The following article, although mocking the coincidences, at least points them out for people who may not be familiar with the movie "Red Dawn" and to whom "Operation Red Dawn" in Iraq would therefore mean nothing. Reading between the lines a reader can discern that the movie Red Dawn was a pro-democracy, anti-communism movie which The Times of London disapproved of, labeling it 'propaganda'. Not mentioned in this article is the fact that Red Dawn was apparently Timothy McVeigh's favourite movie and he was criticised as being "a patriot" for watching it and recommending it to others. It's ironic as well that he was a hero in the first Iraq invasion. ~ Jackie Jura

'Red Dawn' parallels: How spooky is this?
'Red Dawn' the raid taking cue from movie?
Chris Kaltenbach,, Dec 16, 2003

U.S. forces captured Saddam Hussein Saturday night as part of an operation code-named Red Dawn. The reference, we understand, is to a 1984 film starring Patrick Swayze about a group of teen-agers who almost single-handedly thwart a Soviet invasion of the United States.

Interesting factoid, sure. But assuredly, there's something more to this. The similarities between the movie and the mission are just too eerie to be dismissed as coincidence. Consider:

* Red Dawn featured key figures - a couple of girls, including terminally cute actress Lea Thompson - found cowering in a covered pit, hiding from a fate (invading Soviets ) they were certain could yield nothing good. Operation Red Dawn ended with Saddam Hussein discovered cowering in a covered pit, hiding from a fate (invading Americans) he'd rather avoid. We'll withhold comment on the cute part.

* Red Dawn was, according to The Times of London, "labeled by some critics as 'overly patriotic, corny' and 'descending into propaganda'. Similar labels have been used by critics to describe the war in Iraq, of which operation Red Dawn is a major event.

* Patrick Swayze starred in Red Dawn. Saddam Hussein starred in Operation Red Dawn. Both names have 13 letters. Wow!

* Many Americans can't wait for the war in Iraq to be over. Anyone who actually sat through Red Dawn had the same feeling.

RED DAWN (1984)

How Saddam Hussein was captured. BBC, Dec 15, 2003
A tip-off led American troops to small, underground hole concealed next to farm buildings near the former leader's hometown of Tikrit. Soldiers were seconds away from throwing a hand grenade into the hole, when Saddam emerged & surrendered...The critical piece of information, obtained at 1050 local time on Saturday, came from an individual who had been arrested the previous day in Baghdad...

WAR, FLU & BIN LADEN HOAXES (reader sees "1984" parallels)




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