To Orwell Today,

How can we stop the dumpsite that is expected to go in and contaminate the water supply in Tiny Township? I have relatives and loved ones in the area and was wanting to retire there myself. There must be something we can do to change the minds of our politicians.

-The Glatz's

Greetings Glatz family,

The enemy has come to your neck of the woods and therefore you have no choice but to fight. The only other alternative is to surrender without a fight, in which case you'll lose automatically, which is what your enemy is counting on.

There's the old slogan "you can't fight City Hall" but that's just wishful thinking on their part. Yes, it is very difficult to fight the establishment - because they are backed by an endless supply of taxpayers' and corporate money and can hire lawyers and bureaucrats to thwart your every move - but if you woke up enough people from their slumber to help you, you probably could succeed.

All the best in your endeavour,
Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~