With technical advances private life came to an end.


The invention of print made it easier to manipulate public opinion, and the film and the radio carried the process further. With the development of television, and the technical advance which made it possible to receive and transmit simultaneously on the same instrument, private life came to an end.

Any sound Winston made, above the level of a whisper, would be picked up by the telescreen; moreover, so long as he remained within the field of vision which the metal plaque commanded, he could be seen as well as heard.

Every citizen, or at least every citizen important enough to be worth watching, could be kept twenty-four hours a day under the eyes of the police and in the sound of official propaganda, with all other channels of communication closed. The possibility of enforcing not only complete obedience to the will of the State, but complete uniformity of opinion of all subjects now existed.

Never show dismay! Never show resentment! A single flicker of the eyes could give you away. It was terribly dangerous to let your thoughts wander when you were in any public place or within range of a telescreen. The smallest thing could give you away. A nervous tic, an unconscious look of anxiety, a habit of muttering to yourself - anything that carried with it the suggestion of abnormality, of having something to hide. In any case, to wear an improper expression on your face (to look incredulous when a victory was announced, for example) was itself a punishable offense. There was even a word for it in Newspeak: facecrime it was called. Your worst enemy was your own nervous system. Any moment the tension inside you was liable to translate itself into some visible symptom.

At home and in bed in the darkness you were safe from the telescreen so long as you kept silent. The most deadly danger of all was talking in your sleep. There was no way of guarding against that, so far as he could see. Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimetres inside your skull.

There was no place where you could be more certain that the telescreens were watched continuously than at the urinals. Winston kept his back turned to the telescreen. It was safer; though, as he well knew, even a back can be revealing. It was like trying to make a move at chess when you were already mated. Whichever way you turned, the telescreen faced you.

In general you could not assume that you were much safer in the country than in London. There were no telescreens, of course, but there was always the danger of concealed microphones by which your voice might be picked up and recognized; besides, it was not easy to make a journey by yourself without attracting attention. For distances of less than 100 kilometres it was not necessary to get your passport endorsed, but sometimes there were patrols hanging about railway stations, who examined the papers of any Party member they found there and asked awkward questions. The patrols might stop you if you happened to run into them. 'May I see your papers, comrade? What are you doing here? What time did you leave work? Is this your usual way home?' - and so on and so forth. Not that there was any rule against walking home by an unusual route: but it was enough to draw attention to you if the Thought Police heard about it.

The physical difficulty of meeting was enormous. Except by direct enquiry it was never possible to discover where anyone lived. There were no directories of any kind. As for sending a letter through the mails, it was out of the question By a routine that was not even secret, all letters were opened in transit. Actually, few people ever wrote letters. For the messages that it was occasionally necessary to send, there were printed postcards with long lists of phrases, and you struck out the ones that were inapplicable.

In the far distance a helicopter skimmed down between the roofs, hovered for an instant like a bluebottle, and darted away again with a curving flight. It was the police patrol, snooping into people's windows. The patrols did not matter, however. Only the Thought Police mattered.

Smartphones set to become even smarter, Financial Times, Jan 3, 2014

Big Business is watching you (you watch screen/screen watches you; entertainment a Brave New World drug), ComputerWorld, Dec 3, 2010

The Chip is at the Tip of the Needle, by Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer (New German Medicine), Four Winds, Sep 9, 2009
Yesterday, 27 August 2009, I was giving an introductory talk about German New Medicine (GNM) near Vienna, Austria. My wife was with me and about 40 listeners. At the end as part of the discussion the swine flu was mentioned and a lady got up and declared the following: A friend of hers works for a pharmaceutical company in Vienna and told her that the swine flu injection needles indeed contain nano particles in their very tip, which cannot be detected with the naked eye but are clearly visible with as little as a 12 times magnifying microscope like children’s toy microscopes. The staff of the pharmaceutical company was advised that these nano particles work in the human body like a motherboard in the computer and lots of data can be stored on it, which will make cash cards obsolete. This measure was also intended to do an accurate census and to protect babies, as many mothers would simply "discard" their newborn, without knowledge of the authorities. This lady further disclosed that she was working in the medical field. She had asked a lawyer who came to her as a patient, how it was possible to avoid being chipped. He told her that he was aware of the planned chipping of the population; in fact most upper class members of society were aware of this plan. For this year no forced vaccinations were planned but to rather encourage people through the media to volunteer for the jab. In case too few would come forward, forced vaccination was planned for next year. Exempt from those were certain professional groups like the police, medical personal, politicians etc. Being a lawyer, he knew ways for himself to avoid the jab, but for the majority of the population there was no escape....

Government officials say RFID makes life easier (privacy advocates worried), AP, Jul 12, 2009

Construction of virtual fence resumes. Wash Post, May 9, 2009
...Obama administration officials in the Department of Homeland Security described a five-year, multibillion-dollar plan yesterday to link a chain of tower-mounted sensors and other surveillance equipment over most of the 2,000-mile southern frontier. As before, the network of cameras, radar and communications gear is intended to speed deployment of U.S. Border Patrol officers to intercept illegal immigrants, drug smugglers and other violators, yielding greater "operational control" over the vast and rugged area....U.S. officials began erecting 17 camera and radio towers on a 23-mile stretch near Tucson, and they expect this summer to add 36 others over 30 miles near Ajo, Ariz.... Plans call for covering the 320-mile Arizona border by 2012 and the full border with Mexico -- except for a 200-mile stretch in southwestern Texas where it is difficult to cross and expensive to monitor -- by 2014. Bush's five-year, $7.6 billion cost projection has been trimmed to $6.7 billion because the Texas segment was deferred, said Mark Borkowski, executive director of DHS's Secure Border Initiative and its technology component, SBInet....DHS has paid $600 million to its prime contractor, Boeing. It is using new software, radar, cameras and sturdier towers, and has simplified camera operation and added more thorough testing by Border Patrol officers. Boeing's three-year contract expires in September, but DHS is likely to seek at least a one-year extension while it reviews whether to change contracting strategies, Borkowski said. The goal of SBInet is to enable the Border Patrol to detect 70 to 85 percent of incursions. Technology may help the Border Patrol to control the border with 22,000 to 25,000 officers, fewer than the 27,000 once estimated, he said.

Drivers licences with chips spark heated debate. CBC, Jul 25, 2008

Miami security cameras see through clothing. McClatchyDC, Jul 22, 2008

Want some torture with your peanuts?. WashTimes, Jul 1, 2008

CCTV failed to slash crime say police
(need to put images on internet). Guardian, May 6, 2008

Smile, Big Brother's watching (new technology tracks every move) & Cell phones are a listening device (can eavesdrop even when off). GlobeMail/Fox, Mar 24, 2008

Electronics to monitor hospital handwashing (must wash 60-70 times an hour). CBC, Mar 4, 2008

China dust storm hits Korea-Japan
(carrying toxins from industrial zones)
BBC, Mar 4, 2008

You think you are free? (Western World a combination of 1984 and Brave New World). Gulf News, Feb 26, 2008. Go to HUXLEY'S UNBRAVE WORLD

Google streetmaps raise privacy concerns (users can view, zoom-in, pinpoint). NationalPost, Sep 12, 2007

SURVEILLANCE STORIES WANTED (for documentary film). Sep 11, 2007

Orwell was a paranoid rebel (Soviet & British secret police *were* watching him) & MI5 confused by Orwell's politics (did not believe he was a mainstream communist) & Orwell right - Big Brother was watching (amid concerns he was a member of the communist movement). Guardian/BBC/Age, Sep 5, 2007. Go to ORWELL NOT COMMIE, DUH & TEMPTED TO VISIT ORWELL

Top cop says Britain "Orwellian" society (doesn't want to live in a country with surveillance on every corner) & Health fear over airport scanners (show passengers' naked bodies) & Flying saucer police spy helicopter (CCTV cameras record from 500m). SydneyMH/ThisLondon May 20, 2007

USA university shooting kills 33 (alleged shooter kills self) & How can schools keep students safe? (build elaborate 'security' systems). BBC, Apr 17, 2007. Go to SCHOOLS LIKE PRISONS

Talking CCTV cameras scold offenders (staff bark orders thru loudspeaker connected to control centre). BBC, Apr 5, 2007

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Threat Detection System monitors every move (tiny cameras the size of a fingernail; microphones hear every whisper). RaidersNews, Feb 9, 2007

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Brain scan reads people's intentions (to spot who plans to commit crimes before they break the law). Guardian Feb 9, 2007

Big Brother is shouting at you (loudspeakers on cameras in city; in residential areas next). DailyMail, Sep 18, 2006

Computers set to read our minds (by analysing facial expressions). BBC, Jun 26, 2006

RFID meets Orwell's telescreen (real-time location system - RTLS tracks human beings to within 12 inches & beams 3-D map to computer screens). FreeMarketNews, Jun 2, 2006

Big Brother on the Animal Farm (tag & track all USA livestock; "even fish in backyard pond"). Vermont Courier, Apr 19, 2006

School with 250 CCTV cameras (in classrooms-corridors-staircases-labs-activity rooms-staff rooms-everywhere). CalcuttaTelegraph, Jan 14, 2006

Watching neighbours on CCTV cameras (reporting anti-social behaviour) & Police may kick people out of homes (for anti-social behaviour). BBC & Times, Jan 10, 2006

"Eyes on the screen -- not the road" Watching TV while driving is okay ("all the better to watch you with") & BEYOND ORWELL & Watching TV while driving is not safe (gov't pushing broadcasting technology). Korea Times, Jan 8, 2006

Implants turn humans into cyborgs (RFID chips already commonly used in livestock & merchandise tracking). VancouverSun, Jan 7, 2006

Britian to monitor EVERY car journey (with facial recognition cameras) & all motorways, main roads, towns, (ports, petrol-stations, supermarkets). Gizmag & Telegraph, Dec 31, 2005

House OKs switch to digital TV (mandatory by 2009). MediaWatch, Oct 28, 2005

Sheep TV (Americans over 50 watch more TV than any other group)

Technology drives road safety revolution (cops equipped with handheld computer inspect biometric smart card licence). Telegraph, Oct 10, 2005. Go to ANIMAL FARM DOGS & WHO'S BEHIND ROAD CONTROL

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Patients get 999 chip implants (computer in body allows medics to take control from miles away). Times, Jun 12, 2005

40,000 police & army circle Baghdad (675 checkpoints at 23 entry-points 24 hours a day). AP Fort Wayne, May 27, 2005. Go to IRAQ HELL BAGHDAD BRACELET

Warning on spread of state surveillance ("globally interoperable biometric passport"; governments share information on race, political opinions, religious beliefs, health & sex life of individuals). Guardian, Apr 21, 2005

IGNORANCE = FREEDOM LOST (reader asks meaning of phrases: 'slavery is freedom' and 'strength is ignorance'). Mar 25, 2005

UK police stalk apple eating driver (use spotter aircraft, helicopter & patrol car to take photos & video her journey). Times, Jan 25, 2005

Copy of 1984 waved in House of Commons (after MPs pass ID cards for UK, saying "don't fear Big Brother"). BBC, Dec 21, 2004. Go to TERROR BILL IS TERROR ('May I see your papers, comrade?')

How your face could open doors ("an improper expression on your face was itself a punishable offense; the word for it in Newspeak: facecrime"). BBC, Nov 25, 2004. Go to 2.Big Brother

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Infra-red searches don't violate privacy (police can snoop inside houses decrees Canada's Supreme Court). Globe & Mail, Oct 30, 2004. Go to ANIMAL FARM DOGS

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Security under the skin (barcode built into your arm like a DVD tagged in supermarket). BBC, Oct 15, 2004. Go to HUMANS SCANNED LIKE GROCERIES & KISSINGER'S NUMBER IS 666

Police test high-tech car zapper (delivers blast of radio waves that knock out vital engine electronics so targeted vehicle stalls & stops). Guardian, Jul 12, 2004. Go to 13.Weapons & ANIMAL FARM DOGS

RFID chipped licence plates in UK (can be read at speeds of 200mph to enforce road tax, insurance, etc). RFID News, Jun 11, 2004. Go to 20.Thought Police

Wal-Mart tests alternative to bar code (RFID tags are tiny chips that when hit with specific radio signal broadcast information stored on them). Globe & Mail, Jun 6, 2004. Go to 20.Thought Police & SCAN-U-RIGHT & RFID

Britain's Big Brother (people have no sense of privacy; like contestants in reality-TV show). HoustonChron, Apr 13, 2004

McCartney's wife in WHO's ads (& that's not "who's on first"). BBC, Apr 8, 2004. Go to 2.Big Brother & 27.Goodthink & WHO'S BEHIND ROAD CONTROL

MONDEX MARK OF BEAST (plans to replace money with biochips embedded in people). Snopes, Apr 5, 2004. Go to CASHLESS SOCIETY

ID cards compulsory by 2008 (hi-tech cards store people's unique "biometric" details). Independent, Apr 5, 2005

Giant X-ray for drug searches (400 police scan bar patrons & see them bare naked). BBC, Mar 27, 2004. Go to ANIMAL FARM DOGS

Watch your tiny surveillance camera! view kids playroom (from work!) view store/office (from home!) view dogs in yard (from work!) see if boss's car in lot (from home!) view kitchen-is dinner ready? (from work!). Pop Up Ad, Jan 24, 2004. Go to 23.The Proles & BEYOND ORWELL

Snooping industry set to grow (who people call, websites they visit, who they swap email with). BBC, Jan 21, 2004

Mobile phone is spying on you (same as every person in UK wearing electronic tag like convicted criminal). Daily Mirror, Jan 19, 2004. Go to 20.Thought Police & 26.Julia & Rebellion

Big McBrother invading workplace privacy (begin/end shift with hand on scanner). Globe & Mail, Jan 14, 2004

Big Brother Britain, 2004 (without any debate at all UK has highest level of cameras & gov't wants more cops). Independent, Jan 12, 2004. Go to 20.Thought Police & ANIMAL FARM DOGS & 18.Newspeak (freedom no longer exists in UK- not even as a concept)

USA to screen Canadians (massive invasion of privacy). Toronto Star, Jan 6, 2004 & JFK's Foreigner Finger Scans ($368-million program named US-VISIT). New York Post, Jan 6, 2004. Go to PINKERTON'S ALL-SEEING EYE

This car can talk. What it says may cause conern. NewYorkTimes, Dec 29, 2003

Germany toys with new Big Brother Technology (a surveillance system of cameras installed at important traffice junctions to track criminals). Deutsche Welle, Dec 29, 2003. Go to TECHNOLOGIES OF SURVEILLANCE

Your cellphone is keeping tabs (everyone tethered to GPS satellite bouncing off local cell towers). NewYorkTimes, Dec 22, 2003

Cops demand remote control of vehicles (stop anyone's car by pushing button to keep people safe & prevent crime). Guardian, Dec 22, 2003. Go to ANIMAL FARM DOGS

Sexing up cellphone ads (camera phones being promoted for taking sneaky dirty pictures). Globe & Mail, Dec 18, 2003. Go to CAMERA PHONE PIG ADS & BEYOND ORWELL

RFID credit cards end swipe (faster than cash & no fumble factor & interceptable w/o consumer's knowledge). CNN, Dec 13, 2003

Prepare to be scanned (multibiometric systems use finger/face/iris to wipe out privacy for social control). Economist, Dec 13, 2003. Go to EMERGING FROM ASHES OF 9/11

Camera phones fastest selling tech device (take pictures on run & email from phone). WAFF.com, Dec 8, 2003. Go to PREDICTIONS FOR CELL PHONES & BEYOND ORWELL

City installs surveillance system downtown (costs $500,000, includes 87 cameras). Carolina News, Dec 8, 2003. Go to 20.Thought Police & SURVEILLANCE OF AMERICAN CITIES

VERI-CHIP IS THE MARK (man from Veri-chip company on radio talking about its benefits). Calgary AM779, Dec 8, 2003. Go to & CASHLESS SOCIETY

Subdermal RFID chip coming soon (walking around with chip in your arm carrying personal/financial information being scanned without your knowledge). Register, Dec 8, 2003. Go to 20.Thought Police

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Orwellian eyes likes Wheels of Zeus (orgy of privacy-invasive technology used by government & private industry). Wash Times, Nov 27, 2003. Go to 20.Thought Police & TERROR BILL IS TERROR

Alcohol-monitoring skin patch (4 holes the size of a human hair; lasered into outer layer of skin; then patch applied over holes; containing miniature vacuum pump; that sucks out cellular fluid; to electrochemical sensor that; transmits to small receiver that relays to monitoring station). Wired News, Nov 26, 2003. Go to GET THE MOVIE GATTACA

Strip search scanners will be everywhere (see thru clothes as easily as we can see thru glass) & 16,000 offenders will be tagged (electronically on wrist & ankle for crimes under 6 months jail). Scotsman, Nov 15, 2003. Go to 21.Crimestop 20.Thought Police & Snitches

Behaviour-Monitoring Machines ('see you when you're sleeping, know when you're awake'). Tech Review, 11-13, 2003. Go to 20.Thought Police & SANTA CLAUS IS BIG BROTHER (another reason not to shop)

Post Office getting ready to pry (all mail chipped and tracked). Wired, Nov 12, 2003 & The future of airport security (takes your temp, strips you bare). BBC, Nov 12, 2003. Go to 20.Thought Police & TERROR BILL IS TERROR

TV to be completely digitalized (We need to get everybody with the program). Globe & Mail, Nov 11, 2003 & 'Black Box' Big Brother in cars (motorists monitored by own vehicles). Netscape, Nov 11, 2003 & RFID chips track everything we buy (size of grain of sand emits a radio signal) & ID cards for all Britons (or no benefits, NHS or job). BBC, Nov 11, 2003 & Home Office defends 'stop & search' (7,500 drivers & pedestrians pulled over). ThisIsLondon, Nov 11, 2003

Guide to West Bank/Gaza checkpoints (Palestinians pass thru for work-social/family visits-medical treatment). BBC, Nov 5, 2003. Go to 20.Thought Police

Blimps to replace police helicopters? (another "tool in the box"). Globe & Mail, Nov 3, 2003. Go to ANIMAL FARM DOGS

WATCHING YOU (the world of high-tech surveillance). National Geographic, Oct 28, 2003. Go to PINKERTON'S ALL-SEEING EYE

Gates says Orwell's nightmare isn't happening at meeting with VP & Homeland Security head to set up Big Brother technology). Globe & Mail, Jun 26, 2003. Go to & 22.Doublethink & 2.Big Brother is Watching You!

Airport scanners get X-ray vision (sees thru clothing to naked body; been used for years at prisons). Wired, Jun 26, 2003. Go to TERROR BILL IS TERROR

Shame Orwell no longer around (cities ringed with CCTV cameras allow private contractors to spy on us). Telegraph, Jun 25, 2003. Go to 20.Thought Police

Photo phones spark privacy fears (can be uploaded onto internet for all the world to see). SwissInfo, Jun 21, 2003. Go to BEYOND ORWELL

Neighbourhood cameras never sleep (residents tape & monitor street to help police get leads). IndyStar, Jun 20, 2003. Go to 20.Police/Snitches & BEYOND ORWELL

Video phones go on sale (owned by Communist Chinese aiming to monopolize UK). Independent, Jun 12, 2003. Go to CHINA HAS ESPIONAGE NETWORK & ARMING OUR ENEMIES

RFID: microchip with antenna (on every item for sale; can track people who buy). WashTimes, Jun 10, 2003

DARPA's LifeLog program (collects everything on everyone). Wired, May 21, 2003. Go to 20.Thought Police & DARPA ALL-SEEING EYE

Pentagon to identify walks (DARPA scans with radar). Guardian, May 19, 2003. Go to 20.Police & DARPA "All-Seeing Eye"

Wireless cameras for everyone (can be hidden everywhere & images seen everywhere). New Scientist, May 19, 2003. Go to 1.Diary & BEYOND ORWELL

Extent of UK snooping revealed (of public net & phone use). BBC, May 17, 2003. Go to 20.Thought Police & Snitches

Drones to patrol USA border (with cameras & missiles). CNN, May 14, 2003. Go to 13.Weapons & JFK BROTHER FLEW DRONE

Tawain is a SARS laboratory (video cameras in 2000 homes & quarantine in military camps). NY Times, May 12, 2003. Go to 4.Old World Destruction & HEALTH CRUSADERS: ACT II

English most surveilled in world (nation becoming police state). CBN News, May 2, 2003

Black helicopters over New York (patrolling for Homeland Security). Yahoo!Reuters, May 2, 2003

Temperature taken at airport (fevered passsengers banned). CanWest News, Apr 28, 2003. Go to 21.Crimestop & HEALTH CRUSADERS

Gov't funding school iris scans (on teachers & parents). SchoolNews, Apr 25, 2003. Go to 14.Experimentation & SCHOOLS LIKE PRISONS

USA expanding DNA database (adding adult arrestees and juvenile offenders). USA Today, Apr 16, 2003. Go to & 20.Thought Police & PINKERTONS' ALL-SEEING-EYE

Surveillance cameras installed in homes of quarantined. Drudge Report, Apr 10, 2003. Go to HEALTH CRUSADERS

London's Big Bad Brother ("Imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever"). BBC, Mar 25, 2003. Go to 42.The Party Tells Why

FBI planes watch & listen (track people in cars-homes). Fox News, Mar 15, 2003. Go to 20.Thought Police & Snitches

Will GPS lead to 'geoslavery'? (technology destroying privacy & giving gov't dangerous powers). CNN, Mar 11, 2003

Big Brother screens passengers (helped by war industry giant). Business Today, Mar 6, 2003

Classroom cameras watch pupils (discreet webcams improve behaviour). Guardian, Feb 25, 2003. Go to 3.Surveillance & SCHOOLS LIKE PRISONS

Secret in-car black-boxes (snitch on driver's activity). Louisville News, Feb 18, 2003. Go to 20.Thought Police & Snitches

Cops peer down school halls (cameras relay to cruisers). Milwaukee, Feb 17, 2003. Go to 20.Thought Police

Biometrics urged for border (2 fingers & eye on smartcard). FedComWk, Feb 12, 2003

Bar-coding babies at birth (to be scanned like groceries). National Post, Feb 9, 2003

Big Brother's shadow (Canada's Jewish Revenue Minister wants monstrous 6-year data base). Globe & Mail, Jan 31, 2003

9-11 laws strip Canada of privacy (why-should-I-worry mentality is intellect level of bumper-sticker). Ottawa Citizen, Jan 29, 2003. Go to 20.Thought Police & Snitches & TERRORBILL IS TERROR

Infrared eye-in-sky shot down (judge rules it invades privacy). Ottawa Citizen, Jan 28, 2003 & CCTV suicide man wins claim (right of privacy breached). BBC, Jan 28, 2003

USA will track Canadian travellers (their medical/financial records-political beliefs-communications-personal/family associations etc). Ottawa Citizen, Jan 27, 2003. Go to TERRORBILL IS TERROR

Road cameras all over England (to enforce unpaid motoring fines). Guardian, Jan 27, 2003

Liars must keep straight face (truth machine spots muscle twitches). Independent, Jan 26, 2003

Big Brother controls the car (computer makes decisions, not driver). SydneyMH, Jan 24, 2003

Michelin embeds RFID tags in tires (the antenna gets chipped too). Rense.com, Jan 22, 2003

Finland surveillance all-intrusive (by gov't & private companies "to keep people safe"). Globe & Mail, Jan 19, 2003

No escaping the spy eyes (police operate cameras & watch from station 24/7). Newcastle Sun, Jan 17, 2003

Big Brother a fact, not fiction (total 'surveillance society' possible). WorldNetDaily, Jan 16, 2003 & ACLU spooked by domestic spying. Wired News, Jan 16, 2003. Go to TERROR BILL IS TERROR

Death in Dallas - this time liberty (surveillance system a Commie would love). Dallas Observer, Jan 16, 2003

Show reveals spy-camera secrets (in lighters, watches, drink cans etc). Japan Daily, Jan 14, 2003

Microchips in everything we buy (on "smart shelves" in WalMart & Tesco). C/Net, Jan 13, 2003

Big Brother wrist-watching you (TVs will be in everything). Sydney Herald, Jan 10, 2003 & Gov't can turn on TV (take control of phone/computer etc). Wash Times, Jan 10, 2003. Go to 1.The Diary

USA gov't wants travel details (for everyone's comings & goings). Chicago Sun, Jan 4, 2003

Will your TV become a spy? (Yes, once everyone goes digital). Business Week, Jan 3, 2003. Go to 1.The Diary

Police want cameras in homes (hidden in objects around house). Telegraph, Dec 17, 2002

Face-scans for passports (Canada 1st to use technology). National Post, Dec 11, 2002

Talks on ID cards for everyone (to access gov't services such as health, schools, libraries). Telegraph, Dec 11, 2002

Taking liberties with freedom (Homeland Security & Patriot Act rammed into law). Wired News, Dec 2, 2002. Go to 20.Thought Police & TERRORBILL IS TERROR

Drug detector tests driver's sweat ("Sweat Scan" being perfected now). SwissInfo, Nov 29, 2002

France may fence violent schools (video surveillance & electronic gates). SwissInfo, Nov 27, 2002. Go to SCHOOLS LIKE PRISONS

Fingerprint checkouts for groceries (will expand to stores nationally). NBC News, Nov 27, 2002. Go to CASHLESS SOCIETY & HISTORY OF FINGERPRINTING

The Eye Is Watching (IAO uses New World Order symbolism). USA Daily, Nov 21, 2002. Go to WITCHES, WIZARDS & DEMONS & 2.Big Brother FREEDOM IS SLAVERY

Digital passport photo database (to "protect" Canadians from fraud). Toronto Star, Nov 20, 2002

Big Brother goes to Washington (gov't using "security" law to spy on Americans). Newsweek, Nov 16, 2002. Go to TERRORBILL is TERROR

Americans could be chipped (gov't sees no problem). XtraMSN, Nov 16, 2002

Biometric national ID card (for every Canadian citizen). CBC, Nov 14, 2002

Big Brother watching London (movements followed by 200 cameras). London Times, Nov 14, 2002

'Black box' monitors teen driving (where-when-how & audio warnings). Globe & Mail, Nov 14, 2002. Go to & BEYOND ORWELL

School children fingerprinted (who is monitoring database?). London Herald, Nov 14, 2002. Go to SCHOOLS LIKE PRISON

Boss gets new spying tools ("Echelon-level" features). Wired News, Nov 13, 2002

Star Wars airships from above (monitor & laser 'terrorists' below). London Times, Nov 13, 2002. Go to 13.Weapons

Voices in your head? Check your chip (silicon not silicone latest implant). NY Times, Nov 10, 2002

Safeway has computerized shopping carts (swipe card, get flashing ads). Baltimore Sun, Nov 8, 2002

CIA's "Predator" spy plane (armed with Hellfire missiles). London Times, Nov 5, 2002. Go to 3.Surveillance

Canada's border gets new weapons (ultrasound & infrared snoop devices). National Post, Nov 4, 2002

Keyboard wrote on neighbor's computer (developed life of its own). Aftenposten, Nov 3, 2002

London's privacy falling down (Big Bobby is watching). Wired News, Nov 2, 2002

Privacy a thing of the past (Big Brother has Small Siblings). SwissInfo, Nov 1, 2002

Urine-test invades privacy (ain't gonna pee-pee in no cup). ReasonOn-line, Oct 31, 2002. Go to 3.Surveillance

Penalized for paper bills (pay on-line or pay fees). NY Times, Oct 29, 2002. Go to PAPERLESS SOCIETY

Anti-terror database expanding (illegal & violates privacy). National Post, Oct 28, 2002. Go to ANTI-TERROR IS TERROR

Chip inplant on sale now (rice-size, costs $200). Wired News, Oct 27, 2002

Finger-scanning of teachers (to "protect" students). Education Week, Oct 27, 2002. Go to SCHOOLS LIKE PRISONS

USA ok's human chip implants (for security/financial transactions). Space Daily, Oct 22, 2002

Tracking devices for dementia (treating humans like property). UPI Science, Oct 21, 2002

Cars run on drivers' breath (refusal to stop & blow sets off horn & lights). National Post, Oct 18, 2002

Cameras, cameras everywhere (but not a sniper found). Wash Post, Oct 17, 2002

Camera sees thru skin & walls (to be used everywhere soon). London Telegraph, Oct 7, 2002

Iris scans at Canadian airports (to "protect" us from "terrorists"). CBC News, Sep 27, 2002. Go to FREEDOM = SLAVERY

Mall surveillance all pervasive (store-parking lot-car-exit ramp). Miami Observer, Sep 24, 2002

Filming up women's skirts legal (disgusting & reprehensible but NOT illegal). KCRAC-News, Sep 19, 2002

Australian police love wiretaps (personal privacy vs cop curiosity). Globe & Mail, Sep 16, 2002

Private email can be seen (by cops -parents -husbands -gov't). MSNBC, Sep 16, 2002. Go to 3.Surveillance

Canada to track internet use (Police want national database). Financial Post, Aug 30, 2002.

GPS tracks teens in vehicle (built into car's navigation system). Washington Times, Aug 23, 2002

Warning of massive EU surveillance (web use, e-mails, phone calls). CNET News, Aug 20, 2002

Spain has coastal spy system (will expand thru European Union). BBC, Aug 15, 2002

London to spy on motorists (cities worldwide expected to copy). Times of India, Aug 2, 2002

Retailers test paying by fingerprint (WalMart, McD's etc using biometrics). Yahoo!News, Aug 1, 2002. Go to CASHLESS SOCIETY

New Yorkers under surveillance (5,000 cameras watch Manhattan). ABC on-line, Jul 30, 2002

The spy business (300 different kinds of surveillance). National Post, Jul 21, 2002. Go to BEYOND ORWELL

Supreme Court OKs mandatory middle/high school drug tests, Rense.com, Jun 27, 2002

Taking liberties with Canadian privacy (police/spy agencies will monitor EVERYONE). Globe & Mail, Jun 17, 2002. Go to TERRORIST means DISSIDENT

Supreme Court upholds police power (bus passengers scanned & searched). Yahoo!News, Reuters, June 17, 2002

Students digitally tracking friends (on a zoomable map accessible to all). Salon Magazine, Jun 11, 2002. Go to BEYOND ORWELL

Mandatory GPS in vehicles (to track & immobilize 'terrorists'). National Post, Jun 10, 2002. Go to TERRORIST means DISSIDENT

Europol to spy on all emails (secret plan for computers & phones). London Observer, Jun 9, 2002. Go to 20.Thought Police

New technology relies on facial patterns (hidden cameras analyze faces). Fox News, May 26, 2002

Police dogs sniff people in streets, pubs, trains (no warrant or reasonable suspicion required). Sydney Morning Herald, May 19, 2002

New law gives USA "smart" borders (biometric ID required from all visitors). Yahoo!News, AFP, May 15, 2002

First humans receive ID chips (young, middle, and old implanted). Los Angeles Times, May 9, 2002. Go to 14.Experimentation

Hidden cameras to monitor air passengers (also work in the dark). New Scientist, May 9, 2002. Go to DOUBLESPEAK

Surveillance cameras to predict behaviour (watching how you behave). BBC, May 1, 2002. Go to 20.Thought Police

Walk This Way (technology ID's each person's gait). Technology Review, Apr 28, 2002. Go to 20.Thought Police

L.A. beaches get camera surveillance (government watching people tan). Washington Post, Apr 28, 2002. Go to 20.Thought Police

Interactive TV (telescreen) spies on viewers (from inside your digital set-top box). White Dot Org, Apr 2002

Security cams not OK in Canada? (same as police tailing person 24hrs/day). Wired News, Apr 16, 2002. Go to 20.Thought Police

Satellite surveillance from space (UN Global People Control Program). National Post, Apr 15, 2002. Go to 20.Thought Police and 2.BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU!

In crisis, they'll turn on your TV (smart receiver is telescreen). Austin Statesman, Apr 10, 2002. Go to 1.The Diary

Smile, you're on government camera (cameras will domesticate us like rats in a lab with the state as the audience). Globe & Mail, Mar 30, 2002

Ultimate spy gadget sees through walls (will be used to snoop on private citizens). Globe & Mail, Mar 14, 2002

Watching your every move (homes will be fitted with cameras as standard). BBC News, Feb 8, 2002

Not so Candid Camera (acts as cop, judge, jury & executioner). Tech Central Station, Feb 6, 2002

Britain plans biometric ID card (required to gain access to public services) London Telegraph, Feb 6, 2002

Police to use continuous video surveillance at G8 summit (monitoring of legal activity sends a chill). National Post, Feb 3, 2002

Applied Digital Solutions introduces 'Verichip'(miniaturized,implantable ID chip the size of "."). Yahoo Business Wire, Dec 30, 2001. Go to 3.Surveillance

ODE TO FRUITLOOPS, Dec 19, 2001. Go to POEMS

National ID card gaining support (2 photos,2 bar codes,magnetic strip,chip). Washington Post, Dec 17, 2001.

N.American war on terror a threat to privacy (free societies becoming totalitarian), Globe & Mail, Dec 13, 2001. Go to TERRORIST means DISSIDENT

Police and FBI like watching ordinary citizens (they promote and profit from video camera surveillance). Maclean's Magazine, Nov 19, 2001. Go to 20.Thought Police

National ID card for USA attracts high-level support (CIA,FBI,Silicon Valley, Military etc like the idea). Mercury News, Oct 16, 2001

Federal privacy watchdog says of police video surveillance:'Big Brother is watching'. Vancouver Sun, October 8, 2001

Citizens and non-citizens to carry ID cards (biometric database under discussion). MSNBC, Sep 18, 2001

Advertisers demanding to know intimate details about TV viewers. Financial Post, Sep 14,2001

Big Parent is watching, virtually. National Post, Aug 27, 2001

'Big Brother' watching? In Britain, quite likely. Reuters. Aug 13, 2001

Protest over SA 'snooping bill'. BBC, Aug 13, 2001

Privacy watchdog takes swipe over Smart Card plan. Sydney Morning Herald, Aug 13, 2001

Police camera captures city stabbings. Vancouver Sun, Aug 11, 2001

Chusssh! Chusssh! You're listening to the 'holy grail' of sound. National Post, July 28, 2001

New Singapore software can 'beef up' surveillance. Reuters July 27, 2001

Big Brother foiled in Yellowknife. Financial Post, July 24, 2001.

Police cameras denounced as threat to privacy. National Post, July 12, 2001

One step closer to a police state. National Post, June 15, 2001. Go to 3.Surveillance

High-tech police radar will peep through clothing. United Press International, May 29, 2001

EU condemned over planned 'snoop laws'. BBC, May 16, 2001

Big Brother in the Big Apple, Wired News, May 3, 2001

The surveillance trap. Sunday Times Magazine, April 1, 2001

Ottawa rejects call for mail privacy. Globe and Mail, April 13, 2001

The eyes in the skies. Globe and Mail, April 7, 2001

Some camera to watch over you, Wired News, April 5, 2001

Gov't introduces bill to seize outgoing mail. National Post, April 3, 2001

Toronto's magic bullet: satellite tolling. Financial Post, March 26, 2001

Video recorders watch the watcher. Fox News, March 25, 2001

Rape spurs call to test all men. The Star, March 13, 2001

New camera extends watch on crime. The Sunday Times, March 11, 2001

Federal Officials Opening Private Mail. National Post March 2, 2001

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