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Every time I see Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's daughter Aisha in the news I think about Benazir Bhutto, the daughter of Pakistan's leader Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, who was executed in 1979, and then 28 years later, in 2007, she was assassinted. See BENAZIR BHUTTO PAKISTAN MARTYR.

A year after Benazir Bhutto's assassination (and four days after Obama was sworn in as president) the USA started bombing Pakistan villages under pretext of killing Afghanistan Taliban allegedly hiding behind Pakistani civilians allegedly being used as "human shields" - the usual UN line for bombing civilians. See OBAMA LOVES TO BOMB OSAMA & OBAMA UN-NOBLE PEACE PRIZE

Now Obomba is bombing again - using USA warplanes without permission from the American people or their government - in an illegal, immoral United Nations' war on Libya. See FLYING IN LIBYA NO-FLY ZONE

Two weeks after the bombing of Libya started on March 19, 2011, Aisha Gaddafi took to the streets in an open car waving to adoring crowds - giving them encouragement - like how Benazir Bhutto had been in the seconds before her assassination.

Benazir Car Aisha Car

It's striking to see how much Benazir and Aisha look alike and to learn how similar are their stories - both brilliant, courageous daughters of national heroes, following in their much-beloved father's footsteps.

Aisha Gaddafi is backing her father Muammar Gaddafi
by Georgina Robinson, Sydney Morning Herald, April 1, 2011

Embattled Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has enlisted the help of his glamorous only daughter in his fight to retain power in the war-ravaged country. Aisha Gaddafi, a 34-year-old lawyer who has represented Saddam Hussein and the IRA, was photographed in the capital Tripoli, dressed in a veil and waving her father's green flag from a vehicle, London's Daily Mail reported. Mobbed by supporters, her modest appearance was a far cry from the eye-catching designer outfits and voluminous blonde hair that earned her the nickname "the Claudia Schiffer of North Africa". She told the crowd at the Bab Al Azizia compound that her father was a "great man and leader". Her appearance came as the [UN]-United States fired missiles over Taiura, the suburb where the Libyan leader maintains a home. Ms Gaddafi, her father's only daughter, was named as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador in 2009 but was stripped of the honour in February because of her support of Gaddafi's regime.

As a lawyer she volunteered on the defence team that worked for Saddam Hussein before his trial and hanging in 2006. When London's Telegraph asked Ms Gaddafi what she thought of Iraqis who claimed her client murdered thousands of their countrymen, she replied: "It is only normal that some people are against you and some people are with you. You are bound to meet people who may be against your policies". According to CNN, she also defended the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoe at former US president George W. Bush.

Ms Gaddafi married her cousin, army general Ahmed al-Gaddafi al-Qahsi, in 2006. The couple have three children. The newspaper also wrote that she is resentful towards the West after the death of her adopted sister, Hana, who was killed when Ms Gaddafi was nine, during a US raid on Tripoli. "I woke to the thunder of bombs and the screams of my sister, with blood splattered all over me," she is reported as saying at the time. During a rare interview with the Telegraph last October she said people "generally gasp" when they find out who she is "and then they become very friendly, and take the chance to send greetings to my father," she said. "No one has ever reacted badly". Ms Gaddafi reportedly tried to leave Libya for Malta in January but was turned back when the aircraft was denied permission to land, according to Al Jazeera and the Telegraph. She denied the reports and told the Libyan public: "I am steadfastly here".

Ten days later Aisha's father was on TV waving to the crowds from an open car after hosting the African Union peace delegation calling for a UN ceasefire.

GaddafiTentZuma GaddafiCarWave
Gaddafi accepts African Union 'peace roadmap'
by Maria Golovnina, Reuters, Apr 10, 2011

Tripoli - Muammar Gaddafi has accepted a roadmap for ending the civil war in Libya, South African President Jacob Zuma said after leading a delegation of African leaders at talks in Tripoli. Zuma, who with four other African heads of state met Gaddafi for several hours at the Libyan leader’s Bab al-Aziziyah compound, also called on UN-NATO to stop air strikes on Libyan government targets to “give ceasefire a chance”....

Gaddafi, making his first appearance in front of the foreign media in weeks, joined the visiting African leaders at his Bab al-Aziziyah compound. He then climbed into a sports utility vehicle and was driven about 50 metres (yards) where he waved through the sunroof and made the “V” for victory sign to a crowd of cheering supporters. It was Gaddafi’s second appearance in two days after he received an ecstatic welcome at a Tripoli school on Saturday. The appearances, and Gaddafi’s upbeat demeanour, confirmed the impression among analysts that his circle has emerged from a period of paralysis and is hunkering down for a long campaign, another sign that mediation will be difficult....

A few days later - after the UN bombing didn't stop - Aisha Gaddafi made another public appearance, this time on the balcony of the building bombed in 1986 when the USA attempted to assassinate her father. Now, twenty-five years later, they were back, trying to do the same.

Gaddafi Daughter
Libyan Leader's Only Daughter Addresses Tripoli Crowd
Tripoli Post, Apr 15, 2011

As if to show the world that she too, like all members of the Al Qathafi family, is still in Libya, early Friday morning the Libyan leader's only daughter, 35-year-old Ayesha, a lawyer by profession, delivered a defiant message to hundreds of supporters from her father's compound at Bab al-Aziziya in the Libyan capital, Tripoli... To anti-UN/NATO slogans and dancing by the gathering to Arabic music, she addressed the crowd from the second floor balcony of the compound that a few days ago was targeted by UN/NATO airstrikes. She compared the current NATO strikes on Libya to the 1986 bombing. She said: “They dropped their rockets and bombs on us (in 1986), and they tried to kill me. They killed tens of children in Libya, and now, after a quarter of a century the same rockets and bombs are falling on the heads of my children and your children. "Leave us alone. Take your aircraft and missiles and leave us alone,” she said.

Ayesha, who is also the head of the charity Wa Attassimou, said: “The idea of Colonel Al Qathafi stepping down is an outrage to all Libyans. Al Qathafi is not only in Libya but also in the hearts of the Libyans.” Ayesha's speech was broadcast live on Libyan television to mark the 25th anniversary of American strikes on the huge residential compound, which includes military barracks, by the Reagan administration on April 15, 1986. On that day at least 100 people were killed after around 66 American jets, bombed targets in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, and the Benghazi region. The Al-Aziziya compound took a direct hit that killed the Libyan leader's adopted baby daughter, Hanna....

Aisha's father was seen in the streets of Tripoli that day too, again in an open car, proving he wasn't afraid and was still there for the people:

Gaddafi CarShake
Libyan TV shows leader Gaddafi parading through Tripoli in open car
shaking hands & waving to cheering crowds

Fox News, Apr 14, 2011

...Muammar Gaddafi not exactly looking frightened as airstrikes intensify around Tripoli... there he is, that country's leader has been there for 40 years and still in power, parading through the streets in an open hatch.... UN/NATO airstrikes hit a number of targets including a university in Tripoli... at 2:30 the school suffered some significant structual serous damage, number of people hurt, the bomb itself landed 2 and 3 hundred yards away.... There is a demonstration at the school supporting Gaddafi.... The UN/NATO airstrikes caused collateral, civilian-related damage....Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at Berlin Conference calls for unity among UN-NATO get more strike aircraft involved

Now, as I write this, three weeks have passed since Gaddafi accepted an African Union request for a ceasefire. But the UN bombing of Libya hasn't stopped - and now attempts on Gaddafi's life are accelerating. The UN is brazently admitting their mission is now "regime change" - their word for "assassination of the leader". See KILLING GADDAFI LIKE JFK LUMUMBA.

Yesterday Aisha Gaddafi was interviewed in her Tripoli office condeming the UN for failing to abide by the ceasefire and pleading with the world, for the sake of the world, to stop bombing Libya.

From a Qaddafi Daughter, a Glimpse Inside the Bunker
by David Kirkpatrick, New York Times, Apr 25, 2009

Aisha el-Qaddafi, the daughter of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi of Libya, likes to tell her three young children bedtime stories about the afterlife. Now, she says, they are especially appropriate. "To make them ready", she said, "because in a time of war you never know when a rocket or a bomb might hit you, and that will be the end". In a rare interview at her charitable foundation here [in Tripoli], Ms. Qaddafi, 36, a Libyan-trained lawyer who once worked on Saddam Hussein’s legal defense team, offered a glimpse into the fatalistic mind-set of the increasingly isolated family at the core of the battle for Libya, the bloodiest arena in the democratic uprising that is sweeping the region....

After arranging the interview last week, Ms. Qaddafi spoke for more than an hour late Sunday afternoon, just hours before UN-NATO escalated its airstrikes with an attack that disrupted state television and another on the Libyan leader’s compound in Tripoli. Ms. Qaddafi, one of the many unofficial and sometimes rivalrous Qaddafi family power brokers who dominate Libya's economic and political life, said the crisis had pulled the family together "like one hand". Ms. Qaddafi said that she and her seven brothers "have a dialogue between us and exchange points of view" before anyone takes a major step in their common defense....Instead of the angry defiance and vows of retribution issued by her father and her brother Seif, Ms. Qaddafi focused on how the West would rue the chaos she predicted would engulf a post-Qaddafi Libya. When pressed repeatedly on how her family could stay in power, she said more than once, "We have a great hope in God".

Ms. Qaddafi has appeared in public twice since the bombings began, before cheering crowds at the colonel’s compound, but she seldom speaks in public. During the interview, she wore close-fitting jeans, Gucci shoes and a pale scarf that did not cover her long blond hair. At times, she laughed at her fate, recalling how the United Nations, after "begging" her to be an envoy for peace in the past, has now referred her to the International Criminal Court. Her staff presented an illustrated biography entitled “Princess of Peace"....

She taunted both President Obama and Mrs. Clinton, saying that Mr Obama had "achieved nothing so far"* and laughing as she posed a question to Mrs. Clinton: "Why didn’t you leave the White House when you found out about the cheating of your husband?”**. Even as she deprecated the American leaders, she repeatedly called for talks. “The world should come together at a round table", she said, "under the auspices of international organizations". At the same time, she ruled out any dialogue with the Libyan rebels who now control the eastern half of the country; its commercial center, Misurata; and the western mountain towns of Zintan and Nalut, dismissing them as "terrorists" who "are just fighting for the sake of fighting".

Under her brother Seif's unofficial leadership, she said, the Libyan government had been on the verge of unveiling a constitution as a step toward democratic reform when "this tragedy happened and spoiled things". At the same time, she also derided...electoral democracy. "Let me say something about the Western elections that they say are a democratic system of ruling", she volunteered, referring to handwritten notes she had prepared for the interview. In an election where one candidate won with 50 percent of the vote and another lost with 48 percent, she asked, "Do you call this democracy? Just this one vote? What happened to the 48 percent who said 'no'?”.

She complained of the "betrayal" of Arabs whose causes her father had supported and the Western allies to whom he had turned over his weapons of mass destruction. "Is this the reward that we get?", she asked. "This would lead every country that has weapons of mass destruction to keep them or make more so they will not meet the same fate as Libya." Without Colonel Qaddafi, she predicted, illegal immigrants from Africa would pour into Europe, Islamic radicals would establish a base on the Mediterranean’s shores, and Libyan tribes would turn their guns on one another. Citing unconfirmed Libyan intelligence reports, she asserted that the weapons-starved rebels had actually sold arms to the Islamist groups Hamas and Hezbollah. "When my father was there, see how safe Europe was and how safe Libya was?” she asked....

As for her father’s state of mind, she said with a laugh that he was not worried at all. "He is as strong as the world knows him", she said. "He is quite sure that the Libyan people are loyal to him". Her family still hoped, she said, to go back to its previous position, what she called "a return to normal". But, she added, "of course we can expedite that if NATO will stop bombing us.”

Two hours after Aisha Gaddafi gave the above interview pleading for a ceasefire, UN warplanes bombed the family compound destoying buildings and killing and severely wounding civilians. It was the most holy of days - Easter Monday during Passover week - in the Judeo-Christian religion of which UN-NATO nations are adherents. The week before, USA president Obama had particpated in a sacred Jewish ritual at the White House and approved trillions of dollars for military aid to Israel.

Gaddifi Bombed
UN missile blitz aims to take out Gaddafi
News 24, Apr 25, 2011

Muammar Gaddafi is in a safe place and his morale is high, a regime spokesperson said on Monday after an overnight UN-NATO air strike on the Libyan leader's compound wrecked his office. "The leader is working from Tripoli. The leader is well, is very healthy, is leading the battle for peace and democracy in Libya," Mussa Ibrahim told reporters outside the destroyed building at Gaddafi's Bab al-Aziziya residence. "The leader is in a safe place. He is leading a battle... he works every day. He led the battle to provide people with services, with food, medicine, fuel," Ibrahim told a news conference in the presence of several ambassadors. He called the UN-NATO raid "an attempt to assassinate the leader and other political leaders of this country" and "an act of terrorism". Ibrahim said three people were killed and 45 wounded - 15 seriously - in the air strike.

He also accused the UN-NATO alliance and the Libyan rebels battling his regime of being afraid of peace. "The rebels are scared of peace, UN-NATO is scared of peace. They know that in peace they will be kicked out of this country", Ibrahim said. "Why don't you come in on the ground and test our honesty, our transparency? We said yes to elections, yes to a referendum, yes to a transitional period, yes to negotiations." An international coalition intervened on March 19, launching air raids and missile strikes under a UN mandate aimed at protecting civilians from Gaddafi’s forces fighting the rebellion that erupted in mid-February. UN-NATO took command of air campaign on March 31.

It's been five weeks since the illegal, immoral, one-sided UN war on Libya began - using the capitalist western-world as the instrument to achieve communist eastern-world goals. I fear - as does Aisha Gaddafi, and as did Benazir Bhutto - that the UN will destroy Libya and Pakistan as it did Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia - the list goes on. But I'm praying to God that this time good will prevail over evil - that Gaddafi survives and continues leading and protecting Libya. ~ Jackie Jura











Gaddafi TVnotShake Early Morning Strikes Hit Al Qathafi Compound Hours After Quashing Rumours About His Health, Tripoli Post, May 12, 2011
Early Thursday morning UN-NATO once again conducted a barrage of airstrikes on the Libyan capital, Tripoli, with Libyan government officials said targeted the Libyan leader Muammar Al Qathafi’s compound in the Bab al-Azziziyah area. The strikes also shook the windows of a hotel where journalists are staying in the capital. There have been unconfirmed reports of casualties, including somebody close to the Al Qathafi family. However, this could not be verified, not even by personnel at the nearby Khadra Hospital, where medics were witnessed wheeling in two men they said were killed in the shelling. As plumes of white smoke resulting from the blasts filled the skies above the compound and large parts of the capital, emergency vehicle sirens wailed and sporadic gunfire rang out. Five airstrikes were heard in Tripoli between 5:00 and 6:00 am local time as planes continuously flew overhead. Four more air attacks were heard an hour later in a ten-minute span. The latest strikes came after Libyan state TV Wednesday night showed footage of Muammar Al Qathafi meeting with tribal leaders at the same hotel that is currently being used to accommodate the international journalists in Tripoli. The first video of the Libyan leader aired in nearly two weeks appeared to kill speculations created by most foreign journalists about his well-being. There had been plenty of rumours that he might have been been injured, or worse, in the UN-NATO attack. It was his first appearance on Libyan state television since the April 30 airstrikes that killed his son Seif al-Arab and three grandchildren, and the regime termed "an attempt on his life".

Gaddafi Tapestry Gaddafi TVnot Chair Note Gaddafi's clothes and background in the alleged May 11th video (2nd from left) are very similar to the bonafide April 30th appearance (implying the May 11th video could have been filmed on April 30th). ~ jj

Gaddafi Unreal Gaddafi Unreal Libyan TV shows Gaddafi meeting tribal leaders, Reuters, May 12, 2011
Tripoli - Libyan state television showed footage of Muammar Gaddafi meeting and talking with what it said were tribal leaders in a Tripoli hotel and a presenter said the meeting took place on Wednesday. Gaddafi has not appeared in public since April 30, when a NATO air strike on a house in the capital killed his youngest son and three of his grandchildren. "We tell the world: 'those are the representatives of the Libyan tribes,'" Gaddafi said as he pointed to his visitors and then named a few of them. He was wearing a brown robe with a hat and sunglasses and sat in an armchair near a small round table. An old man then told him: "You will be victorious." A projection screen behind Gaddafi showed a morning chat show on state al-Jamahirya TV. A zoom-in on the screen showed Wednesday's date displayed in the corner. There was no date stamp on the footage itself, and no independent confirmation that the meeting took place on Wednesday.

Watch What has become of Colonel Gaddafi? (6 weeks after NATO took control of UN military operations in Libya, Colonel Gaddafi's whereabouts are unknown....Gov't official Khaled Khaim says he is in too much danger to appear in public after being a target four times in assassination attempts), BBC, May 11, 2011

Supporters worry about Gaddafi after bombing (not seen since son & grandchildren killed). SMH, May 11, 2011

GaddafiSonFuneral Watch Funeral held for Gaddafi's youngest son Aruba (visible emotion on face of elder brother Saif). BBC, May 2, 2011

Spokesman Moussa Ibrahim: UN bombs kill Gaddafi son & 3 grandchildren (Libyan leader & wife in house but unharmed), BBC, Apr 30, 2011

Gaddafi Tapestry Muammar al-Gaddafi Asks NATO for Cease Fire (gives 45-minute address on Libyan state TV), ThirdAgeNews, Apr 30, 2011
Muammar al-Gaddafi, the long-time Libyan leader, asked UN-NATO Saturday to negotiate a cease-fire and stop their air strikes, which Gaddafi says has killed civilians and destroyed his nation’s infrastructure. "Come and negotiate with us. You are the ones attacking us. You are the ones terrifying our kids and destroying our infrastructure. You American, French and British come and negotiate with us," Gaddafi said in a 45-minute address on Libyan state TV. CNN reported that it was Gaddafi's first public appearance since airstrikes began last month....

Gaddafi on TV calls for UN ceasefire/negotiations (UN bombs struck compound while Gaddafi talked), Guardian, Apr 30, 2011


From Gaddafi daughter a glimpse inside the bunker (tells children bedtime stories about afterlife), NewYorkTimes, Apr 28, 2011

ClintonObamaCig ClintonObamaJoin Gaddafi's daughter taunts Obama and Hillary Clinton, Daily Mail, Apr 28, 2011
In response to UN-Allied attacks on her native Libya, Aisha Gaddafi used personal jibes to try to rattle the American leadership. While calling for open talks to begin to try to end the conflict in Libya, Ms Gaddafi said President Obama had 'achieved nothing so far'. The glamorous Lawyer, once dubbed 'North Africa's Claudia Schiffer' because of her long blonde locks, then posed a personal question to Secretary of State Mrs Clinton about her husband Bill's affair with Monica Lewinsky when he was President. 'Why didn’t you leave the White House when you found out about the cheating of your husband?' she asked rhetorically, while laughing.... The Libyan leader's daughter made the comments in an interview with the New York Times on Sunday, a few hours before UN-Nato escalated its air strikes on Tripoli, again hitting the Libyan leader's compound.... While she called for peace talks, saying 'the world should come together at a round table,' Ms Gaddafi also remained defiant....

LewinskyClinton *USA President Bill Clinton Lewinksy Sex Scandal, Wikipedia
The Lewinsky scandal was a political sex scandal emerging from a sexual relationship between United States President Bill Clinton and a 22-year-old White House intern, Monica Lewinsky. The news of this extra-marital affair and the resulting investigation eventually led to the impeachment of President Clinton in 1998 by the U.S. House of Representatives and his subsequent acquittal on all impeachment charges of perjury and obstruction of justice in a 21-day Senate trial.... During the grand jury testimony Clinton's responses were guarded, and he argued, "It depends on what the meaning of the word is is". The wide reporting of the scandal led to criticism of the press for over-coverage. The scandal is sometimes referred to as "Monicagate", "Lewinskygate", "Tailgate", "Sexgate", and "Zippergate", following the "gate" nickname construction that has been popular since the Watergate scandal. Lewinsky sexual encounters with Bill Clinton: the private study of the Oval Office; 2. while Bill Clinton was on the phone with a member of Congress; a White House study; the Oval Office; the hallway by the private study next to the Oval Office; 6.while Clinton was meeting in the Oval Office; the hallway near the study of the Oval Office; 8.near the Oval Office, when the blue dress stains were created... According to her published schedule, First Lady Hillary Clinton was at the White House for at least some portion of five of these stated days....

BillHellClinton Hillary Clinton Nearer White House Victory (...Mrs. Clinton set her political opinions straight from the very beginning of her husband's mandate....She had her own political ambitions to take care of. At the close of her husband's presidential mandate in 2000, she ran for the post of Senator, in the state of New York and won, becoming the first first lady to contest the post of senator. But her politican ambitions were far from over. Instead, the confident Mrs. Clinton is even dreaming of higher political office. Her eyes are now set on the White House....). See MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE ASSASSIN MOVIES (soliliquoy by Hillary Clinton-lookalike Angela Lansbury giving orders to victim mind-controlled by the Chinese & Russians to assassinate USA presidential candidate.... watch YouTube)

Monica Samille Lewinsky of Russian Jewish descent, Jew Watch
Her father is Dr. Bernard Lewinsky who has a lucrative oncology practice. Her divorced mother, Marcia Lewis, is an author. She grew up in a luxury $1.6 million home in Beverly Hills. A friend of her mother, Walter Kaye, a rich Jewish New York insurance magnate, contributed over $100,000 to the Democratic Party and was one of the elite invited to sleep in the White House Lincoln Room. Kaye got Lewinsky the unpaid job as an "intern" in the White House. In Nov. 1995 Clinton took notice of her and within a month the affair began. Clinton would take Lewinsky into his private study of which the only entrance is into the Presidential Oval Office. She was still college age - only 21.... Lewinsky says that she performed oral sex on Clinton for 18 months. Clinton told her that this was not "intercourse" nor an act of "infidelity." She was simply serving her President. Lewinsky explained all this to Linda Tripp who was taping their conversations about Clinton. She said that Clinton said that they must restrict their acts to oral sex only because, "you can't take the risks of intercourse these days!" Clinton explained that this is Biblically sanctioned and cited Genesis 38: 8-10 where Onan is reluctant to impregnate his brother's widow and "spills his seed on the ground." Clinton also quotes Black's Law Dictionary which states that oral sex is not technically adultery. In fact, Clinton told both Lewinsky and Gennifer Flowers that oral activities are not sex at all but, "an advanced massage technique!" This is why he is able to go on national TV and state that he did not engage in sexual intercourse with Monica Lewinsky....

ClintonComicTapes Slick Willie, Paul Shanklin Bill Clinton Music Parodies, YouTube ("...Now don't you fret about that first lady, the one they call Hillary-O, I don't want her, can't stand her....)

UN Missile blitz attempts to take out Gaddafi, Sun, Apr 25, 2011
Two UN-NATO laser-guided missiles flattened part of Mad Dog Gaddafi's Tripoli compound yesterday - in an attack thought to be a deliberate bid to kill him. The airstrike hit a library and VIP reception room and left three members of staff dead and 45 wounded, according to the Libyan government. But the hated tyrant was said to have escaped unscathed. His aides called it a blatant bid on Colonel Gaddafi's life. Spokesman Mussa Ibrahim described it as an "act of terrorism". Gaddafi tried to give an impression of calm, with Libyan TV showing him sipping drinks just hours after the attack on his Bab al-Aziziyah base. His son Saif al-Islam said: "The bombing will only scare children. "It's impossible that it will make us afraid or give up."

Gaddafi daughter provides a glimpse inside the bunker, NewYorkTimes, Apr 26, 2011

Watch video: Gaddafi waving at crowds from open car (while UN-NATO explosions heard in Tripoli), Fox News, Apr 14, 2011
... UN/NATO airstrikes hit a number of targets including a university in Tripoli...The UN/NATO airstrikes caused collateral, civilian-related damage....Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at Berlin Conference calls for unity among UN-NATO get more strike aircraft involved...

Obama Passover FlagIsraelUSA USA president Obama hosts sacred Jewish passover (celebrating god of Israel killing Egyptian first-born) & Israel thanks USA for $205-million for missile-dome (USA gives Israel $3-trillion per year for weapons). Haaretz/AFP, Apr 21, 2011. Go to GOLDSTEIN CONSPIRACY IN 1984

Libyan Leader's Only Daughter Addresses Tripoli Crowd, Tripoli Post, Apr 15, 2011

Gaddafi's daughter says demanding Gaddafi step down an "insult" to Libyans, Reuters, Apr 14, 2011
Tripoli - Muammar Gaddafi's daughter said the West's demand that her father leave power was an "insult" to all Libyans in a defiant appearance before a crowd of his chanting supporters in Tripoli early on Friday. "In 1911 Italy killed my grandfather in an air strike and now they are trying to kill my father. God damn their hands," Aisha Gaddafi told the flag-waving crowd who had gathered at her father's Bab Al-Aziziyah compound in the capital. The event, broadcast live on state television, marked the 25th anniversary of American strikes on the huge complex, which includes military barracks. Then U.S. President Ronald Reagan said the 1986 attack was in retaliation for what he called Libyan complicity in the bombing of a Berlin night club. Gaddafi, wearing a green headscarf and black leather jacket, said she had been five years old at the time. "They rained down on us their missiles and bombs, they tried to kill me and they killed dozens of children in Libya," she said, her speech several times interrupted by the cheering crowd.

"Now a quarter of a century later the same missiles and bombs are raining down on the heads of my and your children." Hours earlier, state television said UN-NATO warplanes launched air strikes on Tripoli on Thursday. At a meeting in Doha on Wednesday, a group of Western powers and Middle Eastern states called for the first time for Gaddafi to step aside. "Talk about Gaddafi stepping down is an insult to all Libyans because Gaddafi is not in Libya, but in the hearts of all Libyans," his daughter said. Addressing the Western powers who are carrying out air strikes under a U.N. resolution to protect civilians against her father's forces, she said: "Who are the civilians you are protecting? Are they the people who have automatic weapons and hand grenades? Are they the innocent civilians you are trying to protect?" "Leave our skies, take away your aircraft and missiles."...

Gaddafi accepts African Union 'peace roadmap', National Post, Apr 10, 2011

Aisha Gaddafi is backing her father Muammar Gaddafi, Sydney Morning Herald, April 1, 2011

Watch video: Aisha Gaddafi on Tripoli TV, Feb 24, 2011 You Tube (After news reports that the daughter of Colonel Muamar Gadhafi had escaped to Malta, she appeared on national TV denying those reports... "I am with my father in Libya! I would like to tell the Libyan people that I am as steadfast as this house I stand in front of and this shows to the Libyan people the amount of lies, fabrications and false news these channels are spreading....)

Aisha Gaddafi: Questions & Answers Interview, Telegraph, Oct 10, 2010

Meet Gaddafi's girl, Gaddafi daughter Aisha chip off old block, Telegraph, Oct 10, 2010
To anyone in Britain who still thinks of her Dad as a tyrant, IRA quartermaster extraordinaire, and all-round Mad Dog of the Middle East, Aisha Gaddafi would like to extend a cordial invite. "Come to Libya, you are all most welcome," she says, when asked about her father's unique talent for planting thorns in the side of successive British governments. "I know what is said in Britain about my father, and most of it is just following a political agenda. So I would give the British people this invite: find out the real facts by coming and meeting us Libyans in person."

First though, meet Aisha herself, the only girl among the eight children that Gaddafi has fathered in between his other duties as Brotherly Leader, self-appointed Saviour of Africa and Guide of the Revolution. Dubbed "The Claudia Schiffer of North Africa" in the Arab press for her striking good looks, the 33-year-old is arguably the most photogenic of Libya's First Family, yet she is still very much a chip off the old block. A lawyer by training, her father's regime is not the only contentious cause she has spoken up for over the years. In her youth, just like her Dad, she was a keen supporter of the IRA, and three years ago, she was on the legal team that defended that other controversial Arab leader, Saddam Hussein.

Her other passion, though, is promoting women's rights in Libya, which is why she agreed last week to a no-holds-barred interview at her home, a huge, high-walled villa in a Tripoli suburb. At first, it feels rather like being in a Gaddafi version of a Hello! shoot. Flawlessly turned out in peach jacket, white trousers and designer jewellery, Aisha holds court in a vast drawing room decked out with family pictures, and later poses for photos on a huge, mermaid-shaped settee worthy of her father's extravagant tastes. Meanwhile, her three young children wander in - one of whom, three-year-old Muammar, is named after Grandpa. "People forget that as well as being a great leader, he is also my father," she smiles, as the pint-sized Gaddafis scuttle about. "We are very close as a family, and while he is always very busy, every day I insist that we have a gathering with him. My boys love being in his tent, and they enjoy drinking his camel's milk."

This being the Gaddafi clan, though, our conversation soon strays beyond the cosy joys of domestic life and Aisha's charity work. For while she may not be as well-known as her brother Saif, whose work in brokering his father's detente with the West has made him the most recognised of the junior Gaddafis, she still has her own special place in the turbulent recent history of Anglo-Libyan relations. Back in 1986, when Margaret Thatcher allowed Ronald Reagan to use British airfields for bombing raids on Tripoli, she was in the Gaddafi family compound when a missile landed, killing her adopted sister, Hannah. TV footage reportedly caught Aisha, then aged just nine, shaking a small but furious fist at the world. "It was a terrible night," she said. "I woke up to the thunder of the bombs and the screams of my sisters, with blood spattered around me. But once I grew up, I learned that it was not Americans or British people who did this act, just their politicians."

So has she forgiven Reagan and Thatcher? Just as Britons have been asked to forgive the Lockerbie bombing and the shooting of Wpc Yvonne Fletcher outside the Libyan embassy? "What do you expect me to say? Thatcher really spoiled my childhood, and I will never forgive her, no. As for Reagan, that is the route of Allah, he went crazy and got Alzheimer's. That is his punishment, I think." It is remarks such as these that have given Aisha a reputation as slightly feistier than her brother Saif, who has been openly critical of his father's regime at times, and who is thought to have been influential in persuading him to end Libya's years as a pariah state. She is similarly bullish about the Lockerbie bomber, Abdelbaset al Megrahi, whose release last year on health grounds has caused such furore in Britain. Unlike Reagan's illness, she says, Megrahi's cancer is not the result of divine intervention - although the fact that he has continued to stay alive might just be. "We have always viewed him as a detainee, not a prisoner, as there is no evidence that he commited such a crime," she says, adding that he deserves compensation for being locked up unjustly. "But it is terrible that there are politicians who are demanding to know why he is still alive. They have forgotten that it is an act of God. Nobody dies before his time."

Lest any British reader now be reconsidering her invite to visit Libya, it should be pointed out that Aisha also has her softer side. Trained in criminal psychology as well as law, she is involved with a variety of Libyan charities promoting women's rights, particularly in domestic violence and honour crimes. Western human rights groups say her personal intervention has helped in some cases, although they add that in a land that does not permit independent pressure groups, it is perhaps more akin to a medieval ruler granting pardons to lucky supplicants. Nonetheless, last year she was appointed as a UN Goodwill Ambassador, in recognition of her work raising awareness of womens' rights, poverty and HIV. She does, however, have her own unique views on who in the world is deserving of goodwill. In 2000, during a trip to London organised as part of Tony Blair's charm offensive to Tripoli, she infuriated British diplomats by giving a talk at Speakers' Corner in support of the IRA. And in 2004, a year after Blair finally persuaded Gaddafi to scrap his WMD programme, she joined the defence team for the trial of deposed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, "an elected president who was wrongly hung". "I feel duty bound to defend anyone wrongly accused," she says. "Plus we should not forget that Saddam was a great supporter of the Middle East, and it was for that which he was charged". But was he not also charged, I ask, for killing nearly 300,000 of his own people? What about the Iraqis who wanted him dead too? "It is only normal that some people are against you and some are with you," she says matter-of-factly. What about the IRA, then, who received hundreds of tonnes of guns and Semtex from Libya during the 1980s, when the Colonel opened his armouries to any "freedom movements" who came asking. Should their British victims not get compensation, just as Tripoli belatedly paid compensation to the families of the Lockerbie victims? "Libya is not just some big saving box from which everyone can take money from," she says, shaking her head.

At least, though, her answers about Libya's past are clear. On the subject of the country's future, it all becomes a little more vague. For most of her father's 41-year-long rule, Libya has been run according to the diktats set out in his Green Book, a home-grown alternative to both capitalism and communism that his supporters sometimes liken to Tony Blair's "Third Way".

Gaddafi GreenBook

Instead of parliamentary democracy, which is seen as concentrating power in a few elected representatives, all policy is decided - in theory at least - by "peoples' congresses", who pass their wisdom from the bottom up. The one thing they seldom discuss, though, is the prospect of any kind of alternative government - a rule that applies to his offspring as well. When I ask Aisha if Libya might become a Western-style democracy, I am advised by her translator to rephrase myself the question more subtly - although even then, the answer comes back as another question. "Which Western democracy do you mean?" she asks. "The ones that are supposed to be democratic, but which have secret prisons like Guantanamo? Our system is different - we have the peoples' congresses, where everyone is in government."

Still, has she detected any changes in her father? The West views him as one of history's great chameleons, shifting from anti-imperial firebrand to ally in the War on Terror in the course of a decade. To Aisha, however, he remains steadfast, a "great school" from whom her own sons will learn. "The man is the man", she insists. "He never changes his principles, he believes in causes, defending the poor and underdog." All the same, with the Colonel now aged 68, the question of who will replace him one day can not be dodged forever. Despite Libya's poor human rights record, few predict a democratic uprising. Its oil wealth means basic needs are catered for, and there is little sign of angry young students planning an Orange-style Revolution. Instead, power is expected to remain within the existing elite, although Saif is not the shoo-in heir that he is often seen as. Despite his diplomatic skills, he has no military background, a quality vital for keeping a grip on the country's all-important security forces. Increasingly, another brother, Mutassim, a former Army colonel who now serves as Libya's national security advisor, is tipped as the chosen one instead. By that same might-equals-right criteria, Aisha, despite being the beauty of the bunch, is unlikely to replace her father's face in the thousands of official Leader's portraits all over Tripoli. But then again, perhaps she does not mind - the single most valuable piece of advice he has ever given her, apparently, "is the importance of being modest".

With that, The Sunday Telegraph's time Chez Gaddafi is up, although the hospitality is not quite finished yet. As we leave, a housekeeper bustles in with gifts: for my photographer and I, there are smart Gaddafi-style robes, and for my six-week-old daughter, there is a dummy in a special presentation box. It comes across as a genuinely thoughtful gesture, although as the large gates of her villa clang shut behind us, I wonder if I am falling for the same kind of charm tactics that so successfully wooed Mr Blair. Who knows - with Libya still trying to convince the world that it has changed its spots, perhaps Gaddafi's girl might be a good choice as Leader after all. ....

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