To Orwell Today,

Hi Jackie,

Have enjoyed reading the recent letters on ORWELL TODAY, particularly intriguing was WINSTON NEVER LOVED BIG BROTHER.

As an ardent reader of ORWELL and regular visitor to ORWELL TODAY I'm amazed that readers still fail to understand the link between the writer ORWELL and the character known as Winston. Putting himself in Winston's shoes ORWELL strived to get his message over to the reader.

Fundamentaly, BIG BROTHER uses the FEAR factor to control our thinking and ultimately our actions, or lack of action, so we are in a kind of dream state believing all we're told or informed by BIG BROTHER'S experts. There are others who also try hard to educate us with the truth; many like David Icke are ridiculed, however many many folks have become wise, despite BIG BROTHER'S control methods.

When I say the FEAR factor, I refer to the media's obsession with calamity or future disaster for mankind. The telescreens of today - TV and Internet - are much more powerfull tools than the old newspapers of yesteryear. Examples of FEAR pushed down people's throats or minds include and have ranged from the COLD WAR of the Russians, someone pressing the Nuclear Button, HIV AIDS, GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE, TERRORISM etc to more general things like MAD COW DISEASE and BIRD FLU. With the use of these FEARS the populations of the world have accepted the need for CHANGE in lifestyles and have accepted all the new laws and regulations that BIG BROTHER instigates without question.

Many of these result in armed conflicts to invasion of foreign nations like Iraq, changes of lifestyle and the need for BIG BROTHER'S watching us via excessive use of screens, data, ID Cards and other ways. All these dreams were planned and yet we've accepted them as our protection - all Double Talk, Double Speak which ORWELL knew would happen.

Even in the USA, Obama CHANGE is part of this doctrine of BIG BROTHER. Then we encourage our government's to provide our monies to the banks after they have fraudulently abused their positions of trust. We are now moving from FEAR of the recession to FEAR of a deep worldwide depression.

It's time that folks woke up to the reality of ORWELL'S 1984.

Take care,
Ray Wills

Greetings Ray,

Glad to see you're such a good student of ORWELL and "1984" (Winston's Diary) - and great to have you as a regular reader of ORWELL TODAY.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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