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To Orwell Today,

You state on your website that Oswald was standing at the door of the TSBD. Was this not Billy Lovelady, an Oswald "look-alike"? There is no doubt in my mind, however, that this was a conspiracy.

-Radon C Matz

Greetings Radon,

No, as explained in the article you read on my website, that person standing in the Texas School Book Depository doorway is Lee Harvey Oswald - not Billy Nolan Lovelady - and the photos prove it. The photos were published in LIFE magazine in October 1964 for all the world to see. People who recognized Oswald in the doorway at that time - and who brought it to the attention of authorities - were told that they were wrong - that their eyes were playing tricks on them - that it was someone else entirely, someone who just LOOKED like Lee Harvey Oswald. In other words, they were Orwellianly told to "deny the evidence of their own senses - deny the evidence of their own eyes".

See below the photo of the man standing in the doorway:

Oswald Shirt Door

Notice the shirt - it's somewhat textured and solid in colour - open above the waist - forming a "V" over a white T-shirt.

Oswald Shirt Handcuffs

Now see the photo of Oswald as he's being taken into the Dallas Police Station - it's the same style, colour and pattern of shirt and he's wearing it the same way.

Now observe the shirt of the man sitting in the chair as a handcuffed Oswald - back facing the camera - is taken past him.

Oswald Lovelady

That man is Billy Lovelady, a fellow employee at the TSBD. Notice the shirt he's wearing. It's a different pattern - huge squares - and it's buttoned to the neck. This is two hours after the assassination - with both men wearing the same clothes they had on at work that morning.

An employee of the TSBD testified before the Warren Commission that he was Lovelady's boss and that he saw him sitting on the Book Depository steps as the JFK motorcade went by, not standing in the doorway. Other witnesses, as well, testified that they saw Lovelady sitting on the steps.

Oswald Lovelady

Above is a photo of Billy Lovelady standing on the steps of the TSBD after the motorcade went by. Notice the distinctive stripes of his shirt and the way he's wearing it - buttoned to the top. Don't be fooled by the photo taken eight years later in 1971 - of him wearing that same shirt buttoned differently - ie open at the neck over a white T-shirt. That's not how he wore it in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

In spite of this overwhelming evidence proving it was Oswald standing in the TSBD doorway - photographs and witnesses - the government-appointed Warren Commission (ordered by a president who benefited from JFK's death - Lyndon Johnson - and a future president sitting on the commission - Gerald Ford - and also an ex-CIA director who'd been fired by JFK - Allen Dulles) concluded that the man in the doorway was "lookalike Lovelady".

The Warren Commission didn't even call Lovelady to the stand to get his side of the story which was - as he had stated to the FBI - that he'd been sitting on the Book Depository steps eating his lunch - wearing a long-sleeved red plaid shirt - as JFK's motorcade went by. He's also on record saying he heard gunshots coming from the Grassy Knoll.

You say there's no doubt in your mind that there was conspiracy in the assassination of JFK. But you need to be able to back that up with facts - of which there are many, including that PHOTOS PROVE OSWALD INNOCENT.

All the best,
Jackie Jura


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