To Orwell Today,

Dear Orwell,

I'm from and live in Zimbabwe (Africa). I dislike abortion as much as you. My concern however is how you keep analyzing it alongside immigrants. Why such a harsh stance against foreigners moving into your country?


Greetings Mandisa,

Thank you for your letter from Zimbabwe - a country which is being devoured by Mugabe, the tyrant the Western World helped create and who is now being propped up by Communist China. It is a crime of massive proportions what is happening in Zimbabwe and how your beautiful country and your people are being literally destroyed. You can see many stories about Zimbabwe on my website under the theme Keeping Masses Down.

Actually, I'm just about at the Zimbabwe chapter of the massive hardcover book I've been reading this past couple of weeks entitled THE FATE OF AFRICA: FROM THE HOPES OF FREEDOM TO THE HEART OF DARKNESS: A HISTORY OF 50 YEARS OF INDEPENDENCE by Martin Meredith. I'm on page 563 and the chapter that I am coming up to on page 617 is entitled A DEGREE IN VIOLENCE which will be describing Robert Mugabe and the post-1980 days, the Rhodesian period having already been described in an earlier chapter.

It reminds me of a couple of articles I intended to post but forgot about until now. See ZIMBABWE'S MURDERING MUGABE and JOIN MUGABE'S ARMY OR STARVE, which will join articles already posted. See ENGINEERED FAMINE IN ZIMBABWE and MUGABE HAS YELLOW FEVER

Let me say that my empathy is with you for the misery you are experiencing in your country.

You wonder why I'm upset that foreigners are taking over my country - Canada - and yet it seems everyone else in the world is upset when foreigners take over THEIR country. What makes Canadians so different that we are supposed to not care that our people are being eliminated?

I have always tied in the issue of abortion with population control because that is such a major component of it. This massive country in which I live is underpopulated with young people - having aborted millions of them over the years - and is top-heavy with "old" people. So, to solve its problems of underpopulation (which was planned by the abortion-pushers) the hue and cry by the government is "We need more immigrants" and our doors, to China, have been thrown wide open and a large part of their 1.3 billion people are moving over here and we, the Canadians, are at threat of being absorbed and subjugated by them.

I hope that helps you understand the connection between abortion and immigration and how, here in North America, abortion has all along been a form of population control, OUR population control.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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Most sanitary products have to be imported and are now inaccessible to many women. Unemployment stands at 75%; most women lucky enough to have a job make about $20 a month. About 30 tonnes of tampons and sanitary pads have recently been trucked from neighbouring South Africa. Nearly 5m women are thought to be using old newspapers, rags or even tree fibre as alternatives, often leading to infections. “We are sitting on a health time-bomb,” says Thabitha Khumalo of the Women's Advisory Council, a local support group...

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