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On September 11, 2001 -- 9/11 -- two 727 commercial airplanes allegedly hit the Twin Towers of the seven-tower World Trade Center (WTC) complex in New York City. A few minutes later the two 110-story buildings perfectly imploded -- the one hit last going down first and the one hit first going down last.



911OsamaWanted 911OsamaMap

The government said the airplanes were sent as an attack by Osama bin Laden -- a Saudi Arabian who twenty years previously had fought against the Russian invasion in Afghanistan.

A month after the so-called "terrorist" attack of 9/11 the USA invaded Afghanistan looking for Osama bin Laden -- who they blamed for 9/11 -- and this marked the beginning of the "war on terror".

The "events of 9/11" -- as the WTC attacks are now described -- have resulted in governments authorizing police-state and military-dictatorship actions against peoples of the once free nations of the Western World in the name of "keeping people safe" from "terrorists" like Osama bin Laden.

This section of "Orwell Today" will post articles and commentary on the events of 9/11.

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Jackie Jura, September 2002

(symbolic Twin Towers open on April 4)

1984 & MICROSOFT BORN ON APRIL 4 (...The World Trade Center opened in New York on April 4, 1973)


ISIL & ISIS is IS now
Obomba says the enemy is ISIS
ObamaISISspeech ClintonIsIs ObamaISISfight
watch Clinton says it depends on what IS IS
BushWarhead 911plus13yrs ObamaISISprompt
Anniversary 911 plus 13
Bush told 911 911SatanFace 911ObamaHorns
watch 911 devil is in the details video
(face/horns in smoke & behind Bush/Obama)
Sep 11, 2001-2014
& 28.Reality Control & 12.Ministry of Peace

listen JACKIE JURA ON GADDAFI CRYSTAL SPIRIT, Patrick Timpone, OneRadioNetwork, Oct 24, 2011 (discuss the physics behind the implosion of the WTC buildings)

Dollar 20 Front 9/11 COINCIDENCES ON $20 BILL



Reader Dimi explains the physics involved in the evaporation of the steel cores of the 911 towers

PentagonNoPlane NO PLANE HIT 911 PENTAGON (reader Fred says evidence at the Pentagon on 911 does not indicate a Boeing 757 crashed into the building)



Canada Liberal opposition leader drops candidate over 9/11 remarks. Toronto Star, Sep 26, 2008
Lesley Hughes, right, listens to Liberal Leader Stephane Dion during a visit to the Asper Jewish Community Centre in Winnipeg, Sept. 24. Hughes was fired as the Liberal candidate for Kildonan-St. Paul on Sept. 26 for comments she made several years ago about the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The Liberals have dumped a Winnipeg candidate who wrote about allegations that Israeli businesses had advance knowledge of the 9/11 attacks in New York. Just hours after Stéphane Dion publicly sidestepped questions about the status of Lesley Hughes, the Liberal leader released a statement announcing that he had asked her to step down. "The Liberal Party's commitment to tolerance and multiculturalism is paramount. I have reviewed the past comments of Lesley Hughes and it is clear they do not meet this standard," he said in the statement. While Hughes, the candidate in the riding of Kildonan-St. Paul, expressed regret for the comments, Dion said he "cannot condone those sentiments in any way." However, because nominations have closed, her name will still appear on the ballot. Hughes was informed of the decision to drop her by reporters in Winnipeg. "It is completely stunning and unjust," Hughes said, reading a copy of the Liberal statement given to her by reporters. She said she had been campaigning all morning and had not been contacted by the party. Hughes wrote in a March 2003 edition of a newsletter published by a committee of the Winnipeg Presbytery of the United Church of Canada that U.S., German, Russian and Israeli intelligence officials knew about the attacks in advance. She apologized on Thursday but that didn't stop the Conservatives from demanding her resignation. And this morning, Dion ducked questions whether she should step down, saying the party was in discussions with the Canadian Jewish Congress on the issue. "We have a process ongoing with the Jewish congress, to see what she has said exactly, if our apology will be accepted . . .. I have full confidence in the Jewish congress," Dion said during a campaign stop in Toronto. At the same time, he demanded that Conservative candidate Lee Richardson step down for comments he made linking immigrants and crime, raising questions whether Dion had a double standard. During a morning campaign stop in Toronto, Liberal supporters booed and heckled reporters who pressed Dion on Hughes' status, telling reporters to focus on "something relevant."

JFK 911 photo loss settled (stored in #5 WTC basement vault) & JFK WTC photo intrique rolls on (negatives burnt in fire or stolen to sell on black market later). Amateur Photographer, Nov 12, 2007. See ANOTHER ATTACK ON JFK'S IMAGE

WTC Buildings This drawing from MUSLIMS DEFY LAWS OF PHYSICS shows the two WTC towers (black) and the paths of the attacking aircraft (red). Within the profile of each tower (1 and 2), the shape of the central core is shown by the green rectangle. WTC buildings 1 through 6 are numbered; WTC 7, north of 6, is not shown:

HARD SCIENCE OF WTC COLLAPSE. Physics 911, Public Site
...The World Trade Center (WTC) contained seven buildings. The Twin Towers were called buildings One (WTC1) and Two (WTC2). They collapsed in truly astounding fashion, but the event that caused me first to question the official story about the events of 9-11 was viewing videos of the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7 (WTC7). If you’ve forgotten, WTC7 was a 47-story building that was not hit by an airplane or by any significant debris from either WTC1 or WTC2. Buildings 3, 4, 5, and 6 were struck by massive amounts of debris from the collapsing Twin Towers, yet none collapsed, despite their thin-gauge steel supports. WTC7, which was situated on the next block over, was the farthest of the buildings from WTC1 and WTC2. WTC7 happened to contain the New York City Office of Emergency Management (OEM), a facility that was, according to testimony to the 9-11 Commission, one of the most sophisticated Emergency Command Centers on the planet. But shortly after 5:20 pm on Sept. 11, as the horrific day was coming to a close, WTC7 mysteriously imploded and fell to the ground in an astounding 6.5 seconds....

WARREN & 911 TRUTH OMISSIONS (reader is reasearching for a people's investigation)

World Trade Center in NY attacked (hit by planes & blows up). BBC, September 11, 2001-2007

LINDBERGH'S ANTI-WAR SPEECH ("foreign interests forcing USA"). delivered on Sep 11, 1941. Go to 12.Ministry of Peace (War)

JFK PHOTOS BY JACQUES LOWE (reader wonders if they've increased in value since 9/11)

9/11 INVESTIGATION BALLOT (reader wants to spread the word about the grassroots initiative)

DEATH OF INNOCENT (Timothy McVeigh was executed on 6/11 (an inverted 9/11), 2001, exactly three months before the World Trade Center attack)

9/11 ADDS UP AGAIN (reader says the address of the latest New York building hit by an airplane adds up to 9/11)

2001: USA rocked by day of terror (5th anniversary of 9/11). BBC, September 11, 2006

Empire State Building. It was finished in 1931. The tower takes its name from the nickname of New York State. At 9:49 a.m. on Saturday July 28, 1945, a B-25 Mitchell bomber flying in a thick fog accidentally crashed into the north side between the 79th and 80th floors; one engine shot through the side opposite the impact and another plummeted down an elevator shaft. The fire was extinguished in 40 minutes. 14 people were killed in the accident...Since the September 11th, 2001 attacks, it is again the tallest building in New York City. Wikipedia

9-11 RE-OPENED (How much energy is needed for pulverizing a concrete block into powder?)

9-11 families protest WTC memorial (don't like 'underground' design). Newsday, Apr 8, 2006

PRESIDENT LINDBERGH GOES MISSING (The 2004 bestseller THE PLOT AGAINST AMERICA by Philip Roth is a fictional novel about Charles Lindbergh defeating Roosevelt in the 1940 presidential election and implementing his isolationist policy of not taking America into WWII. He becomes the most hated man in America, by the Jews, for his actual "America First" Des Moine's speech delivered on September 11, 1941, exactly 60 years to the day of 2001's 9/11).

3/11 TO 9/11 IS 911 DAYS (reader points out the arithmetic)



MOON DOC HOAX ON HOAX (Kissinger, who quit as head of committee to investigate the 9-11 attacks, was involved in phony moon-landing photos)

WTC a controlled demolition implosion (thermite melted inner cores - not aircraft impact & fuel fire). Physics 911, Nov 26, 2003 (link no longer connects to the article).

Human pilots no longer needed (CIA & Pentagon use remote control). Reuters, Nov 23, 2003. Go to 13.Weapons & JFK BROTHER FLEW DRONE

9/11 WAS STAGED SAYS BOOK (to bring in global government says book by ex-Cabinet minister). London Telegraph, Nov 20, 2003. Go to 28.Reality Control

Air defence tested tonight (also practice shooting down civilian, passenger aircraft). WashPost, Jun 4, 2003. Go to PLANE DISASTERS REVISITED and 9/11 WAS COLCHESTER BOMB

WTC firemen felt bomb go off (say others were set to go). People Mag, Sep 12, 2001. Go to 28.Reality Control


Ground Zero plans unveiled (contain occult symbolism - number '11', domes & pyramids etc). Newsday, Dec 19, 2002. Go to 5.Pyramidal New World Order

ZIONISM IN AMERICA (Henry Kissinger has quit as head of the committee formed to investigate the 9-11 attacks. The families of the victims suspected him of having a conflict of interest and asked to see his financial connections to the World Trade Center & the war against terror. He refused and stepped down.)

THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE...RIGHT? (The culprit responsible for the Sep 11 attack is now rumoured to be the same one who lurked behind the grassy knoll). Vancouver Sun, Feb 23, 2002


MUSLIMS SUSPEND LAWS OF PHYSICS! (the physics of the WTC collapse), by J. McMichael, Commentarian

THE BIGGEST FOUNDATION (this link no longer connects: It chronicles the construction of the WTC's Twin Towers). The New Yorker, Nov 1972 (

WTC workers suffer health problems (firefighters have respiratory problems from toxins). Salon News, Dec 21, 2001

ANOTHER ATTACK ON JFK'S IMAGE (negatives destroyed with World Trade Center on 9/11)

Muslim pilgrims perform a symbolic stoning of the devil as they throw pebbles at a pillar in Mina, just outside the city of Mecca during the annual Muslim pilgrimage or hajj, in Saudi Arabia. [Notice their symbol of the devil is an obelisk. It must have amazed the Arab world when the Washington Monument, a huge obelisk, was erected in America's capital back in the 1860s. ~ Jackie Jura]

First flight since 9/11:
Obelisk Washington
A Continental plane is the first to fly into Reagan National Airport yesterday. Commercial service resumes today with 190 flights to eight countries. National Post, Oct 4, 2001

'That's a major, major toxic soup' (people in Manhattan are breathing in some nasty stuff). Globe and Mail, Sep 15, 2001

Fighter pilots may be out of a job (testing to begin on unmanned jets). National Post, Oct, 2001

5-Minute Video of George W. Bush reading "My Pet Goat" (shows President Bush on the morning of 9/11 sitting in a Florida classroom for 5 minutes after he was told that the second Twin Tower has been hit and that America was being attacked).

Horned God. Wikipedia
...The depiction of Satan as a horned and hoofed goat-like monster holding a trident is a 19th century invention....Previous depictions of the Devil were much more varied, and he was often simply a man dressed in black, or a dog or goat.... Positive aspects of the Horned God have more recently been re-attributed to Satan by the Church of Satan and similar branches of modern Satanism...

"My Pet Goat" (book George Bush was listening to classroom children read after being informed of Twin Towers attack on 9/11). Wikipedia

Bush told 911 911BushHorns George W Bush, the President of the United States, receives word of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center from Andrew Card, his chief of staff, during a visit to an elementary school in Sarasota, Florida yesterday. National Post, September 12, 2001 [notice the children's art looking over Bush's shoulder as he sits in their classroom. It uncannily looks like a depiction of the devil with the black eyes, pointed horns and beard ~Jackie Jura]

WTCBuiltStrong Towers built to withstand impact of plane (but yesterday the twin towers imploded). National Post, Sep 12, 2001

Morning that left the U.S. speechless, Daily Telegraph, Sep 12, 2001.




16.Ministry of Truth (Lies) and 17.Falsification of Past and 28.Reality Control and 12.Ministry of Peace (War)

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