"In the vast laboratories teams of experts are indefatigably at work;
searching for new and deadlier gases or for soluble poisons
capable of destroying the vegetation of whole continents,
or for breeds of disease germs
immunized against all possible antibodies."


"Others explore even remoter possibilities such as
focusing the sun's rays through lenses
suspended thousands of kilometres away in space, or
producing artificial earthquakes and tidal waves
by tapping the heat at the earth's centre."
~ Orwell in "1984"

Increasingly the powers-that-be are using weather as a weapon to create chaos out of which they hope to establish their New World Order.

In 1984 Orwell said that one of the goals of Big Brother was "to conquer the whole surface of the earth" and one of the ways it was going to do this was by "killing several hundred million people in a few seconds without giving any notice".

Unusual weather all over the world (blamed on God, ie Mother Nature) is causing devastation through drought, flood, destruction of infrastructure etc. Crops and animals are being destroyed with the resultant economic devastation to nations and the loss of valuable food for the people of the world.

Control of the food supply is a major component of BIG BROTHER getting to power and staying there.

"He who controls the food, controls the world" is a United Nations tenet.

Actually, evidence is accumumulating that the long-range goal of the emerging One World Government (Big Brother) is to control not only our food, but the water we drink and the air we breathe.

This section of Orwell Today includes stories on weather, food, water, air control etc.

All the best,
Jackie Jura, 2001

14.Scientific Experimentation and 5.Pyramidal New World Order and 2.Big Brother

Bill Gates largest owner of farmland in USA
GatesSyringe RFKbannedVaccines
(monopoly control to dominate food production)
RFKjr, The Defender, February 2021

As USA meat workers fall sick and supplies dwindle, exports to China soar, Reuters, May 11, 2020
CHICAGO - USA President Donald Trump ordered meat processing plants to stay open to protect the nation's food supply even as workers got sick and died. Yet the plants have increasingly been exporting to China while USA consumers face shortages, a Reuters analysis of government data showed. Trump invoked the 1950 Defense Production Act on April 28 to keep plants open...to help ensure China's meat supply. Meat buyers in China ramped up imports from around the world as a pig disease decimated its herd, the world's largest, and pushed Chinese pork prices to record highs. The supply shock drove China to pay more for USA meat than other countries, and even USA consumers, since late 2019... Processors including Smithfield Foods, owned by China's WH Group Ltd, Brazilian-owned JBS USA and Tyson Foods Inc temporarily closed about 20 USA meat plants as the virus infected thousands of employees, prompting meatpackers and grocers to warn of shortages... The disruptions mean consumers could see 30% less meat in supermarkets by the end of May, at prices 20% higher than last year, according to Will Sawyer, lead economist at agricultural lender CoBank. While pork supplies tightened as the number of pigs slaughtered each day plunged by about 40% since mid-March, shipments of American pork to China more than quadrupled over the same period, according to USA Department of Agriculture data. Smithfield, which China's WH Group bought for $4.7 billion in 2013, was the biggest USA exporter to China from January to March, according to Panjiva, a division of S&P Global Market Intelligence. Smithfield shipped at least 13,680 tonnes by sea in March, Panjiva said, citing its most recent data. Smithfield, the world's biggest pork processor, said in April that USA plant closures were pushing retailers "perilously close to the edge" on supplies. The company is now retooling its namesake pork plant in Smithfield, Virginia, to supply fresh pork, bacon and ham to more USA consumers, according to a statement. The move is an about-face after the company reconfigured the plant last year to process hog carcasses for the Chinese market, employees, local officials and industry sources told Reuters. The Virginia facility currently serves export markets like China and domestic customers, according to Smithfield. Most USA pork processors routinely export products to more than 40 international markets... The food being processed is not going to our nation's families", said USA Representative Rosa DeLauro, a Democrat from Connecticut. "That is what the Defense Production Act is all about: protecting America's national interests, not China's"..."If we start having a shortage in America, I think the meat should stay here" said a maintenance worker at the plant... Carcasses, which include most of the pig, were the top product shipped to China in January and February, according to USDA. Loads also include feet and organs that many Americans do not eat. Exports to China set a record for the period from January to March, and shipments to all destinations in March set a record for any month, according to USDA. JBS, which produces pork, beef and chicken, told Reuters it reduced exports to focus on meeting USA demand during the pandemic... Tyson Foods President Dean Banks said on a conference call last week that he expects China's demand for USA pork to remain strong as it recovers from a COVID-19 lockdown. Suppliers like Tyson have limited meat products for American retailers because of plant closures. Kroger Co and Costco Wholesale Corp, meanwhile, restricted shoppers' meat purchases...

'American Soil' Is Increasingly Foreign Owned, YouTube, May 2019
"Right out my back door here, Chinese-owned Smithfield Foods, the largest pork producer in the world, has recently bought out a couple grain elevators", Huffman says, pointing across the field behind her house, "basically extracting the wealth out of the community"... The Smithfield Food buyout has really raised concerns with American farmers. As part of that 2013 sale, a Chinese company now owns 146,000 acres of prime USA farmland... Maxwell points to the Smithfield Foods elevators across the field: "The money that those elevators used to make stayed within the community. Today the money those elevators make will go into the pocket of someone thousands of thousands of miles away. This is going on across America"...

LobsterChina MeatIsDead BeyondMeat BeefPorkChina MEAT IS DEAD (hemp and cricket burgers coming....)

WeatherQuake Quake moved Japan 8-feet; shifted Earth's axis (30 foot walls of water 6 miles inland) & How awesome power of tsunami is unleashed (nuclear tests on ocean bottom). CNN/DailyMail, Mar 12, 2011. Go to 14.Scientific Experimentation (produce artificial earthquakes & tidal waves)


Crops under stress as temperatures fall. Telegraph, Jun 13, 2009
....Three factors are vital to crops: the light and warmth of the sun, adequate rainfall and the carbon dioxide they need for photosynthesis. As we are constantly reminded, we still have plenty of that nasty, polluting CO2, which the politicians are so keen to get rid of. But there is not much they can do about the sunshine or the rainfall.... It is appropriate that another contributory factor to the world's food shortage should be the millions of acres of farmland now being switched from food crops to biofuels, to stop the world warming. Last year even the experts of the European Commission admitted that, to meet the EU's biofuel targets, we will eventually need almost all the food-growing land in Europe. But that didn't persuade them to change their policy. They would rather we starved than did that. And the EU, we must always remember, is now our government – the one most of us didn't vote for last week.

World farmers worried about harvest (food shortage from droughts & floods) & Drought closes Oz biggest cattle ranch (destroying scrub & savannah too) & USA suffering floods & droughts (states of emergency everywhere). IHT/BBC/Tel, Jun 10, 2008

Burma exports rice as survivors starve (revenue for gov't & its ally China) & Burma biofuel deepens food shortage (gov't ordered farmers to destroy rice; replant with poisonous plant jatropha) & Burma moved capital from coastal Rangoon (to mountain desert with rat-hole tunnels; followed advice of fortune tellers). Guard/Times/BBC, May 13, 2008

China Food Africa China buying farmland in Africa & America (Chinese labourers to grow food crops). Telegraph, May 13, 2008. Go to CHINESE GULLIVER IN AMERICA

Burma cyclone deaths top 10,000 (need shelter, food, water, medical...in pictures, Burmese cyclone). BBC/NYT, May 4-5, 2008. Go to BURMESE DAYS & FINDING ORWELL IN BURMA

Ethanol, food shortage, China & more (topics that need to be discussed) & The food crisis begins to bite (felt by people around the globe) & Bio-fuels adding to food shortages (machines eating 1/3 of USA corn) & Canada can't afford food to feed pigs (paying $50-million for farmers to kill) & Corporate food diseases - fake solutions (vile treatment of animals; processing plants-steroids-hormones-antibiotics). Indepen/NewsNZ/AxLogic Apr 28, 2008. Go to TAKE NOT OUR DAILY BREAD & 15.Life in Oceania & 22.Doublethink

FOOD FUELS FOOD TRUCKS (one full tank of ethanol uses the same amount of grain that can feed a person for a year)

Fill 'er up - with bio-diesel (grocery chains converting trucks). EnRoute, April issue

Widespread hunger for millions looms (price increases & food shortages) & Egypt starving for aish (bread) of life (price of wheat-rice-oil-sugar tripled; eating dogs & donkeys) & Monsanto's harvest of fear (top producer of toxic chemicals controls what we put on our tables). Globe/Guard/VanFair, Apr 13, 2008. Go to BIO-FUEL WAR ON FOOD & BIO-FUELS STARVE HUNGRY & TAKE NOT OUR DAILY BREAD & MiniStarve & Oceania & Doublethink


Global-warming Gore the planet PR agent (says skeptics are flat-earthers who think moon landing never really happened). CBS, Mar 28, 2008







Trafficking in food (stranglehold on what we eat) & Privatisation of seeds moving apace (Rockefeller-Gates-Monsanto monopolize) & Scientists launch stress-tolerant rice (Gates targets Africa resource-poor). AllAfr/Nigeria/Can, Mar 10, 2008

Africa NGOs call moratorium on biofuels (car tank ethanol uses same amount grain that can feed a child for a year). NewNationBangladesh, Feb 25, 2008. Go to AFRICA AGRO-FUELED FAMINE

Water next Big Business commodity (privatization of Canada's water). Go to THE WATER BARONS & KYOTO'S WATER WIZARDS & DEAD IN THE WATER. Financial Post, Feb 25, 2008 & Afghan $100-million bottled water market ("unexpected opportunities of war") & AFGHAN WAR WATER-PROFITEERS

High wheat price threatens UK pig farms (supermarkets importing cheap pork) & Canada wheat shortage hits bakeries (flour doubled; may stop making bread) & USA recalls 143-million pounds of beef (no illnesses or health threat) & "Peak Oil" into "Peak Food" is famine (fuel & food demand from China & India) Corn is becoming the new crude (being diverted from human consumption) & Bread: The Staff of Life (Can you imagine a life without bread?) & Huge cereal price rise hits poor countries (demand from China, floods, droughts...) & Grain prices gobble food supply globally (disasters & biofuels gobble grain). BBC/USAToday/Wired, Feb 13, 2008




China controlling weather for Olympics (stop rain for opening ceremonies; start rain to clear pollution). CanadianPress, Mar 4, 2008

Disrupt economy with man-made weather (China-Russia-USA military manipulate floods-droughts on enemy states). Wired, Feb 13, 2008. Go to USSR USING WEAPONZED WEATHER

Extreme snow & cold cover Afghanistan (millions of people & livestock suffering) & Weather & war overwhelm Afghans (NGOs won't help until they assess). BBC/WashPost, Feb 13, 2008. Go to AFGHAN NARCO-STATE NOW

USA ravaged by 87 tornadoes (twisters unprecedented in winter). CBS, Feb 7, 2008

Forget oil: crisis is food (more crippling than world's seen) & Biofuelling world's hunger (switch from food to fuel crops) & Haitians eat dirt as flour (elite grow food for fuel). FinancePost/HinuBus/Yahoo, Jan 31, 2008

USA okays animal clones as food (companies force on consumers). BBC, Jan 31, 2008

Rain & flood chaos in 14 African countries (Sudan-Ethiopia-Uganda-Rwanda...bringing death, disease, destruction) & Fresh earthquakes rock Indonesia (Tsunami warnings repeatedly issued). BBC, Sep 15, 2007

Monkey misery for Kenyan villagers (300 monkeys invading farms but protected by Wildlife Service). BBC, Aug 24, 2007. Go to PLANET OF THE APES (humans are considered feral vermin) & ENVIRONMENTALISM IS ANIMALISM

Foot-and-mouth in vaccine not animals (111,000 UK farms affected; 10m cows, 23m sheep, 5m pigs) & Health institute may be F&M cause (made 100 million vials of vaccine of same strain found in cows) & Pre-pandemic flu vaccine push (to get before post-pandemic shot). BBC/PharmaTimes, Aug 6, 2007 & JAMES BOND FOOT & MOUTH & MAD COW TERROR & MAN-MADE FLU WEAPON & BIO-CHEM WARFARE

Flood Movie Thames bursts & floods Parliament (new movie based on book 'Flood'). This Is London, Jul 29, 2007. Go to 16.Ministry of Truth & MOVIES & Don't expect sudden UK heatwave (rain isn't global warming; it's a jetstream over UK instead of Iceland) & HEAD SCRATCHING RAIN REASON ('It may be just one of those things') & More rain & higher bills coming ('pay upstream to prevent or downstream to mop up but you've got to pay'). TIL/BBC/Guardian/CNN Jul 28, 2007. Go to WORLDWIDE WATER WOE (paying for every drop) & Bottled water is tap water ($-billions corporate swindle) & WATER BARONS

UK floods damage feed & food crops (vegetable crops 60% destroyed) & UK flood won't hit wider economy (good for home repair business). ReedBus/FXNews Jul 26, 2007. Go to FARMS FEELING FOOD FIGHT & DUCKSPEAKING FOOD FIGURERS & 9.Masses & 15.Miniplenty & 27.Goodthink & 15.Oceania

THE RAIN IN PLAIN UK (reader says UK building on bogs) & UK flooding worst in history (rivers 20-ft higher than normal) & EU heatwave sizzling forests & farms (Austria-Greece-Italy-Hungary-
Romania-Croatia-Slovakia-Bulgaria) & China pollution hitting America (causing weather chaos). WSJ/Express/WashP, Jul 23, 2007. Go to USSR USES WEAPONIZED WEATHER

China pollution hitting America (causing weather chaos). WallStreetJournal, Jul 23, 2007

UN warns it can't feed people (using food for fuel instead) & Corn price rise affects ice cream (cost of animal & human feed soars; a gallon of milk in USA up 55%; costs same as a gallon of petrol). Times, Jul 16, 2007. Go to 9.Masses Down & 15.Life in Oceania & FOOD AS FUEL STARVES HUNGRY & TAKE NOT OUR DAILY BREAD

Coconut oil powers island's cars (instead of island's people) & Biofuels could starve the poor (corn-based ethanol all the rage; cassava-based a grave threat). BBC/ForeignAffairs, May 8, 2007. Go to 15.Life in Oceania & 9.Masses Down & WORLD FOOD BANK & FOOD AS FUEL STARVES HUNGRY

Sun Mirrors Power station harnesses Sun's rays ("Dr Evil unleashing tractor beam"; plan to spread similar systems across Mediterranean & Sahara). BBC, May 3, 2007

Mad cow case confirmed in Canada (import bans on Canadian cattle in place since 2003 outbreak). BBC/CBC May 3, 2007. Go to MAD COW TERROR

Chinese make first artificial snowfall.Telegraph, Apr 19, 2007
China is the world's largest practitioner of rain-seeding, a controversial procedure that involves releasing silver iodide as a catalyst into clouds either by aircraft or by firing cannon shells into them. It employs 37,000 people on the programme, which it uses to trigger rainfall principally to maximise water supply in the drought-prone north of the country, although in Beijing it is often said to be part of attempts to ensure a blue sky for major events.


Tsunami hits South Pacific Solomons (caused by magnitude 8.1 earthquake) & Gizo at center of tsunami fears (tens of thousands affected). ABC/BBC, Apr 2, 2007

China most polluted on planet (wheat kernels dark-sooty-hollow-twisted) & "Humans are to blame" says UN ("nail in coffin of climate change deniers"; "Americans worst polluters on planet") & UN weather report is a "Corruption of Science" ("a political document...a hoax") & UN mandates that the science be altered ("not approved by scientists but by political delegates of the UN") & China exempt from cutting greenhouse gases (in spite of world-leading coal use) & Dark cloud of pollution over Hong Kong (from smokestacks of China mainland) & Stinky, oily, orange snow in Russia (nuclear-industrial-radioactive pollution). Time/Telegraph/Guardian Feb 3, 2007


Canada dumping earth's cleanest water (enough for 250,000 people a day to be contaminated by garbage landfill). GlobeMail, Dec 17, 2006. Go to GARBAGING WORLD'S PURIST WATER

India withdraws Coca-Cola/Pepsi ban (USA threatened investment fallout). Bussiness Standard, Dec 17, 2006. Go to SAVE WATER, BOYCOTT COKE

Indonesia 6.2 earthquake kills thousands (thousands seriously injured; thousands trapped under buildings; hundreds of thousands fleeing). BBC, May 27, 2006

Reader Andy saw jets leaving large contrails which grew by-the-hour rather than dissipate like normal contrails



Overview: Earthquake aftermath (Pakistan-Kashmir-India-Afghanistan). BBC, Oct 11, 2005. Go to ORWELL OUTS THE SCHEMERS



Orleans Coast NEW ORLEANS' 911


Expert says breach was surprising (occurred at section just upgraded; concrete wall several feet thick"). CTV News, Sep 4, 2005

"New Orleans is Sinking" (1989 song by Tragically Hip) & Radio pulls "New Orleans is Sinking" (aired 3 times a week lately). ChartAttack, Sep 3, 2005 & Katrina's impact felt far & wide (eradicated 25% USA energy production, 20 major oilrigs & platforms, 500 distribution depots & refineries). Canadaeast.com, Sep 3, 2005

New Orleans tales of horror ("a scene from hell") & Questions grow over rescue chaos ("dead bodies next to us for days"). BBC, Sep 2, 2005. Go to ORDER FROM CHAOS & LBJ ON WEATHER CONTROL ("From outer space comes the power...to divert the Gulf Stream")

Rain pits town against farmers (damming water over farmers fields). Canada Press, Jun 11, 2005 & Australia drought a food crisis (no rain for planting crops). Financial Times, Jun 11, 2005 & Spain drought killing crops (asking EU for wheat handouts). Times, Jun 11, 2005. Go to FOOD COMES FROM FARMERS

Earthquake creates chaos in Nias (no electricity, shelter or water; people trapped in rubble but right equipment can't reach island). BBC, Mar 30, 2005. Go to ORDER OUT OF CHAOS

1,000 more dead in Nias quake (fearful of another tsunami caused by earthquake like Boxing Day which left 300,000 people dead or missing). Guardian, Mar 29, 2005

Tsunami victims losing land to developers (disaster a chance to clear people from land earmarked for "big project"). Telegraph, Mar 25, 2005

Potatoes plowed under by billion (to lift price due to surplus caused by people eating less). CanWest News, Jan 31, 2005. Go to 9.Keeping Masses Down & POTATOES PLOUGHED UNDER

Freak weather batters Europe & America (hurricane winds-heavy rains-snow storms strand trains-shut highways-close airports-cause flooding & deadly avalanches). News.com.au, Jan 11, 2005 & Ice bergs in New Zealand (record strength winds were created blowing cold & icebergs northerly). Stuff.co.nz, Jan 10, 2005

Extreme 2004 weather in South Asia (quakes-floods-worst typhoons in decades). New Kerala, Jan 6, 2005

UN denies a nuke triggered Tsunami (says USA/India/Israel didn't cause tidal wave with nuke test). New Kerala, Jan 6, 2005

Tsunamis leave 2-million without food (UN food agency urgently appeals for 26 million dollars). Khaleej Times, Jan 11, 2005

Hundreds flee flooding in northeast USA & Baseball-size hail & tornadoes in Alberta & Winter weather in Argentina, Chile, Peru & Europe plagued by snow & heatwaves & Millions battle South Asia floods (Nepal, India, Bangladesh). BBC, Jul 12, 2004 & Gales, storms - is it really July? (plunged swaths of UK into chaos). Guardian, Jul 8, 2004

Baseball size hail pounds Texas (smashes hospital windows-homes-cars). CNN, Jun 24, 2004

ENGINEERED FAMINE IN ZIMBABWE (never food shortages in 120-years & plight not reaching media). Telegraph, Apr 18, 2004. Go to 9.Keeping Masses Down & TAKE NOT OUR DAILY BREAD & 16.Minitrue & SOVIET UNION FAMINE EXPOSURE

DEAD IN THE WATER (documentary on water privatization; gov't selling people down river). CBC, Apr 4, 2004. Go to 9.Keeping Masses Down

Locusts swarm across Australia (after heavy rainfalls ended drought). BBC, Mar 16, 2004. Go to THE TEN PLAGUES

GIs to go 5 days without food (using cocktail of 'neutraceuticals' to squeeze last ounce of strength). Wired, Feb 17, 2004. Go to TAKE NOT OUR DAILY BREAD

Trial judge once Monsanto's lawyer (& also previously ruled in their favour for $3-million against Tennesee farmer). Guardian, Jan 10, 2004. Go to MONSANTO PRICE FIXING WITH AGRI-GIANTS (seeds of world being given to handful of corporations who are going to own all food production). Guardian, Jan 7, 2004. Go to 15.Life in Oceania & WORLD FOOD BANK & ANTI-NATURE IS ANTI-GOD

Cattlemen say Mad Cow is no risk (hope common sense kicks in soon). Daily World, Dec 31, 2003. Go to 4.Old World Destruction & MAD COW TERROR

Freak storm hits Australian city (that previously suffered drought). BBC, Dec 3, 2003 & France braced for floods of century. Go to 14.Scientific Experimentation

UK's depleted rivers at water level crisis (new Water Act allows people & companies to sell their unused share). Independent, Nov 30, 2003. Go to 9.Keeping Masses Down & WATER BARONS & KYOTO'S WATER WIZARDS

World getting hungrier every year (droughts, disasters & export/import making banana republics of all). Independent, Nov 26, 2003. Go to 9.Keeping Masses Down & 5.Pyramidal New World Order

Disease outbreak threatens UK potato crop (ring-rot would be a catastophe). Telegraph, 11-13, 2003. Go to 14. Scientific Experimentation & 15.Life In Oceania

Ferocious storm hits California ("It was unbelievable" says meteorologist & "freaky" says top fireman). Fox News, 11-13, 2003 & Winds in Midwest knock out power. Yahoo! 11-13, 2003. Go to 14.Scientific Experimentation & WITCHY WEATHER

African locust plague planned (could damage 1/10th world population). BBC, Oct 22, 2003

UK farmers fear harvest catastrophe (farmland a dustbowl for man & animal). Telegraph, Oct 21, 2003. Go to FOOD CONTROL & 9.Keeping Masses Down

China's 3-Valley-Gorge dam (result environmental catastrophe & water will be poison). Independent, May 31, 2003

Iraq's water system destroyed (& Iraqis not allowed to fix). Guradian, May 31, 2003. Go to KYOTO'S WATER WIZARDS

GM crops mean world hunger (4 multi-nationals control food; Monsanto-Syngenta-Bayer-Dupont). Independent, May 28, 2003. Go to 42.Party Tells 'Why' & ANTI-NATURE IS ANTI-GOD

THE WATER BARONS (elites own worlds' water). CanadaFreePress, May 26, 2003. Go to 10.The Rulers & WHO IS MAURICE STRONG? & ENVIRONMENTALISM IS ANIMALISM

Agroterrorism poses devastating threat (insects-viruses-bacteria-fungi aimed at wiping out crops). Pittsburgh, May 23, 2003


Worst tornadoes in USA history (300 twisters in 7 days & golf-ball sized hail). CNN, May 11, 2003

Meal-in-bottle hits shelves (drinks by Snapple-Coke-Pepsi to replace solid food). National Post, Feb 17, 2003. Go to 15.Life in Oceania & 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY

Australia faces new blaze threat (caused by extreme drought). BBC, Jan 24, 2003

Wind chills at minus 60 (and the worst is not over). WorldNetDaily, Jan 22, 2003

Water being privatized world-wide (gov'ts selling the river). National Post, Jan 9, 2003. Go to 9.Keeping Masses Down

ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE (1969 movie describes mind-control and Foot & Mouth epidemic)

Weather wreaking havoc in Europe (hurricanes, torrential rain, extreme cold). MSNBC, Jan 3, 2003

A year without seasons (weather "strange, crazy, mysterious, wacky"). National Post, Dec 27, 2002

The Kyoto-speak brainwashers (underlying science non-existent). Globe & Mail, Dec 8, 2002. Go to 14.Scientific Experimentation & ENVIRONMENTALISM IS ANIMALISM

72 tornadoes in 12 states Reuters, Nov 11, 2002 & 100 wildfires in eastern Australia London Independent, Nov 11, 2002

Feedlot owner terrorizes mayor (caught redhanded -still goes free). National Post, Sep 26, 2002. Go to FEEDLOTS INSTEAD OF FARMS

Britain rocked by quakes (shook up 200 mile swath). UK Mirror, Sep 24, 2002


Clouds taller than Mt Everest (streets under 3-feet of rain). Calcutta Telegraph, Sep 20, 2002

Consumers blamed for climate change (must cut energy use by 30%). National Post, Sep 18, 2002. Go to 9.Keeping Masses Down

Floods risk UK homes, businesses, farms (cars blamed - will be banned). UK Independent, Sep 1, 2002

WORLD FOOD BANK, excerpt from "...and the truth shall set you free" by David Icke

"Canadian farmers are peasants" (Wheat Board is a secret monopoly). National Post, Sep 9, 2002. Go to 9.Keeping Masses Down

"Accept GM food or starve" (says United Nations to Africa). Toronto Star, Aug 24, 2002

"Sending hay makes no economic sense" (tell that to a starving cow). Edmonton Journal, Aug 21, 2002. Go to FEEDLOTS INSTEAD OF FARMS

50% of USA suffering drought (destroying corn, soybean, cotton, wheat). MSNBC, Aug 14, 2002

Floods swamp Europe (hundreds of thousands evacuated). Yahoo! News, Aug 13, 2002

Drought-ravaged Western farmers hit by freak frost (13 record lows in province). National Post, Aug 3, 2002

Starving Zimbabwe rejects USA corn (GM contamination will destroy them). Washington Post, Jul 31, 2002. Go to 15.Life in Oceania

Big helping of hay to go west (with no help from government). Ottawa Citizen, July 25, 2002. Go to 9.Keeping Masses Down and YOU CAN'T EAT MONEY

Massive drought chokes USA (crops, cattle & farmers disappearing). CNN.com, Jul 23, 2002. Go to 9.Keeping Masses Down

Floods drown main streets (polluting rivers in Ontario & Prairies). Globe & Mail, Jun 12, 2002

HAARP HIGH FREQUENCY ACTIVE AURORAL RESEARCH PROGRAM (principles of weather manipulation explained)

Low-freguency hum haunts USA town (and elsewhere around the world). Newsday.com, May 21, 2002

Weather extremes push spring aside (record low temps across 23 states). Yahoo!News, USA Today, May 20, 2002

Drought destroying crops/livelihoods in USA (farmers & ranchers harvesting dirt). ABC News, May 18, 2002

India swelters in 124-degree heat (birds and people dropping dead). Los Angeles Times, May 17, 2002

Grasshoppers plot Prairies return (drought, heat and wind allow number of eggs to approach all-time high; crop damage could approach $100-million). Edmonton Journal, May 15, 2002

Deadly tornadoes hit eastern USA (ranked F5 - almost inconceivable). MSNBC, Apr 29, 2002

Deadly drought grips Central America (Hurricane Mitch killed 9,000 in 1998). Austin Statesman, Apr 26, 2002

Heat wave! Records melt under unseasonably high temperatures across Ontario. Canada Press. Apr 17, 2002

USA east coast 'most severe drought ever' (could become national disaster this summer). National Post, Apr 9, 2002

Third harvest of despair looms in Canada's Prairies (1,800 empty rail cars stretch for miles). National Post, Apr 6, 2002

Record warmth this winter to hurt Prairie farmers. National Post, Mar 8, 2002

Kabul damaged in powerful quake (7.2 magnitude - shook 5 countries). Washington Post, Mar 4, 2002

'Canada Dry' drought just won't let go (all sectors of economy will be hit). National Post, Feb 25, 2002

What crazy weather! (countries trying to cope with climatic catastrophe). Straits Times Asia, Dec 29, 2001

Three storms unite to thrash East Coast ('weather bomb' packing winds reaching 120km/hr). National Post, Nov 8, 2001

Drought cuts PEI potato harvest 30%,empties warehouses. National Post, Nov 6, 2001

High-frequency research blamed for buzzing-sound plaguing Germany. National Post, Aug 23, 2001

Drought, from coast to coast. Globe and Mail. Aug 14, 2001

Aphids devastate Ontario soybean crops. Toronto Star, Aug 3, 2001

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