To Orwell Today,

Dear Mrs. Jura:

I have just completed a brief reading of your website and am impressed with the depth that you have pursued the subject of surveillance. You have done a good job of alerting your fellow citizens about this great danger that exists. I have briefly described my family's surveillance case to Paula Wittig at Firecracker Films....SURVEILLANCE STORIES WANTED

Let me hear from you sometime. It would be a pleasure to compare notes with you on the subject of surveillance.

My very best wishes,
William Hewgley

Greetings William,

You can hear from me anytime by merely visiting the website because all my thoughts on surveillance are here - mostly under the Orwellian themes 3.Surveillance and 20.Thought Police.

Orwell alerted me to the danger (through "1984") and, through my website (based on his book) I alert my fellow-citizens of the world-wide-web.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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