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I've written quite extensively on Orwell Today about how Canada is in the mouth of the Communist Dragon and paws of the Communist Bear, ie China and Russia. See CHINADA'S SOVIETIZATION and RUSSIA IS HELL'S INFERNO for starters.

Now, this past week [March 2006], there appeared two such blatant examples of Canada being toyed with by the Dragon and the Bear that I've clipped them out and scanned them as a form of "a picture says a thousand words".

Russia Article
Canada's Favourite Russian
(Soviet hockey player inducted into Canada Hockey Hall of Fame)
National Post, March 31, 2006

China Article
"We'll Consult Chinese"
(says Prime Minister)
Vancouver Province, April 9, 2006

Readers can click to enlarge for reading and see for themselves how low Canada has stooped as a nation that our Prime Minister and government blatantly flaunt their groveling to Red China and Red Russia and the 16.Ministry of Truth passes it off as an honourable thing to do.

Readers should review Orwell's "1984" themes, particularly 6.Superstates and 7.Systems of Thought for an idea of what's going on in Oceania in 2006.

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