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Hi, can you possibly tell me how to go about finding the age of some blue willow dinner plates, cups and saucers that were given to me?

The woman who gave them to me had them for about 15 years, they were given to her.

I personally don't think they are much older than that because they say dishwasher and microwave safe.


Greetings Colleen,

There are many different makes of Blue Willow dishes and I have some from four different manufacturers - all made in England, but none with a date under their inprint stamp. My "good" set (which is edged in gold and never goes in dishwasher or microwave) is named "Real Old Willow" and is made by Booths. Another set is named "Willow" and is made by Johnson Bros and I have a few bowls and plates from another that has no name on the back, just the name "Broadhurst". And I have one cup and saucer stamped "Old Blue Willow" by Wood & Sons, England (all that's left of my grandmother's set)....

I also have an 8-piece-setting (dinner plates, bowls, side plates, cups/saucers & covered butter dish) with just "Japan" stamped on back. Its dinner plates are smaller and its colour is a darker blue than the other sets I have:

Blue Willow Japan

I did a quick search on google and found the time period for my Booth set which seems to have been made in the 1950s (making them the same age as me), and my grandmother's cup and saucer which was from the 1930s:

LOVERS OF BLUE & WHITE (any English, Scottish or Welsh maker and pattern, made from 1780 to the present day)

You may be able to find your Blue Willow pattern there, as I notice there are selections from the 1990s (after non-human dishwashers were invented).

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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