2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, 1968

Synthetic food is highlighted in this Stanley Kubrick* production based on the novel by Arthur C Clarke. Were author and producer following a plot-line laid down by the anonymous directing brains (the BROTHERHOOD) in the MINISTRY OF TRUTH? In this movie REAL food no longer exists and meat is definitely out of the picture. Makes you kind of wonder if all this cow, pig and sheep killing is leading us toward something the BROTHERHOOD has in mind for us. Isn't it kind of coincidental that all of this is coming down in 2001? ~ Jackie Jura

quoting from a review by Mary McReynolds found in Oklahoman Online:

Part one of the film classic could be retitled "the dawn of meat."

When Clarke's progenitors of the still distant human race get a message from a humming monolith that eating meat is an OK thing to do, their evolution takes a major step forward. A hapless tapir becomes the first meaty meal, and its thigh bone the first tool and weapon. Shards of other bones are smashed into smithereens. Rivals are driven from a precious water hole by bone-wielding defenders. The first murder is committed as those untongued in carnivorous fare beat a hasty retreat.

What takes thousands of years in real time is shortened by film magic to mere seconds. In a frenzy of victory, the dominant male tosses his thigh bone weapon high into the air. The bleached symbol turns end over end, and the film deftly segues into an elegant space station whirling betwen the Earth and the moon.

It's heavy stuff, all engendered by meat eaters.

Food then jumps into a meatless future. Dr Heywood Floyd, a troubleshooter en route from the space station to the moon, blithely sips vegetarian fare through a tiny straw. Later, he and his cronies munch bland squares of something resembling bread sandwiching something resembling chicken, while zipping over bleak moonscapes for a rendezvous with the meat-sanctioning monolith. Humankind is about to be launched on another quest, nourished by synthetic food.

En route to Jupiter in a caravan-like spaceship, two astronauts dine from food trays dispensed piping hot from push-button machines. The computer guiding the expedition gets along fine without organic sustenance, which could explain the ultimate conflict with his co-adventurers.

Food again plays a key role in the film's last scene.

Dave, the astronaut chosen to be spirited away by the masters of the monolith, is led to a safe haven resembling a sort of Liberace-designed suite. Here, the character is allowed to live out his life, passing into old age before being transformed into a "star child", something like a human planet. Before this critical juncture, he is served real food on real china and drinks real wine from real crystal at a fine table befitting the best in Outer space room service.

It's a pivotal scene.

We are now in that "fateful" year of 2001.
end quoting


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~ ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE (1969 movie describes mind-control and Foot & Mouth epidemic)

* Movie 2001: A Space Odyssey showed NASA how to stage a moon landing (Stanley Kubrick's brother heavily involved in American Communist Party)



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