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"Children don't have a choice
about whether to be exposed to tobacco smoke or not
and because of the concentrated atmosphere and the enclosed space,
the risk is much higher."

The newspaper article below is just the latest of a never-ending campaign that's been going on for several years - in the western world - to come down hard on people who "smoke, smoke, smoke those cigarettes" - the ones made of tobacco - but NOT the ones containing crack, heroin, cocaine and other mind-altering, mind-destroying drugs/chemicals which are blatantly used in public.

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Huge areas of North American cities are open-market drug-zones with people selling and buying illegal drugs under the noses of police and surveillance cameras. Teenagers and young adults are regularly filmed live on national television smoking crack and injecting heroin into their arms with needles supplied "free" by the government of Canada "to keep them safe".

But doctors and their medical associations haven't spoken out against the "risks" of this behaviour.

Also, here in North America, millions of children - some as young as toddlers - are being prescribed pharmaceutical drugs (for "bahavioural problems") by doctors who don't speak out against the mental, emotional and physical dangers of these substances.

So why are doctors so outspoken about the comparitively benign effects of second-hand tobacco smoke?*

Thirty-five years ago - when abortion was introduced to North America and women by the millions started "terminating" their unborn children - the doctors and their medical associations were silent. Doctors obligingly performed the abortions and got paid for it. When concerned citizens spoke out against abortion they were sneeringly labelled "Pro-Life" (as if that's a bad  thing to be) and those promoting and perpetrating abortion were labelled "Pro-Choice".

The unborn baby - a living human being (because otherwise why would you need to kill it) - was given no choice, and neither was its biological father. If the mother didn't want it, it was HER choice and the CHOICE of her doctor.

One of the most famous pro-abortion slogans is:

"Abortion is a matter between a woman and her doctor."

And one of the most famous pro-LIFE slogans is:

"When they tell you that
abortion is a matter between a woman and her doctor
they're forgetting someone."

Abort Doc Woman

In those days, as now, the medical profession had no concern about the "dangers" to children of sticking a sharp medical instrument - or a poisonous saline injection - into the "enclosed space" of a woman's womb. But listen to them now going on about the "dangers" of second-hand tobacco smoke on children in the "enclosed space" of a vehicle.

I guess these doctors see no hypocrisy in their Orwellian doublethink and goodthink behaviour. Afterall, they only swore a HIPPOCRATIC oath, not a HYPOCRITE oath. ~ Jackie Jura

Doctors want cars carrying kids to be smoke-free. CanWest, Aug 23, 2007
VANCOUVER -- Canada's doctors are calling for a nation-wide ban on smoking in all vehicles carrying children -- including private cars -- to protect young lungs from the dangers of second-hand smoke. The recommendation won resounding support Wednesday at the Canadian Medical Association's (CMA) annual general meeting. "The risk of second-hand smoke is quite clear to everyone in this room," Ottawa doctor Atul Kapur said. "There are few areas where children are still exposed; however, one of them is vehicles. "They don't have a choice about whether to be exposed or not and because of the concentrated atmosphere and the enclosed space, the risk is much higher." Only one delegate objected, saying the CMA should strive to educate parents rather than alienating them "by pulling them over on Highway 401." "This is a child protection issue," said Sandra Luscombe, a pediatrician from St. John's, adding later in an interview that a law would also be educational and would be no more difficult to enforce than those requiring seat-belt usage and prohibiting drivers from talking on cell phones.

Members of the powerful doctors' lobby group also passed 15 "green" resolutions, which included calls for swift government action to protect domestic drinking water supplies, reduce air pollution and curtail pesticide use. Delegates said the need for urgent action was highlighted by water crises in Walkerton, Ont., North Battleford, Sask., numerous First Nations communities and even Vancouver. "This is a major problem for even people like me who live in what is supposed to be the city with the best drinking water in the country," said Dr. Bradley Fritz of Vancouver, which had a health scare last fall after heavy rains turned city water a muddy brown. Newfoundland doctor Lydia Hatcher said doctors have an excellent opportunity to voice their concerns as politicians from all political parties are paying attention to the issue and will likely continue to do so leading up to the next federal election. Other resolutions approved Wednesday recommend that:

- Government take efforts to reduce the amount of salt in processed food and regulate the contents of energy drinks.

- The CMA develop a policy to protect physicians from reprisals and retaliation for speaking out as advocates for their patients and their communities.

- Governments implement strategies to reduce wait times and over-crowding in hospital emergency departments.

* - Revenues collected by government through tobacco taxes be spent on health care.

- Doctors oppose any involvement of tobacco companies in education or research at post-secondary institutions.


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