To Orwell Today,

Hi Jackie,

I was appalled to read on your website about the planned garbage dump in Tiny Township. Apart from the Globe, nobody else seems to have picked up on it: you would think it would make headlines everywhere - the sheer idiocy of it!

Since I'm not seeing anything else about it, do you have any updates, or ideas about what we can do to stop it? From my research, it seems the environmental assessment was done over 10 years ago:

Landfill Site 41 receives Final Approval; receives Draft Approval from Ministry of Environment

Surely results obtained that long ago can no longer be legally regarded as valid? Could we use this as at least a delaying tactic, do you think? I'd like to do whatever I can to try to stop this insanity - please let me know if you have any suggestions.

For peace & sanity,
Frances Smith

Greetings Frances,

Thanks for letting me know you read the article and are attempting to do something about the Canadian government dumping garbage on Earth's purest water, thereby contaminating it.

The information you sent says the Garbage Dump Site Search began in 1979, with conditional approval granted in 1995, and final approval granted this past October 2006.

The government says it's spent $8.1 million so far on this garbage site which in itself sounds like a load of garbage. What have they got to show for 8.1 million dollars? Maybe following the money-trail could be a delaying tactic.

I think it's up to the people of Tiny Township, Simcoe County to get together to prevent this idiocy and insanity.

I did a google search and you're right, there are no updates since the original Globe and Mail story. That's often the way these things work. Now they'll just silently move ahead with their dastardly plans, hoping nobody's paying attention.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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