(Jackie Jura answers a critic)

Dear Bill T,

I don't have scorn for elders, and I'm not that young at 53. What bothers me about your criticism of me and my site is I know you don't read what I write nor do I believe you've read Orwell's 1984. And when I said I was fighting with my wallet and my pen that wasn't to imply that I had lots of money, it just meant I was willing to spend a portion of it on this website and the research involved, which does tend to add up to a fair amount. But I don't spend on other things so it works out. Nor do I like the way you infer that I'm an idiot when in fact I am probably better read than you or your buddy who calls me a dipshit.

You think you advanced the cause of freedom by signing up for Vietnam but what freedom to America did that contribute to? Nor are you the only one whose raised kids. I have too. As a matter of fact, it's for my children and others that I speak out instead of sheeplike taking whatever is handed out by the corrupt politicians and the international money-changers who give them their orders. You like to put labels on people, thinking that Clinton is bad and Bush is good or whatever. They're both idiots but you don't see that. And about the paradise thing, I've travelled around the world (you'd know if you'd ever read any of my essays, ie Afghanistan Remembered) and I've visited what some people call paradise (islands in the Pacific and elsewhere). But actually, those spots that are paradise are usually where the warmongers test their nuclear weapons (ie Bikini Atoll).

It is the opinion of George Orwell (and I agree with him) that there is a Conspiracy for World Domination, headed by Communist Corporate Elites who plan to run the planet like a big plantation. They use war to destroy and cause chaos so that they can come in and rebuild and take control. But it's impossible to talk to you about it because you haven't done your homework. You obviously don't read and because you haven't read the book that is the basis of this website, it's difficult to relate. So let's leave it at that.

~ Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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