To Orwell Today,

Thanks for making such an awesome website. You really do deserve the greatest of thanks, as I can see that it is motivated by your passion for Eric Blair - er, George Orwell's fine works.

It's plain to see that it isn't motivated for any other purpose than respect for his book. There aren't many ads on the website which means that all the costs come straight from your pocket. And considering you've kept it running for nine years straight, those costs must have run high, and I wouldn't be surprised if you've been tempted to shut down the site at one point or another.

But the important thing is, that you didn't. It looks like you still tend to the site, and for that I salute you.


PS: If you'd like any advice about new technology (mainly computers, games and media, such as blu-ray and that) contact me via email, I'll be more than glad to help with a recommendation. These things just happen to be my specialty.

Greetings Sky,

Thanks very much for your intuitive comments about ORWELL TODAY, recognizing, as you do, that it's a labour of love for the great works of the great George Orwell.

And yes, there have been times over the past nine years of the website's existence (into the tenth year now) when I've contemplated slowing it down (not shutting it down, I'd never do that) and not updating it as often.

Sometimes it feels overwhelming, the way the Orwell comparisons just keep coming, getting worse by the day, and it's impossible to keep up, so why even try.

And when I feel that way I often do take a break and don't come back to it until figuratively dragged to it, seemingly, by Orwell himself - or at least by the force of Orwell.

But in those periods when I do take a break from ORWELL TODAY, it gives readers a chance to, as I say, "peruse the website at their leisure" taking time to read what Orwell has to say and thereby understand his warning.

I really do appreciate your appreciation of what it takes to run the site (being as you are a computer specialist). But, godcidently, the google ads on the top of the pages, and the occasional ads placed by readers, help cover the monetary cost of keeping ORWELL TODAY on-line.

All the best,
Jackie Jura



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