To Orwell Today,

I would love more information on WHAM. Is there an official website? magazine? anything?

Nicholas Wisner

Greetings Nicholas,

There isn't really an organization called WHAM, which was to be made up of people standing up for WHAMs, ie WHITE HETEROSEXUAL ABLE-BODIED MALES. The article you're referring to, ie MALE BASHING WHAMs, was a tongue-in-cheek challenge I was inspired to write in response to the GAY PRIDE weeks where homosexuals cavort through the streets all over North America.

These days every minority group - based on colour, physical attributes, and gender - considers itself persecuted and wrongfully blames their supposed persecution on WHAMs. The western world, where most WHAMs live, is turning against its own majority inhabitants and I felt it was time people started defending WHAMs against this assault.

But no doubt the government and the non-WHAM groups would scream WHITE SUPREMACY at any group that really did form to defend WHAMs, who are also described as STUPID WHITE MEN in a best-selling book by an American author who in documentaries professes to care about middle America.

Sorry to disappoint you regarding the existence of a WHAM website, magazine or anything. But if it's any consolation, Orwell was a WHAM and spoke up for WHAMs.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - I first heard of the concept of WHAMs in an article entitled TARGETING WHAMS

Reader says male/boy bashing is a very real and very serious problem

Reader says tall blond strong young men aren't WHAMS from America but Nazis from Germany

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