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In the CONSPIRACY THEORIES section of my website I have a few links to 9-11 articles. See 9-11 HI-JACKS OR HI-JINKS.

The best article I've read on 9-11, and which I posted shortly after the event, is MUSLIMS SUSPEND LAWS OF PHYSICS.

The government's 9-11 theory on the destruction of the Twin Towers is a MAGIC AIRPLANES theory similar to its MAGIC BULLET theory which I explain in my JFK ASSASSINATION section, ie:

The Magic Bullet was fired
from the front east-end window
of the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository building,
entered JFK's back;
exited from JFK's throat;
entered Connally's back;
exited Connally's chest near the right nipple;
went through Connally's right wrist shattering the radius bone;
entered his Connally's left leg embedding itself in his thigh bone,
then dropped out later,
in pristine condition,
on Connally's stretcher in Parkland Hospital.

That, like the 9-11 Twin Towers disintigrating from airplane strikes, defies the laws of physics.

One thing a person needs to keep in mind is that the government doesn't actually mastermind or perpetrate the conspiracies. It just covers them up. The shadow-government - ie the puppet-masters behind the politicians (ie puppets) - are the ones who arrange the 'events'.

As Orwell explained in "1984" in theme 5.Pyramidal New World Order the politicians are mere Outer Party members on the same level as bureaucrats, teachers, journalists etc.

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PS - The government also had a MAGIC TRUCK BOMB theory in the Oklahoma City Bombing which they blamed on Timothy Lee Harvey Oswald McVeigh. See FERTILIZER BOMB NONSENSE SAYS EXPERT.

Does anyone really think a stump-blasting bomb did this:

Bomb Circles
damage to Murrah building after April 19, 1995 bombing

PPS - Also, here photos of the Murrah Building being imploded by government order after which its debris was hauled away, buried and surrounded by 24-hour guard (similar to what was subsequently done to the 9-11 debris). Note the tell-tale implosion signs of the white smoke billowing around the building. This is identical to the white smoke that billowed all around the 9-11 buildings. The photo was taken by a reader who sent an email of her coverage of the event on May 24, 1995.

MCVEIGH BOOKS & OKC PLAYERS (includes You Tube of live TV coverage of Murrah Building implosion - added to website Dec 2008)

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