Orwell Play Greenwich

To Orwell Today,

Hi Jackie,

The ONE GEORGIE ORWELL show went really well and I've been asked by the theatre director to complete the whole of it... Friday's performance was filmed and, if it comes out well, will go on to Youtube. If it does I will obviously let you know.

Best wishes,
Peter Cordwell

Greetings Peter,

Canadian friends of mine emailed to say they'd be in England for three weeks in June renting a flat in London and travelling back and forth to sites from there. I emailed them about your upcoming ONE GEORGIE ORWELL play at Greenwich - a place I was sure they'd be wanting to visit, amateur historians as they are. They emailed back saying they'd received my email upon returning that very day from Greenwich - and had bought a souvenir mug there saying "WHERE TIME BEGINS". Their schedule wouldn't allow a second trip to Greenwich - otherwise they'd have attended the performace and then afterwards would have introduced themselves to you and passed on best wishes from me.

Later they wrote to say that friends they were visiting in Gloucester heard ONE GEORGIE ORWELL being advertised on the radio.

Congrats on the show's success and look forward to seeing it on YouTube.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

...Peter sends the songs done so far toward his musical theatre production about "One Georgie Orwell"

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