The World Wildlife Fund,
Friends of the Earth Norway and
the Norwegian Carnivore and Raptor Society
are suing the government for issuing permits
for hunters to kill five of the country's wolves.


The hunt is necessary
to protect livestock and reindeer
from the wolves.
More than 100 hunters applied for licenses to take part in it.

The news this week [January 2005] that the Big Brother World Wildlife Fund and other Little Brother environmental groups are rushing to the defence of the wolves that are devouring Norway's reindeer and sheep is symbolic of whose interests these groups truly represent.

Lenin, the man given credit for orchestrating the 1917 Communist Revolution, the murder of the Russian Czar and the beginning of the reign of terror that continues to this day in Russia, joked about how the environmental movement would be used to get control of all the land:


Solzhenitsyn, Russia's outspoken critic of Stalin's USSR, used a wolf analogy when warning people to be afraid, very afraid of Communism's devouring nature. Go read:

WORDS OF WARNING TO AMERICA ("We have a Russian proverb: 'Do not call a wolf to help you against the dogs.' If dogs are attacking and tearing at you, fight against the dogs, but do not call a wolf for help. Because when the wolves come, they will destroy the dogs, but they will also tear you apart.'")

Through time immemorial human beings and non predatory animals instinctively know that wolves are not our friend. Wolves are the arch enemy in many of the Fairy Tales, and for good reason.

"But Grandmother! What big teeth you have," comes to mind for most people from LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD, as does "Then I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house in!" from THE THREE LITTLE PIGS

Sometimes it's important to go back and re-read those fables. They were not just written for children. Keep them in mind when observing how the environmental groups always show their teeth whenever someone threatens predatory species, which begs the question, "Whose environment are they really protecting?". ~ Jackie Jura

Environmentalists sue Norway to save endangered but unprotected wolves
National Post, Jan 27, 2005

Norway has outraged environmentalists by issuing permits for hunters to kill five of the country's already endangered wolves, estimated to number no more than 20. Three have already perished, including a female shot by accident. Now, the World Wildlife Fund, the Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature (NSCN) and Foreningen Vaare Rovdyr, which protects carnivorous animals, are suing the government. "To go to court is the only way to get out the truth about the ongoing destruction," said NSCN head Erik Solheim. "Norway now has only a third of the target number." Sweden, where wolves are more numerous but tend to roam back and forth across the Norwegian border, has expressed anger at its neighbour's decision to permit the hunt.

Center party wants wolves out. Aftenposten, Feb 4, 2005
..."We want to keep Norway wolf-free. The wolf is vermin and should be taken out."...

Wolf hunter receives death threat. Aftenposten, Jan 19, 2004
..."It's terrible to receive such threatening letters when you're taking part in a completely legal hunt," he said. State wildlife authorities authorized the hunt after residents in eastern Norway reported the killings of domestic pets and livestock. Debate has raged at the political level, with the Labour Party supporting the hunt and its potential government partner, the Socialist Left, condemning it. Environmental groups remain firmly opposed to hunting wolves, which have been reestablishing themselves after near extinction.

Norway's wolf hunt decried globally. Washington Times, Jan 26, 2005
"Norway will have problems justifying shooting five of a total of 20 animals as good management," a spokeswoman for the European Union environmental commission said. Sweden's Minister of the Environment, Lena Sommerstad, said no EU country would accept Norway's policy and accused Norway of putting all responsibility for wolf preservation on Sweden... The World Wildlife Fund, Friends of the Earth Norway and the Norwegian Carnivore and Raptor Society filed a court petition Tuesday to stop the wolf hunt. "When Environment Minister Hareide now knows that a petition has been filed he should stop the hunt at once," said WWF's Secretary-General Rasmus Hansson. "We expect to win this case."

Norway to kill 5 of its wolves (the decision is necessary to protect domestic livestock) BBC, Jan 21, 2005
The decision to kill five animals out of the 20 remaining in Norway was taken by the nature directorate, which advises the government. WWF-Norway opposes the cull and is calling for an immediate halt to the hunt. "We have 250-300,000 moose and 30,000 reindeer. In that perspective, 800 wolves shouldn't be too many, though we've never suggested it - it's just a biological fact." ~ secretary general of WWF-Norway...

Wolves evade hunters so far. Aftenpoften, Jan 10, 2005
Proponents of the hunt say it's necessary to protect livestock and reindeer from the wolves. More than 100 hunters applied for licenses to take part in it...The hunt is controversial. The World Wildlife Fund's Norwegian chapter has mounted an angry protest, and appealed to the government's Minister of the Environment, Knut Arild Hareide, to stop the hunt.

Permission given to hunt wolves. New Scientist, Jan 22, 2005
The wolves can only be shot if they stray outside the wolf protection area in the south-eastern part of the country, on the Swedish border. Last year, under pressure from farmers who fear their livestock is under threat from an expanding wolf population, a newly elected parliament decided to cull..."Our environment minister is probably the first ever to open a regular hunt on an endangered animal population in his own country," says Rasmus Hansson, secretary-general of WWF-Norway...

Environment organizations take Norway to court over wolf hunt. Terra Daily, Jan 25, 2005
Three environmental organizations filed suit Tuesday against the Norwegian government for permitting the hunt of five of the country's approximately 20 wolves, claiming it was endangering Norway's wolf stock...The Norwegian Directorate for Nature Management (DN) decided this month to allow hunters to shoot as many as five wolves in eastern Norway through February 15 in an attempt to reduce harm to cattle and reindeer in the area...Sweden, whose much larger wolf stock tends to roam back and forth across the Norwegian border, has meanwhile expressed outrage at its neighbor's decision to permit the hunt. "We have a common Nordic responsibility to maintain the wolf stock, but Norway is not taking that responsibility," Swedish Environmental Minister Lena Sommerstad told the news agency TT: "With Norway's wolf policy, the wolf stock will not survive and that means the burden on us will grow..."

2 children attacked by coyotes (in daylight in inner city). CBC, Apr 20, 2005. Go to COYOTES CHOMPING CHILDREN

Wolves answer call of the wild. Scotsman, Feb 19, 2004
Nine years have passed since the United States Fish and Wildlife Service imported 15 grey wolves from Canada to colonise Yellowstone, wolfless since 1926, when hunters finished exterminating them as unwelcome pests and dangerous predators. Today, the park has 250 to 300 wolves...Ten years ago, Yellowstone had 17,000 elk...Their numbers in the park shrinking to about 8,000 today. It may take 20 to 30 years to measure the full effects of the wolves’ return. And with no ranching, farming or hunting allowed, the park is a perfect laboratory - a fully-protected piece of wild country covering 2.2 million acres...And as the packs have grown, livestock has taken a hit.

Wolf problem looms (slaughtering humans-livestock-pets under endangered species protection). Montana Gazette, Apr 27, 2003

Death sentence for USA wolves (slaughtering wildlife, sheep & cattle). Telegraph, Dec 22, 2002

Humans increasingly becoming the hunted (bear, shark, cougar attacks on the rise as people cross paths with predators. National Post, Jan 30, 2002


Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~