RFK lies dying on the floor of the kitchen pantry of the Ambassador Hotel.
Note the clip-on tie near his right hand.


RFK Shooter
Thane Eugene Cesar (right) with fellow Ace Security guards moments after the shooting.
Note his missing clip-on tie.

Today is the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Senator Robert Francis Kennedy (RFK) on June 5th, 1968.

This sad occasion has prompted me to post the photo I saw a few years ago in the 1998 book THE ASSASSINATION OF ROBERT F. KENNEDY: THE CONSPIRACY AND COVERUP, by William Turner and John Christian. See DID THE CIA KILL RFK and RFK PHOTO PROVES BULLET.

It's a photo of RFK's probable assassin - a man named Thane Eugene Cesar - the security guard who was directly behind RFK and holding his elbow as he walked through the infamous pantry of the Ambassador Hotel.

RFK Pantry

As he collapsed to the floor after being shot behind the right ear, Bobby Kennedy grabbed the tie of the person behind him - probably as a reflex action to hold on - but it was a clip-on tie and so it came off in his hand, and there it lay beside his lifeless body, a symbolic calling-card pointing to his assassin.

Below are pages from THE ASSASSINATION OF ROBERT F. KENNEDY that reference Thane (also called Gene) Cesar:

RFK Assassination Book RFK Pg 165 RFK Pg 166/7 RFK Pg 168
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News stories today - June 5th, 2008 - are talking about re-opening the investigation into RFK's assassination based on scientific proof of the bullet evidence, as captured on the tape recorder of a reporter there.

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Reporter Stash Pruszynski taped RFK assassination audio (new analyses raising questions about how many shots were fired, and how many assassins were lurking in the Ambassador Hotel kitchen). Montreal Gazette, Jun 5, 2008

RFK assassination recording (Kennedy was shot 4 times from behind & five bystanders were shot). YouTube, CNN, Jun 5, 2008

Two guns used in RFK assassination ("It can be established conclusively that Sirhan did not & could not shoot Senator Kennedy"). YouTube, ABC, Jun 5, 2008

An Open & Shut Case (new book underscoring how a 'rush to judgment' led to failed justice in the Robert F. Kennedy assassination). Jun 5, 2008

Senator Robert Kennedy shot after victory (Democratic candidate for president). On-This-Day, BBC, Jun 5, 1968

Retired LA cop recalls night he arrested RFK assassin, Redland Daily, Jun 5, 2012
Arthur Placencia, a retired Los Angeles Police Deepartment officer who lives in Upland, was the arresting officer of Sirhan Sirhan on the morning he shot Robert F. Kennedy.... Robert Kennedy was shot just after midnight at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles following a victory speech for the California Primary on June 5, 1968. He then left the stage through a door that led to the hotel service hallway, a shortcut to where the press were waiting in the nearby Colonial Room. Ace Security guard Thane Eugene Cesar took the senator's right elbow and led him through the doors of the hallway into the serving area behind maitre d' Karl Uecker. When the shots rang out, Uecker grabbed the shooter's arm and pinned him against a steam table, quickly joined by Rosey Grier and Rafer Johnson. Five other people had been wounded: William Weisel of ABC News, Paul Schrade of the United Auto Workers union, Democratic Party activist Elizabeth Evans, Ira Goldstein of the Continental News Service and Kennedy campaign volunteer Irwin Stroll. Kennedy died the next day at Good Samaritan Hospital.... Placencia seldom tells his story without prodding from a friend or his wife, Irene. That will change June 5, the 44th anniversary of the assassination. Arthur and Irene Placencia will be flown to Washington, D.C., and Arthur will speak as part of the program "Witness to History: Sirhan Sirhan & the Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy" at the National Law Enforcement Museum, currently under construction. Placencia has already donated many of the keepsakes of that day including the Smith and Wesson serial-numbered handcuffs used in the arrest, his baton, uniform, hat band and original gag-order issued by the court...

RFK Witness RFK WitnessGunmen RFK WitnessGunmen2 RFK WitnessMap The night they killed Bobby: Witness to history, Vancouver Sun, May 5, 2012

watch Robert Kennedy killed in front of Canadian witness (campaign volunteer Nina Rhodes-Huges), Vancouver Sun, May 6, 2012
I was invited to attend the victory celebrations at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, by press secretary Pierre Salinger, because I had done major events for the Senator... I was about 6-7 feet away from the Senator as he started to move on... I heard pop-pop and I thought they were flashbulbs from a camera... Another one came at my head from direction where Sirhan Sirhan was on a steel table but at the same time shots came from my right...other shots coming, very rapid fire, 12-14 shots because the rhythm you can still hear it... all of a sudden there's mayhem... I'm seeing the back of the Senator's head and all of a sudden he was gone and I looked down and he was on the floor and I thought oh my God, no, no, not again... He was an icon and all my hopes were gone for what he could do for the country.... The FBI report was all wrong, 14 statements, they contradicted themselves, said things I never said... The shots were coming from an assassin who killed Senator Kennedy and was gone, nobody knows who he was... Sirhan Sirhan is saying that he was hypnotized to do this crime... It came out that the Senator had powder burns on his neck, the back of his head... There was no way that Sirhan is there, he's already been tackled, and the Senator is there... I was there. The reason I am being so open about this, and willing to talk, is so it will come out and that whoever that person was, if he is still alive, to be apprehended and charged for this crime so we can just put it to rest with a just closure.

Canadian witness to RFK assassination claims there was 2nd shooter, National Post, May 2, 2012
...At the hotel, where Kennedy was celebrating his triumph in the California primary, Rhodes-Hughes was asked to stand near the stage to steer the candidate to a conference room following his televised victory speech. Instead, Kennedy was whisked by others in a different direction — toward a supposed shortcut through the hotel kitchen. “I started to shout, ‘No, no, you’re going the wrong way! You’re going the wrong way!’” she recalled. “So I ran after him . . . and suddenly I hear, ‘Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop . . .” Finally, just before fainting from the chaos and crush of people rushing to the scene, Rhodes-Hughes remembered: “I looked to my right, and then the senator disappeared from sight . . .”


RFK Busboy Hotel busboy haunted by Bobby's murder, National Post, Nov 29, 2010 (Juan Romero knelt before the grave in Arlington National Cemetery last Saturday morning, and as he did, his mind began to race. Memories flooded back, snapshots from another time, another place...It was early June, 1968...)


Haunting memory for man who was with RFK on night of shooting (busboy Juan Romero cradled RFK's head in his hands). SanJoseMercury, Jun 6, 2008


Experts: Sirhan did not kill RFK. NBC, Mar 26, 2008
...New forensics evidence presented during a symposium at Foxwoods suggests Sirhan Sirhan did not fire the fatal shots that killed Sen. Robert Kennedy in 1968. Experts from all over the world met Wednesday to discuss problems in crime solving during the annual symposium, hosted by the Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science. This year’s event was about conspiracies and solving complex crimes. Dr. Robert Joling, a forensics investigator who has studied the Robert Kennedy assassination for almost 40 years, determined that the fatal shots must have come from behind the senator. Sirhan, however, was 4 to 6 feet in front of Kennedy and never got close enough to shoot Kennedy from behind, the investigator said. The other evidence was the Pruszynski recording. This is the only audio recording of the assassination. Another scientist analyzed it and concluded that at least 13 shots were fired from two different guns. Philip Van Praag, a forensic engineer, said he made three discoveries. The first two demonstrate that there must be more than one shooter, he said. The third conclusion is that the shots fired by the second shooter matched the firearm a security guard behind Kennedy carried. Joling and Van Praag presented their findings together, although the two investigated the Kennedy shooting independently. They had never met until last year. During a seminar, they realized their separate findings were perfectly wed. Sirhan Sirhan remains jailed in California.

"And now on to Chicago and let's win there": The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. Maryland State Archives




'Bobby' movie more fiction than fact (completely distorts history; depicts lives of fictional characters interspersed with Bobby speaking) & Did the CIA kill Bobby Kennedy? (Sirhan's gun in front of RFK; fatal bullet fired from behind). CBS/Guardian, Nov 27, 2006




FRANKENHEIMER'S JFK/LBJ MOVIES (drove Bobby to Ambassador Hotel)





THE ENEMY WITHIN, by Robert Francis Kennedy


SIRHAN SIRHAN DEMANDS RETRIAL (claims he was a victim of hypnotic programming). National Post, Jun 11, 2003




SIRHAN & RFK ASSASSINATION PART II: RUBIK'S CUBE, by Lisa Pease, Probe Magazine, May-June 1998
...Just hours after [Robert Kennedy's] assassination, famed hypnotist Dr. William Joseph Bryan was on the Ray Briem show for KABC radio, and mentioned offhandedly that Sirhan was likely operating under some form of posthypnotic suggestion...Bryan, by his own account, had been the "chief of all medical survival training for the United States Air Force, which meant the brainwashing section."31 He also claimed to have been a consultant for the film The Manchurian Candidate, based on Richard Condon’s famous novel about a man who is captured by Communists and hypnotically programmed to return to the United States to kill a political leader. Condon’s novel was itself based upon the CIA’s ARTICHOKE program, which sought to find a way to create a programmed, amnesiac assassin. ARTICHOKE became MKULTRA. Bryan bragged to prostitutes that he had performed "special projects" for the CIA, and that he had programmed Sirhan...After seeing the movie Conspiracy Theory, many people wondered if MKULTRA was indeed a real government program. Yes, Virginia, there was a sinister mind control program in which people were made to undergo hideous, obscene mental and physical tortures in the CIA’s quest for a way to create a Manchurian Candidate. It should be noted that Allen Dulles, Richard Helms, and surprisingly, the Rockefeller Foundation were instrumental in developing, supporting and funding the CIA’s various mind control programs.32...

SIRHAN & RFK ASSASSINATION PART I: GRAND ILLUSION, by Lisa Pease, Probe magazine, March-April 1998
...The Robert Kennedy assassination requires not just one but several magic bullets to reduce the bullet count to eight. Without even getting into the evidence that there were more bullets than Sirhan’s gun could hold, let’s focus first on the route those eight supposedly took, according to the official LAPD summary...Five people were shot besides Kennedy, one of whom was shot twice; Kennedy himself was shot four times. Doesn’t that add up to ten bullets? Not if the LAPD could come up with some magic ones...For Sirhan alone to have made all the shots, we are asked to believe that one of the bullets that entered Kennedy’s coat just below the armpit exited up and out of the coat just below the seam on top of his shoulders, and then pulled a U-turn in midair to hit Schrade in the head. Schrade has been one of the most persistent in calling for a new investigation of this case for precisely this reason. He knows the report is incorrect, and if it’s incorrect, there had to be at least one more gun firing in the pantry...The official police reports strove to present a plausible scenario for where each bullet went. And even if one accepts the accounts above as legitimate, despite the important difficulties in those trajectories, the problem is bigger still. There is a substantial amount of evidence to show that more than eight bullets had been fired in the pantry that night. And if there were more than eight bullets, Sirhan was not a deranged, lone gunman, but somehow part of a conspiracy which has yet to be officially acknowledged...Bullets do not create bullet holes in wood frames behind victims, exit those holes in the reverse direction, and then circle around to enter victims from the front! There is no way to account for these holes using the existing victim wounds. Two bullet holes in the doorframe would make 10 bullets overall at a minimum...

RFK ASSASSINATION: SIRHAN NOW SAYS "I AM INNOCENT", by Lisa Pease, Probe magazine, July-August 1997
...RFK was shot at point-blank range from behind. Two shots entered his back and a third shot entered directly behind RFK’s right ear. By all eyewitness accounts, Sirhan was never closer than one and a half feet to RFK. The bulk of the witnesses put Sirhan at a distance of three feet or more. Sirhan was firing a gun. But clearly, so was someone else. The criminalist who testified to the match between the bullets and the gun had stored the bullets in an envelope labeled as belonging to the gun with a serial number of H 18602. Sirhan’s gun had a serial number of H 53725. The tests showed conclusively that the victim bullets matched a gun that was not Sirhan’s. So we are left with the following. The gun was not matched to the victims’ bullets. Sirhan was never close enough to have shot Kennedy where he was hit. And then there is the memory problem. After extensive hypnosis attempts by both the prosecution and his defense, no one was able to find any evidence of a suppressed memory there. He had an utter blank for the period surrounding the shooting...

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