34. Ministry Of Love (Torture)

Work of repression and espionage was carried out by the Ministry of Love. It was the really frightening one. There were no windows in it at all. Winston had never been inside the Ministry of Love, nor within half a kilometre of it. It was a place impossible to enter except on official business, and then only be penetrating through a maze of barbed-wire entanglements, steel doors, and hidden machine-gun nests. Even the streets leading up to its outer barriers were roamed by gorilla-faced guards in black uniform armed with jointed truncheons.

One did not know what happened inside the Ministry of Love, but it was possible to guess: tortures, drugs, delicate instruments that registered your nervous reactions, gradual wearing-down by sleeplessness and solitude and persistent questioning. Facts, at any rate, could not be kept hidden. They could be tracked down by enquiry, they could be squeezed out of you by torture. But if the object was not to stay alive but to stay human, what difference did it ultimately make? They could not alter your feelings: for that matter you could not alter them yourself, even if you wanted to. They could lay bare in the utmost detail everything that you had done or said or thought; but the inner heart, whose workings were mysterious even to yourself, remained impregnable.

He began thinking of the things that would happen to him after the Thought Police took him away. It would not matter if they killed you at once. To be killed was what you expected. But before death (nobody spoke of such things, yet everybody knew of them) there was the routine of confession that had to be gone through: the groveling on the floor and screaming for mercy, the crack of broken bones, the smashed teeth, and bloody clots of hair. Why did you have to endure it, since the end was always the same. Why was it not possible to cut a few days or weeks out of your life: Nobody ever escaped detection, and nobody ever failed to confess. When once you succumbed to thoughtcrime it was certain that by a given day you would be dead.

Prisons offer needles to inmates (to inject illegal heroin). National Post, Nov 11, 2005. Go to 22.Doublethink (mental condition: controlled insanity)


Reader sends info on: BILL TO END TEEN ABUSE (& petition to HR-1738). Jun 21, 2005

Timothy McVeigh executed 2001 (Declaration of Independence drafted 1776 calling for freedom from Britain). On-This-Day, Jun 11, 2005. Go to 4.Destruction & TIMOTHY MCVEIGH'S LAST WORDS & BIG BROTHER SYMBOLISM

Aussie woman Schapelle Corby gets 20 years in Bali prison (marijuana planted in bodyboard bag). MSNBC, May 27, 2005 & Aussie's sentence to be appealed (baghandlers planted grass in Sydney). NewZealStuff, May 27, 2005. Go to CANADA'S PM SHIPS COCAINE

Fischer 4 days in solitary confinement (provoked into fighting 15 guards). Phillipines News, Mar 8, 2005

Japan won't release Fischer to Iceland (no visitors, no phone calls, no window). Scotsman, Mar 4, 2005 & Fischer a human tragedy in the making ("history will not judge mightily the USA & Japan over what is happening here"). Mainichi, Mar 4, 2005 & Iceland only nation on planet with guts (to stand up against super-power & defend rights of completely defenceless & completely innocent man). ABC Australia, Mar 4, 2005. Go to BOBBY FISCHER A WINSTON SMITH

Bobby Fischer: 'Get Me Out!' (locked in cell most of day; feels dizzy & suffers headaches). Mail & Guardian, Jan 23, 2005 & Petitioning for Bobby Fischer (let him go to Iceland instead of deporting to USA). CBS News, Jan 23, 2005. Go to BOBBY FISCHER A WINSTON SMITH

Doctors back prison needle programs (marijuana smokers become heroin injectors where it's pushed on them in prison). Globe & Mail, Oct 28, 2004. Go to 35.Brotherhood & 22.Doublethink & DRUG WAR & PEACE

Finding Bobby Fischer (took on Soviet empire pawn by pawn). Bennington Banner, Jul 19, 2004. Go to 38.Cellars & 22.Doublethink & UNCLE SAM FINDS BOBBY FISCHER

Thai's Bangwang Prison executes justice (man-eater, maximum security, death row, thousands of school children addicted). BBC, Jul 22, 2004

JULIA'S FATE (reader asks about Party doctrine on Julia's kind of thinking). Mar 17, 2004. Go to 27.Goodthink & 26.Rebellion & 37.We Are The Dead

My hell in Camp X-ray (psychological torture & mind games to confess acts never committed). Daily Mirror, Mar 12, 2004. Go to 39.Interrogation & Torture & GUANTANAMERA now GUANTANAMO BAY

Zimbabwe youth camps exposed (teaching rape-maim-torture-kill). BBC, Mar 8, 2004. Go to 7.Systems of Thought

COURT GUARDS KILL TEEN (120-lb boy, handcuffed & shackled, kept calling out he was hungry, guards enter cell, grab by neck, bang back & froth against elevator door hard enough to shake witness's cell & man shouts 'Oh my God'). Edmonton Journal, Jan 24, 2004. Go to ANIMAL FARM DOGS

ORIGINS OF ROOM 101 (the funny and double-plus-unfunny). Feb 12, 2004. Go to 44.Room 101 and THE BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI

'Weekend jails' ready to open (51 weekends for a single offence not bad enough for jail). BBC, Jan 24, 2004. Go to 21.Crimestop

Killer of future PM heard voices (couldn't resist the voices, doesn't remember actual attack, was in care of psyciatrists who gave him psychiatric drugs). Reuters, Jan 15, 2004. Go to 4.Old World Destruction & MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE MOVIES

Real victims of sleep deprivation (Reality TV show 'Shattered' uses torture as light entertainment). BBC, Jan 11, 2004. Go to 39.Interrogation & Torture & BEYOND ORWELL

Playboy undresses women of Wal-Mart (& Enron & Starbucks for photo spreads). CNN, 11-13, 2003. Go to 22.Doublethink & 25.Prolefeed

Torture widespread in Europe (Russia-Turkey-Uzbekistan-Azerbaijan...including immersion in boiling water). BBC, Nov 8, 2003. Go to 39.Interrogation & Torture & 7.Systems of Thought

US prisons in Iraq inhumane (forbidden talk earns a prisoner hours bound & stretched in sun). CBC News, Nov 4, 2003. Go to 7.Systems of Thought

Cuba's prisons hold 100,000 (people thrown into prison for anything, including expressing their views). Miami Herald, Oct 25, 2003. Go to COMMUNISM CUBAN STYLE

Israel running secret jails (blindfolded in black, windowless cells; psychological torture immense). Newsday, Jun 30, 2003. Go to 20.Police & 39.Interrogation & Torture

POWs in Vietnam being discussed (1,400 USA soldiers missing). OaklandTrib, Jun 14, 2003. Go to WHERE ARE THE BOYS?

Oz father caged in protest (for son in Camp-X-Ray held 18-mos without charge). News24, Jun 8, 2003. Go to CAMP QUANTANAMERA

Teens sent to torture schools (parents & students brainwashed into believing they deserve it). National Post, Jun 6, 2003. Go to DRUG WAR & PEACE & SCHOOLS LIKE PRISON

UK opens new prison in Iraq (court & judges to follow). AP, Jun 2, 2003. Go to 7.Systems of Thought

Sesame Street breaks Iraqi POWs (& non-stop heavy metal). BBC, May 20, 2003. Go to 34.Ministry of Love (Torture)

50 yrs' jail for video theft (USA Top Court upholds sentence and prison guards happy). Guardian, Mar 7, 2003. Go to 7.Systems of Thought

Prisoners tortured to death (at USA base in Afghanistan). Independent, Mar 7, 2003. Go to 7.Systems of Thought

Turkmenian show trials like Stalin's (trumped up charges-tortured-drugged-public confession-executed) & Writer jailed after secret trial (Kazakhstan allows no honest reporting). Globe & Mail, Jan 29, 2003. Go to 7.Systems of Thought & SNAPSHOT OF STALIN

A witch in prison? (Canada pays for Wiccan priests & Satanist faith allowed too). National Post, Jan 25, 2003. Go to 10.The Rulers & WITCHES, WIZARDS & DEMONS

Police fire at pigs in riot control experiment ("pigs didn't even squeal"). Ottawa Citizen, Jan 12, 2003. Go to 4.Old World Destruction & PARODY OF "1984"

Super jail, super cheap (prisons run privately for profit treat prisoners inhumanely). National Post, Jan 11, 2003

Saudis torture Westerners again (gov'ts do nothing, as usual). Globe & Mail, Jan 8, 2003. Go to 39.Interrogation & Torture & 34.Ministry of Love

Inhumane treatment of prisoners (in transit to Guantanamo prison). Houston Chron, Nov 8, 2002. Photo worth thousand words. Art Bell, Nov 8, 2002

Guantanamo for "worst of the worst" (101-yr old Afghani man). London Independent, Nov 5, 2002 and (16-yr old Canadian boy). Aussie News, Nov 5, 2002. Go to 39.Interrogation & Torture

GUANTANAMERA NOW QUANTANAMO (new meaning for 60's song)

Canada teen to Guantanamo (denies links to terrorism). WorldNetDaily, Oct 27, 2002

CIA break Muslim cleric (tells all after 3-months torture). Aussie Age, Oct 21, 2002. Go to 4.Old World Destruction & A "1984" PARODY

Saudis torture Canadian to confess (Canadian gov't "in touch"). National Post, Sep 26, 2002. Go to 39.Interrogation & Torture

Police use excessive force (threaten media with criminal charges). CBC News, Sep 24, 2002

Inside the new Camp X-Ray (metal cells -lights 24/7 -isolation). UK Mirror, Sep 15, 2002

Guantanamo prison "legal black hole" (captives' families wait for word). Las Vegas Sun, Sep 13, 2002

Father begins hunger strike (innocent son in Guantanamo cage). Yahoo!Reuters, Sep 4, 2002

Teen gets 10-yrs prison for theft (stole beer from woman's garage). St Petersburg Florida, Aug 28, 2002. Go to 34.Ministry of Love

Millions behind bars in USA (but not murderers & rapists). Yahoo! AP, Aug 26, 2002. Go to 38.Cellars

Prisoners attempting suicide (USA calls it "showing remorse"). BBC, Aug 15, 2002

Rally against more cops ($70-M s/b for "Books Not Bars"). SanFran Chronicle, Aug 4, 2002. Go to IN THE GHETTO by Elvis

USA A PRISON NATION (Spank your kids? Go to jail.) ConspiracyPenPal, Jun 2, 2002

Media access denied in Guantanamo (new prison will have 2,000+ cells). Newsday, Apr 28, 2002

Israelis repeat Waco at birthplace of Christ (torture by loud music & sleeplessness). Globe & Mail, Apr 20, 2002

Harder time in Ontario (and pushing hard for the rest of Canada to follow). Vancouver Sun, Apr 13, 2002
New Superjails adhere to USA school of prison architecture in which there's "no place to hide." Guards can see directly into each cel from the comand post...prisoners are never allowed outside...everything a prisoner can see or touch -- desks, seats, toilets, tables, doors, floors, walls, and ceililngs -- is made of concrete or stainless steel

USA sends suspects to face torture (CIA agents conduct interrogations). The Guardian, Mar 12, 2002. Go to 39.Interrogation & Torture

US captors tortured American (tied, naked & blind in cold metal box). National Post, Feb 7, 2002

FBI considers torture as suspects stay silent. The Times, Oct 22, 2001

Detailed execution ritual awaits McVeigh. Indianapolis Star, June 7, 2001

Soviet gulag theme park (Stalinworld) opens in Lithuania. National Post, April 3, 2001

Hard time in 'supermax' jails. National Post, March 19, 2001.

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