The following breakdown of a BBC article points out that the agenda behind the Kyoto Treaty is to privatize the world's water and put it into the hands of wealthy elites who will control its ebb and flow and determine who drinks and who thirsts. These Kyoto adherents meet regularly at what they call WORLD WATER FORUMS after which they return to home countries and give politicians their orders. Every nation in the world is at one stage or another of losing control of its water resource.

A group opposing the Kyoto Treaty is attempting to establish a WORLD WATER PARLIAMENT, and the article lays out their goals as well. ~ Jackie Jura

Firstly, here's the plans the Kyoto Treaty is working on:

"...12,000 people met in Kyoto at the official Third World Water Forum to determine the direction of current water policies

... dominated by private corporations who favour large projects such as dams, instead of simpler technologies

... want water privatisation and "commodification" of water

... enabling creeping corporate control via privatisation

... escalating water scarcity and sparking future "water wars"

... the Iraq war was also about control of Iraq's huge water resources

... creating water-wasteful processes through water supply systems based on "heavy engineering" solutions such as dams financial institutions' control water supply finance

...industry and World Bank spokesmen advocate public-private partnerships

... water services are included in the on-going World Trade Organisation negotiations, in particular the European Commission's recently leaked WTO negotiating requests to open up the water services in many developing countries to foreign private investment

... no parliamentary sovereignty over water-trade negotiations

... they're planning a Fourth World Water Forum in Montreal in 2006

Here are the goals of a group forming to oppose the water plans of the Kyoto Treaty:

Their goal is a WORLD WATER PARLIAMENT. They met in Italy at the same time the meeting in Kyoto, Japan was going on.

...The Florence meeting's 1,400 participants (70% Italians) came from pacifist, environmental, development and farmers' NGOs, as well as local authorities. They met to carry forward the Porto Alegre World Social Forum's call in January for a new democratic world water parliament and a halt to water privatisation.

...The world's water resources must become a common global good under a new international system anchored in a constitutional right to water for all

The final declaration in Florence called for:

- a guaranteed minmum of 40 litres a day to each world inhabitant by 2020, while meeting ecosystem needs

- a radical overhaul of present water-wasteful processes in all economic sectors, prioritising rehabilitation and maintenance of existing water supply systems over "heavy engineering" solutions such as dams

- public-public partnerships instead of public-private partnerships advocated by industry and the World Bank in Kyoto

- upgrading tap water quality to reduce mineral water consumption

- innovative funding mechanisms including water taxes and ethical investment funds to ensure continued local authority ownership and mangement of water supplies - under the supervision of democratic assemblies representing consumers and workers

- a critical review of international financial institutions' role in water supply finance and establishment of a World Water Solidarity Fund

- international river basin authorities

- withdrawal of water services from the on-going World Trade Organisation negotiations

- a parliamentarians' water network to promote recovery of parliamentary sovereignty over trade negotiations, in particular as regards water

- The 2006 meeting in Montreal of the fourth World Water Forum should be replaced with the inaugural World Water Parliament."

above compiled from Alternataive water future outlined. BBC News, Mar 24, 2003

Water next Big Business commodity (privatization of Canada's water). FinancialPost, Feb 25, 2008

Bottled water is tap water ($-billions corporate swindle). CNN, Jul 29, 2007
Pepsi-Cola announced Friday that the labels of its Aquafina brand bottled water will be changed to make it clear the product is tap water. Americans spent about $2.17 billion on Aquafina last year, according to Beverage Digest, an independent company that tracks the global beverage industry. The U.S. bottled water business in 2006 totaled roughly $15 billion, it said. Coca-Cola does not have plans to change the labeling on its Dasani brand bottled water, a company spokesman told CNN, despite the fact the water also comes from a public water supply. Dasani's U.S. sales totaled approximately $1.89 billion in 2006, according to Beverage Digest calculations. Nestle also has announced it will be changing the bottles of its All Nestle Pure Life Purified Drinking Water to "identify the source of the water, whether it's from a municipal supply or ground-water well source."

Privatization means WORLDWIDE WATER WOE (paying for every drop)

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Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~