School Security


The rubbish dinned into them at school
and in the Spies and Youth League,
and by lectures, parades, songs and slogans
...produced in them no tendency whatever to rebel
against the discipline of the Party
... the worship of Big Brother...

It's conjectured that the increasing phenomenon of school shootings, stabbings and suicides is a STAGED EVENT playing itself out to create an environment wherein taxpayers will support a system that treats their law-abiding children like criminals and their schools like prisons. (The children are not acting under their own volition but are somehow subliminally directed). See MIND-CONTROLLED ASSASSIN MOVIES

The killings probably won't stop until the powers-that-be achieve their goal of frisking students at the door; pointing surveillance cameras at them all day long; surrounding them with paid informers; invading their minds with psycholgical testing; turning teachers into interrogators etc etc.

This section of Orwell Today lists articles relating to schools. It is by no means complete and represents only a smattering of the stories occuring everywhere in the world. ~ Jackie Jura


Gov't plans tougher bullying-law for schools (race/color/nationality/sex/disability/age). Fox/Email/YouTube, Nov 10, 2010. Go to Thought Police/Snitches & Goodthink

[] ANTI-WWASP: A Revolution For A Voice That Can't Be Heard

Reader sends link to website that is an educational source & news about WWASP schools

School Shoot 1 School Shoot 2 - Outbreaks of Violence at USA and Canadian Schools (a list of some major violent incidents in North American Schools - May 1975-April 16, 2007). Canada Press, Apr 17, 2007

USA school shooting kills 33 (alleged shooter kills self) & How schools can keep students safe? (build elaborate 'security' systems). BBC, Apr 17, 2007
Few campuses have elaborate security, but experts suggest the following options could help keep staff and students safe
1) Wall provides secure perimeter and stops public entering campus
2) Security guards control access, with ID cards used by staff and students. CCTV cameras record movements of people and cars
3) Control room provides airport-style checks and acts as base for 25-30 campus police at typical college. Security systems monitored
4) Key buildings including labs and dorms have own security guard, CCTV and swipe card entry. Forced entry raises alarm
5) Tannoy system/siren conveys key information or raises alarm
6) Texts, automated phone calls and e-mails from control room warn students and staff of emergency and keep them updated

Gunman attacks a Canada College (wearing black trench coat, military boots, Mohawk haircut, emotionless as he fired his weapons). BBC, Sep 14, 2006

1st day for police in schools ("they'll be doing a lot more than just patrolling the halls"). WLNX Pheonix News, Sep 6, 2006
It's the first day of classes for many students, but there's another first for some Lansing school children - the presence of police in schools...."Just patrolling halls, seeing if there are any kids out that should be in class." He got a formal introduction to students. "I was standing in the back, she introduced me, that didn't go too well, a lot of the kids booed." District officials say a permanent police presence in high schools will keep disruptive activity away from the classroom....As of now there are four police officers in all four of Lansing's high schools, and in the coming semesters, they'll be doing a lot more than just patrolling the halls. Liaison officers are putting together mini classes for students on some major topics - "Sexual harassment, hate crimes, gangs, the courts, how the court system works." But before those courses get underway, liaison officers are still trying to help students find their core classes.


Reader sends info on: BILL TO END TEEN ABUSE (& petition to HR-1738). Jun 21, 2005

Teen's parents appeal bomb threat (no presumption of innocence, gov't publicly trying youth before trial & stirring nationalist sentiment). CBC News, Jun 15, 2005 & Canada teen convicted in bomb plot (unwitting victim of zero-tolerance). Globe & Mail, Jun 15, 2005. Go to CANADIAN TEEN DINGO BAIT

Hypnotized by sober second thoughts (visualize horror of car accident & imagine you are dead etc). Globe & Mail, Jun 14, 2004. Go to 40.Brainwashing & 14.Experimentation & HYPNOTISING STUDENTS TO DEATH

Cops raid school with guns drawn (order kids to ground, handcuff & use dogs to sniff for grass). MSNBC & KSAT, Nov 7, 2003. Go to POLICE DOGS IN ANIMAL FARM
Surveillance video from Stratford High School in Goose Creek, South Carolina, shows 14 officers, some with guns drawn, ordering students to lie on the ground as police searched for marijuana. Students who didn't comply with the orders quickly enough were reportedly handcuffed. Police didn't find any criminals in the armed sweep, but they say search dogs smelled drugs on a dozen backpacks.The school's principal defended the dramatic sweep. ..."I was just upset knowing they had guns put to their head and a canine was barking at them and about to bite somebody," said Latonia Simmons, the parent of one student. "It was awful."

Plea for inquiry on WWASP school network. New York Times, Nov 5, 2003
PLEA FOR INQUIRY ON SCHOOL NETWORK Representative George Miller, Democrat of California, asked Attorney General John Ashcroft to investigate a network of 11 behavior-modification schools for troubled teen-agers, citing accusations of child abuse, human rights violations, deceptive advertising and fraud. The network, the World Wide Association of Specialty Programs of St. George, Utah, oversees programs for more than 2,200 young people in the United States, Mexico and Jamaica. It has attributed suggestions of misconduct to disgruntled customers and staff members. Tim Weiner (NYT)

TRANQUILITY BAY MESSAGE BOARD (to perpetuate written exchange, worldwide). Nov 2, 2003

Visitor to Tranquility Bay says: DO NOT SEND YOUR KIDS TO THIS PLACE! Oct 21, 2003.

THE LAST RESORT (physical & psychological torture makes rebellious teens docile robots). Guardian, Jul 3, 2003. Go to 21.Crimestop & 27.Goodthink & PAVLOVIAN TEACHING IN BNW

TEEN TORTURE SCHOOLS (parents & students brainwashed into believing they deserve it). National Post, Jun 6, 2003. Go to 34.Ministry of Love (Torture)

Gov't funding school iris scans (on teachers & parents). SchoolNews, Apr 25, 2003. Go to 3.Surveillance & 14.Experimentation

MANCHURIAN CANDIDATES (mind-controlled assassins, just like in the movies)

Teen shoots school principal (then turns gun on self). Pennsylvania UPI, Apr 24, 2003

Security eyed after school shooting (teen on rampage had AK-47). New Orleans AP, Apr 16, 2003

Teens prey to smoke-police (age-defined criminal activity). Edmonton Journal, Apr 1, 2003 & Teens caught in cop sting (enticing and entrapping youth). Florida Ledger, Apr 1, 2003. Go to 21.Crimestop & 20.Thought Police & Snitches


Classroom cameras watch pupils (discreet webcams improve behaviour). Guardian, Feb 25, 2003. Go to 3.Surveillance

Schools using dogs on students (say they're exempt from 4th Amendment). AP, Feb 18, 2003. Go to & VICIOUS DOGS IN ANIMAL FARM

Students hide under desks (in 'hypothetical gunmen' drill). National Post, Dec 7, 2002. Go to 28.Reality Control & 21.Crimestop

France may fence violent schools (video surveillance & electronic gates). SwissInfo, Nov 27, 2002

School children fingerprinted (who is monitoring database?). London Herald, Nov 14, 2002

Finger-scanning of teachers (to "protect" students). Education Week, Oct 27, 2002. Go to

Police ticket school bullies (pushing-shoving-namecalling = $250). National Post, Oct 11, 2002. Go to 21.Crimestop

Schools vulnerable to terror & Urine tests for students & Sniper does school shooting. Washington Post & AP, Oct 7, 2002

18 killed in German school shooting ("The guy was dressed all in black.") Yahoo News! AP, Apr 26, 2002

Town shocked by boys' alleged murder plot ('Good kids' accused of conspiracy against families, school). National Post, Mar 28, 2002

Another school shooting, this time at a university, the Appalachian Law School (The attack was stopped by two students who had guns in their cars). New York Post, Jan 25, 2002

Calif Court: Students can be searched (school officials do not need reasonable suspicion to stop, question or search students). Associated Press, Aug 14, 2001

School killings spike as semesters start (Government researchers are studying school killings to decide what programs and interventions should be used). Yahoo! News, Aug 10, 2001

Supreme Court OKs mandatory middle/high school drug tests,, Jun 27, 2002

Teen felt good after killing girl, doctor tells trial (hit classmate in Saint-Jerome, Quebec with ten blows from a baseball bat). National Post, May 30,, 2001

14-yr old boy guilty of murder in teacher's death (an honour roll student with no previous criminal record killed English teacher at Lake Worth Middle School, West Palm Beach, Florida). National Post, May 17, 2001.

Teen shoots student in head in high school parking lot in Gary, Indiana (motive unknown for killing by former student). Vancouver Sun, Mar 31, 2001

Seven hurt in school shooting (teenager opens fire in second incident in three weeks). National Post, Mar 23, 2001

Ontario school suspends boys, age 11, over death threats (threatened to kill their teacher, vice-principal and principal). National Post, Mar 10, 2001

Police take down gunman (used a shotgun to commandeer a car and drove to the University of Alberta). Edmonton Journal, Mar 8, 2001

'The kid was smiling and shooting' (student opened fire at Santana High School in Santee, Calif). National Post, Mar 6, 2001

Oregon boy, 10, is charged over threats at school (allegedly threatened to take a gun to Wynn Elementary School to shoot students and teachers). Toledo Blade Times, Feb 17, 2001.

Student held after 'Columbine' attack plan discovered (19-yr old from De Anza Community College, Calif has no criminal record and no motive). National Post, Jan 31, 2001

Police kill armed teenager at High School (The youth was pointing a gun at the head of a female student he had seized at Hueneme High School, Oxnard, Calif). Los Angeles Times, Jan 11, 2001

Student dies in Calgary high school stabbing (17-yr old suspect said he was framed. Surveillance cameras did not record any of the violence). Canadian Press, Nov 21, 2000

Students critical after shooting each other at New Orleans elementary school (students must pass through metal detectors so friend passed gun over fence). National Post, Sep 27, 2000

Second schoolyard stabbing in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia (16-yr old this week, 13-yr old last week). National Post, Sep 26, 2000

Man faces sentencing over gun linked to killing by six-year-old (6-yr old used it to kill a classmate in Flint, Michigan). National Post, Aug 23, 2000

12-yr old boy, officer injured in school shootout in Prairie Grove, Arkansas ('I know the boy from church. A nice young man", police Supt). Associated Press, May 12, 2000

Teacher calls for violence policies like Ontario's (student pointed a fake handgun at teacher and pulled the trigger). National Post, May 9, 2000

Ottawa attack was Columbine 'copycat': friend (15-yr old stabbed fellow-student with steak-knife - mumbling a bunch of jargon that didn't make sense). National Post, Apr 22, 2000

Threats and violence abound in schools since Taber, Columbine (...Apr 20, 18, 13, 3; Mar 23, 13, 2; Feb 10, 9; Jan 7; Dec 11, 1999; Nov 3, 2; May 25, 20, 5; Apr 29, 25...) National Post, Apr 21, 2000

4 kindergartners playing cops and robbers were suspended (pretending their fingers were guns). National Post, Apr 7, 2000

School gathers to remember student shot dead (one year anniversary of Taber, Alberta school shooting, which was 8 days after Columbine, Colorado school shooting). National Post, April 19, 2000

Boy gives up pistol after terrorizing Grade 6 class at Ohio school. Associated Press, Mar 24, 2000

Seven-year-old pulls out gun and uses it to kill girl in class (in front of Grade 1 teacher and classmates near Flint, Michigan). Associated Press, Mar 1, 2000

School-related violence on the rise in Canada (gun threats have become so commonplace in high schools that a week rarely goes by without one). National Post, Feb 11, 2000


21.Crimestop and 20.Thought Police & Snitches and 30.Love Instinct & Family and 27.Goodthink

Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~