in the heart of his hub.... The United States, Britain and France say they will not stop their air campaign over Libya until Al Qathafi leaves power....

UN targeting Gaddafi for assassination, Telegraph, Apr 24, 2011
Senior western leaders called for NATO to adopt an assassination policy against Col Muammar Gaddafi to salvage the bombing campaign in Libya from a descent into stalemate. The calls came as Col Gaddafi was reported to have strengthened his grip on power by repatriating billions of dollars in overseas assets that should have been frozen by UN sanctions. On Sunday, there was growing pressure on UN-Coalition forces to directly target Col Gaddafi with military strikes. [USA] Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican member of the Senate Armed Services committee, said that the quickest way to end the emerging stalemate was to "cut the head of the snake off". He said: "The people around Gaddafi need to wake up every day wondering, 'Will this be my last?'... William Hague, the [UK] Foreign Secretary, also on Sunday refused to rule out using remote-controlled American drones to assassinate Col Gaddafi. Mr Hague said "who and what is a legitimate target depends on their behaviour." However, he denied that there was a stalemate in Libya and ruled out proposals to partition the country....

As drones go plan to kill Colonel Gaddafi?, UK Express, Apr 24, 2011
The first missile from an unmanned US Predator drone aircraft was dropped on Libya yesterday, sparking growing certainty that Colonel Gaddafi is now seen as a legitimate target. The Pentagon last night refused to release any details of the unleashing of America’s most sophisticated weaponry, launched by remote­control from an air base in the Nevada desert. Yet as satellite analysts studied the impact of the explosion last night, there was a growing belief that killing the Libyan leader is finally becoming the preferred Western strategy.

A month ago, Prime Minister David Cameron described Gaddafi as a legitimate target, while the Chief of the Defence Staff, Sir David Richards, said he was "absolutely not". Yet President Obama's authorisation of the use of armed Predator drones in North Africa is seen as evidence that the White House has made the conflict "personal". Taking out Gaddafi could now be seen as the only viable option to end the six-week conflict and stop the carnage in the besieged western city of Misrata....

GaddafiPresCompound UN strikes near Gaddafi compound, NTDTV, Apr 23, 2011 (UN jets hit a target near Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's compound in Tripoli. Libya said three people were killed. The government took journalists to the bomb site that it said was a car park. Reuters reporters said they saw two large holes in the ground where the bombs had torn through soil and reinforced concrete to pierce what seemed to be an underground bunker. Ammunition boxes lay nearby, which a government spokesman said were empty....)


Pakistan demands end to USA-CIA Predator drone attacks (Hellfire missiles killing civilians, not Taliban). Apr 21, 2011. Go to OBAMA LOVES TO BOMB OSAMA & OBAMA UN-NOBLE PEACE PRIZE

Obama Passover USA president Obama hosts sacred Jewish passover (celebrating god of Israel killing Egyptian first-born) & Israel thanks USA for $205-million for missile-dome (USA gives Israel $3-trillion per year for weapons). Haaretz/AFP, Apr 21, 2011. Go to GOLDSTEIN CONSPIRACY IN 1984

Obama says "noose is tightening" around Gaddafi, ABC, Apr 15, 2011
US president Barack Obama has acknowledged there is a "stalemate" on the ground in Libya, but says the "noose is tightening" on embattled dictator Moamar Gaddafi. Mr Obama said he still expected the three-week-old air campaign to succeed in ousting the embattled Libyan leader. The US president, with the leaders of France and Britain, released a newspaper article yesterday pledging to continue the military campaign until Mr Gaddafi leaves power, effectively making regime change the officially-stated aim of their air war. "I didn't expect that in three weeks, suddenly as a consequence of an air campaign, that Gaddafi would necessarily be gone," Mr Obama said in an interview with the Associated Press. "What we've been able to do is set up a no-fly zone, set up an arms embargo, keep Gaddafi's regime on its heels, make it difficult for them to resupply." He said the mission had succeeded in stopping large-scale civilian casualties, especially in the rebel-held city of Benghazi, and would eventually succeed in ousting Mr Gaddafi.

"You now have a stalemate on the ground militarily, but Gaddafi is still getting squeezed in all kinds of other ways. He is running out of money, he is running out of supplies. The noose is tightening and he is becoming more and more isolated," he said. "My expectation is that if we continue to apply that pressure and continue to protect civilians, which NATO is doing very capably, then I think over the long term Gaddafi will go and we will be successful.".... See DOUBLETHINK BLACKWHITE RACISM

FlagIsraelUSA With Libya a stalemate, removing Gaddafi the fastest way to end the fighting, Washington Post, Apr 11, 2011
Regime change, removing Moammar Gaddafi and his family from power in Tripoli, is not the military mission of the United States, NATO and their other UN-coalition partners. But, ironically, getting rid of the Libyan dictator would seem to be the only quick way to end what now appears to be a stalemate between the forces of the opposition and Gaddafi loyalists. It’s time to be frank: The fastest way to end the fighting is to remove Gaddafi. Gen. Carter F. Ham, the former U.S. commander of coalition Libyan operations, told a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing that he would not recommend regime change be added to the military mission there. “It would make the investment and extent of American involvement much more uncertain than it is today,” said Ham, who heads Africa Command. Adding regime change to the mission would also probably end support for Libyan operations from the U.N. Security Council, some NATO countries and the Arab League, he said. However, in response to questions, Ham said, “Gaddafi’s removal by any means would end this relatively quickly.” Ham frankly assessed as “a low likelihood” the opposition being able to get to Tripoli and replace Gaddafi by force. But he agreed with Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (Democrat/SCarolina) that the most likely scenario for success is that Gaddafi’s inner circle would force his departure, rather than the opposition forces gaining a military victory.

His testimony reflected statements made two weeks ago by USA Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates. A former CIA director and longtime intelligence analyst, Gates suggested scenarios for ending Gaddafi’s reign that included: “a member of his own family kills him or one of his inner circle kills him, or the military fractures, or the opposition, with the degradation of Gaddafi’s military, rises up again and is successful.”...

Asked by Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) what would be needed if the mission were expanded to include getting rid of Gaddafi, Ham responded that it would require a “pretty significant” increase in intelligence collection just to track him. He is “a difficult target because this is a very practiced individual in terms of concealing movements,” the general said, and the human intelligence involved would probably require agents on the ground in Libya. Ham also said it would require military forces “able to act on very, very short notice to intelligence” if Gaddafi were located. Sending in a team to grab Gaddafi was an option that would be “the most precise and the less likely to have civilian casualties or additional collateral damage, but very, very difficult to execute.” Earlier, Ham had referred to the difficulty in finding Gaddafi in 1986 when, after a Libyan bombing of a German nightclub that killed U.S. servicemen, the Reagan administration went after him. U.S. planes bombed Gaddafi’s home compound, killing one of his children, but Gaddafi was not hit.

UN forces discussing legality of assassinating Gaddafi, Adelaide Now, Mar 22, 2011
Coalition forces have bombarded Libya for a third straight night, targeting the air defences and forces of the Libyan ruler and handing some momentum back to the rebels, who were on the verge of defeat just last week. There are disputed reports that Gaddafi's sixth son Khamis was killed when a Libyan pilot deliberately crashed his jet into a barracks. But dissent is emerging in Coalition ranks, as the British Prime Minister's office slapped down Chief of the Defence Staff General Sir David Richards after he flatly rejected ministers' suggestions that the Libyan dictator was a legitimate target for assassination. British PM David Cameron and US President Barack Obama insisted again that Gaddafi must go - but that the aim of the assault was to protect civilians. British Government sources insisted General Richards was "simply wrong" to publicly suggest a UN resolution would not allow Gaddafi to be targeted directly if he was harming his own people.

General Richards caused consternation in Whitehall when he appeared before TV cameras to insist Gaddafi was not a target. "Absolutely not," he said. "It is not allowed under the UN resolution and it is not something I want to discuss any further." Downing Street and Foreign Office officials were quick to dispute that, saying assassinating Gaddafi would be legal because it would preserve civilian lives in Libya. Foreign Secretary William Hague had refused to rule out targeting Gaddafi, echoing comments made by Defence Secretary Liam Fox on Sunday. The Government also came under fire from US Defence Secretary Robert Gates, who described the calls for Gaddafi's killing "unwise". He warned that it could undermine the cohesion of the international coalition supporting the no-fly zone. "If we start adding additional objectives then I think we create a problem in that respect," he said. "I also think it is unwise to set as specific goals things that you may or may not be able to achieve."...

*Israel Nuclear Weapons Complex, Wikipedia (The Negev Nuclear Research Center is an Israeli nuclear installation located in the Negev desert, about thirteen kilometers to the south-east of the city of Dimona. The purpose of Dimona is widely assumed to be the manufacturing of nuclear weapons, and the majority of defense experts have concluded that it does in fact do so. It is also reported to manufacture depleted uranium for armor-piercing shells. Israel acknowledges the existence of the site, but refuses to either confirm or deny its suspected purpose in a policy known as nuclear ambiguity. Information about the facility remains highly classified. The airspace over it is closed to all aircraft, and the area around it is heavily guarded and fenced off. During the Six-Day War, an Israeli missile shot down an Israeli Mirage III fighter that inadvertently flew over Dimona. In 1973, Israeli fighters shot down Libyan Arab Airlines Flight 114 after it flew over a forbidden area.

Its construction commenced in 1958, with French assistance according to the secret Protocol of Sèvres agreements. The complex was constructed in secret, and outside the International Atomic Energy Agency inspection regime. To maintain secrecy, French customs officials were told that the largest of the reactor components, such as the reactor tank, were part of a desalination plant bound for Latin America. An estimate based on the known power of the reactor concluded that enough plutonium for 100 to 200 nuclear bombs could have been produced by the year 2000. However, the Israeli government refuses to confirm or deny this publicly, as part of a policy of "nuclear ambiguity". The Dimona reactor became active some time between 1962 and 1964, and with the plutonium produced there the Israel Defense Forces most probably had their first nuclear weapons ready before the Six-Day War...

MIDNIGHT IN THE CONGO (The Assassination of Lumumba and the Mysterious Death of Dag Hammarskjold), by Lisa Pease, CTKA

CONGO IS LUMUMBA LAND ... 'It was perfectly clear to me,' said Richard Bissell later, 'reading some of the cables and also some of the minutes of at least one special group meeting, that Eisenhower certainly wanted Lumumba got out of the way. Put on a great deal of pressure to have it done.' Normally (if that is the word) a request for the assassination of a foreign leader would have been left in the hands of Richard Bissell [CIA Deputy Director of Plans]. But Bissell was away on holiday, yachting peacefully off Connecticut, so Allen Dulles [CIA Director] told the President that he would personally see to the affair and would put Richard Helms in charge of the details. A few days later Helms produced a blueprint for the 'elimination'....

JFK CRIED FOR CONGO (...JFK fired CIA Director Allen Dulles in 1961 after discovering his role in the Bay of Pigs fiasco. Allen Dulles subsequently served on the Warren Commission that investigated the assassination of JFK in 1963...)

Watch Gaddafi calls for investigation into Lumumba/JFK assassinations, YouTube, Sep 2009


GadaffiUNspeech Complete Transcript of Gaddafi's Historic Speech to UN General Assembly, 2009, translated by: MetaExistence Organization

Muammar Gaddafi Interview - 1981 ("Does the prospect of assassination worry you at all?"... "No, I am not afraid...."...."I am against any assassination, it is not my action, my belief"...)




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