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"If you know of a woman who does not want her child
and wishes to abort,
try to convince her to bring that child to me.
I will love them and will see in them
a sign of God's love."
~ Mother Teresa

To Orwell Today,

Hi Orwell,

I am a zimbabwean lady aged 20 years in my 1st year in college. Unintentionally i got pregnant & i'm in my 3rd-4th week. We are at the same level with my boyfriend who is responsible & we both can't raise a child now.

I understand abortion is illegal in Zimbabwe but I just can't go on Orwell. Is it possible for you to organise one for me so that i can finish my school well. My parents are both dead. I know i messed up big time but i just need one more chance to put my life back on track. Please if you could link me up with someone who could help me.


Greetings Ndomupei,

You must be writing to me as a prank because obviously you've read my website and therefore should know how I feel about abortion. See WHERE HAVE ALL THE PEOPLE GONE?.

Someone else from Zimbabwe wrote me one time about abortion. See CANADA & ZIMBABWE PEOPLE PROBLEMS

If you want help in obtaining an abortion all you have to do is contact PLANNED PARENTHOOD. They're a global organization whose tentacles reach deeply into Africa and every other continent on the planet. They provide abortion services and free birth control and vaccines that cause sterilization.

If you really are pregnant and in college (and your email isn't a prank) then I understand how devastated you are feeling. And compound that with living in Zimbabwe which is going through total chaos with people starving on the street - and this in a country that not that long ago was a bread-basket of the world.

However, I am the wrong person to talk to about helping you find an abortion because I am a person who at one time suffered the pain of "secondary infertililty" - which means the inability to conceive a second child after successfully conceiving (and delivering) a first child.

During those years that I was experiencing infertility I used to look at women who were pregnant and ask God "Why me, why me? Why can't I have a baby too?"

At that time - it being the early 80s - abortion had been available in Canada for over ten years and every day on the news I'd hear about the fights between the PLANNED PARENTHOOD and PRO-LIFE organizations and I'd think to myself how unfair it was that there were women who were willing to END their pregnancy and here was I who would do anything to BEGIN a pregnancy.

I eventually swung a deal with God that if He gave me a baby, I would do whatever He wanted me to do for the rest of my life.

Well, to make a long story short, when a few days after we brought the much longed-for baby home - and I was looking at him lying in his bassinet - my husband reminded me of that deal I'd made with God. He was reading an article in the newspaper about PRO-LIFE saying they needed volunteers and suggested that I join them, seeing as how they were fighting to bring babies into the world and about which we had by then realized their value.

So, that is what I did. I joined the local PRO-LIFE group and I've been fighting abortion-on-demand all these 24 years since.

But, sad to report, we on the pro-life side have lost the battle against abortion, and no one speaks out against it anymore because it's become as common as forced-abortion in China where women at least put up a fight to protect their babies from abortion whereas here in Canada we willingly hand them over on a golden platter to the abortionists - all paid-for by the government.

Now PRO-LIFE spends much of its time focusing on helping women with the side-effects of abortion, for example breast cancer and infertility. If a woman aborts her first pregnancy, often it becomes her last  pregnancy and she's lost forever her chance at motherhood. This has devastating effects on a woman's psyche - similar to the devastation you're feeling over your "unwanted" pregnancy, and what I felt over my unfulfilled "wanted" pregnancy.

So think twice, and then think three times and then think again before you commit to an abortion. It is NOT a risk-free operation.

Here in Canada so many of our young couples can't get pregnant. Infertility is so rampant a problem that it is actually an epidemic. Many people now suspect that the vaccines we're all forced to take have sterilization chemicals in them, or that the food we eat has chemicals that cause infertility.

My suggestion is that you contact an adoption agency of your choice and let them help you through your pregnancy with the idea of helping you find a loving mother and father for your baby when he or she is born. You can carry on with your studies and with your diminished social life (because of your pregnancy) you'll have more time to study and will probably graduate with higher marks than you may otherwise have achieved.

Isn't it crazy how one person's greatest problem - a pregnancy - is another person's greatest desire?

I'm not an attending member of any organized religion (even though I was raised Anglican), but I love many of the things Mother Teresa said about abortion. She - to the pro-life movement - is a saint, so outspoken about it was she all her life. On this, the day after the tenth anniversary of her death on September 5th, 1997, I'll close my answer to you with her words. She spoke them upon being granted the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo on December 10th, 1979:

"If you know of a woman who does not want her child
and wishes to abort,
try to convince her to bring that child to me.
I will love them and will see in them
a sign of God's love."

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - My husband and I weren't the only ones thrilled with God's gift. So was our first-born child who had been asking for "a baby bruvver or sister" for 2 years, ever since he was 4:

Baby Bros

Mother Teresa remembered 10 years on. BBC, On-This-Day, September 5, 1997

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