A couple months ago a reader wrote in asking where to find Blue Willow wallpaper she'd read about in another reader's story about the wallpaper in her grandmother's bathroom.

I did a search and found a couple places, ie Easy Living and Sweets Decor:

WallpaperEasyLiving WallpaperSweetDecor

At the time it struck me how much the Blue Willow wallpaper patterns matched real-life items I own -- so I've since then taken a photo and scanned them to show the similarity.

The light blue wallpaper with the Blue Willow design reminds me of a toffee-tin I have with that same pattern:

WallpaperWall WillowTin

The bottom of the tin reads: Assorted Toffee: Willow, Made in England, Bristow's of Devon. I use the tin for tea-bags since eating all the toffees years ago.

The wallpaper of the dishes on a shelf in a hutch is almost identical to the display in my hutch:

WallpaperBorder DishesHutchShelf

If you look closely at the gravy boat in mine you can see the top half of a paper tea-pot. That's a card I received many years ago from my children's old English granny -- my mother-in-law. It has a cute poem inside which I've transcribed below:

HutchTeapotCard HutchTeapotPoem

I'd love to come and see you
And share a cup of tea
But as this is not possible
Please have this one on me

Here's a pic of the hutch in broader context:


Notice on the top shelf there's a rag-doll sitting on top of a stack of plates. That's another little gift from Granny in England -- as are all those little egg-cups spread across the top. The rag-doll came with a poem attached -- which I've transcribed below. (The oil-painting on the wall is by Great-Granny -- my paternal grandmother).


Here I come
With all good wishes
To move the dust
And wash the dishes

I think it's kind of neat that there are poems for Blue Willow dishes and poems for drinking tea in Blue Willow dishes and poems for washing Blue Willow dishes -- and they all bring back warm memories of those who've gone before. ~ Jackie Jura

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