To Orwell Today,

Hello there. Have just been reading the 4 BLUE WILLOW DISHES POEMS -- thank you so much!

Also, you mentioned Blue Willow wallpaper you found. Any chance you remember the site?

Thank you for your time,

Greetings Marlene,

I hadn't heard of Blue Willow wallpaper until the reader wrote in with her story about her 90-year-old mother telling her it was on the wall in the bathroom where she used to have her hair rolled up in ringlets.

I went searching and found two websites with Blue Willow wallpaper -- Sweets Decor and Easy Living -- scanned below:

WallpaperSweetDecor WallpaperEasyLiving

It's always interesting hearing from other Blue Willow dishes fans.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

BLUE WILLOW DISH-HUTCH POEMS (wallpaper patterns look like Jackie's dishes)

BLUE WILLOW POEM DOWN UNDER (reader Richard from Australia sends his mother's version)

Marlene is looking for Blue Willow wallpaper after reading the Blue Willow poems

4 BLUE WILLOW DISHES POEMS (reader Barbara's grandmother recited the Blue Willow poem to her mother who recited it to her)

Reader Gene has a set of Blue Willow dishes stamped "Japan" on the bottom & asks for more information

BLUE WILLOW PLATE POEM (reader Reed sends his grandfather's version of the Blue Willow dishes poem)

Reader Chrissy asks for help finding out about the set of Blue Willow dishes she was given by her grandmother

Reader Serenyi sends another version of the Blue Willow poem

Reader Colleen wonders about the age of her "Blue Willow" set of dishes

TENNESSEE VERSION BLUE WILLOW (reader Barbara sends version she learned from her grandmother)


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