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I am reading 1984 for the second time. I read it years ago and there was something in it that really bothered me. I had the feeling we were being warned, but I was never sure if Orwell was warning out of compassion or was literally laughing all the time at the human plight.

I have tried to research more about the man and often run into other writings on the net that say he was a Freemason and also part of powers-that-be who control the world, history and everything we believe we have a free will in.

All we know about him is what we have been told. All we know about anything, including our own history, is what we have been told. All religions were revealed to someone way back in time that may or may not have existed, yet few ever stop to think they may have been totally deceived and still are! It is funny how Ďangelsí no longer appear to mankind and give them revelations unless that person is a nut already.

I think the world deception is so unbelievable and scary that most people refuse to admit it exists at all. Everyone takes the easy road and they go along just to get along. It is simple to control those who have no clue they are being controlled and are so self absorbed they worry only for themselves and their possessions. It is really a sad sad thing.

I live in Georgia near where the Georgia guide stones stand. The message on those stones should scare the hell of anyone with a working brain, but again, people prefer to make jokes or pretend they donít mean anything. It really is not evil people that worry me, it is the average man/woman who refuse to believe they can and are being controlled like rats in a lab. Sigh, I suppose that is pride and ego that we are full of, thinking we are too intelligent to be fooled.


Greetings Becky,

If you want to learn the truth about Orwell, his life's an open book - actually several open books - as there have been dozens of documented biographies written about him. Also, there are his own writings - hundreds of essays and personal correspondence besides his major novels, all of which prove he was a man of compassion warning about our human plight.

When I first created my website "Orwell Today" (to compare his masterpiece, "1984" with the world we are living in today) I knew nothing about Orwell the man - except that he was an English author. But even without knowing his background, I recognized that what he wrote was coming from the perspective of a person associating himself totally with the persecuted against the persecutor. Discovering, as I did through these ensuing years, that he was a man of total integrity, is just an added bonus.

You don't have to believe "what you are told". Instead you can do your own research and arrive at your own educated conclusion about the kind of man Orwell was, ie a kind man who cared deeply about mankind. See ORWELL'S PERSONA ("He was the first saint of Our Age").

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Jackie Jura


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