To Orwell Today,

Dear Jackie,

I found your website because I am going to be visiting Jura late September and want to visit Barnhill.

I loved the stuff you posted there and then, oh no! found your postings on Gaddafi. Of course it’s hard to know what to believe in a war zone but I imagine the events of the last couple of days, the discovery of the burnt bodies, the private plane etc., will have been unsettling for you and I imagine there will be more to come.

I want to wish you well as you come to terms with the unfolding events.

-Peter Denedberg

Greetings Peter,

I gather from your sarcastic comment regarding the "discovery of the burnt bodies" and the "private plane etc" that you've been watching CNN and BBC - the two biggest arms of Big Brother's Ministry of Truth (Lies) on the planet - and unthinkingly you believe what their talking-heads tell you regarding Libya and Gaddafi.


I guess all they need to do is flash images before your eyes and spin it their way and you're 'done like dinner'. If CNN/BBC/ABC/CBC/CBS/NBC/NYT/AlJazeera etc etc say "Gaddafi kills his own people" you're convinced cus, geez man, did you see those burnt bodies? And geez, man, he was trying to escape in a private plane (or in five Mercedes Benz's heading to Tunis's border...).

I've dedicated five months -- since BIG BROTHER UNITED NATIONS began barbarically bombing Libya -- to fighting on the side of truth regarding Gaddafi. I've posted HUNDREDS of articles and read FIVE BOOKS so far on Libya and Gaddafi, and I don't think you've read ANY of it.

So yes, you're right, the sight of the burnt bodies -- and all the other death and destruction -- has been unsettling for me and will continue to be unsettling because I love Libyans and I love Gaddafi. I'm not an impartial observer like you and millions of others out there in TV land mindlessly watching the horror with uncaring hearts.

You've stumbled on ORWELL TODAY in preparation for VISTING ORWELL'S BARNHILL and that's good. Now, before and while you're there at the very place where Orwell wrote "1984", take the opportunity to catch up on your reading on ORWELL and GADDAFI. The truth is "out there", and you've found it, now listen to what the truth has to say.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - Listen to my recent radio interview talking about Orwell and "1984" and explaining about Gaddafi building the eighth wonder of the world - the Great Man-Made River in Libya.

To Orwell Today,

Hi Jackie,

You’ve got me wrong. I wasn’t being sarcastic at all but I see that my email could easily be taken that way. Having read your ‘pilgrimage’ I suppose I felt I knew you and was less circumspect than I would ordinarily have been. Please accept my apology for my tactlessness and clumsiness; I wrote it without any hostile intent at all.

I don’t deny that my main reading lately takes me elsewhere so for my thinking about the Muslim world I tend to rely on Juan R. Cole - not an establishment source by any stretch of the imagination - and correspondence with a cousin who lives in the region. I do believe you are largely mistaken about Gaddafi but I am ready to believe he is not quite as bad as he is usually painted. Few absolutists make no contribution whatever. I hope we can agree there is room to disagree.

Best wishes,


















watch Gaddafi radio speech to Libyans listen
(millions braved UN bombs to show support)
GreenSquareRally UNBombGaddafi GaddafiHeadscarf GaddafiBanner
(UN bombs killed Gaddafi son & grandchildren)
UN-UK jets bombing Gaddafi hometown loyalists
(bombing Libyans to protect Libyans from Gaddafi)
TerroristStandBomb UNbombGaddafiDesert
Thousands killed battling for Gaddafi's hometown
(UN bombers backing Al-Qaeda terrorist 'rebels')
BritishForcesNews/Telegraph, Sep 3, 2011
Libya Tribes GaddafiTentGold
& 22.Doublethink & 42.BB Tells 'Why'

Serious water shortage in Libya from UN bombing
(UN now providing imported bottled water)
Harvesting Libya's hidden water with Holland's help
(UN bombs damaged Great Man-Made River water flow)
Oman/Tripoli, Sep 3, 2011

CNN reports: Nanny claims torture at Gaddafi's home
(boiling water poured on head for refusing to beat baby)
CNN, Sep 1, 2011
& 16.MiniTrue(Lies) & 25.Prolefeed

Libya running out of water
(UN agency trucking in bottled water from Tunisia)
(images over soundtrack of Jackie Jura interview)
(people can watch & learn what's going on)
(reader says seeing burnt bodies must be unsettling)
Gaddafi GreenBook GaddafiGrandkids
Gaddafi's daughter Aisha gives birth in Algeria
(healthy baby girl named Safiya after her grandmother)
UN war on Libya now water-shortage humanitarian disaster
(no fuel/power to pump Man-Made-River wells/reservoirs)
Gaddafi spokesman offers peace bid to UN-backed rebel-gov't
(UN refuses negotiate/continues bombing/executing Libyans)
GulfNews/UNICEF/AP, Aug 27-31, 2011
WaterReservoir LibyaWaterTap
& Ministry of Plenty (Starvation) & BB Tells Why

watch video GADDAFI'S TRUE LIBYA read scrolling
(from poorest to highest standard of living in world)
(soundtrack Eye of the Tiger - the will to survive)
What I learned about Gaddafi & Libya is the truth
(people wake up/get informed/watch video & be shocked)
53 African Union nations will miss Gaddafi's generosity
(financial/moral support to Africa unrelenting/wholehearted)
(I gave people houses/hospitals/schools/money/democracy...
made Libya into farmland from the desert)
(Orwell 1984: "If you want a picture of the future,
imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever")
UN/UK bunker-buster bombs blast Gaddafi hometown Sirte
BombGaddafiSirte BombShadow BombCostMap
(cost: bombs $2-million each; jets $75,000/hr)
UN-backed al-Qaeda-rebels execute Libyan civilians
StreamsBlood ExecuteCivilians
(hands behind back/bullets to head/streams of blood)
watch Gaddafi explains UN is illegal/undemocratic
(65 wars in 65 years since UNITED NATIONS was created)
Gaddafi wanted dead or alive - $1.7-million bounty
GaddafiCompoundPlane GaddafiFistStatue GaddafiFistFall GaddafiTentFire
(amnesty/reward to anyone capturing or killing Gaddafi)
Lumumba Bk GaddafiUNwaveJFK Congo Cry
watch Gaddafi tell UN investigate Lumumba/JFK assassination
("we want to know who killed JFK & Lumumba")
UN warplanes continue bombing pro-Gaddafi-gov't people
(dropped 7,500 bombs on Libya in 20,000 flights so far)
UN Bombs Libya
watch Bunker-buster bombs in action
(explode deep underground after penetrating surface)
watch Raw video of Gaddafi son Saif/cheering supporters
(this is our country/the people are with us/we will win)
watch Gaddafi son Saif is safe in Tripoli, not captured
(press conference/victory sign/father safe)
UN-backed anti-Gaddafi al-Qaeda terrorist rebels storm Tripoli
RebelsTruck GaddafiDefaced RebelsGreenSq
(hooligan 'rebels' deface Gaddafi portrait/capture 3 sons)
NATO bombers backing UN-backed anti-Libya al-Qaeda rebels
UN Tripoli War
(air assaults drop 5,000-pound bunker-buster bombs)
Anti-Gaddafi rebels are nothing without UN bombs
(only under cover of UN do cowards have courage)
UN answers criticism over civilian deaths in Libya
(Q: Does bombing civilians overstep your UN mandate?)
(UN: "All bombs we drop on Libya protect civilians")
YouTube/News, Aug 20-27, 2011
Doublethink & MiniPax & Destruction & BB Tells Why

Listen to JACKIE JURA RADIO INTERVIEW talking "1984"
(Orwell exposed totalitarian worldwide conspiracy)
Patrick Timpone/One Radio Network, Aug 18, 2011
1.Winston's Diary

("eighth wonder of the world")
Libya war seriously hurting Canadian water pipeline company
(equipment worth $11-million can't be delivered)
watch Gaddafi speaks to cheering crowds on TV by phone
("he is a father for all Libyans")
watch ~ Gaddafi - A Libyan Hero ~ listen
(Libyan people aren't brainwashed or mad - they LOVE Gaddafi)
UN-NATO is urging Libyans to kill fellow Libyans
(majority of Libya remains faithful to Gaddafi)
GaddafiWaveCar Gaddafi Flag
Captured Libyan officer defiantly defends supreme leader Gaddafi
(Gaddafi is strong/safe/has support of key tribes)
Gaddafi turns tables on UK head Cameron over anti-gov't riots
(Cameron should step down over violence to peaceful protesters)
UN bombs massacre 85 Libyan civilians in farmyard homes
LibyaNatoLogo LibyaNatoLogo LibyaNatoLogo UN Kill Libyans
(UN denies civilian deaths/insists bombs "protect" civilians)
UN-backed terrorist-rebels destroy Libya oil/electricity pipeline
(aim to starve/displace people/cause humanitarian crisis)
Watch Gaddafi son Saif interview at 5th month of UN war
(a media war from day one: lies/rumours/false reports;
why only bomb Libya? cash/oil/very delicious piece of cake)
NP/Telegraph/NYT, Aug 8-11, 2011
Africa Goodbye Map Libya Flyzone Flyover Libya
& 16.MiniTrue & 12.MiniPeace & 22.Doublethink

Massive UN bombs cause death/damage civilian Tripoli
(defiant Gaddafi requests dialogue with Americans)
Watch Gaddafi banner biggest in world/see from space
GaddafiBanner Libya Tribes
Hundreds-thousands rally in Gaddafi hometown Sirte
(people feel safe with leader Gaddafi)
Gaddafi radio broadcasts inspire millions of supporters
(we are in our own home/we will fight to the last drop)
Obomba won't stop bombing Libya unless Gaddafi leaves
(UN says UN-backed anti-Gaddafi 'rebels' are new gov't)
UN drops strange new bombs on residential Tripoli all night
(earthquake/mushroom-cloud/stink/burn skin/headache/panic)
UN Weapons of Mass Destruction are Instruments of Peace
(UN-head says "UN warplanes do not kill, they protect lives")
Watch Millions of Libyan civilians rally supporting Gaddafi
(people love Gaddafi; defiant against foreign intervention)
Gaddafi willing to develop peaceful ties with Europe/UK/USA
(return to your countries/withdraw from Libya air/waters)
UN plans steal Libya $-billions & hand to UN-backed rebels
(UN-military on ground training/arming anti-Gaddafi rebels)
More books about Libya's Muammar Gaddafi
Gaddafi Sandstorm Gaddafi Leader Gaddafi Vision
(Gaddafi a prophet/revolutionary/fighter/visionary leader)
"STOP BOMBING LIBYA & negotiate with Gaddafi"
("bombing isn't working/diplomacy only answer" says France)
"Escape to Hell & Other Stories" by Muammar Qaddafi
(1998 introduction by JFK Press Secretary Pierre Salinger)
GaddafiEscapeIn GaddafiEscapeCvr GaddafiEscapeIn
(totally opposed to communism & Islamic fundamentalism)
WatchSaif: "To tell my father to leave the country is a joke"
(agrees to concessions but UN constantly refuses cease-fire)
Gaddafi made 1981 epic film: Lion of the Desert: Mukhtar
LionDesertDVD LionDesertChpt
(truthful history of Libyan resistance to colonialism)
Watch Gaddafi warns UN stop bombing homes/offices/families
(radio speech to thousands at pro-Gaddafi rally)
Watch Gaddafi son Saif: Libya like McDonalds for UN-NATO
(fast war as fast food; snakes hungry for Libya gas-oil-cash)
Gaddafi daughter Aisha: UN spilling of Libyan blood must end
(father strong; will never leave Libya; a symbol, a guide)
Jul 4-23, 2011
Col Gaddafi 71 LibDinarMokhtar Gaddafi Mokhtar
(BB's lies & barbarities keep human beings in degradation)
6.BB Super-States & 42.BB Tells Why

USA funds Communist China's 90-year propaganda movie
(soundtrack song "Striking Down the Western Powers")
ChinaKissinger ChinaPropagandaUSA
Kissinger: 21st Century will belong to China, not to the West
(behind USA building China's economic/military might)
National Post, Canada/China Day, July 1st, 2011
7.Systems & 35.BB Brotherhood & 5.BB Pyramidal NWO

Diana Will/Harry
(born July 1st, 1961 - 2011)

Baby Orwell & Mother Memorial Orwell Bust
(born Eric Arthur Blair June 25th, 1903 - 2011)

Watch What you don't know about Gaddafi
("one of 20th century's greatest freedom fighters" said Mandela)
Facing the bombs of UN-NATO in the Libya Jamahiriya
(every night thousands gather to support Muammar Gaddafi)
LibyaYouthGaddafi BillboardGaddafi LibyaYouthFlag
UN-NATO vs Gaddafi: What all friends of Africa should know
(France-Britain-USA are the "F-UK-US" Alliance)
Watch UN-NATO bombs kill family of Gaddafi close friend Hamidi
(children/fathers/pregnant mothers/uncles/aunts/grandchildren)
( "bombing civilians protects civilians" )
UN bombs hit hotel/apartment/bus/university/medical factory
(another night of NATO murder/terror/horror killing civilians)
Gaddafi in radio broadcast vows to defeat UN-NATO
(we are in our country determined to stay & defend it)
Listen Gaddafi's speech by phone to Libyan people
Thousands shout WE LOVE GADDAFI in Green Square
(79th day of UN bombing; 10,000+ bombs dropped)
Gaddafi's son Saif says Libya will hold elections
(the people will decide; may the best man win)
Jun 18-20, 2011

Canada spy chief warns of Cold War-level espionage
(foreign gov'ts stealing technology/control strategic sectors)
OilSands Canada CanadaOilWooChina
Canada giving ownership of oil sands to Communist China
(politicians in treason dealing nation's natural resources)
Tiananmen Square legacy: Crush any hint of dissent
(Communist China head Hu kills pro-democracy civilians)
AFP/NP/VanSun, Jun 11, 2011

for truth read Gadaffi The Desert Mystic 1993 biography
GadafiDesertMystic   GadafiDesertMystic2
(transformed Libya from tribal kingdom to modern state)
Contradictions in UN bombing mission to 'protect civilians'
(thousands of Libyan civilians killed/injured/now refugees)
157 bombs obliterate Gaddafi home compound/desert tent
(proof UN targeting Gaddafi for assassination)
Audio Gaddafi vows to never surrender; never leave Libya
(tells gutless UN cowards to go back to their countries)
Gaddafi "will not kneel"
(UN attacks not about civilians/democracy/peace in Libya)
UNBombGaddafi GaddafiExplosionHome GaddfiNotKneel LibyaCongressBombed
UN bombs hit Gaddafi home compound & Libya parliament
(UN-NATO 'fuck' head Fogh Rasmussen 'protecting civilians')
Gaddafi daughter sues UN-NATO over war-crime air strikes
(bombs killed civilian baby daughter/nephews/brother)
UN bombs killed 718 Libyan civilians; wounded 4,067
(UN says bombing civilians protects civilians;
UN refuses Gaddafi's repeated calls for ceasefire)
Directing Libya airstrikes "like playing computer game"
(E-3D spy planes orbit 30,000-feet above battlefield;
"our job is to speed up the kill chain")
UN prepares 'bunker-buster' bombs for Libya assault
(2,000-pound bombs will target Gaddafi)
HelicopterBombs TornadoBomber BombsWarPlanesBunkerBustGraph
Helicopter gunships to join UN war on Libya
(urban-area Hellfire missiles/nose-mounted cannon)
UN jets bombed Gaddafi compound all week
(not known if Gaddafi was home)
Gaddafi's wife Safia lashes out at UN
(bombs killed son; committing war crimes in Libya)
NYT/CNN/BBC/Tel/Guard/GM, May 27-Jun 9, 2011
GaddafiWifeCompound GaddafiWifeSafia Gaddafi&Wife

Baby JFK   JFK Ask Not
May 29, 1917 - 2011
"Here on Earth God's work must truly be our own"

French Jewish writer met terrorist rebels in Libya (delivered message to Israel premier in Jerusalem) & CIA/MI6/MOSSAD agents lead anti-Gaddafi 'rebellion' (agents on ground in Libya training/arming 'rebels'). AFP/NYT, May 2011

Libya UNMapArmy UN BombLibya Map UN war on Libya: "Operation Unified Protector" (killing civilians & destroying infrastructure). Guardian, May 22, 2011

UN warplanes blast Tripoli in heaviest bombing yet (3 dead/150 wounded near Gaddafi compound). TripoliPost, May 24, 2011


watch Gaddafi TV footage/spokesman Ibrahim press conference (first time seen since UN-NATO strikes Tripoli). Telegraph, May 20, 2011
Spokesman Moussa Ibrahim: "Obama is still delusional. He believes the lies that his own government is spreading around the world and his own media is spreading around the world. They have not proved one single charge against us and they refuse to investigate us. It is not Obama who decides whether Muammar Gaddafi leaves Libya or not. It's the Libyan people who decide their future. We are not prepared to suffer for years and years and lose thousands of people in a civil war or a tribal war just so that we might, in ten years or fifteen years time, have some sort of parliamentary system. This is too much to pay. We want the leader to lead us forward with the Libyan tribes, the Libyan citizens, so we can have a peaceful, gradual, from-within transition. Three factors we would like the world to remember".

Moussa Ibrahim, a spokesman for Col Gaddafi, said US President Barack Obama was "delusional" after he declared during a speech on the uprisings in the Middle East and Africa, that it was inevitable that Colonel Gaddafi would leave power. "Obama is still delusional, he believes the lies that his own government is spreading around the world and he believes his own media is spreading around the world," Mr Ibrahim said. "They have not proved one single charge against us and they refuse to investigate us," he added. Meanwhile, footage of Col Gaddafi meeting a Libyan politician in Tripoli has been aired on state television. The government spokesman said the political leader had been in a delegation that met Russian officials in Moscow this week to explore possibilities for a ceasefire in the country's three-month revolt. Col Gaddafi was last seen on May 11 meeting tribal leaders in the Libyan capital. Nato bombed his compound the next day which led the dictator to release an audio recording in which he taunted his enemies, saying that they could not kill him.

Watch video of Gaddafi chairing meeting in Tripoli hotel allegedly held on Wednesday, May 11, 2011, YouTube

Gaddafi Tapestry Gaddafi TVnot Chair Note Gaddafi's clothes and background in the alleged May 11th video (2nd from left) are very similar to the bonafide April 30th appearance (implying the May 11th video could have been filmed on April 30th). ~ jj

Gaddafi Unreal Gaddafi Unreal Libyan TV shows Gaddafi meeting tribal leaders, Reuters, May 12, 2011
Tripoli - Libyan state television showed footage of Muammar Gaddafi meeting and talking with what it said were tribal leaders in a Tripoli hotel and a presenter said the meeting took place on Wednesday. Gaddafi has not appeared in public since April 30, when a NATO air strike on a house in the capital killed his youngest son and three of his grandchildren. "We tell the world: 'those are the representatives of the Libyan tribes,'" Gaddafi said as he pointed to his visitors and then named a few of them. He was wearing a brown robe with a hat and sunglasses and sat in an armchair near a small round table. An old man then told him: "You will be victorious." A projection screen behind Gaddafi showed a morning chat show on state al-Jamahirya TV. A zoom-in on the screen showed Wednesday's date displayed in the corner. There was no date stamp on the footage itself, and no independent confirmation that the meeting took place on Wednesday.

Gaddafi TVnotShake Early Morning Strikes Hit Al Qathafi Compound Hours After Quashing Rumours About His Health, Tripoli Post, May 12, 2011
Early Thursday morning UN-NATO once again conducted a barrage of airstrikes on the Libyan capital, Tripoli, with Libyan government officials said targeted the Libyan leader Muammar Al Qathafi’s compound in the Bab al-Azziziyah area. The strikes also shook the windows of a hotel where journalists are staying in the capital. There have been unconfirmed reports of casualties, including somebody close to the Al Qathafi family. However, this could not be verified, not even by personnel at the nearby Khadra Hospital, where medics were witnessed wheeling in two men they said were killed in the shelling. As plumes of white smoke resulting from the blasts filled the skies above the compound and large parts of the capital, emergency vehicle sirens wailed and sporadic gunfire rang out. Five airstrikes were heard in Tripoli between 5:00 and 6:00 am local time as planes continuously flew overhead. Four more air attacks were heard an hour later in a ten-minute span.

The latest strikes came after Libyan state TV Wednesday night showed footage of Muammar Al Qathafi meeting with tribal leaders at the same hotel that is currently being used to accommodate the international journalists in Tripoli. The first video of the Libyan leader aired in nearly two weeks appeared to kill speculations created by most foreign journalists about his well-being. There had been plenty of rumours that he might have been been injured, or worse, in the UN-NATO attack. It was his first appearance on Libyan state television since the April 30 airstrikes that killed his son Seif al-Arab and three grandchildren, and the regime termed "an attempt on his life".

The TV station showed footage of an unharmed Al Qathafi meeting and talking to what were said to have been tribal leaders who were apparently expressing their grief and giving their condolences to the leader’s family that has lost four members of the family in a NATO airstrike. State TV said the meeting took place Wednesday, and to prove the authenticity of the footage, the cameraman zoomed in on a screen in the background bearing the Wednesday May 11 date. A Libyan official told journalists the video was shot around 19.30 local time, Wednesday. Al Qathafi was wearing sunglasses and dressed in a black robe and hat with a brown sash, greeting the leaders and then holding talks with them seated in a half circle around him. Sitting in an armchair near a small round table, and pointing to his visitors, while calling some of them by name, Muammar Al Qathafi said: "We tell the world: 'Those are the representatives of the Libyan tribes.'" One of the visitors, and elderly man assured him: "You will be victorious."

Watch What has become of Colonel Gaddafi? (6 weeks after NATO took control of UN military operations in Libya, Colonel Gaddafi's whereabouts are unknown....Gov't official Khaled Khaim says he is in too much danger to appear in public after being a target four times in assassination attempts), BBC, May 11, 2011

Supporters worry about Gaddafi after bombing (not seen since son & grandchildren killed). SMH, May 11, 2011

GaddafiSonFuneral Watch Funeral held for Gaddafi's youngest son Aruba (visible emotion on face of elder brother Saif). BBC, May 2, 2011

Spokesman Moussa Ibrahim: UN bombs kill Gaddafi son & 3 grandchildren (Libyan leader & wife in house but unharmed), BBC, Apr 30, 2011

Gaddafi Tapestry Muammar al-Gaddafi Asks NATO for Cease Fire (gives 45-minute address on Libyan state TV), ThirdAgeNews, Apr 30, 2011
Muammar al-Gaddafi, the long-time Libyan leader, asked UN-NATO Saturday to negotiate a cease-fire and stop their air strikes, which Gaddafi says has killed civilians and destroyed his nation’s infrastructure. "Come and negotiate with us. You are the ones attacking us. You are the ones terrifying our kids and destroying our infrastructure. You American, French and British come and negotiate with us," Gaddafi said in a 45-minute address on Libyan state TV. CNN reported that it was Gaddafi's first public appearance since airstrikes began last month.

The United Nations Security Council approved a resolution to allow any force necessary in order to protect Libyan civilians. Citizens have been demanding the resignation of Gaddafi, who has led the country for nearly 42 years. UN-NATO began following the resolution on March 31, and has since deployed 4,398 military units, of which 1,821 were strike sorties. "What are you trying to do? Trying to take the oil?" Gaddafi said in his television address. "The Libyan people will not allow you ... The oil is under control of the Libyan government and for the people." He said his country had previously agreed to a cease-fire and urged the U.N. to assess the NATO strikes. "We are the first ones who wanted and agreed on a cease-fire. But the NATO crusader airstrike did not cease," he said. "It cannot be a cease-fire from one side."...

Gaddafi on TV calls for UN ceasefire/negotiations (UN bombs struck compound while Gaddafi talked), Guardian, Apr 30, 2011


From Gaddafi daughter a glimpse inside the bunker (tells children bedtime stories about afterlife), NewYorkTimes, Apr 28, 2011

Gaddafi daughter taunts Obama & Hillary Clinton (achieved nothing/stayed with cheating husband), DailyMail, Apr 28, 2011

Gaddafi safe after bombs hit office library complex (VIP room where African Union delegation met, Sun, Apr 28, 2011

UN targeting Gaddafi for assassination (3 civilians dead/45 wounded; 15 seriously), News24, Apr 28, 2011


Pakistan demands end to UN-USA drone attacks (Hellfire missiles killing civilians, not Taliban), GlobeMail, Apr 25, 2011



USA-Obama ok's use of Predator drones in Libya (UN warns civilians to stay away), CNN, Apr 21, 2011

PredatorProtocol Predator PredatorBomb Proper pilotless Predator drone protocol (raining all kinds of hell from console in basement)

FlagIsraelUSA Israel thanks USA for $205-million for missile-dome (USA gives Israel $3-trillion per year for weapons). AFP, Apr 20, 2011

Obama Passover USA president Obama hosts sacred Jewish passover (celebrating god of Israel killing Egyptian first-born). Haaretz, Apr 21, 2011

Predator PredatorBomb USA-Obama ok's use of armed Predator drones in Libya (UN warns civilians to stay away) & Libya condemns UN-USA launching Predator drone attack (violates UN resolution to protect civilians). CNN/Tripoli, Apr 22, 2011. Go to OBAMA LOVES TO BOMB OSAMA & OBAMA UN-NOBLE PEACE PRIZE

PredatorProtocol Proper pilotless Predator drone protocol (raining all kinds of hell from console in basement), TheTimesWeLiveIn, Apr 2011

Obama Passover FlagIsraelUSA USA president Obama hosts sacred Jewish passover (celebrating god of Israel killing Egyptian first-born) & Israel thanks USA for $205-million for missile-dome (USA gives Israel $3-trillion per year for weapons). Haaretz/AFP, Apr 21, 2011. Go to GOLDSTEIN CONSPIRACY IN 1984

Is UN adventure in Libya simply helping al-Qaeda? (like what Lenin described as useful idiots) & UN warplanes did 3,000 bombing missions on Libya so far (helping al-Qaeda terrorists attack Gaddafi gov't). AFP, Apr 21, 2011

Gaddafi PowerPeople Gaddafi's revolutionary democracy: power to the people (wealth of Libya spread horizontally, not vertically). Guardian Archives, 1969-1999

UN wants to bomb Libya's Man-Made River water system (say Gaddafi hiding weapons in irrigation tunnels). Guardian, Apr 18, 2011

Gaddafi son says UN lied saying Libya killed civilians (same as they lied saying Iraq had WMDs). Washington Post, Apr 19, 2011

Libya Dinar Libyan money notes & coins

...The Central Bank of Libya is 100% State Owned. The Libyan government creates its own money, the Libyan Dinar, through the facilities of its own central bank...One major problem for globalist banking cartels is that in order to do business with Libya, they must go through the Libyan Central Bank and its national currency, a place where they have absolutely zero dominion or power-broking ability...

Libya Gaddafi GADDAFI: RECOLLECTIONS OF MY LIFE (gave people houses/hospitals/schools/desert into farmland)

Watch Part I: Gaddafi interviewed up close & personal in home library (explaining truth about self, Libya & world issues) & Part 2, Dateline Interview, May 2010, You Tube

What if Colonel Gaddafi loses the battle of Tripoli? (a patron saint to 31 sub-Saharan Africa, All Africa/Uganda Vision, Apr 12, 2011

Watch Canada helped Gaddafi build Libya's Great Man-Made River (now helping United Nations bomb it), YouTube

Canada company building Libya water pipeline halted (equipment worth $11-million won't be shipped to Libya), CBC, YouTube, Apr 2011

Embracing Gaddafi was Canada's gain, National Post, Feb 22, 2011
...In 1999, economic sanctions were lifted after Libya made two suspects of the Lockerbie bombing available for trial and agreed to pay compensation to the victims’ families.... In 2004 Liberal prime minister Paul Martin was in Libya on a trade mission to make the case for Canadian companies, just as Libya was getting ready to fling open its doors to foreign investment in its oil industry. The scramble for North African oil saw more than 40 companies flood into Libya, including BP, Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell and Canada’s Petro-Can. As the oil industry flooded Libya with petro-dollars, the Gaddafi regime bought jet aircraft, machinery and wheat from Canada. SNC Lavalin, the Canadian engineering giant, has since been awarded a $450-million contract to develop part of a water system that will transport potable water from the southern Libyan desert to the Mediterranean coast. In trade terms, Mr. Martin’s gambit was a complete success — bilateral trade has risen from zero in 2006 to nearly $300-million....

anti-Gaddafi rebels = faceless, nameless, non-Libyan, Jewish-backed-Islamic-extremist terrorist group, known elsewhere in the world as "al Qaeda" ~ jj

*ABC Interview: Gaddafi says al-Qaeda is to blame for unrest in his country: Question: "If Libyans love you, then why are they capturing Benghazi, and they say they are against you there?"... Gaddafi answers: "It is not my people... There are no demonstrations at all in the streets... No one is against us...against me for what? I am not the President. They love me, all my people are with me, they love me all...It is al Qaeda...not my people...."

GaddafiTentZuma GaddafiCarWave Gaddafi accepts African Union 'peace roadmap', National Post, Apr 10, 2011
Tripoli - Muammar Gaddafi has accepted a roadmap for ending the civil war in Libya, South African President Jacob Zuma said after leading a delegation of African leaders at talks in Tripoli. Zuma, who with four other African heads of state met Gaddafi for several hours at the Libyan leader’s Bab al-Aziziyah compound, also called on UN-NATO to stop air strikes on Libyan government targets to “give ceasefire a chance”. No one at the talks gave details of the roadmap for peace in this oil-producing nation. Rebels [foreign Islamic-extremist terrorists] have said they will accept nothing less than an end to Gaddafi’s four decades in power, but Libyan officials say he will not quit. “The brother leader delegation has accepted the roadmap as presented by us. We have to give ceasefire a chance,” Zuma said, adding that the African delegation would now travel to the eastern city of Benghazi for talks with anti-Gaddafi rebels [foreign Islamic-extremist terrorists]. UN-NATO stepped up attacks on Gaddafi’s armour on Sunday to weaken the bitter siege of Misrata in the west and disrupt a dangerous advance by Gaddafi’s troops in the east.... A [foreign Islamic-extremist terrorist] rebel spokesman rejected a [peace] deal with Gaddafi to end the conflict, bloodiest in a series of pro-democracy revolts across the Arab world that have ousted the autocratic leaders of Tunisia and Egypt....

Gaddafi, making his first appearance in front of the foreign media in weeks, joined the visiting African leaders at his Bab al-Aziziyah compound. He then climbed into a sports utility vehicle and was driven about 50 metres (yards) where he waved through the sunroof and made the “V” for victory sign to a crowd of cheering supporters. It was Gaddafi’s second appearance in two days after he received an ecstatic welcome at a Tripoli school on Saturday. The appearances, and Gaddafi’s upbeat demeanour, confirmed the impression among analysts that his circle has emerged from a period of paralysis and is hunkering down for a long campaign, another sign that mediation will be difficult....

Foreign Islamic fighters behind 'rebellion' in Libya
by Michael Georgy, Reuters, Apr 9, 2011
Darna, Libya - Abdel Hakim al-Hasady, a former Islamic fighter in Afghanistan, now recruits, trains and deploys 500 rebels fighting to topple Libya's Muammar Gaddafi. He says he was once questioned for two months by U.S. agents in Pakistan for suspected ties to al Qaeda -- which he denies -- and was later imprisoned in Libya for three years. The presence of Hasady and other Islamists among the rebels raises difficult questions for the United States and other Western powers, who want Gaddafi's overthrow but worry al Qaeda may establish a stronghold on the Mediterranean coast. Gaddafi has accused al Qaeda of playing a direct role in Libya's unrest in a plot to destabilise the oil-producing, North African Arab country and set up a regional base. He has labelled several insurgency leaders, including Hasady, as al Qaeda members or sympathisers. Rebel leaders and fighters say they are inspired by popular revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia, not al Qaeda. Sitting in a mosque compound in Darna, an eastern Libyan town seen as sympathetic to Islamists, Hasady, 45, said he never had ties to al Qaeda. Wearing a green military camouflage uniform with a pistol tucked into his belt, he expressed concern that the United States and other Western countries may take Gaddafi's al Qaeda allegations seriously and hold back on providing the heavy weapons and helicopters he says they [non-Libyan Jewish-backed-Islamic-extremist terrorists] need. "The West is hesitating because of their fears of al Qaeda in Libya. They must believe Gaddafi," said Hasady, 45. Western states have demanded that Gaddafi quit office but some governments in the region are nervous that al Qaeda could step into a chaotic power vacuum if he does.... Hasady said previously that he fought the Americans in Afghanistan. Now he says he only engaged in "self-defence" against U.S.-backed Afghans who fought the Taliban. He demanded more muscular Western intervention in Libya. "A no-fly zone is not enough. How can we defeat Gaddafi without heavy weapons from the West? All we have is some AK-47 rifles and a few rockets." ...Hasady was released to Libyan custody after his detention in Pakistan. He was later imprisoned in Libya from 2004-2007 and then freed as part of a reconciliation with Islamists. "I am a simple man. I am not al Qaeda. I am a Libyan Muslim," he said. "If the Americans don't want to help us, if the West doesn't want to help us, to hell with them."

USA criticises China/Russia for violating human rights (will UN bomb undemocratic Russia/China to protect civilians?). BBC, Apr 8, 2011

Canada politicians & media silent about bombing Libya (role in UN-war not mentioned in election campaign)
CBC, Apr 8, 2011
Canada's former former chief of the defence staff says he's "puzzled" by the lack of debate over the conflict in Libya during a "boring" election campaign. Rick Hillier, the outspoken former head of Canada's military, said in an interview with CBC Radio's The Current that he finds it puzzling that Canada's role in Libya is not coming under more scrutiny, especially as voters are heading to the polls on May 2. Hillier said he'd like to see a debate over where the parties stand on the conflict in Libya happen on the campaign trail. "I'm puzzled by the absolute absence of any discussion of the operations in Libya by the United Nations and by NATO on behalf of the United Nations, which is inclusive of Canada," Hillier said. "I am just absolutely puzzled; we are two weeks into an election campaign, it is the most boring thing that I've ever seen in my life and this would be one of the questions that might liven it up just a little bit.".... Canada has committed six CF-18s to join an international effort to enforce a UN Security Council resolution that is trying to prevent violence by forces loyal to Libyan ruler Moammar Gadhafi against rebels and civilians. Hillier said in the interview the no-fly zone over Libya was a half-measure and that it won't protect people on ground. The retired general said there is very little clarity on the mission in Libya.... "It hasn't come up during the election campaign whatsoever. We are at war, we've been doing this in Afghanistan, we've had immense discussion, huge amounts of discussions on the mission in Afghanistan including parliamentary debates," Hillier said. "Here in Canada right now it is actually silent on what is happening in Libya and that is puzzling to me personally."

UK-loving true believer sells Gaddafi's message
Australian, Apr 8, 2011
Educated in Britain, a keen anti-war protester and married to a former Quaker from Germany, Moussa Ibrahim seems an unlikely spokesman for Muammar Gaddafi's dictatorship. He has a private love of Britain, a country he called home for 12 years, and he hopes one day to return with his wife and son to teach at a university. And yet the 36-year-old, from the same tribe as Gaddafi, is a true believer in the leader and defends him daily, condemning NATO airstrikes and accusing Britain and its allies of crimes against humanity....Night after night, in perfect English with a faint London twang, Ibrahim delivers a polished performance before TV crews and scribbling reporters, talking passionately, persuasively and at times defiantly in defence of Gaddafi and his inner circle, insisting that all reports about state brutality and slaughter are false....Back in Tripoli Ibrahim's job as head of a new media centre morphed into regime spokesman when the uprising began. He effortlessly justifies shelling of rebel-held areas such as Misratah, as a response to attacks by foreign fighters, led by al-Qa'ida. "I truly and morally believe that this is the right position to take," he says. "There was no need for airstrikes whatsoever and they are killing civilians."...

Rebel-controlled Libyan oil cargo China-bound
by Amena Bakr/Jonathan Saul, Africa Reuters, Apr 7, 2011
Dubai/London - China will buy the first oil cargo from Libyan rebels [non-Libyan Jewish-backed Islamic terrorists] via trading house Vitol, sources said on Thursday, in a trial deal which is likely to clear the way for Europe to resume badly-needed purchases of Libyan oil. Traders, however, added that it could take a long time before flows of crude from Libya reach substantial levels. The war has cut oil output by 80 percent while rebels [non-Libyan Jewish-backed Islamic terrorists] and government forces trade charges over attacks on oil fields. "Given that several governments, including some in Europe that now recognise it [non-Libyan Jewish-backed Islamic terrorists] as the legal government of the country, there would be no legal obstacle to buying oil from it or even paying it directly," said J. Peter Pham, Africa director with U.S. think tank the Atlantic Council.... The rebel-led government [non-Libyan Jewish-backed Islamic terrorists] said it had concluded a deal with Qatar to market crude oil and had discussed plans with a U.N. envoy to exempt its oil exports from sanctions that have been imposed on Libya. Traders said they believed that the payments will be made via an offshore bank account. "The value of this first shipment is around $112 million and will be made in a bank account outside of Libya that the rebels [non-Libyan Jewish-backed Islamic terrorists] would have access to," one of the traders said. Rebels [non-Libyan Jewish-backed Islamic terrorists] have asked the United Nations to help restart oil and gas exports from ports they control and said the matter required "urgent attention" to enable Libya's economy to function. Production at rebel-held [non-Libyan Jewish-backed Islamic terrorists] oilfields in eastern Libya has stopped after they came under attack from forces loyal to Gaddafi, a rebel [non-Libyan Jewish-backed Islamic terrorists] spokesman said on Wednesday. "This is certainly not the last cargo from opponents [non-Libyan Jewish-backed Islamic terrorists] of Gaddafi," said John Dalby, chief executive with maritime risk management specialists MRM. "Libya's importance as an oil producer is being deliberately underplayed given her reserves and China will buy [UN-sanctioned] Libyan oil [from non-Libyan Jewish-backed Islamic terrorists] and establish its political and economic clout."

LibyaWaterPipe Libya Seeks World Intervention to Prevent Environmental Disaster
UN warplanes targeting Libya's Great Man-Made River
Tripoli Post, Apr 7, 2011
Libyan authorities have urged the UN and its specialised agencies, UNESCO, FAO and the International Agency for Environmental Protection, to prevail on the Western coalition forces to stop aerial bombing and the hawling of missiles on targeted parts of the country. The Libyan authorities raised the alarm against targeted air attacks on such sensitive areas like the Great Man-Made River Project facilities, which provides drinking water and irrigation needs to about 4.5 million people, which is 70 per cent of the population, Panapressreports. In a joint statement issued after an emergency meeting held Sunday to inform the world of the dangers inherent in targeting such sensitive areas by the air raids, the Libyan Secretariat of General People's Committee (Ministry) on Agriculture and the executive committee of the Great Man-Made River said that continued bombing could cause environmental and humanitarian disaster that will affect over 4.5 million Libyans, in addition to the damage that could affect the production of cereals, fodder and waterholes for livestock. The statement highlighted the serious catastrophic consequences that could result from the air raids on most parts of Libya, including areas very close to pipelines, especially between Sirte and Benghazi, where pipeline networks and gas pipelines overlap, in addition to equipment and facilities. Panapress reported the statement warning against the consequences of actions that may affect part of the water project, in view of the difficulties to repair the damage to the pipes of the plant of Brega, which could affect the supply of water to the citizenry. Among the consequences of the destruction of the hydraulic system, the statement also cited the risk of flooding, which could affect residential areas and cause human and environmental disaster. These water systems drain more than three million cubic metres daily at high pressure, in addition to the over 60 million cubic metres of water stored in reservoirs across different regions of Libya. It said that the Management Committee of the Great Man-Made River Project is responsible for its operation and water supply to most towns and villages in Libya and it is the main source of water for most of the regions and cities, which represent approximately 70 per cent of the Libyan population. The Great Man-Made River system has been globally recognised as the largest water transport system in the world. It stretches from Kouffra, Serrir and Jabal Hassouna (south) to Ghadames (southwest), up to coastal areas from Benghazi (east) to Zouara (west), through the city of Ajdabia, Brega, Ras Lanuf, Ben Jaouad, Sirte, Museratha, Zlitin, Khomas, Tarhouna, Beni Walid, Gharyan, Kufra, Yefrane, Nalout and Tripoli, through pipelines stretching to over 4,000 km. This gigantic water project has several reservoirs in Benghazi, Sirte and Ajdabiyah, with a total capacity of more than 50 million cubic metres and pumping stations in various parts of the country. The water system has 120 supply sources to the cities, agricultural projects and maintenance services, 55 pastoral watering points, 3,000 control rooms and ventilation valves, which are the main facilities for safety and operation of the hydraulic structure.

Oilfields Pipelines UN warplanes bomb major Libyan oilfield & pipeline (Sarir contains 80% of country's oil reserves). Guardian, Apr 7, 2011

Colonel Gaddafi greets supporters in Tripoli, Telegraph, Apr 5, 2011
Libyan state TV broadcast footage of what they claim is Colonel Gaddafi among supporters in Tripoli. In the video a convoy of vehicles can be seen driving through a crowd outside Gaddafi's compound in Tripoli. In Libya the footage was accompanied by an onscreen newsflash which read 'The brother leader among his supporters.' [UN] Coalition forces have been launching air-strikes against the Gaddafi regime over the past three weeks as [non-Libyan, foreign terrorist group] rebels in the country attempt to install a new government.

Gov't spokesman says Libya needs Gaddafi as unifying figure (people are scared, if he is not there, Libya will have what happened in Iraq...Somalia...Afghanistan). BBC, Apr 5, 2011

Gaddafi's son says ministers' defection allowed (inventing stories to get immunity...they are sick and old...Libya has been bombed for two weeks, imagine you are in London and you are bombed for two weeks...and the media, the press against you...). BBC, Apr 5, 2011

Gaddafi's morale high despite media absence - Libyan official, Aawsat Arab Daily, Apr 5, 2011
Cairo, Asharq Al-Awsat – A high-ranking Libyan official told Asharq Al-Awsat that Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi is present in his stronghold of Bab al-Aziziyah in Tripoli, and played down Gaddafi's recent public absence – his last media appearance was two weeks ago – stressing that the Libyan leader is busy directing his country's affairs, confronting what he described as a "conspiracy" against Libya. The senior Libyan official, who spoke to Asharq Al-Awsat on the condition of anonymity from the Libyan capital Tripoli, said that "I confirm to you that the leader is well and that his affairs are under control, his morale is high despite what is happening." He added "he [Gaddafi] is relaxed, despite the fact that he is witnessing the conspiracy [against Libya] with his own eyes…his psychological condition is well and he is very comfortable." He also indicated that Gaddafi's lack of public appearance does not mean anything, stressing that the Libyan leader is confident that he will "achieve victory over his enemies." He added "he will appear when necessary, all that is being said to justify his absence is far from true, if he [Gaddafi] felt the need, he would appear before the people immediately, there is no problem whatsoever in this regard." Asharq Al-Awsat asked the senior Libyan official about Gaddafi's response to the defection of his former foreign minister Musa Kusa, who is currently in London. He responded "Gaddafi said that betrayal existed since the days of the Prophet, peace be upon him." The official also stressed that Kusa's health would not have allowed him to continue his work as Libyan foreign minister, in any case. Gaddafi has not been seen publicly for approximately two weeks, which represents the longest period that he failed to make a public appearance since the beginning of the popular uprising against him and his regime, which begin on 17 February. At the beginning of the uprising, Gaddafi would appear almost nightly to greet his supports who would gather in Green Square, close to Bab al-Aziziyah. Gaddafi has issued a number of audio recordings to compensate for his absence....

Watch Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, son of Muammar Gaddafi, Talk to Jazeera (...We know the organized campaign against Libya - it is a very rich country, small population...), Mar 2011

Watch Gaddafi's son Saif's interview in Tripoli (so-called rebels are foreign terrorist group, not Libyan), Sky News, March 2011

Watch Muammar Gaddafi's interview in Tripoli (media reports are a lie 100%), BBC/CNN, February 2011

GaddafiPresCompound Two loud explosions heard near Gaddafi residence in Tripoli, Hindustan Times, Apr 1, 2011
Two loud explosions rocked the Libyan capital Tripoli today close to the tightly-guarded residence of leader Muammar Gaddafi and military targets in the suburb of Tajura were also hit, an AFP correspondent reported. The first explosion was heard around 1630 GMT, followed by a second some three minutes later in the Bab Al-Azizya district, and ambulance sirens were heard shortly afterwards. At around the same time, seven other explosions were reported in the suburb of Tajura, site of several military camps and an almost-nightly target of the air raids. A resident said planes were seen firing five missiles at a military radar installation and another reported seeing flames and a column of smoke from the site. UN/NATO-led coalition aircraft had been seen in the skies over the capital earlier in the afternoon.

Gaddafi's only daughter waves green flag for father (denies false reports of leaving Libya)
by Georgina Robinson, SMH, Apr 1, 2011
Aisha Gaddafi, a 34-year-old lawyer who has represented Saddam Hussein and the IRA, was photographed in the capital Tripoli, dressed in a veil and waving her father's green flag from a vehicle, London's Daily Mail reported. She told the crowd at the Bab Al Azizia compound that her father was a "great man and leader". Her appearance came as Gaddafi's troops bombarded the oil terminal town of Ras Lanuf, east of Tripoli, and the United States fired missiles over Taiura, the suburb where the Libyan leader maintains a home. Ms Gaddafi, her father's only daughter, was named as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador in 2009 but was stripped of the honour in February because of her support of Gaddafi's regime.... The newspaper also wrote that she is resentful towards the West after the death of her adopted sister, Hana, who was killed when Ms Gaddafi was nine, during a US raid on Tripoli. "I woke to the thunder of bombs and the screams of my sister, with blood splattered all over me," she is reported as saying at the time. During a rare interview with the Telegraph last October she said people "generally gasp" when they find out who she is, "and then they become very friendly, and take the chance to send greeting to my father," she said. "No one has ever reacted badly"...

Hercules Warplane USA C-130 Hercules Transport Plane (largest airborne gun in world; carries 10 tons ammunition)
UN-USA Hercules gunships blast Gaddafi's troops
ABC, Mar 29, 2011
The US has confirmed the use of ground attack gunship AC-130 against Gaddafi's troops. Vice Admiral Bill Gortney confirmed the use of the ground attack aircraft this morning but denied the US was directly supporting rebel fighters. "We have employed A-10s and AC-130s over the weekend," he said, without giving specifics about targets. The AC-130 gunship is a heavily modified Hercules transport plane armed with 20mm, 40mm and 105mm cannons. The A-10 is designed for close air support, especially against tanks and armoured vehicles, and carries a multi-barrelled 30mm cannon which can fire nearly 4,000 rounds a minute. Unlike the long-range guided missile attacks that have targeted command centres and anti-aircraft defences, both aircraft are designed for close-range assaults against ground troops. But Vice Admiral Gortney said the US actions are only in support of the UN-backed resolutions to protect Libyan civilians. "We're not in direct support of the opposition, that's not part of our mandate, and we're not coordinating with the opposition," he said.

Libya says UN terrorizing & killing civilians
by Maria Golovnina, Reuters Africa, Mar 27, 2011
TRIPOLI - Libya accused NATO on Sunday of "terrorising" and killing its people as part of a global plot to humiliate and weaken the North African country. The government says Western-led air attacks have killed more than 100 civilians, a charge denied by the coalition which says it is protecting civilians from Gadaffi's forces and targeting only military sites to enforce a no-fly zone. "The terror people live in, the fear, the tension is everywhere. And these are civilians who are being terrorised every day," said Mussa Ibrahim, a Libyan government spokesman. "We believe the unnecessary continuation of the air strikes is a plan to put the Libyan government in a weak negotiating position. NATO is prepared to kill people, destroy army training camps and army checkpoints and other locations." Earlier on Sunday, NATO officials said the alliance had agreed to take command of [UN] military operations in Libya. Ibrahim acknowledged that rebel forces [foreign Islamic terrorist group] in the east were advancing westwards but declined to give any details on the retreat of government [Gaddafi] troops. "The rebels [foreign Islamic terrorist group] are making their advances," he said. "(Western nations) are starving the Libyan population, (they want) to put Libya on its knees, to beg for mercy. "It's a very simple plan. We can see it happening in front of our eyes. They are not trying to protect civilians." Ibrahim said three Libyan civilian sailors were killed in a coalition air strike on a fishing harbour in the city of Sirte on Saturday.

FlagIsraelUSA USA Sec'y Defense Gates in USSR while bombing Libya (blames civilian casualties on Libyan civilians)
[standing in front of USA/Israel flags]
by Narayan Lakshman, The Hindu, Mar 24, 2011
Revealing the persistence of cracks in the Western alliance that is bombing targets in Libya, United States Defence Secretary Robert Gates, currently in Moscow, struggled to convince his Russian interlocutors that military operations in Libya were not resulting in civilian casualties. At a joint press conference with [USA] Mr. Gates and [USSR] Defence Minister Anatoliy Serdyukov, Mr. Serdyukov said that recent developments in Libya demonstrated that the imposition and enforcement of the no-fly-zone, under a United Nations resolution, was experiencing real difficulties which resulted in “destroying civilian facilities and killing civilians”.... While the U.S., United Kingdom and France have led the Western alliance’s military operations in Libya, entailing more than four days of aerial bombing to date, other United Nations Security Council members including India, China, Russia and Germany abstained from the vote passing the resolution that authorised the imposition of a no-fly zone over Libya....According to reports, the International Energy Agency says that more than 70 per cent of Libya's oil is exported to European nations, many of which “have spent years investing in Libya's oil industry”....

Soros Fingerprints on Libya Bombing
by Aaron Klein, Fox News, Mar 23, 2011
Philanthropist billionaire George Soros is a primary funder and key proponent of the global organization that promotes the military doctrine used by the Obama administration to justify the recent airstrikes targeting the regime of Moammar Gadhafi in Libya. The activist who founded and coined the name of the doctrine, "Responsibility to Protect," sits on several key organizations alongside Soros. Also, the Soros-funded global group that promotes Responsibility to Protect is closely tied to Samantha Power, the National Security Council special adviser to Obama on human rights. Power has been a champion of the doctrine and is, herself, deeply tied to the doctrine's founder. According to reports, Power was instrumental in convincing Obama to act against Libya. The Responsibility to Protect doctrine has been described by its founders and proponents, including Soros, as promoting global governance while allowing the international community to penetrate a nation state's borders under certain conditions.

George Soros, Wikipedia (...Soros was born in Budapest, Kingdom of Hungary, in 1930, the son of the Esperantist writer Tivadar Soros and Elizabeth Soros. Tivadar was a Hungarian Jew, who was a prisoner of war during and after World War I and eventually escaped from Russia to rejoin his family in Budapest. The family changed its name from Schwartz to Soros in 1936, in response to growing anti-semitism with the rise of fascism... In 2010, Forbes lists Soros as the Forbes list of billionaires 35th richest person in the world, and the 14th richest person in America, with a net worth estimated at US$14.2 billion. Soros has given away $7 billion to various causes since 1979.... At a Jewish forum in New York City, November 5, 2003, Soros partially attributed a recent resurgence of anti-semitism to the policies of Israel and the United States, and to successful Jews such as himself...)

*Gaddafi spokesman Ibrahim explains that anti-Gaddafi 'rebels' aren't Libyan, Talk to BBC, Mar 4, 2011
Today you can talk to Colonel Gaddafi's spokesman Moussa Ibrahim live on BBC World TV at 1500 GMT. He'll be answering your questions and explaining why Colonel Gaddafi is not stepping down. Gaddafi told the world in a speech earlier this week: "I dare you to find that peaceful protesters were killed" and blamed young people on hallucinatory drugs for the violence. You can ask his spokesman Moussa Ibrahim yourself about that. Mr Ibrahim told CNN the rebels are led by Al Qaeda and there has been no government massacre of civilians. "I invite ... every fact-finding mission possible in the world. All NGOs, governments are all welcome to check that there are no massacres, no bombardments of civilians, and that the case in Libya is a case of an armed rebellion against a united country." "Thousands of highly trained al Qaeda affiliates who operate in Yemen, Somalia, Sudan, Algeria, and Afghanistan have hijacked this movement...These are young people who are led by al Qaeda fanatics." Mr Ibrahim has also told BBC radio that the International Criminal Court's plans to investigate Gaddafi for crimes against humanity are "close to a joke."

Watch Full Interview with Col Gaddafi, BBC, Mar 1, 2011

Gaddafi on TV claims anti-gov't protesters part of conspiracy, Hindustan Times/AP/AFP, Mar 02, 2011
Leader Muammar Gaddafi on Wednesday threatened that Libya will replace western banks, oil firms and companies by others from China, India, Russia and Brazil. Speaking on Wdnesday on state television, Gaddafi claimed that Libya's oil fields and ports are "safe" and "under control." He spoke in the capital Tripoli as his forces were launching a counteroffensive on Wednesday against the rebel held eastern half of the country. His forces battled government opponents for control of a key oil installation and airstrip on the Mediterranean coast. Digging in his heels, a defiant Muammar Gaddafi refused to give up power and claimed that the anti regime protests were part of a conspiracy to grab the oil resources of Libya. Gaddafi again blamed Al Qaeda for the challenge to his 41 year iron fisted rule, saying the objective was to control Libya's land and oil, and promised to fight to the last man and woman. He denied that there have been any peaceful demonstrations since the uprising began in Libya on February 15 this year and challenged calls from home and abroad for him to step down, saying he has "no real power."

"Sleeper cells from Al Qaeda [Jewish-backed Islamic-extremist mercenary terrorists-jj], its elements, infiltrated gradually ... They believe the world is theirs, they fight everywhere, the intelligence services know them by name," he told a ceremony of loyalists in the capital Tripoli. "Suddenly it started in (the eastern town of) Al-Baida...The sleeping cell was told to attack the battalion...and it took arms from police stations," said Gaddafi. "The soldiers went home and left their battalion" while the Al Qaeda cells "took the weapons and control of the town." "The women fled ... bullets were everywhere. It was the same situation in Benghazi," he said of the main eastern city under the control of the rebel forces. "There are no peaceful demonstrations in Libya," he said. "If there were why are foreigners fleeing, the embassies closing in Tripoli, (oil company) employees fleeing from the desert?" Turning to the oil industry, he said "these gangs made oil companies afraid, flee and stop production. Oil production is at its lowest." "The conspiracy has become clear," he said, claiming that the aim is to take control Libyan land and oil. "This is impossible, impossible. We will fight to the end, to the last man, the last woman ... with God's help."

Libya has the largest oil reserves in Africa and is the continent's fourth largest producer, and Gaddafi said the "oilfields are safe and under control, but the foreign firms are afraid." Gaddafi claimed that the people of the eastern city of Benghazi, which has played a key role in the rebellion, "have asked us to help them get rid from the armed gangs." [Gaddafi's appearance at] the ceremony was aired live shortly after rebels said they had repelled an attack by Gaddafi's forces in the eastern town of Brega on Wednesday, with witnesses reporting two civilians killed. The event was to mark the anniversary of the launch of the People's Committees, according to the broadcaster. Reading from a prepared text, Gaddafi's speech was frequently interrupted by chants of support, which he praised. One woman in a black robe and headscarf broke shouting "you are a sword that does not break. You are capable." Another person said: "Here is your leader, your beloved ... Here is the leader Muammar Gaddafi, the leader of victory and challenge, standing among his sons, steadfast, like our mountains, great like the greatness of our people." Gaddafi criticised media reports about the resignations of senior officials from his regime including several military leaders and ambassadors abroad. "The resignations from abroad, the statements from inside (Libya) ... don't believe them," he said. "As far as Libya is concerned ... nothing happened ... and it is strange that the world received news from correspondents and TV stations not present in Libya." "They don't want any real news from Libya," Gaddafi said, before adding that "there are no political prisoners in Libya at all."....Muammar Gaddafi has no power," said Gaddafi, who rose to power after overthrowing the monarchy in a 1969 coup. "When the People's Committees issue something, it becomes law and is implemented for all Libyans. No one can declare war or peace unless the People's Committees decide," the Libyan leader said. "Muammar has no real power to surrender." Gaddafi urged the international community to establish a commission of inquiry into the estimated deaths of more than 1,000 people killed in the unrest by his forces. "We urge the world, the United Nations, to see where the people were killed, to send a fact-finding team to investigate." He also lashed out a moves by several countries to freeze Libyan assets. "The assets are the assets of the Libyan nation" and they have "no right" to seize them. "I am the asset of Libya, not the American dollar." Gaddafi remains entrenched in Tripoli in the west of the oil rich North African country.

Watch Gaddafi son Saif al Islam interview, Feb 25, 2011 (...We discovered that in one day there were many organized terrorist groups, they took advantage of the situation and began attacking military sites....)

Libya Vaccine HIV HIV trial in Libya, Wikipedia
The HIV trial in Libya (or Bulgarian nurses affair) concerns the trials, appeals and eventual release of six foreign medical workers charged with conspiring to deliberately infect over 400 children with HIV in 1998, causing an epidemic at El-Fatih Children's Hospital in Benghazi, Libya.... The El-Fatih epidemic is the largest documented incident of nosocomial (hospital-induced) infection of HIV in history. The Libyan public was enraged and many foreign medical workers were arrested - six were eventually charged. Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi initially blamed the CIA or Mossad for plotting to carry out a deadly experiment on the Libyan children. The crisis first came to light in November 1998 when Libyan La magazine (issue 78) published an exposé about AIDS at the hospital. In December the Association of Libyan Writers reported over 60 cases of AIDS so far that year in Libya. La interviewed Sulaiman al-Ghemari, Libyan Minister for Health, who told them that most of the cases concerned children. Parents believed their children were infected through blood transfusion in Benghazi's main children's hospital. Although La magazine was shut down, it was eventually revealed that over 400 children had been infected. Libya requested and received an emergency WHO team which was sent in December and stayed through to January 1999. The WHO team issued a classified (and still unavailable) report on the situation....

Watch Muammar Gaddafi on Larry King (first visit ever to USA; when questioned about warm reception in Libya of freed accused Lockerbie bomber he compares it to the warm reception in Bulgaria of the freed nurses convicted of injecting Libyan children with HIV), CNN, Sep 28, 2009, You Tube

Watch Muammar Gaddafi Interview, Al Jazeera (explaining issues raised during his September 2009 speech to the UN General Assembly where he slammed the UN Security Council [comprised of super-states Russia, China, USA/UK]), tore up the UN Charter and threw it at the UN Secretary General)

Watch GADDAFI'S SPEECH TO UNITED NATIONS (as leader of Libya and Chairman of African Union - allotted fifteen minutes, took 90 minutes, no teleprompter, hand-written notes) Sep 23, 2009, You Tube, PARTS 1-9

GadaffiUNspeech Complete Transcript of Gaddafi's Historic Speech to UN General Assembly, 2009, translated by: MetaExistence Organization

Gaddafi UN Speech: Libyan Leader Chucks Charter, Slams Security Council
Huffington/AP/Reuters, Sep 23, 2009
Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi did not cease to amaze as he gave his first ever address to the UN, taking the opportunity to slam the global body for being ineffective. His colorful speech, which was supposed to last 15 minutes, went on for an hour and 36 minutes, according to the AP. At one point, Gaddafi grabbed hold of the UN charter and threw it over his shoulder, Reuters reports.... In his first U.N. appearance, Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi issued a slashing attack on the Security Council and chastised the world body on Wednesday for failing to intervene or prevent some 65 wars since the U.N. was founded in 1945. Gadhafi called for reform of the council – abolishing the veto power of the five permanent members – or expanding the body with additional member states to make it more representative. "It should not be called the Security Council, it should be called the "terror council," he said. The veto-wielding Security Council powers -- the United States, Britain, China, France and Russia -- treat smaller countries as "second class, despised" nations, Gadhafi said....

GaddafiPortrait Colonel Muammar Al Qadhafi (Wearing a gold robe and matching cap, Muammar el-Qaddafi -- "the Leader," as he is universally referred to in Libya -- paces a well-worn strip of land beside his tent.... He is an imposing man, about six feet tall with a still-athletic build, and though his mouth is fixed in a tentative half-smile, there is something wary in his manner. His eyes are hidden behind brown-tinted sunglasses. "Welcome, thank you for coming," he says in English as we shake hands, making it sound as if this was all his idea. His smile broadens, and he places his right hand over his heart, a traditional Arab gesture of friendship and greeting. "Welcome." A white plastic table and three plastic patio chairs have been arranged in the shade of a nearby tree, and we sit there together with his interpreter while the rest of the entourage retreats to a discreet distance....

GaddafiPresCompound (...Qaddafi's official residence in Tripoli lies in the innermost ring of the Bab el-Azziziya Barracks in the southern suburbs. Other residences exist for the famously peripatetic Leader in other parts of Libya, but it is here that he normally conducts his business when in Tripoli. The barracks is virtually a city unto itself, a sprawling warren of walls and fortified bunkers and multistory buildings, and in its alleyways young children -- presumably the offspring of billeted officers -- play soccer and ride bikes. At the heart of the compound, past three rings of checkpoints manned by black-bereted commandos and plainclothes security men, is Qaddafi's inner sanctum, a roughly circular plot of land of some 10 acres girdled by watchtowers and an eight-foot concrete wall. It is a surprisingly modest complex, bordering on the ratty, dominated by a round, dome-shaped building that resembles nothing as much as one of those awkward visitors' centers built in American national parks during the 60's. Off to one corner is Qaddafi's Bedouin tent, a sprawling, low-slung affair, with an RV parked alongside. Upon this humble tableau, the Leader has added a few embellishments. Eight camels wander about the unkempt grounds, while just outside the tent three oversize birdhouses accommodate a flock of homing pigeons. A few hundred yards away is another curious sight: a three-story building with much of its facade shorn off, dangling ceiling tiles and electrical wires visible through its gaping holes. At one time, this was Qaddafi's official residence in Bab el-Azziziya. On the morning of April 15, 1986, however, American warplanes destroyed the building in retaliation for a bombing in Berlin that had been linked to Libyan agents; the attack took the life of Qaddafi's adopted 15-month-old daughter and very nearly killed the Leader himself. Ever since, the ruins have been preserved as a kind of monument to American perfidy -- with the implicit suggestion that Qaddafi, too, has been the victim of terrorism -- and are a favored backdrop for his infrequent media appearances. Sitting with Qaddafi is an odd experience....)

LibyaWaterPipe Libya's Great Man-Made River 8th Wonder of World (equivalent to flow of 200-years of water in the Nile)

Gadaffi the man behind Great Man-Made River Project (5,000-km water-pipeline from 1,000 desert wells), BBC News

Muammar Gaddafi Interview - 1981 ("Does the prospect of assassination worry you at all?"... "No, I am not afraid...."...."I am against any assassination, it is not my action, my belief"...)

GadaffiPics The Muammar Gadaffi Story, BBC News
...In the heady days of 1969 - when he seized power in a bloodless military coup - and the early 1970s, Muammar Gaddafi was a handsome and charismatic young army officer. An eager disciple of President Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt (he even adopted the same military rank, promoting himself from captain to colonel after the coup), Gaddafi first set about tackling the unfair economic legacy of foreign domination. For Nasser, it was the Suez Canal. For Gaddafi, it was oil. Significant reserves had been discovered in Libya in the late 1950s, but the extraction was controlled by foreign petroleum companies, which set prices to the advantage of their own domestic consumers and benefited from a half share in the revenue. Col Gaddafi demanded renegotiation of the contracts, threatening to shut off production if the oil companies refused. He memorably challenged foreign oil executives by telling them "people who have lived without oil for 5,000 years can live without it again for a few years in order to attain their legitimate rights". The gambit succeeded and Libya became the first developing country to secure a majority share of the revenues from its own oil production. Other nations soon followed this precedent and the 1970s Arab petro-boom began. Libya was in a prime position to reap the benefits. With production levels matching the Gulf states, and one of the smallest populations in Africa (less than 3m at the time), the black gold made it rich quickly.

Rather than persevering with the doctrines of Arab Nationalism, or following the glittering excesses of Gulf consumerism, Col Gaddafi's innately mercurial character led him and Libya on a new path. Born to nomadic Bedouin parents in 1942, Muammar Gaddafi was certainly an intelligent, resourceful man, but he did not receive a thorough education, apart from learning to read the Koran and his military training. Nevertheless, in the early 1970s he set out to prove himself a leading political philosopher, developing something called the third universal theory, outlined in his famous Green Book. The theory claims to solve the contradictions inherent in capitalism and communism (the first and second theories), in order to put the world on a path of political, economic and social revolution and set oppressed peoples free everywhere....

The combination of water and oil gave Libya a sound economic platform Colonel Gaddafi fitted the bill as an authoritarian ruler who had endured for more years than the vast majority of his citizens could remember. But he was not so widely perceived as a western lackey as some Arab leaders accused of putting outside interests before those of his people. He had redistributed wealth... He sponsored grand public works, such as the improbable Great Man-Made River project, a massive endeavour inspired, perhaps, by ancient Bedouin water procurement techniques, that brought sweet, fresh water from aquifers in the south to the arid north of his country....






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