"The risk to the general population is very low.
...In fact, patients that are in hospital are getting better.
...Risks are also minimized by ...washing hands frequently."
~ Ontario's Public Safety Commissioner

(coming to a town near you)

Ever heard the expression "It's playing out right before our very eyes?" Well, people in Toronto [2003] have a ringside seat and many of them are involuntary bit-part actors.

It's a trial run for THE HEALTH CRUSADERS! - coming to a town near all of us soon - depending on the success of this debut performance.

The actors have all been given their script, and they're playing out opening scenes. Here's the general plot line:

Curtain goes up:

ACT I: SARS (short for Silly Arse disease)

Cast of characters (everyone plays themself):

World Health Organization (one of Big Brother's little brothers - BB's WHO)
Government Officials
Health Care Personnel - administrative and practical
Cops (of course)
The Public (patients AND patients' contacts)
Armed Forces (that's not us)

- Government makes a new law giving itself totalitarian powers in the case of an emergency

- An emergency is created -- in this case, SARS (last summer it was West Nile virus)

- Minister of Health declares an emergency

- Then so and so shuts down the hospital

- Police seal off area with yellow tape and model masks & gloves

- Thousands of people are told to wear masks at home (How is that going to be enforced?)

- Isolation for ten days is recommended

- Another hospital shuts its doors to acutely ill people on the orders of its so and so, based on the mere suspicioun that someone from the original hospital had been transferred there (even though this person did not show symptoms and may not still be a patient)

- Wait and see if these measures are sufficient

- Government warns that it may use its new powers to suspend EVEN MORE civil liberties in order to "keep everybody safe"

Curtain comes down. Next act soon. This is only an intermission. Suggest you stay in your seats.

written, produced, choreographed, directed etc etc
by BIG BROTHER & Associates
~ presented by Jackie Jura ~

While you wait for the next act, read: GULLIVER DESCRIBES MEDICINE and an excerpt from ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE (a 1969 James Bond movie describing the Foot and Mouth epidemic in England that came out thirty years before it happened!)[Note: Ian Fleming wrote for MI6 -jj]



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SPRAYING RAID ON HUMANS (on account of West Nile virus) and BIO-CHEM WARFARE

STAGED EVENTS aka ORDER OUT OF CHAOS and 14.Scientific Experimentation

Pearson urged to screen for SARS
Toronto Star, Mar 27, 2003

The World Health Organization recommended today that all travellers boarding international flights leaving Toronto be screened for symptoms of SARS in a bid to stop the spread of the deadly disease. "What WHO is recommending is that in affected areas, that countries might want to begin screening passengers leaving so they don't export the disease," spokesman Dick Thompson said from Geneva. Thompson said the recommendation was conveyed to Canadian officials today. The recommendation applies to any country in which there has been local transmission of severe acute respiratory syndrome - in other words, where it is known that cases aren't restricted to people who became infected during travel in Southeast Asia.

In Toronto, where there are 28 probable and at least 10 suspected cases of SARS, much of the spread of the disease has resulted from local or secondary transmission. Two people who became infected while travelling in Asia went on to infect family members, hospital workers who cared for them and, in at least one case, a man who shared a hospital room with an infected person.

There was no immediate word from Health Canada as to whether it would act on the WHO recommendation. The move came as provincial health officials took the unusual step of ordering Toronto hospitals closed to almost all visitors. The only exceptions: people visiting critically ill patients and parents visiting children. Anyone entering a hospital will have to don a protective mask and sign a log so that officials can keep tabs on who has been in area hospitals. "We are not taking any chances with SARS," Dr. Colin D'Cunha, the provincial medical officer of health, told a news conference.

All hospital staff in Toronto and Simcoe County to the north are now required to wear protective clothing and signs were to be posted at hospitals explaining the limits to visitors. Isolation units were also to be set up at all hospitals and staff who had worked at affected hospitals since March 16 were prohibited from working at others. All volunteer programs and patient transfers between hospitals were suspended.

Three Canadians have died of the disease, which has claimed 53 lives worldwide since Feb. 1. The latest WHO figures suggest at least 1,408 people around the world have been infected with SARS since that date.

The closure of hospitals to unnecessary visitors followed even more dramatic moves earlier in the week, when the Ontario government declared the SARS outbreak a health emergency and city public health authorities asked thousands of people to quarantine themselves. The quarantine policy applies to anyone who visited the Scarborough Grace Hospital - the nexus of a growing cluster of cases - since March 16. They are being asked to stay in their homes for 10 days after their visit. Toronto's medical officer of health, Dr. Sheila Basrur, likens the move to digging a trench around a forest fire in a bid to contain its spread. The quarantine policy applies to potentially thousands of people in the city. They have been told to wear protective masks at all times in their homes. Anyone who shares a household with a person in quarantine can continue to go to work or school, so long as the quarantined person remains well. Household members also need to wear masks will at home and people have been urged to sleep in separate rooms if possible.

Tony Clement, the province's health minister, praised health-care workers working to control the spread of severe acute respiratory syndrome and promised that the government would provide "any and all resources needed to combat this disease." Controlling the spread of SARS to health-care workers was a key concern of public health officials; in Southeast Asia, where the disease has hit hardest, hospital workers have been the main victims of the infection. "The risk to the general population is very low," said Dr. James Young, Ontario's Public Safety Commissioner. "In fact, patients that are in hospital are getting better. Risks are also minimized by taking precautions" like washing hands frequently, he said.

On Wednesday, Mount Sinai Hospital closed its intensive-care unit after officials became aware that a patient who had been cared for there later went on to develop SARS. And Scarborough Grace Hospital - where two patients died of SARS and many workers have become infected with the disease - was closed to new patients.

Jackie Jura
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