To Orwell Today,

I am looking for a charity working in Zimbabwe, Bulawayo in particular, to propose as the chosen charity for my local church for the coming year. Deadline very close. Please email details to me asap, Charity number etc. or telephone: 0044 7917 132769.

Gina Nikolov

Greetings Gina,

Sorry for taking so long to reply to your urgent request but I was away from my website when your email came in, so it is probably too late to meet your deadline.

A charity I think would be important for Zimbabwe would be to get food shipped there from the surplus of food we have in North America but which our governments and other organizations say is too expensive to ship. See POTATOES PLOUGHED UNDER.

I know it's pretty amazing that Zimbabwe is now in the position of needing to be on the receiving end of food, seeing as how they were not that long ago (within the past decade) the bread-basket of Africa. It just goes to show how soon nations can be destroyed by corrupt leaders and governments.

If shipping food is too expensive then perhaps helping the youth who are out of work and leaving their families to look for work in South Africa (where they get turned back) would be something to think about.

All the best in your charity work,
Jackie Jura


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