"In the vast laboratories of the Ministry of Peace
the teams of experts are indefatigably at work searching for
new and deadlier gases, or for soluble poisons
capable of being produced in such quantities as
to destroy the vegetation of whole continents, or for
breeds of disease germs
immunized against all possible antibodies
~ Geroge Orwell, 1984


Vaccine Beast 2

"A mighty and horrible monster with...all the evils of Pandora's box in his belly,
plague, pestilence, leprosy, purple blotches, foetid ulcers, and filthy running sores covering his body,
and an atmosphere of accumulated disease, pain and death around him,
has made his appearance in the world, and devours mankind."
~ Vaccinae Vindicia, 1807

This section of ORWELL TODAY will post stories relating to disease, epidemics, vaccinations etc, which are part of BIG BROTHER's goal of "power over human beings -- over the body, but, above all, over the mind" as described in "1984". See 5.BB Pyramidal New World Order & 14.BB Scientific Experimentation & 35.BB's Brotherhood & 42.BB Tell's Why.

If you want a picture of the future
imagine a boot stamping on a human face - for ever

This biological-chemical warfare section is by no means all-inclusive because there are too many Orwellian examples worldwide to keep up with. These are just a sampling.

All the best,
Jackie Jura, 2001








watch SWINE FLU TV AD 1976




















Millions of crickets wreak havoc (wiping out crops in 5 USA states). Scotsman, Jun 30,2003. Go to TEN BIBLICAL PLAGUES

AGRO-TERRORISM poses devastating threat (insects-viruses-bacteria-fungi aimed at wiping out crops). Pittsburgh, May 23, 2003. Go to FOOD CONTROL



Vaccine contains bird & AIDS viruses (created by USA gov't & drug companies & injected into 16,000 Thailandese). BBC, Jan 15, 2004 & NZ gov't issues Bird Flu warning (Vietnam-Cambodia-Taiwan-Indonesia). NZoom, Jan 15, 2004

Botched vaccinations blamed for Aids in Africa (children get 44 injections). Times, Feb 25, 2003

AIDS ORIGINS (the site hosted by researcher Ed Hooper that seeks to provide impartial and uncensored information about the origins of the AIDS pandemic)

THE ORIGIN OF AIDS, by Tom Curtis, Rolling Stone Magazine (a startling new theory attempts to answer the question 'Was it an act of God or an act of Man?")

AIDS from polio vaccine in the heart of darkness. Times, Nov 12, 1999
In 1959, Albert Sabin reported that the oral polio vaccine being tested in the Belgian Congo by his arch rival, Hilary Koprowski, was contaminated with an unidentified virus....Between 1957 and 1960, over 900,000 people in central Africa received Koprowski's oral polio vaccine. The earliest specimen of human blood infected with HIV came from Leopoldville in the Belgian Congo in 1959. This part of Africa, so heavily saturated with polio vaccine in the 1950s, had subsequently become decimated by AIDS. The claims were that SIV contaminated the vaccine during its preparation in infected chimpanzee tissue, and that, once in human beings, the simian virus quickly evolved into HIV. Curtis asked Robert Gallo, the co-discoverer of HIV, for his opinion of this theory. It was, Gallo agreed, "a theoretical possibility"....


Potent antibiotic fights anthrax (will lead to drug resistance). Wired, Apr 10, 2003

UK troops reject anthrax jab. BBC, Feb 11, 2003

Oz sailors refuse anthrax shot (sent home with no answers). ABC News, Feb 11, 2003

Troops freeze sperm before deploying (in case of death or disease caused by war or vaccines). USA Today, Jan 27, 2003. Go to MAMAS DON'T LET YOUR BABIES

Troops urged to sign anthrax waiver (promising not to sue gov't for vaccination-caused illness). Telegraph, Jan 24, 2003

Needle and damage done (anthrax vaccine given soldiers has killed & maimed thousands). London Times, Nov 27, 2002

Vaccine scares off troops (85% react to anthrax shot). CBS News, Oct 24, 2002

ANTHRAX IN BRAVE NEW WORLD and HUXLEY'S BRAVE NEW WORLD and ANTHRAX THE MOVIE (another one of those "life imitates art" things)

Anthrax vaccine for thousands in USA (preparation unlicensed,controversial), Washington Post, Dec 19, 2001. Go to 14.Scientific Experimentation

Why anthrax vaccine is scarce, Wired News, Oct 10, 2001.


Judge acquits tainted blood doctors. CBC, Oct 1, 2007
Four doctors and a U.S. drug company were acquitted of criminal charges relating to the distribution of a tainted blood-clotting product that left many infected with HIV and hepatitis C in one of Canada's biggest public health disasters. After an 18-month trial, Superior Court Justice Mary Lou Benotto acquitted former officials from the Canadian Red Cross Society, Health Canada and New Jersey-based Armour Pharmaceutical Co. of criminal negligence causing bodily harm and common nuisance endangering the public....Many survivors, who were in the Toronto courtroom for the judge's ruling, were shocked and visibly upset by the acquittals...

School board cancels blood drive (until homosexual men can donate). CBC, Mar 19, 2004

Blood scandal connected to politicians (USA's former president Clinton & Canada's would-be prime minister Martin). WorldNetDaily, Nov 22, 2002

CANADA'S TAINTED BLOOD SCANDAL (Hep-C & HIV knowingly transfused for money & to not offend gays). National Post, Nov 21, 2002

Charges filed in Canada blood case (thousands infected with Hep-C & HIV after getting blood from USA inmates). Yahoo!AP, Nov 20, 2002


Bubonic plague closes USA park (2 squirrels & a cat suspected). Mercury News, Aug 28, 2002


Soft-drink risk is chemical in can (Bisphenol A seeps into liquid causing cancer & other diseases). MontrealGazette, Dec 18, 2006. Go to POP CAN CHEMICAL CAUSES CANCER

Abortion pill now non-prescription (levonorgestrel (Plan B) supported by Society of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists, Canadian Medical Association, Canadian Pharmacists Association, College of Physicians & Surgeons & Canadian Nurses Association). CBC, Apr 20, 2005

Baby hormone stops breast cancer ("a way to alter breast cells without having a baby would be really nice"). BBC, Apr 19, 2005. Go to ABORTION/BREAST CANCER LINK

Experimental cervical cancer vaccine (study by pharmaceutical Merck & Co). Globe & Mail, Nov 21, 2002

Polio shots caused cancer (vaccine made in monkey kidney). Rense.com, Oct 22, 2002

Vaccine in potatoes and bananas (to prevent cervical cancer). BBC, Aug 5, 2002


Canadians sue vaccine makers (Hep-B & DPT cause autism). Vancouver Prov, Feb 25, 2003

Parents sue over vaccine damage (GlaxoSmithKlein deny side effects). BBC News, Sep 16, 2002

FREE YURKO website (baby dies from DPT vaccine but father convicted for Shaking Baby)


SARS taught WHO prepare EBOLA
EbolaLearnSarsPic EbolaSarsNews
Experimental Ebola vaccine tested on humans
Vaccine Beast 2 EbolaVaccineTrial ChinaWhoHead
WHO/BigPharma fast-track Ebola injections
EbolaSuitUp EbolaHorror EbolaStayCalm
WHO head Chan says Ebola worst epidemic
News, Oct 16, 2014

Scientists create Ebola vaccine (will use on higher primates soon). BBC, Dec 11, 2003.


ZigBee, Wikipedia (ZigBee is a specification for a suite of high level communication protocols using small, low-power digital radios based on an IEEE 802 standard for personal area networks. ZigBee devices are often used in mesh network form to transmit data over longer distances, passing data through intermediate devices to reach more distant ones. This allows ZigBee networks to be formed ad-hoc, with no centralized control or high-power transmitter/receiver able to reach all of the devices. Any ZigBee device can be tasked with running the network. ZigBee is targeted at applications that require a low data rate, long battery life, and secure networking. ZigBee has a defined rate of 250 kbit/s, best suited for periodic or intermittent data or a single signal transmission from a sensor or input device. Applications include wireless light switches, electrical meters with in-home-displays, traffic management systems, and other consumer and industrial equipment that requires short-range wireless transfer of data at relatively low rates. The technology defined by the ZigBee specification is intended to be simpler and less expensive than other WPANs, such as Bluetooth. The name refers to the waggle dance of honey bees after their return to the beehive....

SmartMeterZigBee watch Navy warfare expert blows whistle on Smart Meters, YouTube, Sep 30, 2012
...I'm a retired Canadian Air Forces Captain...I spent 26 years in the military, of which 22 were in signals intelligence or electronic warfare and radio warfare...Twenty months ago my daughter called me and asked if I knew anything about "Smart Meters" and I said "no"...She asked if I would look into them for her and I said I would...I became concerned when I learned that they planned on using wireless technology, only because of my background. When I looked further and found out that every smart meter has a second radio transmitter inside called a Zig Bee -- it too is wireless -- and the plan is that that Zig Bee will, in future, invade, control up to 15 other "smart" appliances from your furnace, your refrigerator, your dishwasher.... Anything with a motor in your house will eventually become a "smart" appliance...They are extremely dangerous. If only people take the time, especially when you realize that whatever EMR -- Electro Magnetic Radiation - they emit will simply be added on top of all the other devices we currently have from your WiFi routers, your local area networks, your cell phones, your smart phones, your baby monitors, your cordless phones etc... There are something like 30-odd devices, all of which emit pulse microwave radiation. We're now breathing this. You add on top of that all of this stuff that nobody knows, not even the utilities know yet, how much the aggregate amount that will be, and that's definitely scary...

Russians used wireless warfare on Americans in 1976 (Moscow microwaved USA Embassy killing dozens), Castanet, Sep 30, 2012

20ReasonsNoMeter 20 Reasons "Smart" Meters are NOT Smart

Citizens against Smart Meters launch Human Rights case (empowering the public to protect themselves), CitizensForSafeTechnology, Sep 30, 2012




Vaccine Inject WHO says H1N1 pandemic flu vaccine safe (target: unborn/teenagers/young adults). VOA, Oct 31, 2009

WHO is making a profit from swine flu? (vaccine maker GSK = Great Swine flu Killing). London Times, Oct 31, 2009

Vaccine Grim Swine flu jab linked to killer nerve disease (gov't & neurologists hiding info from public). Daily Mail, Oct 31, 2009

Reader sends a follow-up article and music video on the H1N1 swine flu vaccine. See SONG: WE DON'T WANT YOUR SWINE-FLU VACCINATION, YouTube

Vaccine Kids H1N1-Swine flu is an Illuminati hoax (intimidate people into taking untested vaccine). Reality Check, Sep 28, 2009. Go to ORWELLIAN VACCINES NANO-CHIPPED?

Some resistant to mandatory flu shots (an encroachment on our liberties). UPI, Sep 28, 2009

School yards will be HINI battlegrounds (expect parental angst over flu shot). Cancom, Sep 28, 2009


Tamiflu causes sickness/nightmares in children. The Times, Jul 31, 2009

Flu gives WHO extra power (detention & compulsory medical examination). TVNZ, Jun 11, 1009. Go to FLU GIVES WHO MORE POWER

Pandemic means time to get impersonal (only UN diplomats can still shake hands) & WHO declares flu full-scale pandemic ("can now reap benefits of investments") & WHO close to declaring H1N1 flu pandemic (mixture of swine-bird-human viruses) & Canada ups flu vaccine research $11-million (WHO says H1N1 swine strain needed) & Deal on 90-million UK swine flu vaccines (regardless whether or not pandemic). BBC/CTV/Reut, Jun 7-11, 2009

Deal on 90-million UK swine flu vaccines. BBC, May 15, 2009

Lessons of 1976: swine flu fear, wasted millions (more people died from vaccination than flu). GlobeMail, May 3, 2009

SWINE FLU TV AD 1976" (scare tactic "Get a shot of protection - the swine flu shot). YouTube

Flu Mask Germ-killing masks up 450% since flu (a global industry; market is the planet) & Cashing in on swine flu fears (face masks/hand sanitizers/vaccines). Cancom/Macleans, Apr 27, 2009

"Stop calling it swine flu" say pig farmers (can't get flu from eating pork). Cancom, Apr 27, 2009

China's Dr Flu of WHO says pandemic imminent (tells pharmaceutical industry to ramp it up) & World moves to contain flu spread (WHO says could mutate into dangerous strain). BBC, Apr 27, 2009

Pre-pandemic flu vaccine push (to get before post-pandemic shot). PharmaTimes, Aug 6, 2007

WHO puts bird flu drug maker on alert (infected 48 people in Indonesia; second highest after Vietnam's 42). Forbes, May 27, 2006

China WHO head will focus on flu (hard line on countries hindering or not complying on vaccines). BBC, Jan 5, 2007

Killer germ set to emerge in force ("old foe with new fangs"). Canada.com, Jan 2, 2007. Go to DEADLY PANDEMIC FLU SONG

China's Dr Flu to head WHO (as it prepares to deal with a pandemic). Scotsman, Nov 9, 2006. Go to CHINA'S DR FLU HEAD'S WHO

Scientists aim to beat bird flu with genetically modified chickens ("Once we have regulatory approval, we believe it will only take between four and five years to breed enough chickens to replace the entire world population."). The Times, Oct 29, 2005


WHO says stockpile 'bird flu' drug (pandemic means windfall profits for H591 Tamiflu makers). BBC, Oct 15, 2005

MAN-MADE FLU WEAPON (methods for making strain of influenza capable of triggering human flu pandemic). Canadian Press, Mar 8, 2005

Killer flu remade (lethal on animals & humans). BBC, Oct 11, 2005

Vaccine contains bird & AIDS viruses (created by USA gov't & drug companies & injected into 16,000 Thailandese). BBC, Jan 15, 2004 & NZ gov't issues Bird Flu warning (Vietnam-Cambodia-Taiwan-Indonesia). NZoom, Jan 15, 2004

Flu shot paralyzes executive (got Buillain Barre syndrome). Globe & Mail, Nov 18, 2002

Flu shots fail to ease ER crowding (Ontario's $44-million a year mass vaccination program resulted in increase flu cases). Aug 14, 2002

Canada leads world in flu shots (thanks to aggressive information campaigns, Health Canada buying them "in bulk" and giving them free to widest possible audience). National Post, May 30, 2002

Madagascar flu death toll nears 700 (secondary infections killing those with low immune systems). Voice of America News, Aug 28, 2000


50,000 UK troops with Gulf illness & 102,000 US troops (related to war or inoculations). Guardian, Jun 11, 2004

WHO says Bird Flu could go global (USA will activate flu-pandemic plan). SydneyHerald, Jan 16, 2004

Vaccines linked to Gulf War syndrome (anthrax, botulism & other bio agents). Guardian, Jan 12, 2004

TROOPS BREATHING FECAL MATTER (military to test Kabul's air quality). Ottawa Citizen, Jan 4, 2003

Army forcing out sick Gulf War vets (chucked on scrap heap & denied medical pensions to save money). Telegraph, Dec 3, 2003

Oz troops show uranium sickness (from Iraq War II). SydneyMH, Jun 28, 2003

War vaccines poisoned troops (Gulf War Syndrome II). ThisIsLondon, May 27, 2003

Gulf vet seeks help (cleared uranium in bare hands). Province, May 5, 2003

19 million birds slaughtered (due to one suspicious death & Dutch may slaugher 100-million). Scotsman, Apr 30, 2003. Go to 28.Reality Control and HEALTH CRUSADERS: ACT IV

Forced vaccines haunt Gulf vets (tens of thousands suffering Gulf War syndrome). Wired News, Nov 7, 2002


CANADA'S TAINTED BLOOD SCANDAL (Hep-C & HIV knowingly transfused for money & to not offend gays). National Post, Nov 21, 2002

Charges filed in Canada blood case (thousands infected with Hep-C & HIV after getting blood from USA inmates). Yahoo!AP, Nov 20, 2002


Worries about HPV vaccine side effects. CTV, Sep 14, 2007
Vaccinations began this week for many Grade 8 girls across the country against HPV, the virus that is linked to cervical cancer. But there remain lingering questions about the vaccine's safety. The vaccine, called Gardasil, is designed to protect against four strains of HPV linked to genital warts and cervical cancer. At least four provinces are rolling out mass innoculations. Health authorities in the U.S. and Canada say the vaccine is safe, though there have been some adverse reactions...."Through the end of June, approximately 7 million doses have been distributed in the U.S....Shannon Nelson, an 18-year-old athlete from outside of Chicago, wonders about the vaccine. She got the HPV shot at the same time as two other vaccines. Within a week, she developed Guillian-Barre Syndrome (GBS), a mysterious autoimmune disorder that causes muscle weakness and paralysis....There also have been seven deaths reported in the U.S after an HPV injection. But four have been attributed to other causes. In three cases, officials say there's insufficient data to conclude the HPV vaccine was the cause.... "The vaccine does appear to be safe," says Dr. Theresa Tam, the Public Health Agency of Canada's associate director of immunization. "And the rare reports of serious events are quite in line with what we would expect to regularly see in the population that hasn't received the vaccine." "The risk versus the benefit is such that you're looking at a very rare side effect versus the benefit of getting immunized, and the benefit still outweighs the risk. According to Health Canada, HPV is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases in Canada...

Educate on HPV before medicating. Cambridge Times, Sep 13, 2007
I warn parents to take the time and educate before you dictate. The vaccination Gardasil that is aimed at young girls to help prevent the spread of the human papilloma virus (HPV) has many dangerous side effects, including death. Girls throughout the world who have taken this drug have died, some have experienced fainting or temporary paralysis...."Of the 42 women who received the vaccine while pregnant, 18 experienced side effects ranging from spontaneous abortion to fetal abnormalities." The three deaths were caused by heart problems or blood clots after the patients received Gardasil. Parents, once again, please take the time to educate before you medicate. Your daughter's life could depend on it.


The gospel according to Bill Clinton. Washington Post, Sep 30, 2007 (...The current Atlantic Monthly magazine has an article on how Clinton’s Foundation is organizing efficient markets for public goods, starting with AIDS drugs. It is a complex initiative led by Ira Magaziner which effectively ensures that poor countries can purchase large quantities of life-saving drugs for their populations at a favorable price. And while Clinton’s people work out the charts and the deals, he is preparing his next sermon in a series that could be called the Gospel of Giving....



Dark cloud over Gates good works (profits off disease his companies cause, vaccinating/pills impoverished victims). LATimes, Jan 7, 2007

Gates wants drugs in vaginal cream for AIDS. Times, Aug 14, 2006
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which Mr Gates runs with his wife, has so far contributed $1.9 billion (£1 billion) and recently announced a further $500 million grant to a Geneva-based fund that helps those suffering from the virus. Mr Gates told the opening session of the 16th International Aids Conference in Toronto, which has attracted 24,000 scientists, activists and health workers, that the search for a vaccine to prevent the HIV virus, and universal treatment of those infected, remained his foundation's top priorities....Also attending the conference are Bill Clinton, the former US president, as well as international Aids experts such as Dr. Peter Piot, a microbiologist and founder of UNAids, and Stephen Lewis, the U.N. envoy for HIV/Aids in Africa....


Foot-and-mouth in vaccine not animals (111,000 UK farms affected; 10m cows, 23m sheep, 5m pigs) & Health institute may be F&M cause (made 100 million vials of vaccine of same strain found in cows). BBC, Aug 6, 2007

Mad Cow vaccine almost ready (avoids large-scale slaughter presently used to detect). Toronto Star, Jun 2, 2003

Mad Cow case in Canada (USA immediately bans imports which total $2.5-billion/yr). Boston.com, May 20, 2003


Slaughter of water buffalo angers couple. National Post, Aug 15, 2002
Vancouver Island couple reeling over news that 14 of their animals slaughtered on federal orders to check for mad cow disease did NOT have the illness.

Water Buffalo taken to slaughter. National Post, July 29, 2002
14 pure, healthy animals from a herd of 42 were ordered by federal inspectors to be slaughtered and their brains checked by scientists as part of Canada's "zero-tolerance" policy on mad cow disease. The only way veterinarians can tell if an animal has BSE is by checking its brain after it has died.


DEADLY IMMUNITY: The Government Cover-Up of a Mercury/Autism Scandal, by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Rolling Stone Magazine, July 2005

Anti-MMR parents are "child abusers" (vaccine makers & their doctors blame mothers for autism). Femail.co.uk, Feb 27, 2004

Autism rate doubles in Calif (& some states even worse & no end in sight). SanFranChron, May 14, 2003

Autism linked to vaccines (forced by gov't & pharmaceuticals). UPI, May 6, 2003

GPs drop those refusing MMR jab (get money for reaching vaccine quotas). London Telegraph, Jan 24, 2003

MMR vaccine linked to Autism (20,000 victims in UK). London Herald, Aug 27, 2002

AUTISM RESEARCH INSTITUTE (website presents the latest research on autism, including its possible connections to vaccinations)

Blair silent over Leo's MMR jab (vaccine linked to autism/bowel disease). London Telegraph, Dec 20, 2001. Go to 8.Classes of People

Anti-MMR doctor is forced out (research linked vaccine to autism/bowel disease), London Telegraph, Dec 12, 2001

Vaccinations hurt by scare tactics: study (vaccine promoters worried about growing opposition). National Post, Nov 9, 2001. Go to 22.Doublethink


Lawsuit over CIA mind-control study (Canadian government helped finance) & Ex-patient tells of CIA torture (pills, shocks, brainwashing). Mercury/GlobeMail, Jan 11, 2007. Go to 40.Electric Shock Brainwashing & CANADA'S CIA MIND-CONTROL HERO

Doctors hope to switch off brain's craving for tobacco. London Times, Jan 25, 2007
A study of smokers who suffered strokes has shown that part of the brain, the insula, appears to be intimately involved in their addiction, indicating that it could be targeted to help people to give up the habit. Patients who had strokes that damaged the insula, which is thought to be involved in emotions and cravings, lost the urge to smoke immediately, and many have not touched a cigarette since. The findings suggest the possibility of helping smokers to give up by manipulating the insula to kill their addiction, without causing the extensive brain damage of a stroke. Drugs could be developed to alter its activity, or it could be disrupted using magnetic fields. Another technique called deep brain stimulation, in which electrodes are implanted in the brain to switch off particular areas, has already been used successfully to treat Parkinson’s disease and depression...“The insula also carries out lots of normal everyday functions, so we would want to make sure we only interfere with functions that disrupt bad habits like smoking but not something vital like eating,” said Antoine Bechara, of the University of Southern California (USC) and the University of Iowa, who led the research. Nevertheless, the work is exciting because damage to the insula appears to break many smokers’ habits instantly; their brains seem to forget that they are supposed to crave cigarettes. “There is a lot of potential for pharmacological developments,” Dr Bechara said. “One of the most difficult problems in any form of addiction is the difficulty in stopping the urge to smoke, to take a drug, or to eat for that matter. Now we have identified a brain target for further research into dealing with that urge.”...The insula-damaged patients, however, gave up because it no longer occurred to them to smoke.

MICROCHIP MAKES VOICES HEARD (governments push pharmaceuticals). Dec 20, 2006

Medical journal advocates LSD in labs (ecstasy & magic mushrooms too for stress disorder & headache). Guardian, Apr 14, 2006 & LSD A CIA PROJECT & BE LEERY OF LEARY ON JFK & THINKING INSIDE YOUR SKULL (mind manipulation & control technologies are being used today)


LSD project at CIA uncovered (administered LSD & electric shock to unwitting human subjects). Washington Post, Jun 22, 2005 & LSD A CIA PROJECT. National Post, Jun 22, 2005

Patients get 999 chip implants (computer in body allows medics to take control from miles away). Times, Jun 12, 2005

Foster kids on mind-altering drugs (doctors-pharmaceutical companies-caregivers blunting even toddlers' emotions; taking away their future, their ability to relate to people, their trust-love-caring-empathy). SanAntonia WOAI, Nov 11, 2004

Antidepressants cause suicide in kids (FDA wants black-box warning on: Anafranil, Aventyl, Celexa, Cymbalta, Desyrel, Effexor, Elavil, Lexapro, Ludiomil, Luvox, Marplan, Nardil, Norpramin, Pamelor, Parnate, Paxil, Pexeva, Prozac, Remeron, Sarafem, Serzone, Sinequan, Surmontil, Symbyax, Tofranil, Tofranil-PM, Triavil, Vivactil, Wellbutrin, Zoloft & Zyban). AP NewsFlash, Oct 18, 2004

ADHD disease a 100% fraud (public brainwashed by tyranny of experts drugging 8 million children for profit). Insight, Dec 14, 2003

Toxins (LSD) in baby food (gov't says ok to eat). National Post, Jun 6, 2003

Injection sites cost millions (planners want $56-million/yr for 1,000 drop-ins/day). Vancouver Sun, May 5, 2003. Go to FEEDING OFF MISERY


Sharp rise in psychiatric drugs (used on adults & children - 'knocks the fight out of them'). SanFranChron, Jan 14, 2003

New drug a brain stimulant. London Guardian. Nov 7, 2002
New drug "modanfil" could be alternative to Ritalin, or jet-lagged travellers, and pick-me-up before work ...Downside is it's addictive.

Ecstasy pills are deadly (have nine dangerous chemicals). National Post, Oct 27, 2002

Paxil users suicidal/violent (withdrawal gives electric shock). NY Post, Oct 21, 2002

A helpful street drug (causes & treats schizophrenia). National Post, Oct 21, 2002

Ecstasy causes brain damage (users get Parkinson's later). National Post, Sep 27, 2002


Babies to be given 25 vaccinations in a year. Daily Mail, Feb 9, 2006

Babies to get more vaccinations. London Times, Nov 7, 2002
New combinations will include: MMR + Chicken Pox; DPT + Meningitis B; DPT + Meningitis B + Polio + Hepatitis B. The risks of combining several viruses in one vaccine are unknown, although the triple vaccine, MMR, has caused illnesses that kill children and leave others permanently damaged.


Pentagon tested bio/chems on 5,842 GIs (w/o their knowledge from 1962-1973). Newsday, Jun 30, 2003

Iraqis coming down with radiation sickness (bloody diarrhoea, nosebleeds, rashes). Guardian, Jun 28, 2003


USA to use toxins in Iraq (contravening Chem Weapon treaty). Independent, Mar 2, 2003

Bio med stocks up 70% (profit in new vaccines depends on bio-terror for market). Financial Post, Jan 22, 2003

Scientist pioneered bio warfare (developed crop destroying blights & anthrax-encephalitis-yellow fever & 50 other viruses & agents). National Post, Jan 18, 2003

Weapons on crowds & individuals (loud noises-bright lights-horrific odors-electric shocks-dense smoke-slippery greases-microwave radiation-mind-altering agents etc). NY Times, Nov 6, 2002. Go to 12.Ministry of Peace

Non-lethal weapons hurt (sick, repugnant and illegal). Wired News, Oct 28, 2002
Joint-Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate (JNLWD), established by Congress in 1997 under Marine Corps command, is obsessed with developing a high-tech arsenal that contravenes USA and international law. "Forcing drugs on large crowds of civilians is sick, repugnant and illegal". Non-lethals include: calmatives, better known as psychotropic, cental nervous system depressants or, more simply, downers inlude such substances as fentanyls (an ultra-potent, heroin-like synthetic) and rohypnol, aka "roofies," the so-called date-rape drug -- as crowd-control machanisms; sedative Precedes, which increases a patient's sensitivity to electroshock, as an instrument of torture; active-denial weapons (ADWs), which fire wide-angle 95 gigahertz electromagnetic waves that heat water molecules in the outer skin and cause debilitatin pain (ADWs target innocent bystanders as well as enemies); genetically engineered anti-material agents (GAMAs), man-made micro-organisms that eat things like concrete, metal, asphalt, paint and plastic; veiling-glare lasers, wide-angle laser beams in violet to ultraviolet spectrum will blind enemies by making their eyes fluoresce, that is, glow.

Gas is crowd-control weapon (used by gov't on civilians). New Scientiest, Oct 28, 2002
The mystery gas used to end the hostage crisis at a Moscow theatre could be a secret crowd-control weapon. Such gases are known to be in development by governments who want "non-lethal" ways of dealing with civilians during conflicts. Such agents should have been destroyed under the Chemical Weapons Convention. But the CWC contains what campaigners call a loophole, which allows gases for "law enforcement". Secrecy about the identity of the gas suggests it may well be a compound of military origin, rather than a medical anasthetic. Affected hostages are not being allowed to leave the hospital and relatives cannot visit them, possibly to prevent blood samples being taken that would reveal the identity of the gas.

Russians gassed the hostages (experimented with poisonous chemical). London Independent, Oct 27, 2002 & Russia used Knockout Gas (USA declines to criticize). Fox News, Oct 27, 2002. Go to SPRAYING RAID ON HUMANS

Gov't tested nerve gas on humans (sprayed from crop-duster planes). National Post, Oct 10, 2002
The Canadian government allowed the US military to conduct secret tests of chemical and biological weapons on populated areas in Alberta and Saskatchewan during the 1960s. Pentagon declassified documents say deadly nerve agents were exploded in artillery shells and sprayed from crop-dusting planes in a series of experiments that were unknown to Canadians until yesterday... Canada and the United States agreed after the Second World War to co-operate on a number of military fronts, inluding chemical and biological weapons research...

Soldiers used as guinea pigs (with LSD & other chemicals etc). Baltimore Sun, Oct 10, 2002
USA Defense Department released documents admitting that deadly nerve warfare agents were experimentally used on USA military personnel... part of a nine-year program in the United States, the Pacific, Canada and the United Kingdom. More than 5,000 sailors took part in shipboard tests, and 500 soldiers on land... The Edgewood Arsenal testing grounds opened in 1917 in Fort Douglas, Utah... some of the most deadly chemicals known to man were used... there are no details on how the nerve agents were dispersed or how the people involved were protected... Soldiers in 1950s and 1960s were also subjects in tests of LSD and other drugs ... "It is not clear that in every instance people were informed" said Winkenwerder... asked 'Why did they do it?' he replied "...in the Cold War, that's what the government did."...

CDC practices bioterror response (has increased stockpile of drugs & vaccines). Orlando Sentinel, Aug 28, 2002


Nigeria polio cases caused by vaccine (WHO/CDC/UNICEF worry about fallout to US$5.3-billion program so far; may cause parents to refuse again). Canada Press, Sep 28, 2007

Refusing vaccine "unforgivable" says WHO (Nigerians say polio shot a Western plot to make millions of girls infertile). BBC, Feb 27, 2004

Nigerians refusing polio vaccine (a UN plot to spread AIDS & render Muslims infertile like meningitis shot from Pfizer). Seattle Times, Oct 25, 2003. Go to 35.The Brotherhood & 2.Big Brother

Of monkeys and men (polio vaccine causing cancer epidemic). National Post, May 3, 2002
According to group of influential USA scientists, anyone vaccinated against polio before 1963 may be vulnerable. The links between polio vaccine began during the early 1950s when Jonas Salk used monkey kidneys to cluture the great quantities of polio virus needed for his famous vaccine. In 1960, scientists found a virus in the monkey kidneys, known as simian virus 40 (SV40), had contaminated the vaccine. By then, almost 100 million Americans, and millions of Canadians had been given the vaccine... To avoid widespread panic USA officials kept news of the virus secret and did not recall existing stocks of polio vaccine, which lasted until 1963... more than 40 scientific papers have confirmed that a monkey virus entered the human population by the revered polio vaccine... Scientists at National Cancer Institute believe a potential treatment is on the horizon - and may strike some people as ironic - It's a vaccine."

Cancer increase in young adults alarms doctors (up 70% in a decade). National Post, Apr 19, 2002
USA scientists found a possible link... 43% of patients with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma had traces of a monkey virus in their tumours. This virus, known as SV40, contaminated millions of doses of polio vaccine injected into Canadians during the 1950s and 1960s. The researchers believe SV40 may now be spreading through the population at large.

THE POLIO VACCINE AND SIMIAN VIRUS 40: Prominent Polio Vaccine Researcher Confrims Suspicions About Monkey-Virus Contamination.

WHY THIS LETHAL RELENTLESSNESS? by Guliane Lanctot, MD, author of THE MEDICAL MAFIA, describes how and why vaccinations are being used as biological warfare.

AIDS from polio vaccine in the heart of darkness. Times, Nov 12, 1999

SARS (short for Silly Arse disease)


USA man has SARS says WHO (no proof-no link-no symptoms but Toronto back on no-go). TorontoStar, Jun 10, 2003

Fear & loathing in hospital (layers-gloves-masks-cap-disinfectant). Toronto Star, May 30, 2003. Go to QUARANTINE-ISOLATION-SEDATION

Possible-probable-suspect SARS (in 96-yr-old surgical patient who got it WHO-knows-how). National Post, May 30, 2003

China execute quarantine violators (or life imprisonment). WashPost, May 14, 2003

Tawain is a SARS laboratory (video cameras in 2000 homes & quarantine in military camps). NY Times, May 12, 2003

Temperature taken at airport (fevered passsengers banned). CanWest News, Apr 28, 2003. Go to 3.Surveillance & 21.Crimestop

ODDS AGAINST SARS (chances of being murdered or struck by lightning are better). National Post, Apr 24, 2003

$100,000,000 for SARS vaccine (rushed past normal channels). Globe & Mail, Apr 19, 2003. Go to STAGED EVENT

500 more in forced quarantine ("Failure to comply will result in legal action against you"). Toronto Star, Apr 15, 2003. Go to 2.Big Brother & HEALTH CRUSADERS

Cops guard SARS patient 24/7 (isolated for 'societal good'). CBC, Apr 12, 2003. Go to 2.Big Brother & HEALTH CRUSADERS & TERROR BILL IS TERROR

Surveillance cameras installed in homes of quarantined. Drudge Report, Apr 10, 2003. Go to HEALTH CRUSADERS

Disinfectents in high demand (big bucks for Bayer etc). Financial Post, Apr 8, 2003. Go to GERMICIDE MAKERS, ARISE!

WHO gives Toronto an order (quarantine for SARS outbreak). Toronto Star, Mar 27, 2003. Go to 28.Reality Control & HEALTH CRUSADERS


MONKEY POX OUTBREAK! warns CDC (suggest taking smallpox vaccine). WashPost, Jun 8, 2003

Smallpox shot kills nurse (Pentagon gave same to troops). Wash Post, Mar 26, 2003

GIs line up for shots (risking effects as trade-off). Stars & Stripes, Feb 18, 2003

SMALLPOX: DEAD DISEASE RESURRECTED (scam by pharmaceuticals & gov'ts). Doctor Within, Nov 2002

Smallpox shots for 500,000 GIs (first step in mandatory for all). Washington Times, Dec 12, 2002

Britain on smallpox terror alert (vaccine contract to gov't donor). Telegraph, Dec 2, 2002

USA begins vaccinating millions (many will refuse due to risk). Guardian, Nov 27, 2002

Toddlers being experimented on (to be given smallpox vaccination containing a live virus). Baltimore Sun, Nov 1, 2002

USA plans national smallpox vaccination (Russia/ USA have disease in labs. CNN.com, Sep 24, 2002

Mass smallpox innoculation contemplated (it will kill & sicken millions). Washington Post, May 8, 2002

USA buying smallpox vaccination for all Americans, Washington Post, Nov 7, 2001.

Stockpile smallpox vaccine, experts say (researchers vaccinating healthy young adults), National Post, Oct 18, 2001

Anthrax, smallpox vaccines called for, Washington Times, Oct 10, 2001

THE DEMON IN THE FREEZER (How Smallpox Became Biggest BioTerrorist Threat We Face) by Richard Preston, New Yorker, July 12, 1999


Fogging trucks hit the streets ("terrorism at its worst" spraying chemicals on people). CBC, Jul 15, 2005

Anti-fogging protesters arrested (gov't spraying malathion over city). Globe & Mail, Jul 21, 2004. Go to 14.Scientific Experimentation & SPRAYING RAID ON HUMANS

WNV has potential to kill hundreds (CDC creates Mosquito Awareness Week; "Fight the Bite" is their slogan). Scotsman, Jun 24, 2003. Go to 36.Hate Week Volunteerism & 28.Reality Control

WNV now acute flaccid paralysis (attacks healthy middle-aged). National Post, Apr 15, 2003. Go to 16.Minitrue & 17.Falsification & WEST NILE STORY

West Nile flare-up helps CDC practice its bioterror response. Orlando Sentinal, August 28, 2002
As the West Nile outbreak stampedes through Louisiana and other states, federal health officials say they are using the naturally occurring epidemic to fine-tune their response to potential acts of biological, chemical or nuclear terrorism. Officials with the CDC said Tuesday that they are well prepared to handle these kinds of large-scale health incidents -- regardless of whether they are caused by the random bites of mosquitoes or the carefully laid plans of a terrorist. "This West Nile experience has given us an opportunity to practice our public-health responsiveness," said Dr. Julie Gerberding, CDC director... The goal is to increase the CDC's flexibility, speed and accountability in responding to problems such as the anthrax attacks that began last October in South Florida before moving north. In addition, the CDC has given state and local health departments $918 million since Sept. 11 to improve their response capabilities. The CDC has increased its stockpile of drugs, vaccines and medical supplies while also hiring more people to coordinate delivery of the 100-ton "push packs" that are held in secret locations around the country. The CDC ranks smallpox, plague, anthrax and hemorrhagic fevers such as Ebola as some of the most worrisome. "These are diseases that either don't occur at all in the United States or at very low levels, so many clinicians are not familiar with them," Hughes said...A fever and a rash that resembles smallpox, once passed off asa minor ailment, may now spark a phone call... "We love those false alarms," Gerberding said, "because it tells us people are alert and they're looking."

New West Nile deaths in USA. (bringing total to approx 20). Reuters, Aug 28, 2002

Go to SPRAYING RAID ON HUMANS (under the guise of protecting them from mosquitoes)


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