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I'm writing an essay for 1984. The essay question is, 'Has the Party succeeded in making Winston sane?' According to the Party, the answer is yes. To prove this I was thinking about discussing the physical and psychological torture Winston undergoes, his visit to O'Brien, small mistakes Winston makes to prove he is insane (thoughtcrime, sexcrime, etc.), and possibly how propaganda affected him. I'm not sure if I'm going in the right direction. Any suggestions?


Greetings Kristy,

From your comments, I'm confused as to what your answer to the question is, ie whether you think Winston is sane or if you think he is still insane (by the Party's definition of the words).

Your example of his committing thoughtcrime, sexcrime etc proves that he was at one time insane - as does his meeting with O'Brien and the things he said there. It was to cure him of this insanity that the Party physically and psychologically tortured him.

If you think the Party succeeded, then give examples of Winston no longer committing thoughtcrime or sexcrime etc.

But if you think the Party did not succeed - and that Winston is still insane - then give examples of what insanity Winston is still exhibiting (either outwardly or subconsciously).

I've written a bit on the subject and am of the opinion that the Party did NOT succeed in making Winston love Big Brother and that therefore Winston is still a thought criminal and therefore still insane. See WINSTON EXISTED, STILL EXISTS.

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