To Orwell Today,

Dear Jackie,

You were previously interested enough to gather and nicely reformat all the weblinks to the Sheffield incident involving Procter and Gamble at: WHISTLE DOCTOR BLOWING HARD.

Thank you for being interested.

You may wish to add a link to my blog about this incident:

Scientific Misconduct Blog: Ramblings about all manner of corporate scientific misconduct

I was planning an essay specifically on Orwell and the Pharmaceutical industry - there is so much there.

-Aubrey Blumsohn

PS - As a complete side issue, I was taken aback by the mentioning of Charles Lindberg and Henry Ford in the same sentence as Orwell on the website at one point.

Greetings Aubrey,

Thanks for sending follow-up to your trials and tribulations over whistle-blowing on the pharmaceutical industry.

Yes, Orwell wrote in his typical "clear as a windowpane" prose about the goings-on of the pharmaceutical industry, ie "Teams of experts are indefatigably at work...searching for new and deadlier gases, or for soluble poisons capable of being produced in such quantities as to destroy the vegetation of whole continents, or for breeds of disease germs immunized against all possible antibodies...".

When you get your "Orwell and the Pharmaceutical Industry" essay done, send it along and I'll perhaps link it in my VACCINATIONS/BIO-WARFARE section.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - I've addressed your side issue comments at FORD-LINDBERGH-ORWELL-HITLER

Jackie Jura
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