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"International forces are looking for excuses to target Muammar.
What has he done to deserve this?" asked Gaddafi's wife Safia.
"My children are civilians and they have been targeted.
What do they have to do with this?
UN is committing war crimes.
They killed my son and the Libyan people.
They are defaming our reputation.
Forty countries are against us.
Life has no value anymore.
What would I want with life now?
All I want out of life now is that the truth be heard.
By the will of God, we will be victorious.
We will live or die alongside the Libyan people.
In the end, history will judge us."

Gadhafi's wife rips UN-NATO in telephone interview
by Nima Elbagir, CNN, May 27, 2011
Tripoli -- A woman believed to be Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's wife lashed out at UN-NATO during an exclusive interview Friday with CNN, even as she expressed despair for her family's and her nation's plight -- saying, "Life has no value now." Safia Farkash Gadhafi, who married Moammar Gadhafi in 1970 a year after he rose to power in the North African nation, is thought not to have ever previously spoken on the record with members of the Libyan or international media. CNN cannot 100% confirm that the woman who spoke Friday is Moammar Gadhafi's wife, as Libyan authorities barred CNN from using its phone for fear the call might be tracked. But the interview was arranged by someone CNN knows to be Safia Gadhafi's office manager and by officials in Libya's foreign ministry. In the interview, the woman ripped NATO for the death of one of her children, Saif al-Arab Gadhafi, who Libyan officials reported was killed by an airstrike late last month. The UN-alliance has launched regular attacks in Libya in recent months, in pursuit of its stated mission to halt the killing of innocent civilians by Gadhafi's forces. Russia now calling on Gadhafi to step down.

Gadhafi's purported wife said four explosive projectiles were fired into one house after the evening Muslim prayer, a timing that she criticized and said was common. She disputed an earlier account, offered by Libyan government spokesman Musa Ibrahim, that both she and her husband were in the building at the time of the strike. "I was not there, but I wished that I was, so that I may die with my son", the woman said.

Several of Moammar Gadhafi's eight surviving children -- six born to Safia, one born to her husband's first wife, plus one adopted child -- are believed to have taken roles in their father's government, including military commander Khamis Gadhafi and high-profile official Saif al-Islam Gadhafi. Yet the woman thought to be Safia Gadhafi said they should be off-limits from UN-NATO strikes, which she claimed were killing innocents around Libya. "My children are civilians, and they have been targeted. What do they have to do with this?" the woman told CNN.

Less than two weeks ago, the chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Court sought the arrest of Moammar Gadhafi and two relatives -- one of them Saif al-Islam, Safia's eldest son -- linking them to "widespread and systematic" attacks on civilians. But the woman claiming to be Safia Gadhafi said international legal authorities [UN court] are going after the wrong people. "I want them to prosecute UN-NATO. They killed my son and the Libyan people," she said. "They are defaming our reputation. They are committing war crimes, and accusing us of embezzling billions from the Libyan people. My conscience wouldn't allow such things."

The Libyan leader's purported wife expressed exasperation about the situation, with scores of countries allied against her husband's regime. She vowed that "we will live or die alongside the Libyan people," predicting her husband, his government and his forces will be vindicated. "What would I want with life now? All I want out of life now is that the truth be heard," the woman said. "In the end, history will judge us."

Gaddafi's wife lashes out at UN airstrikes
AFP, Friday, May 27, 2011
Muammar Gaddafi's wife, Safia, on Friday slammed the airstrikes that killed her son and accused UN-Nato forces of "committing war crimes" with its strikes against the Libya regime. "I was not there. But I wished that I was so I may die with him," Sofia Gaddafi told CNN in a telephone interview, describing the death of her son Seif al-Arab from a UN-NATO air strike. "My son never missed an evening prayer. We had strikes every day, and the strikes would start at evening prayer. Four rockets on one house!" she said in the rare interview...


Gaddafi spokesman Moussa Ibrahim press conference
Sky News, You Tube, Apr 30, 2011

"The house of Mr Saif al Arab, known as Aruba to most Libyans, who is the youngest of the leader's children was attacked tonight with full power. The leader with his wife were there in the house with other friends and relatives. The attack resulted in the martyrdom of brother Saif al Arab, 29 years old, and 3 of the leader's grandchildren. The leader himself is in good health, he wasn't harmed; his wife also is in good health, she wasn't harmed; and other people were injured in the attack. This was a direct operation to assassinate the leader of this country. This is not permitted by international law, it is not permitted by any moral code or principle. If people claim that they want to protect civilians we have again and again declared that we are ready for negotiation, ready for roadmaps for peace, ready for political transitional periods, ready for elections, ready for referendum. UN-NATO does not care to test our promises, the west does not care to test our statements. They only care to rob us of our freedom, our wealth, which is oil, and our right to decide our future as Libyans.

"Today we gave martyrs, young and old. Tonight it was the leader's family's turn to give martyrs for our Libya nation. Yesterday, the day before yesterday, for 40 days now, other Libyan families gave their children as martyrs for this country. And if the fight continues we are prepared to fight and die for our freedom. We ask the world to look into this carefully because what we have now is the law of the jungle."

Gaddafi's youngest son Saif al-Arab killed in airstrikes
The Times/Australian, May 2, 2011
The Libyan government says the country's embattled leader Muammar Gaddafi has survived an airstrike that killed his youngest son. The regime spokesman says 29-year-old Saif al-Arab has died in a direct hit on his Tripoli home along with three of the Libyan leader's grandchildren. It's claimed Colonel Gaddafi was there but he and his wife were unhamred. The regime says it was an operation to assassinate the Libyan leader who has vowed to fight to the death as allied forces continue UN authorized airstrikes to protect Libyan civilians.

Arab Gaddafi emerged bloodied but alive 25 years ago from the US air raid on his father's compound in Tripoli. If the UN-NATO airstrike reported to have killed him on Saturday was an attempt to damage the Libyan leadership, it removed only the youngest and least influential of Muammar Gaddafi's eight children. UN-NATO has made several airstrikes on the compound and surrounding area. Two missiles hit suspected bunkers within the walls last Tuesday, killing three people and wounding 45, according to Libyan officials. Though the UN resolution imposing sanctions against senior Gaddafi figures cited the military appointments and repressive activities of several of his siblings, for Saif al-Arab, 29, it cited only his parentage and his "closeness of association with the regime". Nor did it freeze his assets, suggesting that he was not regarded as a major target.

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Saif al-Arab was four when he was hurt in the 1986 air raid ordered by US president Ronald Reagan as a reprisal for the terrorist bombing of a German disco. He spent much of his adult life in Germany, where he was a student at the Technical University of Munich. He returned to Tripoli in February....Gaddafi has seven sons and one daughter by two wives. He married Fatiha, a teacher, within months of his 1969 coup. He is said to have met his second wife, Safia Farkash, a nurse, at the birth of his first child, Mohammed, who is now 40. Mohammed is head of the Libyan Olympic committee and not tipped as his father's successor. Saif al-Islam, 38, the dictator's second son, is the most prominent. He studied at the London School of Economics and was seen as a moderniser but has vowed that the regime will "fight to the last bullet". Saadi, also 38, is the commander of Libya's special forces, which have been implicated in some of the most brutal fighting. For years he lived in Italy, spending a brief time as a footballer. Hannibal, 35, was appointed to a senior role on Libya's National Maritime Transport Company after earning an MBA in Copenhagen. Mutassim, born in 1976, was an army officer who is reported to have briefly sought exile in Egypt after being implicated in a coup attempt against his father, but on his return, he was appointed National Security Adviser. Khamis, born in 1980, is commander of the 32nd Reinforced Brigade, one of Libya's best special forces units. At the start of the uprising there were reports he had been killed. Little is known of Milad, the nephew and adopted son who Gaddafi credits with saving his life in 1986. Aisha, his only natural daughter, is a lawyer and, until the uprising, a UN goodwill ambassador.

Mark Stone reported from Tripoli: The bomb hit about 4 hours ago now. We heard it from our hotel here - an extremely loud blast and within an hour or so we were taken to the site - a residential house in a pretty well-off area just to the west of the capital within the centre of the city. A huge airstrike and the house had been pretty much destroyed.

Saif al-Arab shouldn't be confused with Saif al-Islam, who is perhaps the most well known known of Colonel Gaddafi's sons. The man to die today, Saif al-Arab, the 6th son of the Libyan leader, is not one of the most well known. But nevertheless, this is an extremely significant development. Colonel Gaddafi's spokesman first announced the news in Arabic and the whole place erupted...lots of cries of "Allah" repeated again and again. It was quite surprising and shocking, really, to see the reaction of them in the news conference. This is a very significant development tonight. And as the Colonel Gaddafi spokesman said, quite clearly he believes this was an attempt on Colonel Gaddafi himself. That's the claim, and UN-NATO has not responded at all to this attack...











Directing Libya airstrikes "like playing computer game" (E-3D spy planes orbit 30,000-feet above battlefield; "our job is to speed up the kill chain") & UN prepares 'bunker-buster' bombs for Libya assault (2,000-pound bombs will target Gaddafi) & Helicopter gunships to join UN war on Libya (urban-area Hellfire missiles/nose-mounted cannon) & UN jets bombed Gaddafi compound all week (not known if Gaddafi was home). Telegraph/Guardian/GlobeMail/BBC, May 27-30, 2011

JFK'S PEACE FOR ALL TIME ("...What kind of peace do I mean? What kind of peace do we seek? Not a Pax Americana enforced on the world by American weapons of war. Not the peace of the grave or the security of the slave. I am talking about genuine peace, the kind of peace that makes life on earth worth living, the kind that enables men and nations to grow and to hope and to build a better life for their children - not merely peace for Americans - but peace for all men and women - not merely peace in our time - but peace for all time....")

Baby JFK JFK Ask Not HAPPY 94th BIRTHDAY JFK, May 29, 1917 - 2011 "Here on Earth God's work must truly be our own"

UN-Nato planes target Gaddafi's Tripoli compound, BBC, Saturday, May 28, 2011
British jets have struck a compound where Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi sometimes lives. RAF Typhoons and other UN-Nato jets fired guided weapons to destroy guard towers on the perimeter of the Bab al-Aziziya complex, said the Ministry of Defence. A spokesman said it sent a clear message that the regime's leadership was no longer "hidden away from the Libyan people behind high walls". On Thursday the UK announced plans to send four Apache helicopters to Libya....

Fresh NATO raids target Libyan capital, AFP/Sunday Times, Saturday, May 28, 2011
Fresh NATO-led air strikes targeted the district of Tripoli where Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has his residence, after G8 world powers intensified the pressure on the strongman to step down. For the fourth successive night, powerful blasts rocked Bab Al-Aziziya near the city centre, an AFP correspondent said as Libyan state media reported air raids on the Al-Qariet region south of the capital. The strikes on Saturday came after US President Barack Obama told a summit of G8 world powers that the United States and France were committed to finishing the job in Libya, as Russia finally joined explicit calls for Gaddafi to go...

Meanwhile Gaddafi's wife Sofia on Friday slammed strikes against the Libyan leader and his family, and accused NATO forces of 'committing war crimes' with its action against the regime. 'I was not there. But I wished that I was so I may die with him,' she told CNN in a telephone interview, describing the reported death of her son Seif al-Arab from a NATO air strike. 'My son never missed an evening prayer. We had strikes every day, and the strikes would start at evening prayer. Four rockets on one house!' she said in the rare interview. International forces, which have been attacking Gaddafi forces under the terms of a UN resolution to protect civilians, 'are looking for excuses to target Muammar. What has he done to deserve this?' asked Sofia. NATO, she said, is 'committing war crimes' in the North Africa country. 'They killed my son and the Libyan people. They are defaming our reputation, she said. 'Forty countries are against us. Life has no value anymore,' she lamented, in the wake of her son's death.

Listen to interview: Gadhafi's wife lashes out at NATO (UN killed her son/committing war crimes), CNN, May 27, 2011

Kadhafi's wife slams UN-NATO strike she says killed son, AFP, Friday, May 27, 2011

Pressure is showing on Gaddafi, Independent, May 27, 2011
England's David Cameron insisted today that the time was right to "ratchet up" the pressure on Muammar Gaddafi as he confirmed that Apache attack helicopters were being deployed for the campaign against the Libyan leader. MI6 has told [UK Prime Minister] David Cameron it [MI6] has discovered that Gaddafi's behaviour is becoming even more erratic as UN-Nato strikes take their toll. He is said to be moving between hospitals in the Tripoli area nightly in an apparent bid to evade missiles - such as the ones which killed his youngest son last month.

Gaddafi has now not been seen in public since May 11, and his commanders have apparently stopped using telephones for fear of being overheard. An inability to communicate is hampering their ability to fight, according to a senior UK diplomatic source, and there is also evidence of further defections from the military. "There is a picture building up of a man who is paranoid and a regime that is feeling the pressure and beginning to fracture," the source said. "He is on the run". The intelligence is understood to have persuaded the UK Prime Minister that the time is right to "turn the screw". [UK Prime Minister] Cameron, Defence Secretary Liam Fox and military chiefs have agreed to put four Apache attack helicopters at the disposal of the UN-Nato operation, alongside existing warplane deployments. The deadly aircraft can carry out strikes at closer quarters, reducing the potential for collateral damage and allowing a wider range of targets to be taken on..."Tornado and Typhoon aircraft, accompanied by other UN-Nato aircraft, used Paveway guided bombs to attack multiple targets within the depot, causing very extensive damage." As the conflict continued, at least five explosions were heard in Tripoli from UN-Nato air strikes yesterday. The targets were not not immediately identified, but smoke was seen rising from the area of Gaddafi's compound.

Meanwhile, Libya's government has pushed for a ceasefire, saying for the first time it is prepared to talk to the rebels. But officials insisted Gaddafi would not relinquish power. Prime minister Al-Baghdadi al-Mahmoudi told reporters he was willing to hold talks with "all Libyans", including members of the rebel administration based in the eastern city of Benghazi. But he said Gaddafi "is in the heart of every Libyan". "If he leaves, the entire Libyan people leave", he added.

Watch What has become of Colonel Gaddafi? (6 weeks after NATO took control of UN military operations in Libya, Colonel Gaddafi's whereabouts are unknown....Gov't official Khaled Khaim says he is in too much danger to appear in public after being a target four times in assassination attempts), BBC, May 11, 2011

Supporters worry about Gaddafi after bombing (not seen since son & grandchildren killed). SMH, May 11, 2011

GaddafiSonFuneral Watch Funeral held for Gaddafi's youngest son Aruba (visible emotion on face of elder brother Saif). BBC, May 2, 2011

GaddafiSonRoom UN bombs kill Gaddafi son & 3 grandchildren, Tripoli Post, May 2, 2011
Crowds mill around the coffin during the funeral of Seif al-Arab in Tripoli. Mourners shouted for revenge in the Libyan capital on Monday as some 2,000 people greeted a funeral procession carrying Muammar Al Qathafi’s second youngest son, Seif al-Arab who officials say was killed in a UN-NATO airstrike. The crowd, carrying flags and pictures of Al Qathafi attended the funeral. They pumped their fists in the air and chanted pro-Al Qathafi slogans as they jostled to get close to Seif’s coffin when it was taken out of a black hearse to a grave at Hani cemetery in Tripoli. One placard read: 'We are all with Al Qathafi’s Libya.' Some people prayed, some flashed victory signs and others shouted for revenge. "Revenge, revenge for you Libya," chanted the crowd around the coffin, which was draped in the green Libyan flag and was topped with a wreath of flowers that were wilting in the heat. Saif's coffin, covered in flowers and wrapped in the green flag that has represented Libya since Al Qathafi took power in a 1969 coup, was carried through the crowds to the grave. The mourners were led by the leader’s most prominent and oldest son, Seif al-Islam, wearing dark tribal robes, but the Libyan leader Muammar Al Qathafi did not appear to be at the funeral. Despite earlier claims, it was reported today that Seif al-Arab had no children, but three of his nieces and nephews were also said to have been killed in Saturday's blast. They were the children of his siblings Hannibal, Ayesha and Mohammed...

watch news conference: Gaddafi's youngest son Saif al-Arab killed in UN airstrikes, Times/Australian/SkyNews, Saturday, Apr 30, 2011

Spokesman Moussa Ibrahim: UN bombs kill Gaddafi son & 3 grandchildren (Libyan leader & wife in house but unharmed), BBC, Apr 30, 2011

Gaddafi Tapestry Muammar al-Gaddafi Asks NATO for Cease Fire (gives 45-minute address on Libyan state TV), ThirdAgeNews, Apr 30, 2011
Muammar al-Gaddafi, the long-time Libyan leader, asked UN-NATO Saturday to negotiate a cease-fire and stop their air strikes, which Gaddafi says has killed civilians and destroyed his nation’s infrastructure. "Come and negotiate with us. You are the ones attacking us. You are the ones terrifying our kids and destroying our infrastructure. You American, French and British come and negotiate with us," Gaddafi said in a 45-minute address on Libyan state TV. CNN reported that it was Gaddafi's first public appearance since airstrikes began last month.

The United Nations Security Council approved a resolution to allow any force necessary in order to protect Libyan civilians. Citizens have been demanding the resignation of Gaddafi, who has led the country for nearly 42 years. UN-NATO began following the resolution on March 31, and has since deployed 4,398 military units, of which 1,821 were strike sorties. "What are you trying to do? Trying to take the oil?" Gaddafi said in his television address. "The Libyan people will not allow you ... The oil is under control of the Libyan government and for the people." He said his country had previously agreed to a cease-fire and urged the U.N. to assess the NATO strikes. "We are the first ones who wanted and agreed on a cease-fire. But the NATO crusader airstrike did not cease," he said. "It cannot be a cease-fire from one side."...

Gaddafi on TV calls for UN ceasefire/negotiations (UN bombs struck compound while Gaddafi talked), Guardian, Apr 30, 2011


From Gaddafi daughter a glimpse inside the bunker, NewYorkTimes, Apr 28, 2011
Aisha el-Qaddafi, the daughter of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi of Libya, likes to tell her three young children bedtime stories about the afterlife. Now, she says, they are especially appropriate. "To make them ready”, she said, “because in a time of war you never know when a rocket or a bomb might hit you, and that will be the end.” In a rare interview at her charitable foundation here, Ms. Qaddafi, 36, a Libyan-trained lawyer who once worked on Saddam Hussein’s legal defense team, offered a glimpse into the fatalistic mind-set of the increasingly isolated family at the core of the battle for Libya, the bloodiest arena in the democratic uprising that is sweeping the region....Aisha el-Qaddafi, the daughter of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi of Libya, likes to tell her three young children bedtime stories about the afterlife. Now, she says, they are especially appropriate.... Ms. Qaddafi has appeared in public twice since the bombings began, before cheering crowds at the colonel’s compound, but she seldom speaks in public...

Gaddafi daughter taunts Obama & Hillary Clinton (achieved nothing/stayed with cheating husband), DailyMail, Apr 28, 2011

Gaddafi safe after bombs hit office library complex (VIP room where African Union delegation met, Sun, Apr 28, 2011. Watch May 2010 interview Gaddafi up close & personal in home library (explaining truth about self, Libya & world issues), YouTube

UN targeting Gaddafi for assassination (3 civilians dead/45 wounded; 15 seriously), News24, Apr 28, 2011



USA-Obama ok's use of Predator drones in Libya (UN warns civilians to stay away), CNN, Apr 21, 2011


Recollections of My Life, Letter from Muammar Gaddafi to Libyan newspaper, Apr 17, 2011

Gaddafi Daughter Leader's Only Daughter Addresses Tripoli Crowd, Tripoli Post, Apr 15, 2011
As if to show the world that she too, like all members of the Al Qathafi family, is still in Libya, early Friday morning the Libyan leader's only daughter, 35-year-old Ayesha, a lawyer by profession, delivered a defiant message to hundreds of supporters from her father's compound at Bab al-Aziziya in the Libyan capital, Tripoli... To anti-UN/NATO slogans and dancing by the gathering to Arabic music, she addressed the crowd from the second floor balcony of the compound that a few days ago was targeted by UN/NATO airstrikes. She compared the current NATO strikes on Libya to the 1986 bombing. She said: “They dropped their rockets and bombs on us (in 1986), and they tried to kill me. They killed tens of children in Libya, and now, after a quarter of a century the same rockets and bombs are falling on the heads of my children and your children. "Leave us alone. Take your aircraft and missiles and leave us alone,” she said....

Gaddafi CarShake Gaddafi waving at crowds from open car (while UN-NATO explosions heard in Tripoli), Fox News, Apr 14, 2011
watch video:...Muammar Gaddafi not exactly looking frightened as airstrikes intensify around Tripoli... there he is, that country's leader has been there for 40 years and still in power, parading through the streets in an open hatch.... UN/NATO airstrikes hit a number of targets including a university in Tripoli... at 2:30 the school suffered some significant structual serous damage, number of people hurt, the bomb itself landed 2 and 3 hundred yards away.... There is a demonstration at the school supporting Gaddafi.... The UN/NATO airstrikes caused collateral, civilian-related damage....Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at Berlin Conference calls for unity among UN-NATO get more strike aircraft involved...

GaddafiTentZuma GaddafiCarWave Gaddafi accepts African Union 'peace roadmap', National Post, Apr 10, 2011
Tripoli - Muammar Gaddafi has accepted a roadmap for ending the civil war in Libya, South African President Jacob Zuma said after leading a delegation of African leaders at talks in Tripoli. Zuma, who with four other African heads of state met Gaddafi for several hours at the Libyan leader’s Bab al-Aziziyah compound, also called on UN-NATO to stop air strikes on Libyan government targets to “give ceasefire a chance”. No one at the talks gave details of the roadmap for peace in this oil-producing nation. Rebels [foreign Islamic-extremist terrorists] have said they will accept nothing less than an end to Gaddafi’s four decades in power, but Libyan officials say he will not quit. “The brother leader delegation has accepted the roadmap as presented by us. We have to give ceasefire a chance,” Zuma said, adding that the African delegation would now travel to the eastern city of Benghazi for talks with anti-Gaddafi rebels [foreign Islamic-extremist terrorists]. UN-NATO stepped up attacks on Gaddafi’s armour on Sunday to weaken the bitter siege of Misrata in the west and disrupt a dangerous advance by Gaddafi’s troops in the east.... A [foreign Islamic-extremist terrorist] rebel spokesman rejected a [peace] deal with Gaddafi to end the conflict, bloodiest in a series of pro-democracy revolts across the Arab world that have ousted the autocratic leaders of Tunisia and Egypt....

Gaddafi, making his first appearance in front of the foreign media in weeks, joined the visiting African leaders at his Bab al-Aziziyah compound. He then climbed into a sports utility vehicle and was driven about 50 metres (yards) where he waved through the sunroof and made the “V” for victory sign to a crowd of cheering supporters. It was Gaddafi’s second appearance in two days after he received an ecstatic welcome at a Tripoli school on Saturday. The appearances, and Gaddafi’s upbeat demeanour, confirmed the impression among analysts that his circle has emerged from a period of paralysis and is hunkering down for a long campaign, another sign that mediation will be difficult....

UK-loving true believer sells Gaddafi's message, Australian, Apr 8, 2011
Educated in Britain, a keen anti-war protester and married to a former Quaker from Germany, Moussa Ibrahim seems an unlikely spokesman for Muammar Gaddafi's dictatorship. He has a private love of Britain, a country he called home for 12 years, and he hopes one day to return with his wife and son to teach at a university. And yet the 36-year-old, from the same tribe as Gaddafi, is a true believer in the leader and defends him daily, condemning NATO airstrikes and accusing Britain and its allies of crimes against humanity....Night after night, in perfect English with a faint London twang, Ibrahim delivers a polished performance before TV crews and scribbling reporters, talking passionately, persuasively and at times defiantly in defence of Gaddafi and his inner circle, insisting that all reports about state brutality and slaughter are false....Back in Tripoli Ibrahim's job as head of a new media centre morphed into regime spokesman when the uprising began. He effortlessly justifies shelling of rebel-held areas such as Misratah, as a response to attacks by foreign fighters, led by al-Qa'ida. "I truly and morally believe that this is the right position to take," he says. "There was no need for airstrikes whatsoever and they are killing civilians."...

Colonel Gaddafi greets supporters in Tripoli, Telegraph, Apr 5, 2011
Libyan state TV broadcast footage of what they claim is Colonel Gaddafi among supporters in Tripoli. In the video a convoy of vehicles can be seen driving through a crowd outside Gaddafi's compound in Tripoli. In Libya the footage was accompanied by an onscreen newsflash which read 'The brother leader among his supporters.' [UN] Coalition forces have been launching air-strikes against the Gaddafi regime over the past three weeks as [non-Libyan, foreign terrorist group] rebels in the country attempt to install a new government.

Gov't spokesman says Libya needs Gaddafi as unifying figure (people are scared, if he is not there, Libya will have what happened in Iraq...Somalia...Afghanistan). BBC, Apr 5, 2011

Aisha Car Gaddafi's only daughter waves green flag for father (denies false reports of leaving Libya)
by Georgina Robinson, SMH, Apr 1, 2011
Aisha Gaddafi, a 34-year-old lawyer who has represented Saddam Hussein and the IRA, was photographed in the capital Tripoli, dressed in a veil and waving her father's green flag from a vehicle, London's Daily Mail reported. She told the crowd at the Bab Al Azizia compound that her father was a "great man and leader". Her appearance came as Gaddafi's troops bombarded the oil terminal town of Ras Lanuf, east of Tripoli, and the United States fired missiles over Taiura, the suburb where the Libyan leader maintains a home. Ms Gaddafi, her father's only daughter, was named as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador in 2009 but was stripped of the honour in February because of her support of Gaddafi's regime.... The newspaper also wrote that she is resentful towards the West after the death of her adopted sister, Hana, who was killed when Ms Gaddafi was nine, during a US raid on Tripoli. "I woke to the thunder of bombs and the screams of my sister, with blood splattered all over me," she is reported as saying at the time. During a rare interview with the Telegraph last October she said people "generally gasp" when they find out who she is, "and then they become very friendly, and take the chance to send greeting to my father," she said. "No one has ever reacted badly"...

GaddafiPresCompound Two loud explosions heard near Gaddafi residence in Tripoli, Hindustan Times, Apr 1, 2011
Two loud explosions rocked the Libyan capital Tripoli today close to the tightly-guarded residence of leader Muammar Gaddafi and military targets in the suburb of Tajura were also hit, an AFP correspondent reported. The first explosion was heard around 1630 GMT, followed by a second some three minutes later in the Bab Al-Azizya district, and ambulance sirens were heard shortly afterwards. At around the same time, seven other explosions were reported in the suburb of Tajura, site of several military camps and an almost-nightly target of the air raids. A resident said planes were seen firing five missiles at a military radar installation and another reported seeing flames and a column of smoke from the site. UN/NATO-led coalition aircraft had been seen in the skies over the capital earlier in the afternoon.

GaddafiWifeCompound GaddafiCompoundPlane The Bab al-Aziziya compound was badly damaged by US planes in 1986 when President Ronald Reagan attacked the Gaddafi regime after Libya was blamed for a bombing at a nightclub in Germany that killed two US servicemen.

GaddafiPortrait Colonel Muammar Al Qadhafi (Wearing a gold robe and matching cap, Muammar el-Qaddafi -- "the Leader," as he is universally referred to in Libya -- paces a well-worn strip of land beside his tent.... He is an imposing man, about six feet tall with a still-athletic build, and though his mouth is fixed in a tentative half-smile, there is something wary in his manner. His eyes are hidden behind brown-tinted sunglasses. "Welcome, thank you for coming," he says in English as we shake hands, making it sound as if this was all his idea. His smile broadens, and he places his right hand over his heart, a traditional Arab gesture of friendship and greeting. "Welcome." A white plastic table and three plastic patio chairs have been arranged in the shade of a nearby tree, and we sit there together with his interpreter while the rest of the entourage retreats to a discreet distance....

Bab al-Azizia, which means "Splendid Gate", is a military barracks and compound, situated in the southern suburbs of Tripoli, the capital of Libya. It is the main base location for the Libyan leader Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi. The 6-square-kilometre (2.3 sq mi) base is strategically located south of Tripoli at the northern end of Airport Highway, allowing easy access to both government assets within the city, as well as direct high-speed road access to Tripoli International Airport... The Gaddafi family compound within the barracks has facilities for banquets and other public events, but is described by US intelligence reports published via Wikileaks as "not lavish in any way compared with the ostentation of the Gulf-oil-state families or Hariri clan in Lebanon."...

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