To Orwell Today,

I, too, have a set of Blue Willow dishes. Yes, they were my Grandmother's!

You mention having a set that is darker and has only "Japan" stamped on the bottom and that describes my set. Have you found any information about your set? All I know about mine is that they are pre-World War II. Curiosity gets the best of me on occasion and I do a little bit of research--thus finding your website today. Any information would be appreciated since I know very little about my set.

Gene Carlson

Greetings Gene,

Yes, I have a set that has just "Japan" stamped on the back. It's a darker blue than my other sets (which are stamped with the name of the manufacturer and "made in England" on the back).

Here are a couple of articles that, in addition to the articles already listed on my website, add some info on the pattern and its origins.

The Love Poem that Created Blue Willow Dinnerware and History of Blue Willow China

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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