To Orwell Today,

In a news story this week, the mother of David Koresh died at the hands of her sister in East Texas for as yet, "unknown reasons". This was disturbing in itself, but the reactions from the readers at the Houston Chronicle disturbed me even more. The majority of readers had a "nut doesn't fall far from the tree mentality" concerning this woman and apparently still buy into the whole Janet Reno "illegal weapons" excuse for attacking the Branch Davidian compound.

I admit that at the time of the standoff in Waco, I wasn't sure who to support or believe. Then after the Elian Gonzalez/Ruby Ridge fiascos during those years, things weren't so black and white anymore with regards to our government's integrity in reporting the facts. Of course government intrusion has continued after 9/11 to the point where we are now.

The question is, with the new administration, who will be the government's next group to put "under the gun"? That being said, "WE ARE AT WAR WITH EASTASIA, WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN AT WAR WITH EASTASIA".....

-Christopher Stiles

Greetings Christopher,

...Well said.

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Jackie Jura

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