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"Holt proceeded over the next thirty years to send intelligence abroad
about Australia's domestic and foreign policies and those of her allies -
up to and including the time when he was prime minister.
It seems certain that Harold Holt was the highest placed spy
the Communist world has ever had in the West."

An Australian Mystery Explained...
by Anthony Grey, 1983

excerpt from the front and inside covers (scanned above):

On the morning of 17 December 1967, Harold Edward Holt, Australia's seventeenth prime minister walked into the sea near his holiday home at Portsea, Victoria. A group of friends watched him swim through turbulent surf, then suddenly he disappeared from view a short distance offshore. Prolonged sea and air searches failed to find any trace of his body, and presidents and prime ministers from all over the world flew to Australia to attend a memorial service on the assumption that he had drowned accidently.

The mysterious circumstances of his death bred rumours: early private speculation suggested that he might have committed suicide; other wilder stories claimed that his body had been found with a bullet in it, that he had been assassinated by foreign frogmen. None of this speculation, however, has ever been substantiated and the official police report of 1968 that he drowned accidently has never been seriously challenged in public. But now this book, based on meticulous research carried out over a ten-year period in Iraq, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Britain and Australia, offers for the first time a comprehensive alternative explanation to the mystery - and the story it tells is one of the most sensational in the annals of modern espionage!

Beginning with his school and student days, it describes how the young Harold Holt's character betrayed early signs of weakness, which, coupled with a strong appetite for luxury and glamour, perhaps led him naturally into a life of deception, and there is a detailed description of how he was recruited as a spy from among Australia's student elite in Melbourne in the same era when Soviet agents were ensnaring the infamous British spies like Philby. According to this account, Holt proceeded over the next thirty years to send intelligence abroad about Australia's domestic and foreign policies and those of her allies - up to and including the time when he was prime minister. It seems certain that Harold Holt was the highest placed spy the Communist world has ever had in the West.

But he was not serving the Soviet Union! His own brand of idealism was directed elsewhere - and that final swim was not, the story relates, an accident. The Prime Minister Was a Spy is an astonishing story in both its major revelations and in the minutia of the secret world of intelligence it portrays. It also, in passing, raises serious questions about Australia's security services: How much was known by Australian counter-intelligence officers about their prime minister's out-of-hours activities? Was there a cover-up? And, if so, why? Publication of this book may not be the last word on this intriquing and explosive subject.

excerpts from Chapter 22, pages 210-211
(describing Holt's defection into the frogmen's arms & Chinese submarine)

...Holt, knowing exactly where he was making for by this time, walked diagonally across the mud-coloured Cheviot sand and, without hesitating, entered the boiling surf which had daunted the younger Stewart. Holt obviously swam directly towards his favourite pool beyond the surf and was almost there by the time his companions began to be concerned about him...

....Through the foam in the swirling waters of the rocky channel, the two frogmen were keeping watch. At last they saw Holt come into view above their heads, a pair of white legs and two kicking feet wearing laceless sand shoes. The senior frogman probably gave a hand signal to his partner, then waiting until Holt was above him, he gently took hold of the Australian's ankles. From the time that Holt would have felt the unseen hands grasp him, the Chinese frogman counted off three seconds, said the informant. This was to give Holt the chance to take a deep breath. After he reached the count of three, the Chinese frogman pulled Holt sharply down beneath the surface.

He tried to guide Holt's head immediately into the artificial air bubble....Holt's head was then inside the 'cocoon', and one of the divers guided the mouthpiece and goggles to his face. The two frogmen then strapped the 'cocoon' to the 'propulseur' and, using the grid-line as their guide, allowed the little vehicle to drag them and Holt along the sea bed towards the submarine, reeling in the line as they went.

Outside on the beach, the casual movements of the four remaining Australians had become suddenly agitated. They began running and hurrying back and forth distractedly, convinced they had watched the Prime Minister drown - while out of their sight under water the frogmen gently guided Holt towards the conning tower of the long, grey submarine, lying silent on the sea bed. They helped him into the 'escape chamber' which made up the conning tower's upper section and, once he was inside, they signalled to him to dispense with the 'cocoon' and its mouthpiece and take over another mouthpiece inside the chamber with Holt, leaving his colleague outside to deal with the 'propulseur' and the 'cocoon' that had done their job so well.

The upper hatch was then closed, a vent valve was opened and air rushed into the chamber from above, while the water drained away downwards. When the chamber was half empty of water, the goggles and mouthpiece were removed from Holt's face by the frogman escorting him and Holt was able to breathe naturally again. After all the water had drained away, the bottom hatch was opened and Holt was guided down a ladder to the inner compartment of the submarine. A mature-looking Chinese approached from among the young crew and said, according to the informant: "I'm the captain and Chen Yi asked me to greet you on his behalf. Welcome to China, Mr. Holt....' [end quoting from The Prime Minister Was A Spy]

watch Winston Peters 'Orwell' speech listen
(warns that communist China invading Oceania)
Kiwi MP Winston Peters blasts Orwellian censorship
(Chinese own farms/factories/forests/homes/media/
drugs/prostitution/casinos/cheap labour rackets)
NZHerald/YouTube, Jun 25, 2013
& Big Brother Brotherhood & Ministry of Truth

Oz politician claims UK is 'overrun with immigrants and refugees’
Telegraph, Nov 14, 2010
Pauline Hanson, the former One Nation party chief who warned that Australia was at risk of being “swamped by Asians”, said France was also inundated with foreigners and she had decided to stay in Australia. “I love England but so many people want to leave there because it’s overrun with immigrants and refugees,” she said. “France is becoming filled with Muslims and the French and English are losing their way of life because they’re controlled by foreigners.” The former fish and chip shop owner announced in February she was emigrating to Britain due to disillusionment with Australia’s immigration and trade policies. The British National Party said Ms Hanson would be “very welcome” in their party, lamenting the “politically correct intimidation and bullying” which had driven her from her home country. But after a 10-week tour of Europe Hanson said she had decided life in Australia was not so bad. “Problems are worse over there than they are in Australia,” she said. “Australia is still the best place in the world to live, (though) the same sorts of awful things are happening here too.”

New Zealand in free trade deal with China (meat-dairy-fruit-fish-education-jobs-tourism for China 1-billion people from NZ 4-million). Telegraph, Apr 8, 2008

China tops Canada's spy list (steal $1 billion worth of technological secrets every month). TorontoStar, May 1, 2007 and China spying on us: CSIS (visiting students, scientists steal Canadian technology). National Post, Dec 29, 2004. See CHINA SPIES ON AMERICA

CANADA SAYS KOREA POWs "CHOSE" TO LIVE IN CHINA: I caught the following documentary on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation aka Communist or Chinese BC) on TV last night - Monday, Apr 8, 2008 - and was sickened by the nauseating pro-Red China spin about it - making it sound as though the American POWs (Prisoners of War) were "dissidents" from America, disillusioned with waging war on Chinese and had thereby "chosen" to stay in North Korea or, better yet, "chosen" to be taken to China to live. The film admits the USA soldiers were brainwashed but portrays it as a pleasant experience playing Olympic-like sports competitions in a prisoner-of-war camp and falling in love with the Communist Chinese way of life - even having a black soldier marry a Chinese woman while portraying America as a place prejudiced against blacks (except to go fight wars). The next day I looked up the program on the CBC website and found their write-up. I noticed that - surprise, surprise - the film was directed by a person of the Chinese race, ie Shui-Bo Wang. I've italicized the passages betraying its pro-China spin from their write-up. ~ Jackie Jura

THEY CHOSE CHINA: Meet the POWs who Refused to Return Home. CBC, Passionate Eye, Apr 7, 2008
At the end of the Korean War in 1954, captured UN soldiers held in POW camps were free to return home. Those soldiers who refused repatriation to their homeland were transferred to a neutral zone and given 90 days to reconsider their decision. Surprisingly, among them are 21 American soldiers who defiantly decided to stay in China. "They Chose China" recounts these soldiers' stories. When McCarthyism was at its height, [Senator who spoke out in Congress about USA helping Mao's Communists come to power in China during WWII~jj] many Americans believed these young men had been brainwashed by Chinese communists through a new form of thought control. But what really happened? "They Chose China" features never-before-seen footage from the Chinese camps [begs the question, 'where did the footage come from?'~jj] as well as interviews with former POWs and their families, to tell the fascinating stories of these forgotten American dissidents. Directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Shui-Bo Wang, "They Chose China" captures this astonishing story as viewers meet and begin to understand this group of courageous men who fought for, and then cut ties with, the USA. "They Chose China" is produced by Claude Bonin for the National Film board of Canada.




Pyongyang's man in Harare (for 30 years, Robert Mugabe has idolized north Korea's Stalinist leadership). National Post, Aug 11, 2007. See MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE MUGABE


Remake of Manchurian Candidate coming (Sinatra's daughter Nancy produces). National Post, Jul 21, 2004


POW flies out of North Korea (faces court martial in USA). CNS News, Jul 9, 2004




39.Interrogation & Torture and 40.Electric Shock Brainwashing and 41.The Party Tells How and 42.The Party Tells Why

35.The Brotherhood and 7.Systems of Thought and 6.SuperStates

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~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~

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