To Orwell Today,

Dear Jackie:

Hope you are well and Happy New Year!!! As seen by the emails below I wrote to you back in 07.

JFK-RFK BOOK BROTHERS (Melvin sends quotes from new JFK assassination book, "Brothers" by David Talbot)

DID BOBBY KNOW WHO? (Melvin wonders if RFK knew who it was who killed his brother)

Recently, I again came across information I found interesting. The book: Farewell America, I've heard of for some time, had the chance to purchase a copy but did not at the time. I said 'I'll wait a while before I pick it up...' Well as you no doubt know, the book is once again difficult to get. Could have gotten a copy for $15.00 at Should have. Anyway, I've heard that the book was never released here in the States. And that it sat in a warehouse in Canada where strange characters were hanging about.

Now I've read that it was Bobby Kennedy who hired two people to do research into his brother's killing. The result was a long paper on power groups. This paper went on to become Farewell America ... do you have any other info on this situation?

-Melvin Stephens

Greetings Melvin,

I had never heard of this book FAREWELL AMERICA until receiving your email upon which time I did a google search on it.

After reading a couple of overviews it isn't a book I'd be interested in reading and I'm sure Bobby Kennedy had nothing to do with its creation.

As discussed in previous emails, Bobby knew "what" had killed his brother (didn't have to know exactly which name, but no doubt he could put a few names to the plotters, ie Kissinger for one).

Bobby's investigations had ruled out Garrison's theory and the Mafia theory and the Cuban theory and the far-right and the far-left etc, etc ad nauseum.

Bobby knew that in reality it was the organization that CONTROLLED all of the above groups that was behind his brother's assassination (just as it was behind Lincoln's assassination 100 years previously).

And that's the same organization - call it BIG BROTHER - that was behind Bobby's assassination five years after his brother's. This organization is behind ALL the assassinations ALL OVER THE WORLD, not just in America.

It's the same organization - its members being THE BROTHERHOOD - that JFK was talking about in his speech about secret societies:


It's the same organization Orwell described as GOLDSTEIN CONSPIRACY IN "1984"

About 20 years ago I began searching for the truth behind the assassination of JFK and I found the truth - as did Bobby - and the truth is that the killers are still here with us and they are continuing to destroy (one way or the other) anyone who stands in their path.

I don't waste time reading every book the Ministry of Truth (Lies) puts out on the Kennedys. Most of them are nothing but prolefeed meant to character assassinate and get people barking under the wrong tree regarding their deaths and tragedies.

You have to be discerning - even with the GOOD books - and take from each what you can garner - and then add 2 plus 2 and get 4. The truth IS out there.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

43.Winston Talks In Sleep (...All the while, with one part of his mind, he wondered how soon they would shoot him.... The one certain thing was that death never came at an expected moment. The tradition - the unspoken tradition: somehow you knew it, though you never heard it said - was that they shot you from behind: always in the back of the head, without warning, as you walked down a corridor...)


2.Big Brother and 35.Big Brother's Brotherhood and 5.Pyramidal New World Order



- LINCOLN'S ASSASSINATION WAS THE RESULT OF A CONFEDERATE PLOT...Confederate grand conspiracy theorists feel Judah Benjamin, the Confederate Secretary of State, was deeply involved in the plot to kidnap/kill Abraham Lincoln. He burned all of his records before Richmond was evacuated. Benjamin escaped to England, and he was the only member of the Confederate government never to return to the United States. He practiced law in England until 1883 and died in Paris on May 6, 1884....

- LINCOLN'S ASSASSINATION WAS THE RESULT OF A CONSPIRACY OF POWERFUL INTERNATIONAL BANKERS...This theory is that Abraham Lincoln was killed as a result of his monetary policies. John Wilkes Booth would be seen as a hired gun. In its simplest terms, the theory is that Lincoln needed money to finance the Civil War. Bankers in Europe led by the Rothschilds offered him loans at high interest rates. Rather than accept the loans, Lincoln found other means to fund the war effort. More importantly, the British bankers opposed Lincoln's protectionist policies. Some Englishmen in the 1860's believed that "British free trade, industrial monopoly and human slavery travel together." Lincoln's policies after the Civil War would have destroyed the Rothschilds' commodity speculations. After the war, Lincoln planned a mild Reconstruction policy which would have enabled a resumption of agriculture production. The Rothschilds were betting the other way on high prices caused by a tough Reconstruction policy toward the South. Lincoln was viewed as a threat to the established order of things, and he was assassinated as a result. The goal was to weaken the United States so the Rothschilds could takeover its economy. An article titled "The Rothschilds' International Plot to Kill Lincoln" was published October 29, 1976, in New Solidarity....

Jackie Jura
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