Whenever I read stories about Guantanamo Bay in Cuba - the hell-hole military prison run by the United States - the tune to the '60s song Guantanamera plays in my mind. For some reason I've always loved the chorus and used to sing along whenever I heard it. I had no idea what the words were - seeing as how they were all in Spanish - so I substituted my own:

Gwun ton a mara
well he's a gwun ton a mara
gwun ton a mara
well he's a gwun ton a mara

I've since learned that I'm not the only one who had problems with the words. Apparently there have been many misheard lyrics. Here's a few examples:

one ton banana
can't eat a one ton banana

one side of mirror
I need a one side of mirror

one ton of metal
I need a one ton of metal

One time a meadow

One ton tomato
I grew a one ton tomato
One ton tomato
And a two ton potato

The actual lyrics are:

Guajira Guantanamera
Guajira Guantanamera

But now, since the horror stories of Guantanamo Bay are coming to light, I sing tbe chorus to new words:

Guan TAN a bay go
oh he's to Guan TAN a bay go
Guan TAN a BAY go
oh he's to Guan tan a baaaay go

It's not as happy a song as it used to be. Who could ever imagine that such an innocent memory from a person's past would come back to haunt them in a new, perverted form?

Pete Seeger singing Guantanamera (teaching words), You Tube

Guantanamera ~ Original lyrics and music by Jose Fernandez Diaz (Joseito Fernandez)
Music arranged and adapted by Julian Orbon, Hector Angulo and Pete Seeger (1963)

~ Guantanamera memories by Jackie Jura ~

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Jackie Jura
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