"In Oceania there is no law...merely the wiping-out of persons
who might perhaps
commit a crime at some time in the future."


"...If detected it was reasonably certain that it would be punished by death,
or at least by twenty-five years in a forced-labour camp." ~ 1984

In response to 911, the governments of the western democracies, also known as the "free world" have written their own versions of ANTI-TERRORISM bills. They are all very long bills and they all sound very similar in effect - abandonment of the rule of law and the cessation of civil liberties. They are in various stages of acceptance in their respective houses of parliament and congress and are passing more or less unanimously with the majority of politicians admitting they haven't read the bill prior to giving approval.

Another common feature of the ANTI-TERRORISM bills is that none of them define the word "terrorist". They all leave that WIDE OPEN for the obvious reason that they want to be able to substitute the word "terrorist" with anything or anyone according to their wont or whim.

"Terrorism" has become (borrowing from Orwell)..."the essential crime that contains all others in itself".

To completely get straight in your mind what they've done, substitute the word "terrorist" with "dissident" every time you read or hear it. [The definition of "dissident" is: a person who disagrees; thinks differently; expresses a different opinion from others.]

And in trying to understand what is meant by the oft repeated statement:

"You're either WITH us or you're AGAINST us",

imagine it to mean:

You're either WITH us OR you're a terrorist.

or as I heard it expressed regarding a country that balked at handing over citizens under indictment by a foreign nation:


~ by Jackie Jura ~

Obama's friend Ayers a terrorist. NextRight, Oct 7, 2008

Plot to blow-up 12 planes over USA cities (bombs in carry-on pop bottles to be detonated with iPods). Guardian, Aug 11, 2006

U$raeli New World Order (thought criminals like George Orwell declared heretics & lunatics). PakTribune, Aug 28, 2006

PM candidate Harper promises Martial Law (opposition withdraws ad exposing "soldiers with guns in Canadian cities") & PM hopeful Harper pledges army in cities (100 regular troops & 500 reservists each). VancouverSun-TorontoStar, Jan 12, 2006

Teen's parents appeal bomb threat (no presumption of innocence, gov't publicly trying youth before trial & stirring nationalist sentiment). CBC News, Jun 15, 2005 & Canada teen convicted in bomb plot (unwitting victim of zero-tolerance). Globe & Mail, Jun 15, 2005. Go to SCHOOLS LIKE PRISONS & CANADIAN TEEN DINGO BAIT

HOLOCAUST DENIER DEPORTED ('Canada is a country where dissidents can be imprisoned for years without ever knowing why, just like in Stalin's days'). Canada East, Feb 28, 2005. Go to GOLDSTEIN'S CONSPIRACY IN 1984

Terror suspects face house arrest (UK citizens detained without trial just like foreigners are). BBC, Jan 26, 2005. Go to UK TERROR BILL FOR NATIONALS

Copy of 1984 waved in House of Commons (after MPs pass ID cards for UK, saying "don't fear Big Brother"). BBC, Dec 21, 2004. Go to 3.Surveillance & 20.Police & 7.Systems ('May I see your papers, comrade?')

Nichols convicted of state murder charges (no witnesses identified Nichols as man who bought fertilizer or stole explosives or committed robbery). Yahoo! AP, May 26, 2004. Go to 28.Reality Control & 4.Old World Destruction & OKLAHOMA CITY BOMBING and MUSLIMS SUSPEND LAWS OF PHYSICS!

Terror past & future planned (setting fires in forests, pollution of food systems, attacks on airports & railways). WorldNetDaily, Apr 8, 2004. Go to 28.Reality Control & 36.Hateweek & STAGED EVENTS & WHO YOU GONNA BLAME? OSAMA!

Europe rethinks war on terror (Europe's 9-11 is 11-M). BBC, Mar 12, 2004

5 million on Bush terrorism list (COULD be POTENTIAL terrorists or criminals). Toronto Sun/Rense, Jan 21, 2004. Go to 21.Crimestop

Bill gives UK ministers new powers (without approval from parliament). Telegraph, Jan 7, 2004

USA Patriot Act 11 secretly expanded (while press frenzied over Saddam on Dec 13, the 11th hour). Wired News, Jan 6, 2004. Go to 20.Thought Police & Snitches

New Year's Eve in America (flight restrictions, military patrols, thousands of police officers, bomb squads, sniper teams, radiation detectors, manholes welded shut, rubbish bins & P.O. boxes removed, surveillance cameras & photo ID...)

Orwellian eyes likes Wheels of Zeus (orgy of privacy-invasive technology used by government & private industry). Wash Times, Nov 27, 2003. Go to 3.Surveillance & 20.Thought Police

Strip search scanners will be everywhere (see thru clothes as easily as we can see thru glass). Scotsman, Nov 15, 2003. Go to 21.Crimestop & 3.Surveillance & 20.Thought Police & Snitches

Post Office getting ready to pry (all mail chipped and tracked). Wired, Nov 12, 2003 & The future of airport security (takes your temp, strips you bare). BBC, Nov 12, 2003. Go to 3.Surveillance & 20.Thought Police

USA visitors face new rules (fingerprinted & photographed & biometric chips in passports). USA Today, Nov 3, 2003. Go to 20.Thought Police & PINKERTON'S ALL-SEEING EYE

RCMP WATCHDOG WARNS CANADIANS (police misusing anti-terrorism powers). National Post, Jul 4, 2003. Go to 20.Police & 21.Crimestop & POLICE STATE OF UNION

1/2 million protest in Hong Kong (against law giving cops more power & torch flag of Communist Party). WashPost, Jul 1, 2003. Go to 7.Systems of Thought & 20.Police

Unlimited powers of arrest in Australia (to citizens who've committed no crime). SydneyMH, Jun 27, 2003. Go to 21.Crimestop & 4.Old World Destruction

Airport scanners get X-ray vision (sees thru clothing to naked body; been used for years at prisons). Wired, Jun 26, 2003. Go to 3.Surveillance

USA gov't wants more powers (life inprisonment/death penalty for suspected terrorist acts). Yahoo! AP, Jun 5, 2003. Go to 20.Police & 21.Crimestop

'Bed chains' for SARS violators (Canada gov't has "new tools" & threatens to use them). BBC, Jun 1, 2003. Go to HEALTH CRUSADERS: ACT II

Supreme Court okays secret hearings (no media, friends or relatives of detainees allowed). Wired, May 27, 2003. Go to 4.Old World Destruction

DNA sweep alarms Toronto (state imposed coercion & enormous privacy intrustion). Buffalo News, May 25, 2003. Go to 20.Police & 21.Crimestop

500 more in forced quarantine ("Failure to comply will result in legal action against you"). Toronto Star, Apr 15, 2003. Go to 2.Big Brother & HEALTH CRUSADERS

Cops guard SARS patient 24/7 (isolated for 'societal good'). CBC, Apr 12, 2003. Go to 2.Big Brother & HEALTH CRUSADERS

Code Red to trigger Lockdown (total suspension of liberties). Rense.com, Mar 31, 2003. Go to 28.Reality Control & 36.Hateweek & ORDER OUT OF CHAOS

UK 'Snooper Charter' has wide powers (expands access to personal details to over 450 UK agencies). Telegraph, Mar 12, 2003. Go to 20.Thought Police & Snitches

USA capital prepares for war (military-police state set up). Wash Times, Mar 2, 2003. Go to 12.Ministry of Peace (War) & 28.Reality Control & 36.Hate Week

Patriot Act II destroys liberty (addicted to secrecy-drunk on power). Newsday, Feb 17, 2003. Go to 7.Systems of Thought

Status symbol in DC: Bodyguards (gov't setting up Police State). WorldNetDaily, Feb 16, 2003. Go to PIGS & DOGS IN ANIMAL FARM

USA wants more spying powers (to snoop on innocent citizens). Financial Times, Feb 9, 2003. Go to 20.Thought Police & Snitches

Canada opens door to Big Brother ("we are not truly free and we are not truly living"). Vancouver Sun, Feb 2, 2003. Go to 2.Big Brother & SLAVE-STATE CANADA

Big Brother's shadow (Canada's Jewish Revenue Minister wants monstrous 6-year data base). Globe & Mail, Jan 31, 2003. Go to 3.Surveillance & 20.Thought Police

9-11 laws strip Canada of privacy (why-should-I-worry mentality is intellect level of bumper-sticker). Ottawa Citizen, Jan 29, 2003. Go to 3.Surveillance & 20.Thought Police & Snitches

USA will track Canadian travellers (their medical/financial records-political beliefs-communications-personal/family associations etc). Ottawa Citizen, Jan 27, 2003. Go to 3.Surveillance

Libraries give names to FBI (of patrons internet & book use). StLouisToday, Jan 23, 2003. Go to 20.Thought Police & Snitches

Big Brother a fact, not fiction (total 'surveillance society' possible). WorldNetDaily, Jan 16, 2003 & ACLU spooked by domestic spying. Wired News, Jan 16, 2003

Taking liberties with freedom (Homeland Security & Patriot Act rammed into law). Wired News, Dec 2, 2002. Go to 3.Surveillance & 20.Thought Police

Backlash over anti-terror laws (hysteria creating totalitarian regime). Sydney Herald, Nov 27, 2002

Civic Insanity in "Age of Pharaoh' (All-Seeing Eye on top of Pyramid is shining on Western World). Rense.com, Nov 21, 2002

Information Awareness Office (IAO) ("All-Seeing Eye" is logo & "Knowledge is Power" is motto)

The Eye Is Watching (IAO uses New World Order symbolism). USA Daily, Nov 21, 2002

Terror powers unleashed (using Bali bombings as excuse). Aussie news, Nov 18, 2002. Go to ORDER OUT OF CHAOS

Big Brother goes to Washington (gov't using "security" law to spy on Americans). Newsweek, Nov 16, 2002

You are a suspect (felon running USA surveillance). NY Times, Nov 14, 2002

Severe restrictions in Russia (contrary terrorism opinion illegal). Rense.com, Nov 14, 2002

Terror war has no boundaries (Russia wants extradition of Dane). VOA, Nov 6, 2002. Go to 7.Systems of Thought

More surveillance on way (passed 385-3 in House - politicians didn't read it). Nation, Oct 30, 2002. Go to 4.Pyramidal New World Order

Aussies want Homeland Spies too (police kick-down doors). Sydney MH, Oct 31, 2002

USA wants domestic spy agency (will recruit informers & use bugs & surveillance cameras). London Telegraph, Oct 31, 2002

Anti-terror database expanding (illegal & violates privacy). National Post, Oct 28, 2002

Iris scans at Canadian airports (to "protect" us from "terrorists"). CBC News, Sep 27, 2002. Go to 3.Surveillance

Severe changes to legal rights (911 brought in USA Patriot Act). Rense.com, Sep 9, 2002. Go to 21.Crimestop and 28.Reality Control

Slippery definition of "terrorist" (being used by USA, Russia & China). Uexpress.com, Sep 4, 2002. Go to 7.Systems of Thought

Hellish plan: Camps for citizens (will Americans remain silent?). Los Angeles Times, Aug 15, 2002. Go to 4.Old World Destruction

Pentagon to track your purchases (database created by DARPA run by Information Awareness Office. Fox News, Nov 20, 2002 and "All-Seeing Eye" on Pyramid (is the logo of new organization). Illuminati Conspiracy, Jul 22, 2002

Taking liberties with Canadian privacy (police/spy agencies will monitor EVERYONE). Globe & Mail, Jun 17, 2002. Go to 3.Surveillance

Mandatory GPS in vehicles (to track & immobilize "terrorists"). National Post, Jun 10, 2002. Go to 3.Surveillance

FBI gets broad new powers (in name of "preventing terrorism"). Salt Lake Tribune, May 31, 2002. Go to 21.Crimestop

Critics of gov't get harassed by FBI (surveillance since 9-11 raises privacy fears). CBS News, May 16, 2002. Go to 20.Thought Police & Snitches

Anti-terror law gives police unfettered power (unprecedented assault on law-abiding citizens). National Post, May 16, 2002. Go to 20.Thought Police & Snitches

Anti-Drug ads entice drug use (kids who use will be "terrorists"). Fox News, May 15, 2002

Canada's privacy watchdog sounds alarm (new law turns country into police state). Globe & Mail, May 2, 2002. Go to 21.Crimestop

Australian children face strip-search (people can be detained without charge). Sydney Morning Herald, May 1, 2002. Go to 20.Thought Police

Public servants face criminal charges under secrets law. Whistleblowers fear new legislation will have chilling effect. National Post, Apr 3, 2002
It creates new offenses with penalties of up to 14 years in jail and will be used to muzzle public servants who go public with stories about government abuses or misdeeds.

Australia's secret police get unprecedented powers (under pretext of combatting terrorism). WorldSocialistWebSite, Dec 30, 2001. Go to 20.Thought Police

National ID card gaining support (2 photos,2 bar codes,magnetic strip,chip). Washington Post, Dec 17, 2001

N.American war on terror a threat to privacy (free societies becoming totalitarian), Globe & Mail, Dec 13, 2001. Go to 3.Surveillance

USA & Canada tighten border 'to stop terrorists' (will share police,army,helicopters,surveillance). Los Angeles Times, Dec 4, 2001. Go to 7.Systems of Thought and FREEDOM = SLAVERY

New terror bill targets protesters, MP says (military can be used against citizens). Toronto Star, Nov 29, 2001. Go to 4.Old World Destruction

Canada's Anti-Terrorism Act 'a change of mind-set' (catches criminals BEFORE they commit crime). Maclean's Magazine, Nov 19, 2001. Go to ORDER OUT OF CHAOS

Police State ('Congress rolled over and played dead'). Insight Mag, Nov 9, 2001. Go to 21.Crimestop and 20.Thought Police

Go to CRIMESTOP, Orwellian theme #21 for explanation of the meaning behind the post 911 ANTI-TERRORISM legislation

UCLA suspends librarian for 'electronic harassment' (he expressed a 'different' opinion via email). National Post, Oct 19, 2001. Go to 27.Goodthink

Police get sweeping powers under Canada's terrorism bill, Globe & Mail, Oct 16, 2001. Go to ORDER OUT OF CHAOS

USA Congress endorses snoop bill, Wired News, Oct 13, 2001.

Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~

email: orwelltoday@gmail.com
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