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....Which MP billed the taxpayer £388.80 for horse manure for his garden -
and how much manure did that actually buy?...

To Orwell Today,

Hi Jackie,

Here in the United Kingdom - after the recent Swine Flu scare - we have the Pigs in the Trough outbreak.

The main news is the general public's reactions to the Daily Telegraph's leaks that many of our elected representative MPs have been fiddling the books - claiming monies for second homes, mortgages and expenses. These MPs were from all three of the major political parties. Many people have been swamping the media with letters of complaints and emails. This has all occurred during a time of deep recession and rising levels of unemployment, repossessions of homes and bankruptcy.

Such is the public disgust with the political system that many will no doubt restrain from taking part in voting in the forthcoming elections. There is even a campaign here to persuade the Queen of England to dissolve Parliament.

This fiddling the books by MPs, though, is not new and is part of a corrupt system entrenched with the British political system. Each new Government that comes into power declares that they will be squeaky clean. Now the cat is out of the bag, so to speak, and the public are at last realising that they’ve been duped by DOUBLE TALK.

Take care,
Ray Wills

Greetings Ray,

Yes, pigs have been in the news alot lately - be they cops, politicians or diseases. A person can't keep up with all the stories (or even attempt to try) as they are ongoing from every country in the world.

We have a big PIG AT THE TROUGH story here in Canada too. Ours is about Brian Mulroney - a former Prime Minister - who is on the stand this week regarding his receiving envelopes stuffed with hundreds of thousands of dollars cash - about which he now admits. But back when it happened he denied it (and got away with it) and then sued the Canadian government for libel - and won - and we taxpayers paid him millions of dollars in settlement. See MULRONEY CASH FLOW WOE & CANADA'S MULRONEY BALONEY

The cartoon above is of him putting the proverbial lipstick on a pig - symbolic of dressing up lies as truths - or trying to cover up obnoxious, greedy, mud-rolling behaviour.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - It never ceases to amaze me how Britain is held up as a pillar of democracy and yet its present Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, was never elected by the people - just handed the job on a silver platter when his predecessor, Tony Blair, up and quit. Now Blair (a Trotskyite) travels the world for BIG BROTHER UNITED NATIONS - earning millions on the speaking circuit - telling African leaders how to run prosperous democracies - as if he's an authority on business and democracy (like what Clintonista does too, whose wife Hellery is Obombanation's Secretary of State). We had a similar situation here in Canada with ex-Prime Minister Paul Martin who wasn't elected - just handed the job by when his precedessor Jean Chretien (who couldn't speak fluently in either official language) quit. See AMERICA'S MORONS & CANADA'S PM SHIPS COCAINE

MP's expenses: The great gravy train quiz. Telegraph, May 16, 2009

The Queen tells Gordon Brown she is 'deeply troubled' over MPs' expenses. Daily Mail, May 17, 2009

Mulroney admits taking cash from lobbyist, Ledger, May 16, 2009
Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney formally denied any wrongdoing while acknowledging he accepted several cash-stuffed envelopes containing a total of about $192,000 U.S. from a foreign lobbyist. He was testifying at an inquiry headed by Judge Jeffery Oliphant investigating his dealings with German businessman Karlheinz Schreiber. Mulroney, 70, said he accepted the cash in 1993 after his term as prime minister ended. He said the amount was not the $255,000 U.S. that Schreiber claimed he paid for his help to locate a plant to build German-designed armored military vehicles in Canada. Mulroney didn't report the income for tax purposes for six years, saying he had treated it as a retainer on which taxes could be deferred. As well, Mulroney said he didn't disclose those financial dealings at a public inquiry in 1996 into the sale of Airbus jets to Air Canada. The Mounties had accused Mulroney of conspiring with Schreiber and former Newfoundland Premier Frank Moores in an alleged kickback scheme from the jet sale in 1988. Mulroney then sued the Mounties and the federal government for libel and ultimately won a settlement worth $1.8 million U.S.

Feeding G20 leaders cost taxpayers £500,000 (thousands people losing jobs & homes). Independent, May 7, 2009

CAMERAS CAUGHT COPS PROVOCATEURING (...the recent G20 Summit in London was another police-state operation as per all such events where large numbers of people gather to show their disgust and witness PIGS AT THE TROUGH politicians gorging themselves as they pontificate over how much more to steal from we the taxpayers in the name of "giving to the poor" - and thousands of cops arrive in battle gear itching for (and creating) violent confrontation...)

G20 cops went undercover to incite crowds (police seen throwing bottles at police) & Video of UK police assaulting G20 bystander (died of internal bleeding/heart attack). Guardian, May 9-10, 2009

"Stop calling it swine flu" say pig farmers (can't get flu from eating pork). CanadaCom, Apr 29, 2009

Swine-flu 1976 scare tactic TV commercial (Get a shot of protection - the swine flu shot) & Lessons of 1976: swine flu fear, wasted millions (more people died from vaccination than flu). YouTube/GlobeMail, May 2, 2009

Flu Mask Cashing in on swine flu fears (face masks/hand sanitizers/vaccines) & Germ-killing masks up 450% since flu (a global industry; market is the planet). MacLeans/CanadaCom, Apr 28-30, 2009

Who Head
China's Dr Flu of WHO says swine-flu pandemic imminent (tells pharmaceutical industry to ramp it up) & World moves to contain pig flu spread (WHO says could mutate into dangerous strain). BBC, Apr 27-30, 2009. Go to CHINA'S DR FLU HEADS WHO & WHO'S SARS SONG & BIG BROTHER BIO-CHEM WARFARE & MAN-MADE FLU WEAPON & ORDER OUT OF CHAOS & FOOD CONTROL

GULLIVER ON MONEY & TRADE (rich man enjoys fruit of poor man's labour)

All Animals Equal PIGS AT THE TROUGH

22.Doublethink & 10.Rulers & 8.Classes of People & 14.Experimentation & 28.Reality Control

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