3 million cctvs; helicopters spying on Joe Bloggs; spin doctors; dark forces; press injunction; id cards due; reality tv on all tv channels; music mainly bums and kylie; news is Beckham's hairstyle and Victoria hoovering, etc. This is Orwell's vision.

Gov't asks for public's views whilst ignores 2 million anti-war, 500,000 Bush protest; students' grants & fees protest; pensioners' community charge protests; MP rebellion etc. Elected on many democratic pledges yet fail to ban fox hunting; referendum on Europe; pensioners' pension in line with inflation etc.

Millions spent on Bush visit, whilst Queen's home was insider's paradise; pensioner climbed gate and Queen visited Winchester by British Rail etc.

British public not forget Blair's spin like not forget DIANA conspiracy. We were moved by her like America's KENNEDY conspiracy spin of golden bullet crap.

There are many here who know it's all hype and George knew the truth.


UPDATE BLAIRS BRITAIN On Monday 12th January
The uks INDEPENDENT daily newspaper dedicated their front page leading articles to BIG BROTHER BRITAIN 2004. With startling facts that UK has highest level of surveillance, over 4 million CCTV cameras, one for every 14 of us. Happening at twice the predicted rate. Britain accounts for a fifth of CCTV cameras worldwide. London residents can expect to be captured on CCTV cameras up to 300 times daily. Public remain ignorant and there's little evidence of any associated crime redution as a result. Most people want more police on the streets.


Big Brother Britain, 2004 (without any debate at all UK has highest level of cameras & gov't wants more cops). Independent, Jan 12, 2004. Go to 3.Surveillance & 20.Thought Police & ANIMAL FARM DOGS & 18.Newspeak (freedom no longer exists in UK- not even as a concept)

Go to 4.Old World Destruction and SNOOPING HELICOPTERS & CAMERAS