To Orwell Today

Dear Jackie,

May I compliment you on your good article about the windustry: WINDMILLS ARE GREEN STALINISM

I live in the Netherlands, and the same problem is starting to rise here too. We just got 2 big windmills next to our house. And the local devastation is enormous. It is really not fun living next to them.

Since we tried everything possible by law to prevent those mills from being erected, unfortunately the government endorses the mills and it seems that it doesn't matter anymore. as long as they don't have one in their backyard themselves. It costs all teh dutches a lot of tax Money, but it doesn't seem to matter. Since the rich windmill owners will only get much richer. And it really doesn't contribute to decrease the global warming.

Before I visited your website, I also got the idea about the green Stalinism. It really scares me a lot! Is there nothing that can be done to prevent this???

Kinds regards,

Marcel van den Bosch

Greetings Marcel,

Sorry to hear that you have those atrocities next to your house. They're building them all over the world. I saw some this summer in England.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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