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To Orwell Today,

Hello my name is Tracy, I'm 17 Years old and I am deeply interested about the John F. Kennedy assassination and its conspiracy.

You say by reading all the books you recommend for reading, that you'd "know" about who the killers are? I also was wondering if the book, "The Assassination Tapes: an electronic probe into the murder of John F. Kennedy and the Dallas coverup" by George O'Toole is considered by you to be a good and honest book.

Do you believe that Lee Harvey Oswald had something to do with the murder of JFK?

Your website is very useful to me and inspirational for me. Maybe you might have helped me to find out my career. Thank you for all your help.

Tracy M.

Greetings Tracy,

The books I was talking about, on my recommended list, are not about the JFK assassination but about JFK the MAN and the PRESIDENT. If you read those books (and not all of them are required) you would not know WHO assassinated JFK but you'd know WHY "they" assassinated him, ie because he was GOOD and they are EVIL and he stood in the way of their plans for setting up world-wide tyranny. Hear JFK's own words: JFK OPPOSED MONOLITHIC CONSPIRACY

I haven't heard of that ASSASSINATION TAPES book - except for a quick search on google after you mentioned it - but its topic doesn't interest me, ie the tedious deciphering of voice-sound-waves from all those people.

I haven't actually made a list of all the assassination books I've read over the years because many of them carry more disinformation than true information and so are not good for people who don't have enough JFK background to sort the truth from the lies.

However, two books that WILL help you in your study of the JFK assassination are the 1966 RUSH TO JUDGEMENT, by Mark Lane and the 1989 CROSSFIRE: THE PLOT THAT KILLED KENNEDY by Jim Marrs.

If you read those books (which aren't the be-all and end-all but provide much truthful information and facts) in conjunction with the articles in the JFK ASSASSINATION PUZZLE PIECES section of my website, you would have a strong enough foundation to start arriving at your own conclusions as to "what" did the actual killing, even if you couldn't put an actual name to the people behind it. See also my latest article BIG BROTHER KILLED KENNEDYS

Also, I recommend you watch the 1970s movie EXECUTIVE ACTION starring Burt Lancaster and read about it in EXECUTIVE ACTION FILM DEBUT

My answer to your question about Lee Harvey Oswald is: No, he had NOTHING to do with the murder of JFK. He was SET UP, ie FRAMED by the powers-that-be to be in the right place at the right time (ie given the job at the Texas School Book Depository building after his wife was befriended by a woman affiliated with Russian communists. This is proven in the 2002 book MRS PAINE'S GARAGE, by Thomas Mallon, the inside title page of which is scanned below):

Oswald Garage

Proof that Oswald is innocent can be seen with your own eyes. Go to PHOTOS PROVE OSWALD INNOCENT

Keep up your search for the truth about the death of JFK - but do it also by discovering the truth about the LIFE of JFK.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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