People are so disturbed by their
headaches, tinnitus, panic, sleeplessness, itchy ears, body ache,
frequent urination, lack of concentration, their disrupted children or
an overwhelming need to get away from
the wind turbine noise and vibration
and the dizzying shadows when the moving blades block the sun
that they must move or abandon their homes.

cc To Orwell Today,

...According to Dr. Eugene Kalwa's Wind Farm Fraud dvd... many of these wind farms have small hydrocarbon engines and elaborate mechanical transmission systems installed in the tower base; typically diesel engines. Kalwa claims to have evidence of this in Ontario, Canada. I have no such evidence, but Kalwa's dvd is compelling evidence that something stinks in Denmark.

With a windsock in view and drooping due to lack of ANY wind, the turbine blades are video-taped spinning with gala abandon! In fact according to Kalwa, the consistency of the spinning boggles his engineering mind if one is to assume that WIND and wind alone, as varible as such is, is the ONLY energy source for the CONSTANT RPM spinning blades.

Question I have asked that they will not respond to:

- What brand of engine will be in the base of the Enfield Wind Farm towers, running on those MANY days when the wind velocity is zero?

Wind energy development to face tougher scrutiny, Ithaca Journal, Oct 31, 2008 (After allegations of corruption in the development of wind energy across New York, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo announced Thursday an agreement with two major wind-farm companies for more transparency over the industry....Gannett News Service reported in July allegations from residents in small towns in which wind-farm companies were accused of running roughshod over ill-prepared town boards and specifically entering agreements with town officials to grease the process....Some companies — including Noble and First Wind -- have been accused of entering lease agreements with public officials for the construction of wind turbines on their properties. Then the public officials vote to approve the projects, some local residents have alleged....Monroe County District Attorney Mike Green, who attended the news conference in Albany, said his office has received numerous complaints about wind-farm developments....Cuomo said that investigations underway by district attorneys into some cases may still continue. But he said his office has no plans to prosecute complaints that had been brought to his attention....)

None of this surprises me, frankly. But the current report focus on bribery is more indicative of a fraud than substantive: What's the REAL issue? The Second Law of Thermodynamics perhaps?! The utter and complete ignorance of such in Albany? The public?

-Paul Sheridan

Greetings Paul,

Isn't that amazing how those windmill blades turn WITHOUT any wind? Hmmmmm, who'd have ever guessed that at their base are little engines requiring diesel fuel to generate POWER to cause the windmill blades to turn.

I guess it isn't really rocket science though. All a person had to do was question and investigate - ie walk over to one and take a look. And as you say, all that's required is an understanding of "the second law of thermodynamics", but, as we all know, the bureaucrats and public are completely ignorant of such a law and the scientists pushing windmills for power generation aren't going to enlighten anyone - in case they lose their jobs or whatever other interest they have in the wind power "fraud".

Orwell said, in "1984", that Science, "in the old sense of the word, the empirical method of thought, on which all the scientific achievements of the past were founded, has almost ceased to exist".

"In the end," Orwell said, "the Party would tell you that two plus two equal five and you would have to believe it".

Orwell also said that scientists are members of Big Brother's Outer Party, no different than "bureaucrats, technicians, trade-union organizers, publicity experts, sociologists, teachers, journalists, and professional politicians whose origins lay in the salaried middle class and the upper grades of the working class". He said "these people have been shaped and brought together by the barren world of monopoly industry and centralized government."

That explains how and why scientists play along with Big Brother's machinations, most notably these days with the whole "Global Warming, Climate Change, Green Revolution" fraud of which Wind Farms are an integral part.

To me, the idea of monstrous metal structures with spinning metal blades being erected anywhere on earth is an evil concept - if only for the sake of what it does to birds - ie their flying into and being sucked in by the blades. It defies common sense for people not to realize that these yards-long spinning blades also cause deviations in the atmosphere - including altering wind currents to the point of causing no wind at all.

And even more alarming than the ravages these massive windmills cause to birds (something the animalistic environmentalists who say they love animals never mention) are the ravages they're causing to the physical, mental and emotional health of human beings. Some of the symptoms are headaches, tinnitus, panic, sleeplessness, itchy ears, body ache, frequent urination, lack of concentration, problems with disrupted children and an overwhelming need to get away from the wind turbine noise and vibration, and the dizzying shadows when the moving blades block the sun.

But the biggest fraud of all (comparable to something out of a Jonathan Swift satire) is how windmill farms are promoted as "energy efficient" when, in fact, they're a joke as regard to how much electricity they produce on the scale of things (even with the hidden deisel engine in their base).

For example, even running at its capacity (with hurricane wind ideally) a windmill only generates between 700 kilowatts and 2.5 megawatts of electricity.

To put that miniscule amount into perspective, it takes 1 kilowatt to power 10 lightbulbs. So, on a good blow day, one windmill could power 700 lightbulbs. [correction: 7,000 lightbulbs*]

Light Bulb Good Light Bulb Bad

WOW! Wouldn't Thomas Edison think that was 'a good idea' (except that his incandescent light bulbs are now "politically incorrect", having been ridiculously blamed for "emitting greenhouse gases" causing "global warming" and have been replaced with inefficient, expensive made-in-China mercury-laden fluorescents which have to be disposed of as toxic waste, ie if one breaks, you have to clear the room and don't allow anyone back in until the dust settles, at which time it MUST NOT be vacuumed up, as this will disperse mercury vapour into the air to be breathed in and could cause neuron brain damage).

In this weekend's edition of one of Canada's major newspapers, there's a big write-up about the growing controversy of wind power.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Wind Chill: Losing the PR battle over wind power
by James Cowan, National Post, Nov 7, 2008

...Plans to erect a wind turbine less than a kilometre from Mr. Coulas's cabin have dampened his desire to finish building it. One might think SkyPower, the company responsible for the project, would want to allay his fears, but Mr. Coulas says his concerns have been met with silence, punctuated by occasional condescension. For years there has been a public-policy debate about how much turbines can contribute to Canada's energy supply - and the costs associated with that contribution - but Mr. Coulas's experience underscores the latest front in the wind battles: public relations. Two SkyPower employees arrived on Mr. Coulas's property last month, wanting to take photographs of the proposed windmill site for promotional purposes. He let them - begrudgingly - and then asked some questions about safety. One of the men said the turbine probably would not catch fire, but grew impatient when Mr. Coulas persisted with his inquiries. "He said, ‘I'm not doing an interview,' and left," Mr. Coulas said. "I was trying to educate myself on these turbines. He was the guy who should have been able to answer my concerns. But he wasn't available for that."

Mr. Coulas's neighbours tell similar stories. Residents complain that straight answers are scarce, with towers designed to measure wind speed popping up across the valley, even as local officials say they have not received any applications for zoning bylaw changes. A community group called Save Our Skyline, or S.O.S. Renfrew County, has formed to fight at least four separate proposals along the Madawaska Valley. Two weeks ago, S.O.S. joined with 23 other local groups to create Wind Concerns, an umbrella organization dedicated to "protecting rural Ontario for future generations." Similar fights are underway across the rest of Canada....

Are windmill turbines making some people sick?
by James Cowan

Opponents of wind farm developments allege turbines are not just ugly and inefficient, they can also make you sick. There are growing reports of people who live near wind turbines complaining of headaches, nausea, sleeplessness and other symptoms. Sufferers contend the illness is caused by low frequency noise and vibrations released by the turbines, along with the flickering shadows cast when the sunlight is cast through the blades. While wind power proponents contend there is conclusive evidence turbines are safe, Kingston's Medical Officer of Health was concerned enough to say developments need to be monitored. Here, we present four views on so-called "wind turbine syndrome.

The Sufferer
Helen Fraser, former neighbour of Melancthon Wind Project in Ontario

"Our home was 423 metres from the nearest turbine. When we first heard about the project, we were trying to be green -- we always recycled more than we threw in the trash -- so I thought it was great. I was in favour of them, even as they were doing the construction around us. But my health did deteriorate immediately when the turbines were on....I had ringing in my ears, it felt like there was something crawling in my ears -- I said ‘what in earth is going on?' And then the shadowing effect when the sun is behind the blade, it was so bad, I just thought the top was going to blow off the top of my head. But we went camping in July and it cleared up -- I didn't have a headache, I wasn't going to bathroom as frequently, I had none of the itchy ears. I came back and it immediately started again. When the blades were facing the house, I couldn't concentrate at all, I couldn't sleep, my body would finally I started to clue in that something had to be going on with the turbines. I could tell before I got out of bed, just based on how I felt, whether they were running."

The Author
from the website of Dr Nina Pierpont, author of Wind Turbine Syndrome

"If people are so disturbed by their headaches, tinnitus, panic, sleeplessness, or disrupted children that they must move or abandon their homes to get away from wind turbine noise and vibration, then that noise and vibration is significant, because the symptoms it causes are significant. The role of an ethical acoustician is to figure out what type and intensity of noise or vibration creates particular symptoms, and to propose effective control measures. My study subjects make it clear that their problems are caused by noise and vibration. Some symptoms in some subjects are also triggered by moving blade shadows."

The Government
Report prepared for Ontario government by Ramani Ramakrishnan, Acoustician

"Additional research is still required to make definitive conclusions about wind turbine noise impacts as well as human response to wind farms. In addition, detailed research on meteorological conditions, and their impact on sound generation needs to be undertaken to realise definitive conclusions."

The Industry
Sean Whittaker, Vice-President, Canadian Wind Energy Association

"There have been studies published in all kinds of peer reviewed journals that say there's no link here. Now, all that aside, there are still people who claim to have impacts on their health -- we don't know why. Health is very complicated thing and we don't dismiss their claims. If they're feeling unhealthy, they're feeling unhealthy. But there's nothing in the scientific literature to suggest it is the wind turbines doing this."

Wind power capacity by province
Canadian Wind Energy Association, American Wind Energy Association

1 kilowatt = power for 10 light bulbs
1 megawatt = power for 225 homes
1 industrial wind turbine can generate
between 700 kilowatts and 2.5 megawatts

Alberta 523.97 megawatts; Saskatchewan 171.18 megawatts; Manitoba 103.95 megawatts; Ontario 521 megawatts; Quebec 422.25 megawatts; Nova Scotia 59.26 megawatts; Prince Edward Island 72.367 megawatts; Newfoundland 390 kilowatts; Yukon 810 kilowatts

To Orwell Today,

Looks good Jackie.

No response yet to my simple question (powered wind turbines). One would think that if I was WAY off, they could/would respond with diatribe, and use my stupidity as examplary of someone who is not "green."

-Paul Sheridan

*Stephen sends in the correction that if 1 kilowatt powers 10 lightbulbs, 700 kilowatts would power 7,000 lightbulbs

Wind chill: Losing the PR battle over wind power. National Post, Nov 7, 2008

Are windmill turbines making some people sick?. National Post, Nov 7, 2008

Wind power capacity by province. National Post, Nov 7, 2008

OBAMA WILL BANKRUPT COAL INDUSTRY (if somebody builds coal-powered plant they're going to be charged huge sum) & Palin attacks Obama over coal (he's comfortable with industry bankruptcy). YouTube/CBS, Nov 2, 2008. Go to PENNSYLVANIA COAL WIGAN PIER

Wind energy development to face tougher scrutiny. Ithaca Journal, Oct 31, 2008















Reader Marcel from Netherlands says they tried everything possible by law to prevent windmills from being erected but unfortunately the government endorses the mills and it seems that it doesn't matter anymore, as long as they don't have one in their backyard themselves. It costs all teh dutches a lot of tax Money, but it doesn't seem to matter. Since the rich windmill owners will only get much richer. And it really doesn't contribute to decrease the global warming....)

Reader Eugene points out the phenomenon of thousands of North American windmills that are being powered by electricity coming from the public grid instead of wind power. The scheme was originated by Enron, has been going on for about five years, keeps expanding and very few people have the courage to stand up against it. By now it has grown to a multi-billion dollar fraud, completely controls the media, politicians, environmental organizations, engineering and science associations, fools the public....


WINDMILLS BEAT DAMS ON CAPE (Reader Tom says that as near as he can determine the Cape has no generation capacity of it's own, no coal fired plant, no nuclear plant, no gas turbines, diesel generators, etc....)





GULLIVER ON GM AGRICULTURE (...He desired me to observe a ruined Building upon the Side of a Mountain about three Miles distant, of which he gave me this Account. That he had a very convenient Mill within Half a Mile of his House, turned by a Current from a large River, and sufficient for his own Family as well as a great Number of his Tenants. That, about seven Years ago, a Club of those Projectors came to him with Proposals to destroy this Mill, and build another on the Side of that Mountain, on the long Ridge whereof a long Canal must be cut for a Repository of Water, to be conveyed up by Pipes and Engines to supply the Mill: Because the Wind and Air upon a Height agitated the Water, and thereby made it fitter for Motion: And because the Water descending down a Declivity would turn the Mill with half the Current of a River whose Course is more upon a Level. He said, that being then not very well with the Court, and pressed by many of his Friends, he complyed with the Proposal; and after employing an Hundred Men for two Years, the Work miscarryed, the Projectors went off, laying the Blame entirely upon him; railing at him ever since, and putting others upon the same Experiment, with equal Assurance of Success, as well as equal Disappointment...)

9.Keeping Masses Down & 14.Scientific Experimentation

Jackie Jura
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