I learned of the existence of New Zealand's charismatic, controversial, conspiracy-theorist politician Winston Peters last year when he hit international news for making a speech comparing Oceania's New Zealand in 2013 to Orwell's Oceania in 1984:

(warns that communist China invading Oceania)
Kiwi MP Winston Peters blasts Orwellian censorship
(Chinese own farms/factories/forests/homes/media/
drugs/prostitution/casinos/cheap labour rackets)
NZHerald/YouTube, Jun 25, 2013
& Big Brother Brotherhood & Ministry of Truth

Since then I've been following news about Winston Peters and especially this past couple of months since a reader wrote in about New Zealand's general election upcoming in September 2014. As I said to him at the time, "If I were a Kiwi living down under Down Under I'd be voting for Winston Peters for Prime Minister in the national election -- not just because his name is Winston, like Orwell's hero in 1984 -- but because I like everything he says -- he's a patriot and a man to make New Zealand proud.

Email, Jul 4, 2014

Below are links to news articles, speeches, interviews, and commentary by and about Winston Peters on his policies to make New Zealanders FIRST in their own country and New Zealand FIRST AGAIN in Orwell's Oceania. ~ Jackie Jura

watch Winston Peters wants NZ great again
(save New Zealand - vote New Zealand First)
Aug 19, 2014
15.Life in Oceania & 6.SuperStates & 7.Systems
& 9.Keeping Masses Down

watch NZ Prime Minister John Key's REAL Past Exposed!, VinnyEastwoodShow, Aug 29, 2014
Ladies and gentlemen, John Key, Leader of the National Party, Prime Minister Of New Zealand since 2008. Everyone Voted for him without knowing his track record, Who he worked for, Where his career originated & how he does business today. By the end of this Short Video you will know enough to be able to make an informed decision when voting him in or not again. Little Johnny was born in a state house, A Son of an alcoholic absentee father & guilt provoking mother who pins all her hopes on her son, living vicariously through him, especially because she never had another boy and never remarried. She then allegedly inherited a large sum and allegedly spent much of it on her son. John worked for 10 years as a New Zealand investment banker since the mid 1980's. When the market crashed he made a killing selling New Zealand dollars. He headed offshore In 1995 working for -- Merrill Lynch. This bank was exposed as the worlds first derivatives traders & went bust during the 2008 financial crisis due to its heavy investment in the derivatives market... When Key left Wall Street after 6 or 7 years in foreign exchange, he was in the tip top of the elite, with roughly 50 million on salary and bonuses. Key refers to his 5 million dollar mansion as the house that Merrol built, They had a beach house in Omaha and now have a 3.2 million Hawaii holiday home.... A man of the people you say?... Not counting his blind trusts he could be worth hundreds of millions. Is he a wall street banker or New Zealand prime minister?... And he has control of a country that has no corruption prevention framework? He may have been sent here to destroy this country, But it is not yet destroyed & we can change our future if we choose to. Sink Team Key and it will deal a crippling blow to the financial elite's agenda. This is Vinny Eastwood, Vote Wisely New Zealand.

Pray for Winston to swallow Greens, by Garth George, NZHerald, Aug 20, 2014
...I've said it before and I say it again: The Greens are dangerous, and the more sinister planks of their policy are, to say the least, frightening to those of us who care about what really matters. They are dedicated to making our laws on abortion even more liberal so that any woman can demand an abortion for any reason. They strongly support making euthanasia legal; have all voted for same-sex marriage and favour same-sex adoption; and they endorse an education system which teaches that homosexuality is normal. What that all means is that they are far more concerned with flora and fauna and fish than they are with human beings. They will fight to save whales and slugs and snails and geckoes and birds and native fish but when it comes to the sanctity of human life, particularly that of defenceless fetuses and the frail elderly, the Greens, in my view, have no interest at all.... So right now there is only one rescuer in sight - that venerable and masterful politician Winston Peters and his ragtag NZ First colleagues. Never mind his nationalistic bombast. I, too, have grave doubts about selling great swathes of our fabulous farmland to foreigners -- be they Chinese or American or any other race.... I certainly hope that only NZ First ends up with enough MPs to stand against any move by the Greens and Labour to advance their murderously liberal humanism. They should have the gratitude and the support of hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders who see the sanctity of life as the bedrock on which civilised society is built. A far-left government with no conception of the sanctity of life is the last thing this country needs. A last hurrah for Mr Peters is infinitely preferable to a first hurrah for the Greens.

Live cattle shipment boosts Kiwi presence in China (watch Kiwis are like lambs to slaughter), TVNZ, Aug 30, 2014
Fonterra has taken another major step into China with what is thought to be New Zealand's largest live cattle shipment. Nearly 11,000 in-calf dairy cows arrived by sea, bound for Fonterra-owned farming hubs near Beijing. The Fonterra-owned cows left New Zealand in late July and as the company looks to expand its operations in China more animals are getting ready to head that way. More calves have been bred especially for Chinese conditions and will leave when they are carrying calves of their own at around two years old. "It's actually a win-win. It's helping grow the industry and create more demand for New Zealand milk", farmer and Fonterra director Ian Farrelly said. And with 11,000 Kiwi cows already docked in China those in the industry are confident there's room for more without creating competition for New Zealand farmers and milk products. "The economy over there is growing so quickly, there's something like 60,000 babies born a day, half of them are born in the city and most are bought up on milk", Mr Farrelly says. Concern has been raised about live export in the past but Fonterra says animal welfare is a top priority and while three cows died on the trip, the majority gained weight. "We have a team of specialists on board and take all measures we can to ensure animal comfort", livestock director Fiona Carrick says. The cows will be in quarantine for 45 days before they head to a farm. Life for the cows will be different in China but Fonterra says they are very well looked after. Facilities are world class, they live on feed lots and when they are inside there's air conditioning and they are milked three times a day. Federated Farmers is supportive of sending stock to China but concedes some local farmers needing to buy stock might be worried about such a huge number of animals leaving the NZ market. "Obviously if you kept them all here in New Zealand you would increase the supply in New Zealand and prices would be down", Federated Farmers dairy industry group chairperson Andrew Hoggard said. See CHINESE GULLIVER EATING AMERICA

NZ Prime Minister Key worth $55 million (investment banking -- money trading), NZHerald, Aug 22, 2014
...They have a semblance of a private life. Every year they escape with a few friends for a weekend, no children allowed. Key won't reveal who they are: "They're friends. It doesn't mean they're trustworthy." This year they went to Waiheke where Key went to the markets and was surrounded by Green Party supporters. One of the friends has green leanings and he finds that highly entertaining...See NZ Rich List 2014:...John Key, the wealthiest Prime Minister in New Zealand history with $55 million stashed away from his money trading days, is joined this year by another National MP, Ian McKelvie, who has accumulated $50 million from farming....

Route K deal 'stinks' - Peters, SunLive, Aug 22, 2014
NZ First leader Winston Peters is laying claims of agreements made behind closed doors that will see the Government cement tolls on Route K prior to the election... "Right under your nose are people and organisations playing petty politics. Playing the game of secrecy behind closed doors and affecting what the French call a 'fait accompli' about which you can do nothing". Winston says since himself and Tauranga candidate Clayton Mitchell vowed to remove the debt and tolls earlier this month, things have been moving very fast. He says his party's pledge remains the same since the latest announcements -- get rid of the tolls and the debt...

Immigration rate 'unbearable' - Winston Peters, NZ3News, Aug 21, 2014
Winston Peters has launched his strongest attack on immigration so far this election campaign, saying New Zealand can't deal with nearly 800 people settling every week. The NZ First leader says 140,000 Kiwis are out of work, there's a housing crisis in Auckland, and hospitals and schools are under pressure. He's citing the latest immigration figures for the year to July, released today, and says a near record 41,000 people settling in New Zealand in 12 months is "unbearable". The Government is not monitoring immigration at all -- it has an open door policy and it's contributing to the fastest rate of population growth for over a decade", he said. "There has been no real expansion in health, education and infrastructure to match this rapid population increase". Immigration is one of NZ First's foremost election issues and it wants much tighter controls on the number of people coming in. "No thought or planning has been given to the potential social and cultural consequences of this massive influx", he said.

Communist China milking New Zealand dry, NZStuff, Aug 20, 2014
20% of the arable land in China is contaminated; 20% of China's total milk production comes from farms with fewer than five cows; this year, 2014, China will need to import more than 1 million tonnes of alfalfa to feed its dairy cows; China will need to import the equivalent of 20 billion litres of milk by 2020

Book: Dirty Politics in New Zealand (exposes PM smear campaign against opponents), NZ3News, Aug 14, 2014
Winston Peters is comparing the revelations in Nicky Hager's book Dirty Politics to the Watergate scandal that brought down US president Richard Nixon. The book, launched yesterday, implicates Prime Minister John Key in covert smear campaigns against his political opponents. Mr Key's office has dismissed it as a litany of unfounded allegations written by a well known left-wing conspiracy theorist. Mr Peters says it reveals evidence of taxpayer resources being used for political attacks against the Government's foes. "Sadly for the Prime Minister, it goes to his office in the same way it went to Nixon's office during the Watergate scandal", he said. "This is a very dark day in New Zealand politics"....

NZPMKeyJew John Key Working For Jew Zealand (National Party PM election posters defaced), JWire, Aug 15, 2014
New Zealand Prime Minister John Key is currently campaigning to seek victory in the September general election but posters have been daubed with vile anti-Semitic slogans. John Key is not a practising Jew but he told media in new Zealand this week: "I just find it disappointing for the Jewish community. I have a Jewish past which is extremely well known. My mother was Jewish, and some of my mother's family went to the concentration camps", Key told reporters this week. "But for the Jewish community in New Zealand, they are hard-working, decent people and they don't deserve to be brought into some sort of personal campaign that's directed at me"...

WinstonHeckler Winston pushes away aggressive heckler ("Hey gutless...wait for question time"), NZStuff, Aug 14, 2014
Winston Peters is coming out swinging -- in more ways than one -- after being named as an alleged target of dirty political tricks in Nicky Hager's new book "Dirty Politics". New Zealand First has filed a complaint with ministerial services over the attack politics described in the book, and the party's leader gave as good as he got when he was embroiled in a heated exchange of words with a member of the public that turned physical at a public rally outside the Hamilton City Council buildings in Garden Place.... The man forced his way to the microphone stand but was cut off by Peters and as they stood side-by-side, Peters shoved him away with his forearm. "There is going to be a question-time so you can't come up here. Now gutless, come back here and listen"... "Hey mate, can't you wait for question time? Don't you believe in democracy? You don't believe in democracy do you?"... The heckler replied, "no". "You mate, go and vote for the National Party. You are the kind of supporter that we don't want".. "Thank you for giving us a display of what you and your party are like. Dirty underhand tactics"...."This is a democracy. You are not going to take the stage. Get off it. Get out of the way, bugger off". The heckler stormed off but not before he cried, "Sieg heil"...

The book is based on thousands of emails that revealed the extent of the relationship between Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater and prominent National Party figures. Peters said the actions described in the book were a "disgusting new low" in New Zealand politics. DIRTY POLITICS revealed Slater had put money into attack advertisements against Peters. He had also put a bounty out on Peters and New Zealand First MP Andrew Williams, promising Whale Oil readers cash for photos or videos of Peters and Williams intoxicated. Peters spoke to Stuff ahead of his speech in Hamilton today, saying the whole thing was "pretty sleazy and seedy in the extreme". But he was not surprised -- a National Party worker and MP had told him seven years ago the party was engaged in these tactics.... NZ First had lodged a complaint with ministerial services over the allegations. "It goes straight to the Prime Minister's office and people working for the Prime Minister's office seriously abusing taxpayer's money and engaging in unethical, underhand, dirty politics. The revelations were "hugely substantial" and Prime Minister John Key could not dismiss Hager as a "conspiracy theorist", Peters said. "This book was written from their emails, their communications, their behaviour. There's no denying that, and it's happening at the most senior level"....

watch Winston Peters still chuckling over "two Wongs don't make a white" joke (refuses to apologise), TVNZ, Aug 11, 2014

WinstonWongJoke "Two Wongs don't make a white" (campaign joke by Winston Peters labelled racist), FoxNews, Aug 10, 2014
Racially charged comments made by the leaders of two political parties and a candidate for a third have struck a jarring tone in this South Pacific nation of 4.5 million people, which generally prides itself on its tolerance. Political billboards have even been defaced with anti-Semitic slurs. At Sunday's campaign launch for the anti-immigration New Zealand First party, leader Winston Peters lit into the government for allowing farms to be sold to foreign buyers, including those from China. "As they say in Beijing, two Wongs don't make a white," he said, drawing laughter from his Auckland audience but condemnation elsewhere... Center-right Prime Minister John Key and his National Party are seeking a third term in the September 20 election, while several left-leaning parties are trying to unseat him. Under the nation's proportional voting system, small parties like New Zealand First, which won eight of 121 parliamentary seats in the last election, can play a big role in deciding who will govern. China has rapidly become New Zealand's largest export market, as well as an increasing source of visitors and migrants. Yet Chinese investment in New Zealand is relatively new and looked upon by some with suspicion. Wealthy Shanghai developer Jiang Zhaobai caused an uproar here three years ago when he announced plans to spend more than 200 million New Zealand dollars ($169 million) buying 16 farms. His company, Shanghai Pengxin, is now seeking to buy another big chunk of farmland, causing renewed concern among some New Zealanders.

There have also been anti-Semitic slurs against Key, whose late mother was Jewish. Steve Gibson, a candidate for the Labour Party, posted a message on Facebook describing Key as "Shonky Jonkey Shylock ... nasty little creep with a nasty evil and vindictive sneer". Gibson later deleted the post. He said he was repeating the comment of a friend and didn't understand the anti-Semitic connotations of the word Shylock, the character created by playwright William Shakespeare. He said he thought it meant simply somebody who didn't strike fair deals. He said he regretted writing the rest of the post as well. The Labour Party, the largest opposition party, censured Gibson over the post but didn't sack him. A number of election billboards featuring Key have been defaced with anti-Semitic messages, something that was less common in Key's previous campaigns. Key has denounced the vandalism, as have some of his opponents. "I just find it disappointing for the Jewish community. I have a Jewish past which is extremely well known. My mother was Jewish, and some of my mother's family went to the concentration camps", Key told reporters this week. "But for the Jewish community in New Zealand, they are hard-working, decent people and they don't deserve to be brought into some sort of personal campaign that's directed at me".

Jamie Whyte, the leader of the conservative ACT party, was also accused by some opponents of racism after delivering a speech in which he called for an end to the country's affirmative action policies toward indigenous Maori. "Maori are legally privileged in New Zealand today, just as the aristocracy were legally privileged in pre-revolutionary France", he said, using a comparison that drew sharp criticism. Whyte went on in the speech to say it was absurd to consider Maori as privileged, given their lower life expectancy, incomes and educational achievement...

WinstonWishartFront WinstonWishartBack Winston: The Story of a Political Phenomenon, by Ian Wishart, 2014 (copy owned by Jackie Jura)

GreatDivideFront GreatDivideBack The Great Divide: The Story of New Zealand & Its Treaty, by Ian Wishart, 2011 (copy owned by Jackie Jura)

watch Interview: Ian Wishart, author of The Great Divide (the founder and editor of Investigate Magazine talks about his new book. It's a closer look at the myths and the spin created in the last few years about the Treaty of Waitangi)

watch Winston Peters lays out New Zealand First election promises (the only option for people wanting to make New Zealand great again), TVNZ, Aug 10, 2014
In his speech to a packed Kelston Community Hall, Mr Peters took a swipe at rival parties who he said were backed "with obscene amounts of money supported by power elites and large sections of the media." Mr Peters boasted of his party's committment to 'economic nationalism', a principle he said the main parties had forgotten as foreign money increased its influence over the economy. "Opposing foreign ownership is a major theme in our campaign," Mr Peters said. He also highlighted immigration as a major pillar, claiming that 140,000 New Zealanders can't find work. "New Zealand First will drastically cut immigration to those we need, not those who need us," he said. The party is also promising to protect the New Zealand Superannuation scheme and tackle binge drinking and drug-affected anti-social behaviour. As for policies for the young, Mr Peters announced New Zealand First's plan to register all newborn babies in KiwiSaver and allow the funds to be used to pay for tertiary education.

watch Winston Peters: Kiwi land sale to China a corporate raid (will buy back land sold to foreigners). 3NewsNZ, Aug 4, 2014

watch Interview: Winston Peters will stop land sale to foreigners, 3NewsNZ, Aug 2, 2014
Lochinver Station near Taupo is up for sale. Crafar Farms owner Shanghai Pengxin has an agreement to buy another 13,000ha of what was marketed as iconic farmland, subject to Overseas Investment Office approval.... Since Mr Key came to power they've seen sold under them to foreign interests over a million hectares. That's six times the size of Stewart Island.... And this farm, obviously, at 70,000ha [ccn: 13,800] is not small either. It's huge. It's an icon, and people forget that back when it was being developed, there were all sorts of government assistance programmes, like marginal loans, with low concessionary interest rates to help these farms being developed. They bought on a New Zealand-only market; they got New Zealand taxpayer assistance; and now it's going to foreign interests. This is a disaster.... Every New Zealander out there who's looking at this programme can trust my word on this. Not because I say it now, but because I've done it. We would not allow this deal. If we were on the crossbenches with the balance of power as well, we would stop this deal.... But hang on. One corollary. If the New Zealand people are opposed to this, then they must step up themselves. Don't think they can vote any old way.... You guys know what our position is. We are not selling our soul or this country's soul. And we are against this sale, and we will not be going into any arrangement with any party that think they can go on doing this. That's it.... The serious issue is God's not making any more land. New Zealanders are being shut out of their own country...

WinstonPetersWishart Kiwi Winston Peters a Political Phenomenon, Investigate Daily, Jul 29, 2014 (The new unauthorised biography of NZ First leader Winston Peters "is one of the most highly entertaining political books you'll read", claims author Ian Wishart. Called "Winston: The Story Of A Political Phenomenon", the 344 page bio releases nationwide this Friday...but has just gone live in Kindle form on the Amazon stores. Wishart says the book retraces the life of New Zealand's most controversial political figure. "As you would expect from a man who has both delivered and been on the receiving end of some of the best one-liners in politics, the book is hilarious in places", Wishart adds. Winston includes never-before-revealed information about how Winston Peters reached the decision to go into coalition with National in 1996, and what caused the breakup just two years later. A preview of the book including the table of contents is here: WinstonPreview. The the book can be ordered online or purchased from Whitcoulls, The Warehouse, PaperPlus, Take Note, Poppies, PaperPower or other good bookstores nationwide.

Tsunami of Chinese buyers expected (A million hectares gone), Winston Peters, RadioLiveNZ, Jul 28, 2014
So much New Zealand land is being sold to foreigners, the office that is supposed to be the watchdog for Kiwis should be renamed the Office for Selling off New Zealand. Under National, over one million hectares have been sold to foreign interests in just five and a half years. With every land or house purchase by a foreigner, prices are rising. As a result, Kiwis face more competition to own land, farms and houses. We can't compete against foreign money, particularly when many overseas buyers have access to interest rates of two percent -- some are lower. There are warning signs that current sales are only the tip of the iceberg. A report from the United States Week says a tsunami of Chinese buyers is about to leave China and buy up a swathe of property in the US. There has already been a wave of buying: in 2013, Chinese buyers snapped up $11 billion of real estate in the US. We know New Zealand is a favoured destination, hence the housing bubble in Auckland. We can expect this property buying tsunami to hit here too, it is time to act. National is dismissive of any concern and is content with the sell-off of farms that have been developed by hard-working Kiwis over generations. It is not worried about the housing sales, either. National claims foreigners have only bought one percent of New Zealand. This is nonsense. The government does not keep records on foreign purchases, so no precise figure can be given for past sales, but estimates show such sales are rising. One economist says a conservative estimate is about 10 percent of farmland and forestry land have gone to offshore ownership. New Zealand First has a bill written that will mean comprehensive sales figures are kept on a register in future. We will ban sales of land and houses to non-residents. This will go a long way to stabilising prices and give Kiwis a better chance to get into a home and on to the land. Foreign investment will be allowed, only if significant benefit to New Zealand can be shown. Whole sectors of our economy are in foreign hands, it is not just banking. Forestry land and vineyards have been targeted by foreigners. Remember, overseas buyers export their profits back home. A big loss to our economy. In the last five years the countries who bought up most land include the US, Canada, Israel, the UK, Switzerland, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Monaco, China, Italy and Malaysia. Our assets are popular. We must keep a watch over our land and housing. There is an urgent need to keep the country for ourselves and our benefit.

watch Winston Peters turned down money to talk immigration, by Simon Wong, NZ3News, Jun 18, 2014
New Zealand First leader Winston Peters says he was offered "well over" $250,000 to go to China to talk about immigration issues but turned it down. Mr Peters said the offer was made "some time ago", between 2008 and 2011, but he knew what those who invited him were really after. When asked if he meets with many wealthy Chinese businessmen, Mr Peters said they'd offered. "They've tried to meet with me and the answer's been 'no'. I know what it means -- they're not here to advance our democracy -- quite the converse", he said. When asked what they were interested it, Mr Peters said: "buying policy changes". "I didn't have to ask many more questions. If someone is offering that sort of money to go to China to talk about these kinds of issues then I kind of think it's a lot of money for a trip that should only cost maybe $7000". Mr Peters says the New Zealand First party "did not receive a cent" from Chinese businessman Donghua Liu who has donated money to Labour and National. He could not rule out ever having met him because he meets "thousands and thousands" of people.

watcb Winston Peters slams Gov't as 'corrupt', NZ3News, May 9, 2014
Winston Peters says the Prime Minister's claim that Donghua Liu is a mere lobbyist like any other is "a disgraceful defence of what is a corrupt practice". Liu, a wealthy Chinese businessman who donated $22,000 to the National Party in 2012 after being granted citizenship, has had a number of meetings with Prime Minister John Key and Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse. Mr Liu asked for a lower investment threshold for rich migrants and for the English language requirement to be dropped....

watch Immigration to be key election issue, NZ3News, May 4, 2014
...The country's population could increase by more than 40,000 people this year, putting pressure on infrastructure and raising house prices. New Zealand First leader Winston Peters' answer is to restrict immigration and send new arrivals to the regions for five years. But Bill English says National are not keen on that sort of deal, and David Cunliffe agrees.... Where Labour and National are divided is on whether to restrict the number of people allowed to enter New Zealand. The Government says the population boom is due to kiwis not leaving, and there is no need to cap arrivals.... "It's no surprise that Winston Peters brings up migration on the eve of an election", says Mr English. "It's a bit of an old sore". However, it is an old sore that could become a new headache for either Labour or National. As population grows along with interest rates voters will be looking for answers. And they might look for those from Winston.


Peters blasts 'Orwellian' censorship over stand on migrants, NZHerald, Jun 25, 2013
5:30 AM Tuesday Jun 25, 2013 New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has compared the country to an Orwellian state because he feels he is being censored for remarks on Chinese immigration to New Zealand. He invoked George Orwell's 1984 in claiming his freedom of speech was being removed by the Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy, news media and others, in particular over his criticism of Chinese foreign investment and immigration. Speaking at a Grey Power meeting in Te Kuiti yesterday he compared Dame Susan and media to Orwell's Ministry of Truth - an agency which distributed propaganda and falsely revised history. "This sort of insidious censorship under the guise of the race relations industry has to be stopped in its tracks," he said. Dame Susan, who became commissioner in March, said she would keep an eye on Mr Peters after his "Super City of Sin" speech in Auckland last month in which he claimed that Chinese were responsible for increasing gang-related crime and prostitution in Auckland.... Peters was critical of New Zealand's fair trade deal because he felt it favoured China too heavily, and he was also concerned about Chinese investment in forests, farms and factories, fast-tracked visas for tourists and students, and property speculation in Auckland. He pointed to several articles by Herald reporter Lincoln Tan to emphasise the problem of temporary visa holders from China becoming sex workers in NZ. He gave some praise to Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse for introducing new laws last week targeting employers who exploited migrant workers. Mr Peters was especially opposed to what he felt were lenient immigration policies which allowed New Zealand to become a "rest home" for elderly Chinese. NZ First would change superannuation rules to make sure migrants would be paid out according to how much time they had spent in New Zealand, he said. "A person of 10 years residence ... will be entitled to roughly a quarter of New Zealand Superannuation."

16.Ministry of Truth & 3.Surveillance & 20.Thought Police

watch Winston Peters' full 'Orwell' speech, NZ3News, Jun 25, 2013
Winston Peters says George Orwell would "have had a field day in New Zealand circa 2013". Orwell, of course, was the author of seminal novel 1984, which introduced the concept of an omniscient 'Big Brother' organisation and gave rise to the term 'Orwellian', which describes states under heavy state of government surveillance. He made the comments in a speech to Grey Power in Te Kuiti yesterday, following Race Relations Commissioner Susan Devoy's suggestion she will be keeping an eye on the New Zealand First leader's statements about Chinese immigrants.

Race Relations -- Cover Up or Compromise, speech by Rt Hon Winston Peters, Jun 24, 2013
In George Orwell's novel 1984 there was an organisation called the Ministry of Truth [where another Winston worked]. Oceania's propaganda ministry was responsible for any necessary falsification of historical events. New Zealand is in Oceania and by coincidence there are some Orwellian parallels. Orwell's Ministry of Truth had three slogans: 1. War is peace; 2. Freedom is slavery; 3. Ignorance is strength. Despite defending democracy and freedom of speech with thousands of Kiwis lives, the last two slogans are alive in New Zealand. Some in a new generation have forgotten that freedom of speech is our democratic right. They have difficulty in facing the fact that sometimes the truth is unpalatable.... The most taboo of subjects are immigration and race relations.... New Zealand First has a long history of being attacked by those who don't like our message. When people seek to curtail free speech alarm bells should start ringing. This sort of insidious censorship under the guise of the race relations industry has to be stopped in it tracks....

WinstonPeterNewZealand Rt Hon Winston Peters, New Zealand First (...Winston Peters is the last of the great "characters" in an increasingly bland political environment. He is not afraid to confront Parliament head on and he refuses to accept defeat in any cause he believes in. His mastery of Parliament's unique environment ensures he is widely recognised for his persistence, skill and experience as a parliamentary debater. The reputation gained for his tenacious pursuit of fairness and accountability, highlighted by the "Wine Box" victory, continues to underscore his politics and those of New Zealand First.)

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