To Orwell Today,

Dear Jackie Jura --

I have been enjoying your right to the point articles about the wind industry. You are absolutely correct about the politicians in the industry's pocket.

I would like to interest you in another phenomenon: thousands of North American windmills that are being powered by electricity coming from the public grid instead of wind power. The scheme was originated by Enron, has been going on for about five years, keeps expanding and very few people have the courage to stand up against it. By now it has grown to a multi-billion dollar fraud, completely controls the media, politicians, environmental organizations, engineering and science associations, fools the public.

The reports I am reading on the wind industry's performance in the UK indicate that at least some of the scheme's elements exist there. Let me know if you would wish to post something of mine.

--Eugene Kalwa

Greetings Eugene,

Ever since (well even before) learning how inefficient windmill power is (on large scales other than down on the farm) I've figured it was a scam. I never imagined that they would actually be powering the things with electricity but I should have guessed. It's really quite laughable and very Orwellian AND Swiftian.

If you have an article on the subject I would be interested in sharing it with readers.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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